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									      The New IT ITQ
          Dennis Fellin
    Commodity Manager, IT and


    •   Guiding Principles for New ITQ
    •   Notes on Contract Structure
    •   ITQ Tiers
    •   Evaluation Criteria
    •   Terms & Conditions
    •   Service Category Structure
    •   IT ITQ Qualification Requirements
    •   Essential Milestones
         – Web Development
    • Enterprise ITQ Website
                   Guiding Principles for New ITQ

    •   Optimized performance
    •   Utilize Best value as evaluation method
    •   Minimize Risk to Commonwealth and Suppliers
    •   Maximize Competition
        – More defined: Clarified service categories
        – Narrow the qualification process
           • Better, more tangible information
    • Easier to Administer
        – Agency/DGS/OIT/Supplier: Process standpoint
    • Timeliness (RFQ to PO to work start)
    • Align with MBE-WBE goals

                     Notes on Contract Structure
    • T&M can be part of the deliverables contract when the following
      conditions apply:
           • Updating and maintaining current software, in support of the
           • Work will be needed for varying projects in support of the contract
             that have no definitive timetable or deliverable that can be
             realistically projected.
           • The use of alternative maintenance or development in support of
             the contract
    • Allow use of p-card under $5000.
    • Allow use of Auto POs
    • Agencies to rate supplier performance on each project.
    • Continue to allow “piggybacking” under the new ITQ based on the
      continuing inquiries received from local public procurement units
    • Add new service categories guided by changing technologies,
      enterprise requirements and agency business needs
    • Retain Open enrollment & add new categories as technology and
      business needs change
                             ITQ - Tier 1

    • 0-$50,000
      – Statement of work (model)
      – ITQ T&Cs
      – Allow for mixed T&M and deliverables – Use established rate
        card for T&M work.
          • T&M can not be greater than 40% of Purchase Order (PO)
      – Agency makes selection of supplier
      – No Competitive solicitation required
      – $100,000 cap per supplier in same category
          • In same fiscal year by agency
          • No limit on PO quantity
          • To exceed $100K max requires waiver from DGS

                         ITQ – Tier 2

    • $50,001 - $250,000
      – Statement of work (model)
      – ITQ T&Cs
      – Allow for mixed T&M and deliverables – Use
        established rate card for T&M work.
         • T&M can not be greater than 40% of PO value
      – Expedited RFQ Process
      – Sent to all suppliers in category
      – Team selects based on best value
      – Expected time from receipt of proposals: 2-3 weeks
                                ITQ – Tier 3

    • Greater than $250,000
      – Statement of work (model)
          • 70% Rule in effect for technical
      – ITQ T&Cs
      – Allow for mixed T&M and deliverables – Use established rate card for
        T&M work.
          • T&M can not be greater than 40% of PO value
      – Standard RFQ Process (mimics RFP Process)
      – Sent to all suppliers in category
      – Agencies must request DGS delegation authority (Same as RFP
      – Team selects based on best value
      – Uses recommended percentage allocations
          • Cost, DB, Technical (Same as RFP requirement)
              – Minimum Point Allocations:
                    » Cost: 30%, MBE/WBE: 20%
                    » Technical provision
Overview of Changes

                      Master IT Services ITQ Process
                All IT procurements must comply with ITB EPM 003

        Under $50,000               $50,001-$250,000        $250,001 and above
      Requires only 1 quote     Solicit all suppliers    Solicit all suppliers
       Select any qualified     qualified in a service   qualified in a service
    supplier from ITQ Service   category                 category
            Category            Expedited RFQ process    RFQ Process and follow
       Includes IT Training     and template             RFP evaluation process in
                                                         Procurement Handbook
                                Simplified evaluation    More formal process,
                                process                  mirrors RFP process

Template                        Template                 Template

                   IT ITQ Evaluation Process
                  Best Value Evaluation Criteria

•   Supplier Prior Experience
•   Personnel & Experience
•   Project Plan
•   Approach to Deliverables
•   Domestic Workforce Utilization
•   DB Participation
•   Cost
•   Other

                      New Terms and Conditions

     • Terms and Conditions developed as
       cooperative effort with IT Suppliers
     • T&Cs are business friendly
       –   Allows for wider participation
       –   T&Cs are nonnegotiable
       –   Will expedite negotiations and approval process
       –   Faster to PO award

