Consultant Letter of Intent

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									Consultant Letter of Intent
This Consultant Letter of Intent is a document which outlines a proposed business
relationship between a contractor or consultant and a client. A letter of intent outlines
an agreement between two or more parties before the agreement is finalized. As
drafted, this letter of intent provides the proposed terms and conditions of an agreement
for the contractor or consultant's services. This document may be customized to fit the
specific needs of the parties. It should be used by contractors, consultants and clients
when negotiating the terms of a business relationship.
                                              LETTER OF INTENT

_____________________[Project No.]

______________________[Contact Title]
______________________[Client Full Name]
______________________[Street Address/P. O. Box]
______________________[City, State Zip Code]

Subject:          Letter of Intent

Dear _____________[Contact]:

This letter documents our discussions on ___________________[Date].
__________________________ [Insert full name of Owner/Client] (“Owner/Client”) authorizes
_______________________ [insert full legal name of Contractor/Consultant]
(“Contractor/Consultant”), a ________________              [state of incorporation] corporation to
perform the services (the “Services”) in Contractor/Consultant proposal dated ________________
[Proposal Date]. Owner/Client presented its standard form of contract, and Contractor/Consultant
indicated its intention to enter into a similar written contract within ___________ [No. of days] days
from the date of this letter. If a written contract is not finalized within such period, the provisions of
this letter shall remain in effect. Contractor/Consultant will render services on a time-and-materials
basis in accordance with the attached Schedule of Fees and Charges. [Attach Fee Schedule]
Owner/Client will pay all undisputed invoice amounts within thirty (30) days of invoice date.

Contractor/Consultant is obligated to comply with applicable standards of professional care in
the performance of the Services. Owner/Client recognizes that opinions relating to
environmental, geologic, and geotechnical conditions are based on limited data and that actual
conditions may vary from those encountered at the times and locations where the data are
obtained, despite the use of due professional care.

The liability of Contractor/Consultant, its employees, agents and subcontractors
(“Contractor/Consultant”), for Owner/Client’s claims of loss, injury, death, damage, or expense,
including, without limitation, Owner/Client’s claims of contribution and indemnification with
respect to third party claims relating to services rendered or obligations imposed under this letter
shall not exceed, in the aggregate, the total sum of $250,000 for claims arising out of negligence,
breach of contract, or other causes for which Contractor/Consultant has any legal liability.
If these terms are acceptable to Owner/Client, please have an authorized representative sign one of
the duplicate originals of this letter in the space provided below and return one copy to my attention
at the address printed below.

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[Name of Individual with Signature Authority]



Accepted on behalf of Client this ________ day of _______________, 200_:


Typed Name/Title

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