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					  “We do it better. We profit with honor.”
This has been the guiding principle   LWV Corporation’s success can
of LWV Corporation as it              be attributed to the high
continues to sail through three       recruitment standards it maintains
decades of reshaping the lives of     and the quality of training
Filipino workers and contributing     programs it offers to skilled
to the overseas employment            workers to ensure job
industry of the Philippines.          competency and complying with
                                      the standard qualifications
LWV Corporation is a licensed         required by employers.
general engineering firm registered
with the Philippine Contractors       LWV Corporation’s unwavering
Accreditation Board and an            commitment to truly help Filipino
international recruitment agency      workers is evident in its policy
accredited by the Philippine          not to collect fees from applicants
Overseas Employment                   but to charge a reasonable amount
Administration. For thirty years      to employers to cover service
now, it has recruited and deployed    fees. This system has resulted in
more than 50,000 Filipino workers     unbiased and honest
of various skills and professions     recommendations from its
to the Middle East, Asia and South    principals.
America. Most of the workers
deployed were in the construction     LWV Corporation will continue
industry as LWV’s expertise in        to be profoundly committed in
construction paved the way to a       bringing closer international
partnership with one of the largest   employment opportunities to
construction companies in the         highly competent Filipino workers
Middle East.                          and professionals.
HISTORY                            projects resulted in a continuing   thousands of overseas Filipino      and open branches in Cagayan
                                   business partnership between        workers for the construction,       de Oro City, and Cebu City.
In 1971, LWV Corporation was       the companies for 30 years to       maintenance and operations          Training facilities were also
incorporated as LWV                date. LWV deploys over 8,000        of oil and gas refineries, power    established to train safety
Construction Corporation and       workers annually.                   plants, cement plants and other     officers, millwrights, instrument
was engaged in general                                                 heavy industries projects in the    technicians, riggers, pipefitters,
contracting for residential        As employment opportunities         Middle East. Although a large       pipe fabricators, industrial
houses. Soon after, it pursued     open up internationally, the        number of Filipino workers          electricians, scaffolders, iron
projects involving high-rise       LWV Construction Corporation-       were deployed in the Middle         workers, insulators and other
office buildings yet maintained    Overseas Division (LWV-OD)          East, LWV was also able to          skills required by employers.
the highest degree of              was created and its aspiration      send workers to employers in
construction finishes as           was and still is: to bridge the     Southeast Asia, North and           Due to its expansion to other
commended by Philippine            gap between international           South America, Europe and           fields of endeavor, LWV
National Artist Architect          employers and Filipino workers.     South Africa such as nurses         Construction Corporation
Leandro Locsin.                                                        and other health related            officially changed its name to
                                   In 1990, LWV-OD managed to          workers, hotel staff, aircraft      LWV Corporation in keeping
The construction growth in         capture another market with its     maintenance mechanics, airline      with its broader objective of
Saudi Arabia and demand for        tie-up to Irish Nursing Home        staff, information technologists,   expanding its international
Philippine labor in 1978 led to    Organization (INHO) for the         office staff and managers, and      clients worldwide.
a business relationship            supply of nurses and                other land-based workers.
between Mohammad Al-Mojil          caregivers.
Group (MMG) and LWV. The                                               As the demand for Filipino
first projects involved were the   In the course of its three          construction workers in the
construction of the palatial       decades in the overseas             international market grew and
residence of MMG’s owner and       employment industry, LWV-OD         supply for these skills became
their main office building.        has sourced, trained, hired,        scarce, LWV decided to source
MMG’s satisfaction on these        deployed and re-deployed            out applicants in the provinces
Vision:                                        Mission:

   To set the standard of excellence for the     To source stable employers that will provide
construction and recruitment industry.         adequate compensation, suitable and
                                               comfortable working environment for its

                                                   To always strive to exceed the expectations
                                               of our clients and the delivery of their
                                               construction and recruitment requirements in
                                               a timely manner.

                                                  To serve clients and workers with honesty
                                               and fairness.
AFFILIATES                                                                    Investments and Stockholdings

OUR Group                                                                     Kenram Industrial & Development, Inc. is one of the
                                                                              pioneers in the palm oil business in the Philippines, since 1967.
Ouryes Corporation is a registered money remittance agent                     Philippines First Insurance Corporation is the first non-
with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas since 2005. It is has eight offices      life insurance company in the Philippines established in 1906.
abroad. In London and Ireland, it is registered as Phil Irish International
Services. It carries the YES trademark in Australia, Mexico, Papua
New Guinea and the United States.
Gulf Express Corporation is the General Sales Agent for Gulf
Air and SEAir and marketing representative for EVA Air, Qantas                Mohammad Al Mojil Group
Airways, Qantas Holidays and Jetstar. It conducts airline                     Les Investissements, Quebec, Canada
representations through partnerships with travel agencies. It also            Group Khoury Ltee, Quebec, Canada
provides passenger and cargo reservations, marketing and ticket               Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro
                                                                              Overseas Offices
Mobilair Travel, member of the International Travel Association
(IATA), is a recognized travel and tour agency. It provides ticket             LWV Healthcare Pty, Ltd., Australia
                                                                               Real Value Store Pty Ltd, Australia
sales, and local and foreign travel packages for clients.                      Your Express Service Pty Ltd, Australia
                                                                               Your Express Services International, Inc., Florida , USA
Health & Leisure is engaged in the promotion and syndication                   Your Express Service, S de RL de CV, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
of Philippine medical tourism services internationally.                        Ouryes International SA de CV, Cozumel , Mexico
                                                                               YES Limited, Papua New Guinea
                                                                               Phil Irish International Services, Dublin, Ireland
MCC People Care Training Center, accredited with TESDA
since 2007, was established for the purpose of providing skill sets
to applicants and hired workers. MCC certifies the competencies               Accreditation
and eligibility of the trainees.
                                                                              Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)
Planners+Designers+Consultants, Inc. is an architectural
and interior design firm.
Our Yes Asian Food Products Corporation, established
in May 2006, is engaged in the export business of food and non-               Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines
food items. It is also the pioneer in the distribution of Filipino TV         (OPAP)
dinners in the international market.                                          Philippine Association of Service Exporters (PASEI)
                                                                            TRACK RECORD
                                                                            LWV Corporation has supplied a wide range of skilled
LWV Corporation, in its three decades of operations has been awarded        workers and professionals worldwide. Our roster of
with different recognitions from the entities of the overseas employment    projects/job orders include:
industry. During its earlier years of operations, LWV has been a
consistent recipient of Top Performer Award by the Philippine Overseas
Employment Administration (POEA). It has also received a citation
from the same agency for its sustained efforts of continuously promoting
competence of Filipinos and creating employment opportunities for
Filipino workers. LWV has also been recognized as one of the
recruitment agencies in the Philippines with the highest number of
deployed workers.

