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					                         Surf Life Saving New South Wales
                                    POSITION DESCRIPTION
          Position                          Work Location                Position Description Completed
Manager, Surf Sports               SLSNSW Headquarters -                January 2010
         Reports To:                       Direct Reports:                            Department
General Manager                    Surf Sports Officer,                 Surf Sports
                                   Surf Sports Events Officer,
                                   Administration Officer (shared)

                                           PURPOSE STATEMENT
Manage the implementation of major sports events, athlete development and High Performance programs,
coaching and officials’ education for the continuous improvement of Surf Sports within Surf Life Saving New
South Wales.

                                           SELECTION CRITERIA
                        Essential                                          Desirable
•     Proven ability to manage and lead staff with a •    Tertiary qualifications or equivalent
      hands on approach in a team environment;            experience in sport/event management or
•     Excellent communication skills – written and        similar;
      verbal;                                        •    Knowledge of Surf Life Saving in New South
•     Demonstrated ability to communicate with            Wales;
      Government, business and members of the        •    Understanding of Coaching/Officials
      public at all levels;                               Accreditation;
•     Some out of usual business hours and on call   •    Previous experience working for a community
      work and travel within NSW are inherent             based/not for profit organisation;
      requirements of this role;                     •    Knowledge of current high performance and
•     Intermediate to advanced PC Skills (word,           athlete development theories;
      excel, PowerPoint);                            •    Previous experience and skills in media/public
•     Excellent time management skills with the           speaking.
      ability to multi-task;
•     Strong attention to detail;
•     Experience working with/managing volunteers;
•     Demonstrated experience in relationship
      building with external stakeholders such as
      councils, sponsors etc.
•     Demonstrated experience managing major
      events and/or programs/projects;
•     Previous experience developing and
      managing budgets;
•     Previous experience developing and
      managing operational business plans.
                                       REPORTING RELATIONSHIP



                                           Senior Manager

                                            Manager, Surf

                         Surf Sports         Surf Sports         Administration
                           Officer          Events Officer          Officer

                                  CORE RESPONSIBILITIES (ALL STAFF)
Accountabilities                         Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
Occupational Health and Safety           •    Demonstrates action taken in identifying hazards,
                                              assessing risk, and reporting incidents
                                         •    Demonstrates duty of care
                                         •    Reasonably complies with OH&S guidelines
                                         •    Is fully aware of SLSNSW’s safety plans and
                                              expectations, and actively participates and contributes
                                         •    Participates in the ongoing improvement of the SLSNSW
                                              OH&S plan and visibly and constantly supports its
Organisational Culture                   •    Promotes and encourages personal growth and effective
                                         •    Understands and supports policies and procedures of the
                                              organisation as defined in the SLSNSW Employee
                                         •    Continually contributes to and supports volunteers & staff,
                                              including Board of Directors, Branches, Clubs &
Leadership/Teamwork                      •    Supports the decisions of SLSNSW Board of Directors
                                              and Management
                                         •    Displays willingness to assist others, shares knowledge
                                              openly, cooperates and supports the department.
                                         •    Receptive and open to feedback
                                         •    Maintains a positive and constructive attitude that
                                              promotes confidence in those around them.
                                         •    Contributes to staff meetings and promotes the exchange
                                              of information throughout the organisation.
                                         •    Regularly meets with Manager to discuss performance,
                                              plans and current issues
Continuous Improvement                   •    Exercises initiative in making improvements to work
                                              processes and outcomes.
                                         •    Always searches for better ways and strives for best
                                         •    Actively seeks new ideas and improvement.
                                         •    Embraces and adapts to change.

