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					                             RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS

                           MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE
                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE
The Board of Directors of the Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District held a regular board
meeting on January 20, 2010, at Black Forest Fire Station One, such meeting duly posted for public
notice. A quorum present, the meeting was called to order by Chair Burleson at 6:46 p.m.

Directors present:   P. Burleson/F.Blaha/H.Borowski/P.Cooper
Directors absent:    K. Potter
Also present:        D. Ury/D.Arkowski/K.Smith/fire department personnel/Don Root, FSB/Jerry
                     Ward-VFIS/Bob Erler and Eddie Bracken for Log School

Roll Call Treasurer Kris Potter was absent due to a medical emergency in her family. Upon
motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously approved, the board voted to excuse Ms.
Potter’s absence.

Minutes Upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried, the minutes of the
December 9, 2009, regular board meeting were approved.

Financial reports    This agenda item was tabled until the February meeting due to Ms. Potter‟s

Operations Report Given by Chief Ury. (A written report was prepared by Chief Ury, copy
attached to the minutes):
     89 calls in preceding month, with 22 canceled en route, and 33 transports. There were 1,087
       responses in 2009. Director Cooper would like a report for 2009 that contains standard
       statistics such as response times that would be included in the software package.
     Image Trend software package: This package has proven to have serious limitations; the
       billing codes have not been set up with Quad Billing in spite of significant efforts by both
       BFFD and Quad; functionality of Image Trend with Quad Billing was part of the contract
       agreement in purchasing this software, and was to be in place before BFFD started using the
       product, but BFFD has never been able to use Image Trend due to the incompatibility with
       Quad Billing and the inability to even enter data. This package cost the fire district $16,000,
       and Chief Ury will attempt to recoup some of the cost. He will speak to Attorney Tim Schutz
       about the breach of contract issues. Image Trend personnel said the problem was the Quad
       Billing system and claimed they could make the software work if the fire district would get a
       new billing company. However, Image Trend is not operating anywhere in Colorado, and
       there is no evidence that this claim is accurate. BFFD has continued to work with Firehouse
       software, which has been updated at a cost of $700.
     $15,805 has been received from Quad Billing for the past month.
     Matt Gigliotti has resigned and his position has been posted; interviewing and testing will
       commence quickly with a plan to fill this position by 2/28/2010.
Apparatus and Equipment An ISO review and testing was conducted, which required multiple hours
of preparation by Kerry Smith and other employees of the district from all shifts. Appropriate
recognition of the employees‟ valuable efforts will be considered.

Communications Radio tower is still in the process of being installed at station 2.

Building and Grounds PCO 42 – the bay is not heated evenly because the thermostats operate
individually. This PCO will connect the three thermostats to solve the problem. The price quoted by
Daniel-Barry is $2,500, and Chief Ury believes this is excessive. He will investigate alternatives. All
the furnishings for station 2 are not yet in place; a big screen TV may be donated by the Westcott
Training Ongoing activity; see website for all training details. A new member academy is coming
up; expanded EMS training for EKG is planned; joint training with DWFPD; EVOC training soon.
Old Station Bob Erler and Eddie Bracken were at the meeting to discuss options for selling the old
station land and transferring the log school to the Friends of the Log School. Mr. Bracken reported
on the process with the County Planning Department, which had initially said the cost to the BFFD
                              RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS
for a minor subdivision would be about $10,000. After further study, it was said that the BFFD could
have a subdivision exemption that would allow the fire district to split off the log school property,
with both remaining pieces of property zoned as residential. In this case, the district would not be
required to go before the Board of Adjustment, or address setbacks, increased roadway dedication,
or parking lot and driveway access requirements.

If the district wanted to sell the fire station portion, all of those issues would have to be addressed,
or disclosure made to a potential buyer on the necessity of them. With residential zoning, the
property could be used for a fire station, an adult care center, a church, or temporary outdoor
amusement uses. The only zoning change that could be requested is CN (commercial
neighborhood), which would allow for a bakery, barber shop, beauty salon, billiard parlor, business
and event center, a carwash, or child care center. The district would also have to provide
certification that the water supply is adequate. The County wants a commitment from the fire
district that if they are going to sell the station land that they will go through all of the necessary
steps for approving the property for sale, or disclose to a potential buyer these requirements. In
discussion it was agreed that after the determination of setbacks and roadway dedications there is
not enough land remaining to make the parcel feasible for any use.

To sever the log school land from the parcel would cost the district $3,000. Because it is very
unlikely the board would be able to sell the fire station parcel, it was agreed there was no point in
separating the parcels and decided to leave the property intact. Concerning the resolution the board
adopted to grant ownership of the log school portion to the Friends of the Log School, the board
agreed after some discussion to leave the resolution intact in the event that there would be an
opportunity to split the property sometime in the future.

The fire district board agreed to continue using the old station for storage, renting storage space for
other fire departments, or any other use that may present itself, noting that housing fire vehicles
there would help the ISO rating. Chair Burleson noted that he had a legal opinion on disposition of
property, and special districts may not donate property to any private entity.

