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            Job title:              Customer Service Assistant

            Line Manager:           Convenience Store Manager

            Job Purpose:            To provide an appropriate shopping environment and quality customer service to each
                                    and every customer that is Fast, Friendly, Safe and Clean, thereby maximizing the
                                    current and future sales opportunities

            Accountabilities:       To be fully trained in the use of all POS equipment, general store equipment and to
                                    possess a working knowledge of forecourt or car care equipment, e.g. pumps, car
                                    washes and car vacuums
                                    Provide assistance to any customer as necessary
                                    Be friendly and helpful to all customers and manage their complaints with tact and
                                    politeness until they are satisfied
                                    Maximise sales opportunities, understand the shop’s merchandising and planogram
                                    layouts, and ensure the store is fully stocked at all times
                                    Exploit sales opportunities and pro-actively support and sell promotions to customers
                                    Follow and participate in Company Mystery Motorist initiatives as a measure of the
                                    delivery of customer satisfaction
                                    Sell store goods and fuel at prices as fixed by the Company
                                    Report to work at specified hours and manage shift handovers with the minimum
                                    inconvenience to the customer, completing all shift reconciliations in line with
                                    Company regulations
                                    Assist in the training and support of other team members
                                    Take part in an annual appraisal
                                    Assist your Manager in identifying and agreeing your training and development needs,
                                    and complete the agreed action steps
                                    Attend store meetings and put forward and discuss any ideas or initiatives you may have
                                    Manage the delivery process for all types of stock, including alcohol and meat products,
                                    and fuel deliveries
                                    Merchandise the store with the products sold to ensure full availability (including alcohol
                                    and meat products)
                                    When required, complete store administration, and possess the door and alarm keys to
                                    enter, open and close the premises
                                    Ensure that you follow all Company Policies and Procedure correctly at all times
                                    Work in all areas of the store, including the Wild Bean Café

            HSSE – Health & Safety responsibilities:
                                    Demonstrate compliance with and implement BP’s HSSE Policies and Procedures
                                    Lead by example and display HSSE attitudes where everybody who works for BP is
                                    responsible for getting it right
                                    Demonstrate hazard awareness and proactively implement correct controls to manage
                                    and minimise all identified BP HSSE risks at the store
                                    Complete HSSE training as required
                                    Supervise all contractors and suppliers at the store to ensure they comply with our
                                    HSSE procedures
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                                     Allow only authorised personnel into secure areas (behind console and staff only areas)
                                     Ensure all HSSE regulations are complied with and concerns raised by anyone
                                     (customer, supplier, contractor, neighbour of the store, another employee etc.) are dealt
                                     with professionally and promptly
                                     Manage energy and waste to minimise damage to the environment
                                     Implement principles of personal safety being more important than stock or cash
                                     Comply with BP’s drugs and alcohol policies
                                     Wear BP uniform at all times and Personal Protective Equipment as appropriate
                                     Ensure you are aware of how you should respond to an emergency and/or escalate a
                                     HSSE incident
                                     Complete regular checks to ensure that equipment and facilities are working effectively
                                     and that all actions have been taken to minimise HSSE risks, report all defects
                                     Carry out housekeeping/cleaning duties to ensure customers, neighbours, contractors,
                                     suppliers and staff enjoy a safe visit and healthy and secure working environment.

                                   Customer service skills/past experience (preferred but training will be given)
                                   Good verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to use the English
                                   language well – both written and orally
                                   Self motivated
                                   Flexible and reliable

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