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									              Local Business Network Sees Continued Success

After a successful launch in December 2009, Lisburn Entrepreneurs Network
(LEN) continues to go from strength to strength. The most recent event in
January proved to be very popular as over 60 local business owners attended
to hear Richard Clement, Pierce Communications and Stuart Armstrong,
Deals4u tackle the difficult issue of how to successfully trade online.

Facilitated by Lisburn City Council, LEN is a local network and discussion
forum for small businesses based in Lisburn and offers free networking events
and practical information sessions aimed at addressing key business issues
and promoting local business development. LEN is funded by Lisburn City
Council and the EU through the European Sustainable Competitiveness
Programme for NI 2007-2013.

Held on the last Thursday of every month, each networking event focuses on
a specific business topic, driven by an expert speaker, with a local business
representative sharing their experiences.
Speaking about the event, Richard Clement of Pierce Communications
comments: “It was a pleasure to be invited to speak at the LEN event in
January. To have over 60 business people come to the event and express an
interest in doing business on the Internet was excellent.

As a result of the event we are now having discussions with a number of
businesses who are keen to see how they can use the Internet to grow their

Chair of the Councils Economic Development Committee Councillor Jenny
Palmer says: “The Council is absolutely delighted with the response to this
new business network to date and with the positive feedback obtained from
local businesses who have attended the event demonstrating that such a local
network has been required by local businesses for quite a while. The Council
hopes that local businesses will continue to lend their support to LEN, and
that the excellent momentum and enthusiasm from these initial events will be
carried through to all future LEN meetings, and will be a reflection of the
quality of speakers and events planned.”

The next LEN event will be held on Thursday 25th February 2010 at the Island
Civic Centre at 8.00am. The topic is „How to Maximise Your Web Presence‟
which will focus on how to make your website work effectively for your
business through the implementation of the latest Internet marketing
techniques and through the use of technologies such as Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO). The speaker is a leading expert in the field of computer
science, Professor Maurice Mulvenna from University of Ulster.

For more information or to register your attendance at LEN events please
contact Nathan Langtry on 028 9250 9390.
Richard Clement, Pierce Communications addresses attendees at the recent
LEN event

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