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                                    SYSTEM SOLUTION QUESTIONNAIRE

A. Security

1. Describe your system’s security policies and procedures.

2. What are the user sign-on requirements?

3. What happens when a user attempts to access the data using another application (e.g. Access)?
   Are these changes audited?

4. Do you provide multiple levels of security including the following: field or data element, functional
   or menu level, application - transactional level, category of data level (i.e. only eastern region) and
   company level.

B. Enterprise Integration Tools

1. Does your system provide tools for integrating with third-party applications?

C. Customization Tools

1. What is the effect of future upgrades on any customization?

2. Describe the available tools and methods used in and required for customizing your application.

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Request #2007-03
3. How are customizations preserved during product updates?

4. Is the source code being updated when user customization is performed?

5. Explain the ability to customize data entry screens and to create new inquiry screens.

D. Application Hosting

1. Does your company offer an application hosting delivery model?

2. How do you ensure your customers that their data is secure?

3. Provide a brief description of your company’s disaster recovery options.

4. Describe your customer support process for application hosting customers.

E. Architecture

1. Provide a technical schematic of the systems used to support the online payroll processing and
   tax filing processes for your product. Include client side and server side operating systems and
   platforms. Also include back end database(s) employed and transfers to/from external vendors
   and partners.

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Request #2007-03
2. Detail the application response times, benchmarks for processes such as payroll processing,
   screen navigation, etc.

3. How many concurrent users can your product support? Describe the extent to which your
   processing system is scalable.

4. Are both the front-end and back-end fully 32 bit? If not, what is the makeup?

5. Is your application compiled or interpreted? Specify the ratio of compiled code versus interpreted

6. Does your application provide for server side processes? If so, describe these processes.

7. Do you consider your proposed architecture to be “open”? Please explain.

8. What language was used to write your payroll-processing engine?

9. What language was used to write the database server side processes?

10. How is system auditing implemented in the application? Is this server side or client side?

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Request #2007-03
F. Database

1. Describe the system administrator’s responsibility in maintaining and managing the database(s).

2. Does your system allow backups with no downtime?

3. Does your system allow unattended backups?

4. Describe the ease and flexibility for extrapolating data, and maintaining and creating subfiles,
   macro-processes, etc.

5. What databases does your application support?

6. Do you provide your clients with a data dictionary?

7. Do you make use of stored procedures and triggers? If so, give examples.

8. How does your application handle multi-user contention or concurrency?

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Request #2007-03
G. Standards Conformance

1. What industry standard protocols does your application use? (MAPI, VIM)

2. Does your application use proprietary languages, development tools, compilers or interpreters? If
   so please provide details.

H. Network Management

1. What network operating systems are supported?

I. Presentation

1. Describe the methods and tools in your application for importing and exporting data to and from
   your application.

2. What interfaces are available for connecting to your application’s data for reporting and querying?

3. What percentage of your application presentation is GUI?

4. What hardware platforms does your client application run on?

5. What language is your application presentation layer written in?

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Request #2007-03
J. Other

1. Provide any additional information related to technology that has not been previously addressed.

K. Implementation

1. What is your implementation methodology?

2. Describe your implementation package?

3. What makes you a leader in implementation?

4. What is the average length of time, in calendar days, required for a standard system

5. What is your process for effectively managing the implementation process?

6. Describe any alliances or agreements your firm has in order to fulfill installation and support of the

7. What level of support do you provide for the conversion to your system? What tools do you
   provide for mapping from legacy systems?

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Request #2007-03
8. What type and how much support are available during the conversion process?

10. What is your process for moving from implementation to customer maintenance?

L. Service and Support

1. Describe your customer support and maintenance services.

2. Do you use your Web site as a mechanism to provide support to your clients? How is the Internet
   part of your support strategy? Please explain.

3. What is the experience level of your service and support staff?

4. What is your average client retention rate?

5. How does your firm educate and train your service and support staff?

6. What is the average length of service in your HRMS/payroll support area?

7. What technologies do you take advantage of to run your support organization?

Request For Proposal for Workforce Management System                                            22
Request #2007-03
8. What hours does your company provide service and support?

9. How many support centers do you have?

10. What kind of support do you provide for tax updates?

11. What makes you a leader in support and service?

12. How often do you release new versions of your software?

13. What is the migration process in upgrading to new versions? How does the upgrade process
    affect customizations?

M. Training and Documentation

1. Describe your training delivery method.

2. Where are your training facilities located?

Request For Proposal for Workforce Management System                                           23
Request #2007-03
3. What ongoing training is available?

4. What training materials do you provide?

5. Do you offer course accreditation?

6. How do you see your training program changing in the next two years?

7. Provide a list of the manuals/documentation delivered with the system.

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Request #2007-03

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