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									                                                                                                              Celebration Date
                          Dragons & Daffodils Cakes                                                           Day
                                                                                                              Collect on:
                                  54 Eirw Road, Britannia, Porth. CF39 9LU. Tel: 07872 037832 Vat Reg 869 6503 75

                                                            Celebration Cakes order Form

Telephone Number                                                                          E-mail Address
Name and tel. no of person collecting cake.                                               Name:
Date of collection: …../…../….. (open Mon to Fri 10 – 3pm)                                Tel No:

Occasion:                                  Birthday/Anniversary/                    Corporate/Graduation/Christening/ Other*
Cake Design Title:
                                           (See Website for designs                 and prices for cakes)
Inscription Colour:
Number to serve
Cake base:                                 Sponge - Jam & B.cream                   Or               Choc Sponge with Choc Buttercream*
                                           For Fruit cakes, please                  Add £15 extra
Covering:                                  Icing/Choc Curls/                        Treats (£3 ea)*
Colour Scheme:                                                                      Icing/Choc Colour:
Board Ribbon Colour:                                                                Cake Ribbon Colour:

Please note that any changes to the original design may result in a new
                              price quote
Modelled figures already in the design?                                          Yes      Sugar or fresh flowers in design?                Yes
Character Name/colour of bears:                                                  or       Varieties:                                       or
                                                                                 No*                                                       No*
If for people, please give description :                                                  Colours:
(£10 extra ea)

Notes:                                                                           Cake Cost:                    £
                                                                                 Total Price:                  £
                                                                                 Booking Fee (1/3rd)                    Paid*: Yes/No
                                                                                                                        Due: ..…/…../…..
1/3rd booking fee payable to confirm order. Payment schedule as right.                             VAT         £0
The cake will not be available for collection without payment. If paying final                                 £        Due in cash on
balance on collection, it must be in cash. If you would like to pay by cheque,
                                                                                 Final Balance to Pay:
payment may be made for full amount at time of ordering. Changes to the
design of the cake after confirmation of booking may result in a change of       Please make cheques payable to Dragons & Daffodils Cakes
price. You will be told when you request the change. If the cake is cancelled,   Payment Sent by Paypal                          Yes/No*
the booking fee is forfeited. If the cake is cancelled within one week of the
required date, the full balance is due, no refunds will be given.                Date Sent:                                       /   /
We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to the cake once the cake has
been accepted, or for loss or damage under unavoidable and exceptional

Customers signature:_________________________________________ Date:___________________________
     Where did you find us? Your Wedding Mag/Wedding Cakes Mag/Bridal Fayre/Website/Yellow Pages/Friend/Other*
Dragons & Daffodils reserve the right to refuse the order if we are already at capacity for that date. Please ring to check availability
before returning to avoid disappointment.                                                                       *delete as appropriate.

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