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The National Collegiate Athletic Association
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Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

To whom it may concern,

         I am submitting this proposal to institute Mixed Martial Arts as a varsity sport in
universities all over America. I believe that it is important for collegiate sport to embrace combat
sport. Combat sports involve a high level of training, dedication and concentration. Hence, I
believe that MMA embodies athletism because of the values that it carries. I hope that you will
take this proposal under consideration and satisfy millions of fans in America and all over the


Malick Ndiaye
Institution of Mixed Martial Arts as a
Varsity Sport

                                    Malick Ndiaye
                                    ENG 352--001
                                   March 31, 2008

                          Table of content

Executive summary
The Sport
     - Description
     - Rules and regulation
The Advantages of the Sport
Work cited

Executive summary

       Today, mixed martial art is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. Due to its
popularity, more and more people are being attracted to this sport both fans and fighters. In less
than 10 years, it has become a multi-billion dollar business generating a lot of the revenue from
both the sponsors and the promoters. The amount of athletes participating in this sport is growing
at an exponential rate and the sport is in the verge of becoming a mainstream sport in the United
States as well as the whole world with millions of people watching the pay per view events. This
sport requires a lot of dedication, will power, hard work and courage. Hence, it embodies the
spirit of sport. However, nowadays this wonderful sport is not represented in colleges in

       The solution to this problem would be to institute it as a national collegiate sport. The
rules and regulations would be decided by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and be
modified accordingly in order to fit the college population and would be very close to the
amateur rules. Instituting this sport as a collegiate sport holds several advantages and very few
drawbacks. Due to the popularity of the sport finding trainers is becoming an extremely easy task
as training centers are opening all over the country. Furthermore, the equipment is not expensive
and there are plenty of sponsors available. Consequently, having mixed martial art as a varsity
sport will be not only beneficial to all colleges but also to the entire country and will generate
more interest in college sport in general.

The sport

       MMA is a full contact combat sport in which a wide variety of techniques are used
including striking and grappling. The techniques used in this sport fall generally into two
categories: striking (that includes kicks, punches, knees and elbows in certain organizations) and
grappling (that includes clinch holds, throws, submission holds). However, some hand to hand
self defense techniques are strictly forbidden by all organizations. Some techniques forbidden
would include: eye gouging, groin strikes, attacking the throat, biting and small joint
manipulation. Several techniques are legal or not depending on the organization. For example
elbow strikes are accepted in Ultimate Fighting Championship when they are forbidden in
PRIDE FC and foot stomping is accepted in PRIDE FC and forbidden in UFC.

       The victory in a bout is decided in various ways but it is very similar to other combat
sports. It can either be by judges’ decision after a certain period of time elapses, by referee
stoppage (if the fighter cannot defend him/herself intelligently) or the fight doctor (in the event
that the fighter cannot continue the fight due to an injury),by a submission, by a fighter’s corner
man throwing in the towel or by knock out.

       Due to the wide variety of techniques involved, fighters must train in several disciplines
at the same time. Their training usually falls in 3 major categories:
       -   Stand up: includes training in various styles of boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and
           forms of full contact karate. It is aimed to improve footwork and different striking
       -   Clinch: freestyle wrestling, Greco-roman wrestling, sambo and judo for example are
           used to improve clinching, takedowns and throws while muay thai is used to improve
           strikes in the clinch.
       -   Ground: Brazilian jiujutsu. Catch wrestling, judo and sambo are used to improve
           submission holds and defense against them but also to improve and maintain ground

Rules and regulations

         In this section, I am going to concentrate on amateur rules and especially the USKBA
ACTION SPORT rules. Instituting this sport as a varsity sport would mean that the student
would need sufficient protection. The amateur rules and protections are, in my mind, enough to
correctly protect the fighters. The weight classes would be as follows:

                              Featherweight       130 lbs to 145 lbs
                              Lightweight         145 lbs to 155 lbs
                              Welterweight        155 lbs to 170 lbs
                              Middleweight        170 lbs to 185 lbs
                              Light-Heavyweight   185 lbs to 205 lbs
                              Heavyweight         205 lbs to 265 lbs
                              Heavyweight         over 265 lbs