Other citations were from the Overseas Placement Association of the
Philippines (OPAP) as the Most Outstanding Patronizer of Pre-Departure
Orientation Seminar (PDOS). The Overseas Workers Welfare
Administration (OWWA) recognized LWV for its invaluable support
and contribution for the successful implementation of the Medicare
Program for overseas Filipino workers and their dependents.

Various recognitions from the Pre-Employment Service Office (PESO)
of different municipalities and cities all over the Philippines were also
given to LWV for its continuous support to the employment
enhancement projects of the local government.
SERVICES                                                                    (physical and psychological) in accredited industrial clinics. All tests
                                                                            adhere to the regulations of the Department of Health (DOH), the
LWV Corporation provides services in Manpower Supply, Skills                Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Philippine
Training and General Construction. Manpower supply involves                 Overseas Employment (POEA) of the Philippines and the corresponding
                                                                            agencies of the host country.
from sourcing of applicants to deployment. Skills training programs
are provided to workers who wish to upgrade their skills and                Documentation and Processing:
learn new skills for them to meet the qualification requirements            LWV liaises with the concerned Philippine labor agencies and the
for overseas employment. LWV has been involved in the general               embassy of the host country to facilitate the required client-employer
construction and project management of residential and                      documents and clearances.
commercial projects from its inception.
                                                                            Flight Booking:
Manpower Supply                                                             LWV facilitates flight departure arrangements and deployment schedule
                                                                            for hired workers through its affiliate, Mobilair Travel, to provide the
Applicant sourcing:                                                         most appropriate and cheapest available airfare.
Applicants are sourced from head hunters, newspaper and radio
advertisements, provincial recruitment, job fairs in colleges and           Post Deployment Services:
universities and referrals. LWV also has satellite offices in Cebu and      Communication lines with clients are kept open for any concerns
Cagayan de Oro which have produced a number of new hires.                   regarding the behavior and performance of the deployed workers. It
                                                                            also provides complementary services to the workers and their
Screening applicants:                                                       dependents to facilitate their well-being.
Stringent screening procedures are undertaken to verify and validate
applicant credentials. Hired consultants review candidate skills and
position requirements. Only pre-qualified applicants are referred to
the client for consideration.

Final interview:
A client may opt for LWV or its representative to conduct the final
interview. In the case of the latter, LWV coordinates interview schedules
to maximize the use of client’s preferred time. Interview rooms or
video conference facilities are available for this purpose.

Trade Testing:
LWVCC is affiliated with a reputable trade test company which is
accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
(TESDA). This company certifies the competencies and eligibility of

Pre-employment Medical Examination:
Pre-qualified applicants undergo comprehensive medical examinations
                                                                            Contact Us
Construction                                                                For recruitment, applicants may address their questions or send their
                                                                            application forms to:
LWV’s Construction Division builds residential houses and medium
rise vertical developments including townhouses, and office buildings.
 Moreover, it has the capacity to interior design and furnish projects      New Hires
with assistance of Planners+Designers+Consultants, Inc., a member           Beverly C. Legaspi – Recruitment Supervisor
of Our Group of Companies.                                        
                                                                            632 + 725-0272, 632 + 725-0058
Skills Training
LWV Corporation has the facility to train different skills in the           Erlinda L. Clemente – Balikbayan and Processing Supervisor
construction industry such as welders, safety officers, pipefitters,
scaffolders, millwrights, ironworkers, riggers, boiler makers, industrial
electricians, insulators and instrument technicians. It also has tie-ups    632 + 725-0291, 632 + 726-2504
with a medical school for the training of medical staff and with several
accredited training centers and institutions that provide training for      For recruitment services, clients or principals can send
hospitality, travel, airline and other industries.                          their queries to:

LWV Corporation can tailor fit its training programs to suit the            Alfredo P. Montecillo
varying degrees in accordance to the needs of different employers           Chief Operating Officer
by providing us with training manuals when available.
                                                                            Elvira O. Tamayo
Based on the level of skills required by its client, training programs      Operations Manager
could run from two weeks to two months. Upon completion of a
specific training program, workers are assessed by MCC People Care
Training Center, Inc., a sister company of LWV Corporation.

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