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					                                                                        Bishop’s University
                                                   Williams School of Business and Economics

                                                                   Consumer Behaviour
                                                                                    BMK 112 A05
                                                                                       Fall 2005

PROFESSOR:           Daniel Duyck
OFFICE;              Cormier Center 203
OFFICE HOURS:        Tuesday, 17:00 to 18:30 (or by appointment)
PHONE:               822-9600, ext. 2775

COURSE HOURS:        Monday, 19:00 to 22:00 (H- 304)

    This course aims at helping students understand the psychological, social and
    environmental forces affecting consumers in the decision-making process. On an academic
    level, students will learn to discern how marketers use this knowledge in various marketing
    endeavours. On a practical level, students will learn to identify how these forces can be
    exploited in marketing strategies. Finally, on a personal level, students should become more
    acutely aware of their own action-reaction process as consumers.

     Michael R. Solomon, Judith L. Zaichkowsky & Rosemary Polegato. Consumer
     Behaviour: Buying, Having and Being, Third Canadian Edition. Toronto, ON: Pearson
     Education Canada, 2005.

     Mid-Term                                      30 %
     Final                                         40 %
     Group term project                            15 %
     Oral presentation                              5%
     Class presence and participation              10 %

     •     There will be no supplemental exams for this course. All dates must be respected
     •     The term project must be handed on the last day of class. No electronic submission
     •     All presentations will be on WebCT. Each student should print them before each class in
           order to complete them in class. Only registered students may access them.
           (The WebCT user ID is your student number; the password is your PIN number.)
       •   Class presence and reading the assigned case studies are essential. Students will
           need to complete the presentations taken from WebCT and be ready to discuss cases.

                                        Consumer Behaviour
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                                   TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

  Dates                         Topics / Events                    Exam questions will be taken
                                                                       from these sources

             “The big picture.” What we’ll be seeing
Sept. 12                                                                 Presentation
             What is consumer behaviour ?

             Marketing in a changing world                               Presentation
Sept. 19
             The marketing process                                       Presentation
             Perception                                                       Ch 2
Sept. 26     Learning and memory                                              Ch 3
             Description of the term project
             Motivation and Values
                                                                              Ch 4
Oct. 3       The self
                                                                              Ch 5
             Hand in names of group members
Oct. 10      Thanksgiving break – No class
             Personality and Lifestyle                                      Ch 6
Oct. 17      Trends                                                      Presentation
             Assign case reading (Cases p. 515-547)
             Attitudes                                                        Ch 7
Oct. 24      Attitude change                                                  Ch 8
             Discussion on assigned case

Oct. 31      Mid-term exam

             Decision making process                                        Ch 9
Nov. 7
             The purchasing act                                          Presentation

             Family decision making                                         Ch 12
Nov. 14
             Group influence in purchasing act                           Presentation
             Income and social class                                     Presentation
Nov. 21      Canadian Identity and subcultures                              Ch 14
             Assign case reading (Cases p. 515-547)
             Age subcultures                                                 Ch 15
Nov. 28
             Discussion on assigned case

Dec. 5
             Term project presentations / Hand in term paper

TBD          Final Exam

      “In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.” — Woody Allen

                                     Consumer Behaviour
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