Win32 Heur Removal - a Great Guide on How to Handle Win32 Heur

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					Win32 Heur Removal - a Great Guide on How to Handle Win32
By : Johny Foster

If your computer has gone very sluggish, showing constant pop ups,
and getting so much errors. Then you need to be careful. Win32 Heur
a very dangerous trojan virus is on the rampage! This virus can do
much more than what you see on your computer. Find out more about
Win32 Heur virus now before it is too late for you and your computer.

First of all, what is Win32 Heur?

Win 32 Heur is a trojan virus, a very dangerous virus that can do
several things such as:

     Record and steal your private information. The hacker could use
      your identity for cyber crime.
     Steal your credit card number and use it
     Spam you with constant pop ups
     Destroy your windows registry which will lead your windows to
      go error or worse, stop functioning.

Identity fraud is one of the biggest crimes in the internet. Do not let
yourself to become the next victim! This is why you need a very good
antispyware to prevent all this from happening or to get rid of Win32
Heur as soon as possible.

How can it get into your computer?

There are several ways that Win32 Heur can use to get into your

     From P2P networks. Be cautious when you download from
      Limewire, Bearshare, or other P2P programs. Exe files and
      codecs are the most dangerous files there.
     Installing a free program. These programs are free for a reason.
      Hackers usually insert Win32 Heur in these free Programs.
     Win32 Heur could get into your PC when you are visiting a site
      that contain these viruses.
So how can you secure your computer and private information?

A good anti spyware program with a good antivirus in your system
will keep your system safe. Also remember to always scan a file after
download before you use it. It is best to prevent Win32 Heur from
getting in. Once a virus is in your computer, it will most likely attack
your registry, and leave them broken even after they are removed.
Broken registries can cause severe problems too if you do not repair

The best thing to do now is to get a free scan from my recommended
sites. To see if your system is really infected with Win32 Heur or
other virus. These anti spywares helped my PC to recover from Win32
Heur. I am sure they will help you too.

You can get the best anti spyware HERE and keep your Computer
protected from Win32 Heur! Do not let Win32 Heur defeat you. Use
their free scan feature now.

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