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					                                   Jaclyn Shermulis

                               (708) 755-1122 (ext. 2246)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

      My name is Jaclyn Shermulis and I will be your son or daughter’s English teacher

this year. I am a graduate of Illinois State University and have been part of the Bloom

family since 2006. I am very excited to be working with your son or daughter this year.

      Your student’s attendance records, grades, and homework can all be accessed

through Bloom High School’s website. Please feel free to contact me at any time

regarding your son or daughter’s progress in my class. Email will provide you with the

quickest response from me, but I check my messages every morning as well.

      Attached is information on my classroom rules and procedures. Please review

these carefully as they cover the expectations I have for your son or daughter.

      I am looking forward to a great year with your student, and I am hoping to meet

you at Open House this fall.


                                                       Jaclyn Shermulis
           Classroom Rules and Procedures for Students of Ms. Shermulis
    1.   Follow directions. Follow all teacher directions including, but not limited to, directions for entering the classroom,
         exiting the classroom, and all directions given throughout the period in terms of expected behavior.
    2.   Be in class when the bell rings. You are expected to start bell work immediately after the bell rings.
    3.    Bring required materials to class. I require my students to bring the following materials to class everyday: pen,
         journal notebook, folder, and assigned text; I will not give passes for students to retrieve any materials from their
    4.   Follow all district 206 rules as outlined in the student handbook. I strictly enforce all school rules including, but not
         limited to, the dress code policy, cell phone policy, no backpack policy, etc.
    5.   Respect everyone and everything. Respect for other students, my classroom, and me are an absolute must. You have
         my word that I will show you the same respect as you show me!

    Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the following:
    1. Verbal warning, sign behavior log
    2. Last person out of the room when bell rings, sign behavior log, parent contact
    3. Stay one minute after class, sign behavior log, parent contact
    4. Stay one minute after class, sign behavior log, parent contact
    5. Dean’s referral

    Tardy Policy: If you are late to class you must sign the behavior log and the in-and-out log. If you have a pass only sign the
    in-and-out log and place the pass in the binder. Do not interrupt the class; begin classroom activity immediately. Dean’s
    referrals will be written for truancy, which is defined as arriving over five minutes late to class with no pass.

    Absent work policy: Missed work due to excused absence is the student’s responsibility and must be turned in within one
    week of the student’s return to school. Students who are absent due to sickness, personal reasons, or suspension are expected
    to check their homework online.

    Unexcused absences: Missing work due to unexcused absences will only be accepted on a case by case basis. I will not
    issue “Incomplete” grades due to unexcused absences at the end of a grading period.

    Homework policy: Homework and daily in-class assignments can be checked online through Bloom’s website. Homework
    is expected to be completed and turned in at the start of class. If a student fails to have his or her assignment at the start of
    class it will be considered late.

    Late work: Late work will be accepted for half credit first semester. Second semester I will not accept late work; I will not
    write passes for students to retrieve work from their locker.

    Pre-dismissal: The last 10-15 minutes of each class will be devoted to teacher/student conferences. You are required to see
    me if you have signed the behavior log for any reason, if you were absent the period before, or if you need to schedule a
    time to discuss your grade, be tutored, or any other private matter. During this time students are expected to finish
    classroom assignments, start homework, and follow teacher directions.

Please sign below to indicate that you have read this information and that you fully understand what is expected in this
classroom. Not signing this form will not exempt you from my rules and policies. If you have any questions I strongly
encourage you to email me at jshermulis@sd206.org(preferred method of contact) or call me at (708)755-1122 (ext. 2246).

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