Work Order for Individual Consulting Services


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									This is a template that is intended to be used in conjunction with a subconsultant
services agreement. This template provides details about the services that the
subconsultant is engaged to undertake on behalf of the consultant. This template can
be customized to provide the scope of the work by the subconsultant, work schedule,
and payment terms. This template should be used by small businesses or other entities
that want to provide more details pursuant to a separate subconsultant agreement.
                                                                    Subcontract No.:

                                                 WORK ORDER NO.

In accordance with the Subcontract for Individual Consulting Services (“Subcontract”) between
___________ [SUBCONSULTANT’S LEGAL NAME] (“Subconsultant”), and ____________ [FULL
(“Consultant”), __________ [SUBCONTRACT EFFECTIVE DATE], this Work Order describes the Work,
Schedule, and charges and payment conditions for the Subconsultant’s Work on the Project known as:
         Subconsultant Authorized Representative: __________________________________
         Address:      ________________________________________________
         Telephone No: ___________________

         Consultant or Client’s Authorizing Entity: ______________________________
         Address:       ________________________________________________
         Telephone No: ___________________

Work. The Work shall be described on Attachment        to this Work Order. Subconsultant shall perform
the Work under the general direction of Consultant and shall furnish all labor, materials, supplies,
equipment, supervision and services necessary for and incident to the performance of the Work.
Subconsultant represents that it has thoroughly reviewed the Work and the Prime Contract and that it
accepts the Work and the conditions under which the Work is to be performed.
Schedule. The Schedule shall be set forth on Attachment ______ to this Work Order. Subconsultant
represents that the Schedule is reasonable.
Payment. The basis for determining the amount of charges, the frequency of billing, and special
payment conditions shall be set forth on Attachment      to this Work Order. If Work is on a “time and
materials” basis, Subconsultant’s hourly rate shall be __________ [AMOUNT IN WORDS] dollars
($_________ [AMOUNT IN NUMERALS])
$                .
Prime Contract. The Prime Contract, if applicable, is included as Attachment ______ to this Work Order.
Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions of the Subcontract referenced above shall apply to
this Work Order.

ACCEPTANCE of the terms of this Work Order is acknowledged by the following signatures of the
Authorized Representatives of the parties to the Subcontract.

  SUBCONSULTANT                                                     CONSULTANT

  Signature                                                         Signature

  Typed Name/Title                                                  Typed Name/Title

  Date of Signature                                                 Date of Signature

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                                                                              Subcontract No.:

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