The rules would be as follows:

ROUNDS: they will consist of three 3-minute rounds with a one minute rest period in between

     · Mouth guard
     · Open finger gloves (minimum 7 oz.)
     · Groin protection
     · Shin pads
     · Head gear
     · Instep pads


     · Closed hand strikes to head and body
     · Kicking techniques (not to head)
     · Knees to body and legs
     · Throws/Takedowns/Sweeps
     · Standing Submissions
     · Chokes
     · Arm bars
     - Slamming
     · Shouldering

     · Closed hand strikes to body and legs
     - Kicks and knees to body and legs
     · Submissions (chokes, arm bars, straight leg locks)

     · Elbows
     · Knees to head
     · Kicks to head and knees to head
     · foot stomping
     · Groin strikes
     · Hitting the back of the head
     · Spine strikes
     · Throws onto head or neck
     · Throws against a joint
     · Throwing out of competition area
     · Neck cranks
     · Holding ropes
     - Slamming on head or neck
     · Pinching, biting, gouging, and any “dirty fighting”

     · Any striking to head
     · Elbow strikes
     · Neck cranks
     · Heel hooks
     · Finger locks
     · Toe locks
     · Choking with hand on throat
     · Smothering (hand over mouth)
     · Spine locks
     · Hammer locks
     · Fish hooks
     · Groin strikes
     · Spine strikes
     · Slamming
     · Throwing out of competition area
     · Pinching, biting, gouging, and any “dirty fighting”

The advantages of this sport as a varsity sport

There are three major reasons why this sport should be considered as a varsity sport.
       First and foremost, the growing popularity of the sport is unbelievable and it will most
definitely attract a lot of interest in college sport in general. Events could take place everywhere
around the country just like any other varsity sport event. The fact that it would use the amateur
rules, the technical aspect of the sport will stand out more than the “brutal” aspect of it.
Furthermore, thanks to the protections, they would be less cuts and injuries. With all those
parameters taking in account, the fans will not be disappointed and the officials will not be
       Second of all, it would most likely attract a wide range of students. Nowadays, most
varsity sports are team based. Hence, if you do not necessarily like team sport, you are only left
with wrestling. It would add to the student body because more people would want to come to
college and get an education while training in MMA. It will overall bring the student body up
and people will be more driven to go to college.
       Lastly, it will generate a large amount of money for the schools, the promoters and the
sponsors. Like I mentioned before, the sport is so popular that people will do anything to watch
the events. Consequently, a lot of events could take place and it would only grow even more. The
large amount of sponsors available in the industry will be very happy to sponsor student and
schools in general and it will draw attention to the schools. Also, schools will be able to generate
money with the sponsors and have there name out using the promoters’ events.

       Another important part of the advantage of this sport is the small budget needed for the
project to be completed. Each participating school would have a dedicated area for their training
with some equipment. There would be a big investment in the beginning for the purchase of the
heavy bags, ring, etc…Also; they could use the school gym for their strength training. In this
area they would have several training bags and equipment. Here is the approximate budget for
the equipment of each participating student:
                                  open finger gloves     30$
                                  groin protection       25 $
                                  shin pads              25 $
                                  head gear              30 $
                                  instep pads            25 $

        As you can see, the average budget for one participant is going to 130 $. That is very
affordable given that this type of equipment should be renewed every 3 to 6 month.
However, a major problem here would be the insurance on the students. But then again, it will
not be that much of a problem. The students will be very well protected and would be using the
amateur rules, thus the amount of damage they will take is going to be small. Obviously, the
insurance is going to be a little bit higher than other regular varsity sports but it would be so
much more beneficial that the price of the insurance is going to be negligible compared to the
overall profit.


        Mixed martial art is a sport evolving at an incredible rate. Every day, more and more fans
are added to the list. It is on the verge of becoming a mainstream sport not only nationally but
internationally as well. More and more fighters come to the organizations looking to fulfill their
dreams. Unfortunately, this beautiful sport is not represented in colleges in America. It would be
a mistake to oversee the opportunity to develop this sport in colleges and shut down doors to tons
of opportunities for the communities, the schools and the country in general.

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