                                   ROLE SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES
Accountabilities                                   Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
•    Provision of overall management of Surf       •
     Sports to achieve performance objectives and
     strategic direction;
•    Manage athlete development from grass roots •
     to elite including high performance programs;
•   Management of a team of three full time staff    •   Conduct performance appraisals and regular
    and up to 20 temporary staff and 300                 staff meetings adhering to Organisational
    volunteers at major events;                          policies to achieve improved performance;
•   Liaison with and provision of professional       •   Demonstrate regular communication and
    advice to Regional Surf Life Saving CEOs on          consultation;
    Surf Sports matters;
•   Develop and manage Surf Sports operational       •   Contributes to, reviews and supports the delivery
    plan ensuring it is set so as to comply with         of the SLSNSW Action/Business Plan;
    Surf Life Saving’s strategic plans at both       •    Ensures action/business plans are developed
    national and state levels;                            and reviewed to meet objectives, reports to
                                                          plans in an accurate and timely manner;
•   Responsible for the preparation of annual        •   Ensures budgets, budget expenditure and
    budgets and amendments, and monitor,                 reports to budget are presented in an accurate
    review and report on financial performance;          and timely manner;
•   Management of all NSW surf sports events         •    Surf Sports events managed appropriately with
    ranging from 200 to 8000 competitors;                 agreed goals achieved and to benefit the
                                                          community. Identify and implement strategies
                                                          that will ensure continual improvement of all Surf
                                                          Sports events;
•   Work closely with the portfolio based board;     •    Demonstrates effective and constructive
•   Responsible for all event sponsorship,           •    Ensure that all aspects of the sponsor
    sponsorship servicing, branding,                      relationship is proceeding smoothly in regards to
    communication, presentations and production           surf sports events;
    of collateral;
•   Prepare and present proposals, reports and       •   Actively identifies funding opportunities / projects
    applications for funding and other                   and communications in a timely manner;
    communications for internal and external
•   Media representative for all Surf Sports         •   Effectively represent SLSNSW to the media on
    matters;                                             surf sports related matters;
•   Liaise with the relevant Local Government        •   Ensure consultation and hosting fee negotiations
    Agencies for event hosting opportunities to          with LGA’s to benefit SLSNSW;
    increase revenue and awareness of Surf Life
    Saving NSW in the community;
•   Manages Sports Scholarship, Country              •   Manage schemes and funding appropriately to
    Athletes, and other relevant government              the benefit of SLSNW;
    scheme applications and funding;
•   Manage grants from NSW Sport and                 •   Grants managed effectively and efficiently;
    Recreation relevant to Surf Sports;
•   Manages Officials and Coaching education;        •   Ensure courses and accreditation are managed
    courses and accreditation;                           in line with SLSNSW objectives and policies;
•   Manage and understand OH&S and risk              •   Risk management and OH&S knowledge is up
    management issues relating to surf sports;           to date and issues are managed effectively and
                                                         in line with organisational policies;
•   Oversee the ongoing development of Surf          •   Demonstrate effective and regular consultation
    Sports at club/branch level by working closely       whilst also developing ongoing relationships;
    with local Branch Directors of Surf Sports and
    providing direction and advice as necessary;
•   Reviews all circulars relating to surf sports    •   Circulars are clear and understandable and
    programs and events;                                 published in the agreed timeframes;
•   Manages the appointment of Officials for         •   Ensure appointment and notification to officials
    respective carnivals;                                is completed in agreed timeframes;
•   Manages competition and coaching                 •   Ensures the conduct of meetings etc as
    Conferences/Seminars/meetings;                       required, provides accurate and timely reports
                                                         and addresses activities required that arise from
                                                         the meetings;
•   Represents SLSNSW on appropriate
    committees such as SLSA, NSW Sports
•   Identify and implement strategies that will      • Develop innovative approaches to ensure the
    ensure continual improvement of all SLSNSW         maintenance and growth of surf sports in
    surf sports events;                                SLSNSW;
•   Maintain up to date knowledge of new
                                                     •   Knowledge of current theories is maintained.
    coaching methods;
•   Other duties as required.
This position description has been reviewed and is considered to accurately reflect the requirements of the
role and the organisation

General Manager                                                           Date

Manager                                                                   Date

I have read and understood this document and agree to perform the duties and responsibilities as listed
within the list

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