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					                      Satellite Accumulation Site (SAS) & 90-Day Accumulation Site Inspection Record
                                   (XVIII Airborne Corps & Fort Bragg Regulation 200-2)
Unit:                                                       Building #                         Month/Year
Activity:                                                                                              Weekly           Monthly
Key: C=Compliance NC=Noncompliance NA= Not Applicable                                       1st   2nd 3rd   4th   5th
A.   Containers in good condition and compatible with wastes.
B.   Containers are kept closed securely when not in use.
C.   Containers are marked "HAZARDOUS WASTE" or "UNIVERSAL WASTE."
D.   Containers are marked with unit, contents and accumulation start date.
E.   Containers are stored on pallets (liquids/metal containers).
F.   Containers are transferred as required (55 gallon limit for HW).
G.    Controlled materials are properly labeled (Used Oil, Dirty Rags).
H.   Used oil tank is not corroded, leaking or deficient and screens are clean.
I.    HW Satellite Accumulation Site is covered from inclement weather.
J.    Highly flammable containers are grounded (includes used oil).
A.   Secondary containment system has sufficient capacity (10% of total or 110% of the largest).
B.   Storage areas are not located near storm or sewer drains.
C.   Fire extinguisher available within 50 feet of storage area.
D.   Spill absorbent material available within 50 feet and compatible with waste stored.
E.   Storage area is secure.
F.   Incompatible materials are physically segregated.
A.   Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) assigned on appointment orders and orders available.
B.   Environmental Compliance Assistant (ECA) assigned on appointment orders and orders available.
C.   ECO/ECA has attended Fort Bragg's environmental training and certificates are available.
D.   Job description and training completed/available for all personnel that handle hazardous waste.
E.   All training for personnal and ECO/ECA is current within the last 12 months.
A.   FB Form 3003 inspection form is completed weekly and available.
B.   Inspections and training records are on file for three years (or when SAS established).
     - For 90-day sites, DD 1348-1 forms are on file for three years.
C.   Current FB Regulations 200-1, 200-2, 200-3 and Pamphlet 200-2 available.
D.   Unit Environmental Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available and approved by PWBC.
E.   Current annual hazardous material inventory posted and available (FB Form 3007-E).
F.   Material safety data sheets (MSDS's) posted and accessible to personnel.
G.    Site specific spill prevention plan current, available, and approved (signed) by PWBC.
H.   ECO/ECA poster displayed (FB-P 200).
5.   REMARKS: (Identify problem and date corrected.)

SAS MANAGER                                                             ECO/ECA
FB Form 3003, Aug 02 (AFZA-PW)

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