How to Remove Win32 Heur Virus Instantly by JohnyFoster


									How to Remove Win32 Heur Virus Instantly
By : Johny Foster

Removing win32 heur virus is not easy because it always duplicates
itself and conceals itself in your files. It is a fact that most antivirus
cannot remove win32 heur virus. What you really need to remove
win32 heur virus is a good antispyware. Antispyware are specially
designed to fend off Trojans and other naughty spywares that normal
antivirus cannot handle.

If your computer is infected by win32 heur virus, this means your
current antivirus is not good enough or not up to date and you need to
change or update it right now. Why now? Because tomorrow will be
too late? Hmm...Well we have a better answer. Win32 Heur Virus is a
Trojan virus that invades your computer without you knowing and
will spread out rapidly in your system. The scariest thing it can do is
not damage your computer system but steal your identity and worst of
all money. When win32 heur creeps in your computer it will start
stealing your personal information stored in the computer and of
course along with them, your bank account and credit card number. If
you do online banking you really need to be aware of this. These types
of cyber criminals are very popular and their number is increasing
through the years. You obviously do not want to be the next victim do

You might also ponder why and how win32 heur virus invaded your
computer. There are 3 most common source of infection.

o Through P2P networks. This free file sharing community is a very
good gateway for hackers to inject their Trojan in many useful files.
Many people will then download these files and when they open the
package, they also release the virus. Popular examples of these files
are codecs and installers, they are small and needed by many people,
making them the fastest way to spread virus.

o Through freeware and shareware programs. Shareware and freeware
programs are not totally free, or at least they are free for a good
reason. One of the reasons is to spread virus.
o Visiting an unknown website with Trojan installed in it can also be
fatal. Fortunately now there is a system give us better protection from
these sites. To be on the safe side you should not use Internet Explorer
when you surf the internet. Internet explorer has too many open
backdoors that let viruses and Trojans slip in.

To avoid infection in the future make sure you scan whatever file you
download from the internet before you open the package.

The most important thing to do now is to remove win32 heur virus
from your computer as fast as possible and make sure you pick the
right antispyware to do it. In my blog I have listed the best
antispyware that will remove win32 heur from your computer once
and for all.

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