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Destination Wedding Etiquette


Wedding Etiquette

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									Destination Wedding Etiquette for Newlyweds

One of the most exciting things to happen in a person’s life is the wedding. Planning for a destination
wedding will take a lot of work but the rewards can be worth it. The first destination wedding
etiquette is to consider who can attend the wedding location.

Out of town weddings are preferred by couples as a way to lessen the number of guests at the
events. Sometimes, when the budget is concerned the destination wedding etiquette is to set aside
money for accommodations and transportation for the immediate members of the family and

For the couple:

A destination wedding can be a fulfillment of their fantasy. When looking for the best place to
celebrate, look for these qualities:

· Accessibility – the hotel and church or wedding location should be near the reception area. This is
a destination wedding etiquette in consideration for the family and guests who need to freshen up
before the reception.

· Package – there are hotels or resorts that offer wedding packages. These are discounted rates for a
group bookings. Other may include the transportation. It is a destination wedding etiquette to make
sure everything is taken cared of.

· Price – destination weddings can still be costly, especially if there is a theme involved. However,
the destination wedding etiquette regarding the expenses are sorted out between the bride and

The destination wedding requirements:

Pushing through with an out of town wedding can be demanding on the part of the couple. The
destination wedding etiquette is to make sure everything is in order prior to the wedding date itself.
Here are a few reminders:

· Check if your wedding location requires other legal documents to process the wedding. The
destination wedding etiquette is to arrange the papers beforehand.

· Is there a residency requirement? If so, the destination wedding etiquette is to confirm the
number of days required for the couple to stay in that location to make their union legal.

· Medical tests for both parties should be taken. If the couple arrived a few days earlier to the
destination, they are open to the risk of getting a disease. It is destination wedding etiquette to have
themselves checked out by doctors just to be on the safe side.

· Book everything in advance. Making the proper reservations for the hotel, flowers, gowns, music,
etc is a sign of prudent planning and a destination wedding etiquette must.
For the guests:

The destination wedding etiquette dictates that you must bring a gift for the newlyweds. A bridal
registry is usually set-up for the convenience of the couple and the guests. If the couple’s asks for
money instead of a gift, discretely give your envelope to the family of the bride or groom. The key
word here is discrete. It would be breaking the destination wedding etiquette code if one
grandstands and announces their contribution.

Usually the invitation allows for at least one companion to the wedding. In tagging along more than
one companion, consider the destination wedding etiquette of informing the couple beforehand.
This will make it easier for them to estimate the total number of plated for the reception.

Bringing along the children is fine for any destination wedding. But as much as possible, keep the
event as civilized as possible. The kids will only add to the stress at a wedding and the destination
wedding etiquette is to keep the number of children down to a minimum.

Guests can turn the out of town wedding into a mini-vacation just by spending their time together at
the venue. However, it is essential destination wedding etiquette to put the couple’s day first before
going off on your own romantic weekend.

If the destination wedding is unfamiliar to you it is wise to do some research. Not only will you be
able to discover a new place but also you can really enjoy your mini-vacation by visiting the tourists’
spots. Remember, the destination wedding etiquette is to indulge on this only after the wedding

For the family:

Both the bride and groom’s family are an important part of the wedding. It is a destination wedding
etiquette that they all try to help make this event go as smoothly as possible.

The couple can delegate their wedding tasks to the family to lessen the pressure on the celebrants. It
is only natural that the family steps forward and take in as much responsibility as the can as a
destination wedding etiquette.

When all the hard work pays off at the wedding, the newlyweds will appreciate everyone for making
this the most memorable destination wedding of their lives.

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