                                Service Category Structure

     •   Cabling Services
          – Internal Premise Voice Wiring Support
          – Internal Premise for Residential Voice and Data Wiring Support
          – LAN Development/Upgrade and LAN Integration (Planning, Design, Implementation) both
             Hardwire and Wireless Technologies
     •   Consulting Services - IT General
          – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
          – Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)
          – eGovernment
          – Financial
          – Operational
          – Organizational
          – Planning
          – Research
     •   Consulting Services - IT Security
          – Managed Security
          – Vulnerability Scan
          – Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
          – Independent Services Assessments
          – Regulatory Compliance Solutions
     •   Consulting Services - IV&V
     •   Consulting Services - IT Project Management
11   •   Consulting Services - Radio Services
                               Service Category Structure

     •   Consulting Services - Network Services & Telcom Services
           – Network Services
           – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
           – Call Center/IVR
           – Voice over IP (VOIP)
           – Financial
           – Multimedia
           – Operational
           – Organizational
           – Planning
           – Research
     •   Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software Services
     •   IT Integrator Services
     •   IT Training - Classroom/Non-Classroom
     •   Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) Software Services
     •   Software Development Services
           – SAP
           – JAVA
           – .NET
           – GIS
     •   Software Maintenance
     •   Subscription Based Web Application Services
                      IT ITQ Qualification Requirements

     • Must be a registered supplier with the Commonwealth of
     • Business entity trying to qualify must have a minimum of two (2)
       years in business prior to proposal submittal date
     • Must complete IT ITQ Questionnaire
         – Requires Financial to be included
         – Requires Generic Resumes
         – Requires Organizational Chart
     • Qualification must occur in one (1) or more of the service
     • Must submit three (3) quality references for EACH service category
     • References must demonstrate relevancy to the service category
         – Ensure size and scope
     • References must meet minimum scoring criteria
                              Current v. New Suppliers

     •   Publish Master IT Services ITQ March 2009
     •   For current Qualified Suppliers
          – “Grandfather letters” went out March 6, 2009
               • Must sign and return with contract to be “Grandfathered”
          – “Grandfathered” until Dec 31, 2009
          – Must return IT ITQ Qualification Questionnaire by September 30, 2009
          – “Grandfathered” only for current Service categories
          – Must re-qualify for new service categories
          – If a not qualified by December 31, 2009, contract will be suspended
          – April 13, 2009: Reminder sent to “grandfathered” ITQ suppliers to return
            acceptance sheets For new Suppliers
          – Must sign and return contract (may be electronic)
          – Must complete and return, with all attachments, IT ITQ Qualification
          – Must qualify for service categories
               • Must submit three (3) quality references for EACH service category

                             Essential Milestones
     • March 2009
        – Grandfather letters out to current qualified IT ITQ suppliers
        – Paper version of IT ITQ Questionnaire available on web site
           • Location to be Determined
     • April 1 2009
        – Agencies can solicit and award work under the new IT ITQ
           • Will only solicit those suppliers who have returned signed
     • May 1 2009
        – Open enrollment for new suppliers begins
     • June 30 2009
        – All work must be completed under old IT Contract ITQ
           • Waiver process in place. Requires CoP and DGS approval
     • July 1 2009
        – Work begins under new contract
                         Timeline – Web Development

     • Phase 1: Completed April 10, 2009
        – Entire proposal, including client references, will be developed online
        – No more hardcopy proposal
        – Suppliers upload Questionnaire and necessary documents
     • Phase 2: Complete May 1, 2009
        – Agency view of qualified suppliers and their Company Profile
        – Supplier proposals are evaluated and results posted
        – Company profile will include existing functionality in current ITQ
        – Financial Data
     • Phase 3: Complete July 2009
        – Project Performance Evaluations by agencies
        – Rate Card

                                Enterprise ITQ Website

     •   Link on PA e Marketplace at
     •   Directs suppliers to Enterprise ITQ application:

     •   To get to the new Enterprise ITQ website:
          – Suppliers:
             • follow links
          – COPA Employees:
             • Go to Invitation To Qualify Community

     •   For New COPA Suppliers: Registered at and
         obtain SAP Supplier number.
          – Then access the ITQ application, through the bidder tab in the supplier portal

     Point of contact for questions: Don Bauer, ITQ Manager


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