Jerry Ward of VFIS Mr. Ward presented some of the details of the 2010 liability coverage for
board edification. Some items noted: If the fire district decides to rent space in station 3 to other
entities, extra insurance will be needed; the training shed is not included in the building inventory
and will be added.

Don Root of Farmers State Bank Mr. Root addressed the board concerning an amount of money
to be received by Farmers State Bank for the Hodgen Road easement project. FSB is the owner of
record of the land on Ridge and Hodgen Roads, and must agree to the offer from the County, which
is $1,295 for 1,480 square feet along the south side of Hodgen Road. It was explained that this is a
non-exclusive permanent easement, so the fire district will always own it after the loan is repaid to
FSB. The board concurred with the easement offer and advised Mr. Root to deposit the funds in the
fire district‟s money market account at FSB.

Possible Merger of Black Forest and Westcott The Black Forest/Wescott meeting was held on
January 6, 2010, at the Wescott station, at 6 p.m. Action items from the meeting included joint
district accomplishments planned for 2010; a merging of budget criteria by February 2010; due to
both districts holding director elections in May, major consolidation criteria will be delayed until after
that time; the fire chiefs are working on developing a manning analysis as well as defining levels of
taxes received by defined areas; study is needed on the scenario of DWFPD losing their southern
area to the City, and having committed to building a new station on Highway 83, and being able to
continue functioning using a mill levy equal to that of BFFPD; explanation of possible merger options
by Attorney Tim Schutz – an exclusion would exclude all property from the DWFPD and it would be
absorbed by the BFFPD, and this would not require an election; a consolidation requires a vote, is
more expensive, but allows for more results such as setting director districts, or changing mill levies.
 An inclusion/exclusion process requires 6 to 9 months; consolidation requires 12 to 18 months; a
service plan must be filed which would allow the City to give input on their ability to provide
protection. The next meeting will be Feb. 3rd.

Falcon FPD Messrs. Burleson, Blaha and Ury met with Falcon FPD personnel. Mr. Blaha has a
summary of the meeting and a draft letter of what both departments agreed to. Both districts are
currently being evaluated by ISO and there may be some changes on response categories concerning
five mile distances from a station and water availability. Different aspects of the evaluation may
receive different ISO ratings – such as miles from a station receiving a 4 and water availability
receiving a 9, for example. It is possible that about 1,000 structures are within 5 miles of a Black
Forest station and will receive an ISO rating based on Falcon‟s water hauling capability. There is

Black Forest Fire District Regular Meeting Minutes, January 20, 2010                                    2
                              RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS
some misunderstanding on the differences between an ISO 8 and 10, and whether or not insurance
companies take ISO rates into consideration. Falcon FPD is unwilling to make any commitments to
Black Forest until they know what their ISO rating will be and how it will impact the property owners.
At the meeting, Mr. Blaha reiterated a proposal set forth by Black Forest to Falcon in which Black
Forest would receive income from the area in question at the rate of 25% the first year, 50% the
next year, 75% the third year, and transfer of the property to Black Forest the fourth year. Falcon
FPD is not interested in this proposal. Black Forest can wait until Falcon assesses their new ISO
rating or enact the solution of denying Falcon FPD automatic aid. Director Blaha does not think the
board should continue waiting for Falcon to make a decision, but rather should be calculating the
costs involved. Those include amortizing the cost of building, maintaining, and staffing the station
over a period of time balanced against the value of property in Falcon and Black Forest that the
BFFPD is protecting. Falcon FPD needs to know they will not receive this protection at no cost. If
Falcon agrees to provide half the staffing at station 2, that will not bring them up to date on costs
involved in bringing that station online.
It was reiterated that property owners may petition Falcon for exclusion, and petition Black Forest for
inclusion. If Falcon denies the exclusion, the property owner may then take the matter to the county
commissioners and then to the courts. Attorney Schutz has advised Black Forest to not take any
share of responsibility for the payment of legal fees, nor to assist any property owner who wishes to
be included in Black Forest.
A draft letter was given to board members for study that would inform Falcon of Black Forest „s
expectations, and further action to be taken. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Property Inclusions This item tabled until February pending legal publication.
Annual Meeting Notifications Per statutory requirements, the board was presented with the
annual notification resolution which sets forth where the permanent meeting notice will be displayed
(at Station 1); where special notices will be displayed (Stations 1, 2, and 3, and the Clerk and
Recorder‟s office); and where and when board meetings will be held (3rd Wednesday of each month
at 6:30 pm at Station 1). Upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried, the
board voted to adopt the annual notification resolution.

The 2010 budget packet was submitted with the Division of Local Government, with copies emailed
to all board directors. The “transparency notice” required by new statute was posted on the SDA
website, and also on the BFFPD website.

Election of Directors-May 2010 Concerning the election of directors to be held on May 4, 2010, a
resolution was presented itemizing the details of the election and naming the designated election
official, Donna Arkowski. Upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried, the
board voted to adopt the election resolution.

Future Meetings A pension board meeting will be held on February 17, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. The
next regular meeting will immediately follow the pension meeting on this date.
Adjournment There being no further business, the board adjourned at 9:45 p.m.
                                                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                                                       Donna Arkowski, Secretary

Black Forest Fire District Regular Meeting Minutes, January 20, 2010                                3

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