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					                 More Style and Less Maintenance!

Let’s face it – you want to spend more time enjoying your new home,
than cleaning it! If you’d like to stop bending down to clean those
messy shower door rails and enjoy the clean low-maintenance style
and privacy of glass blocks here’s an idea for you!

Consider a glass block walk-in shower system or a custom made glass
block shower. The walk in shower system measures 72” x 51” and is
easy for you and your builder/remodeling contractor to design with
because it comes in 7 different colors and pre-formed acrylic bases.
This system has grown over 40% the last 5 years according to
Pittsburgh Corning, the manufacturer of the product. Because you walk
into this shower system through a curved wall you can eliminate
cleaning the bottom of a shower door ever again (see picture below).

Glass blocks come in many patterns, shapes and colors and
murals…the options are endless. According to Mike Foti (President of
Columbus Glass Block) the system provides a lower total cost to
homeowners and builders. Walls can also be prefabricated in a
warehouse using a Vinyl Stack system which saves field labor and
increases the finished quality of the installation.

Other popular uses of glass block in addition to showers include
windows above soaking or Jacuzzi tubs in master bathrooms, windows
in garages and walk-in closets to let in light while maintaining privacy,
basement windows, and above tub surrounds in children’s bathrooms.
Glass block is used to increase privacy, improve security, create a
modern look, and increase light transmission from room to room.

If you’d like to learn more about glass blocks contact Mike Foti
(Columbus Glass Block) (614-572-5376 (cell) or 614-252-5888 (office)
or visit:

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