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									Bond Project Status Summary                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1/13/2011

                                                                   Bond Implementation Plan Update

January 26, 2009                                                                                                                                   Napa Valley Community College District
Below is a project tracking report used by the Campus Planning and Construction office to summarize project status information. This report includes only projects that are 'in-process', that is,
projects where some activity is underway at the present time. Projects marked "COMPLETE" or "PUNCH LIST" will stay on the report for approximately 90 days before being removed.
The project status summary report is distributed and posted on a monthly basis. You may request a current copy of this report or additional information on any project from the CPAC department at
x6040 (259-6040). This report and other bond information is available on the web at
COLUMN HEADERS: "Job No." - CPAC tracking number. "Project Name" - Short project title. "Primary Design Firm" - If applicable, the name of the architectural or other design firm contracted for the project. "Plans/Other Docs
Status" - The status of construction plans. "DSA STATUS" - Status of construction plans in the review process by the Division of the State Architect, review can take several months. "Est. START DATE" - Date construction is expected
to begin, specified in bid documents but subject to change. "Est. COMP DATE" - Date construction is expected to end, specified in bid documents but subject to change.

                                                                                    Primary                 Plans/Other                 DSA                                                                                                               Est. COMP
 Job No.                          PROJECT NAME                                                                                                                                                                                                      START
                                                                                  Design Firm               Docs Status                STATUS                                                                                                               DATE
 0010.01    Library-Learning Resource Center (Bldg. 1700)                               TLCD                  Construction              Approved                                                                                                     Sum '08           Sp '10
   Pat                                                            Project Notes: Stakeholders continue to meet with architects to finalize furniture and equipment. Bids for this project were opened on May 6, 2008 and the project was awarded on May 15, 2008 to Edge
                                                                                 Development, Inc. Construction is currently underway.
                                                                                 The current library does not meet state space standards (the ratio of students to space was under built originally) and does not have enough student stations or computers. The new Library-
                                                                                 Learning Resource Center will offer more student stations and computers and will have space dedicated to the Library Staff, Media Center, Diagnostic Learning Services, Testing & Tutoring
                                                                                 Center, Teaching & Learning Center, Distance Learning classroom, and a café.
  XXXX      American Canyon Early College High School                                  NVUSD                                            Sept. 2007                                                                                                                     2010
                                                                  Project Notes: Construction documents complete and construction is currently underway.
                                                                        Project NVUSD and City of American Canyon are providing space to the college in the new American Canyon high school for an outreach center. NVC will receive three classrooms, able to
                                                                    Description: accommodate 40 to 45 students each. All classrooms on the campus will be available for night classes.
 0050.01    Instructional Center for the Performing Arts- ICPA (Bldg. 100)               hGA                  Construction              Approved                                                                                                      Sp '08           Sp '10
 Bob C.                                                           Project Notes: On March 13, 2008, the Board of Trustees awarded this project to Broward Brothers from Woodland, CA and construction is now underway.
                                                                    Description: New Performing Arts Education Center that will include a 500 seat theater, black box theater, orchestral/vocal rehearsal space, etc.

 0060.02    North Gym (Bldg. 400)                                                       TLCD                  Construction              Approved                                                                                                     Sum '08          Fall '09
  Tom                                                             Project Notes: Bids for this project were opened on July 1, 2008 and the apparent low bidder was Broward Brothers, Inc. The Board of Trustees awarded this project at their July 17, 2008 meeting and
                                                                                 construction is now underway.
                                                                                 New auxiliary gym will house Adaptive PE, a weight room, and a CJTC mat room. The project is scheduled to be complete by October 1, 2009.

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Bond Project Status Summary                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1/13/2011

                                                                    Primary                 Plans/Other                  DSA                                                                                                                 Est. COMP
Job No.                         PROJECT NAME                                                                                                                                                                                           START
                                                                  Design Firm               Docs Status                 STATUS                                                                                                                 DATE
 0240.02   Telephone Cabling Upgrade                                    OMM                  Construction                   N/A                                                                                                       Winter '08          Sp '09
  Tom                                            Project Notes: This project will replace and add additional copper conductors for voice communication. The Board of Trustees awarded this project at their December 11, 2008 meeting and construction is now
                                                                New and existing buildings campus wide will benefit from the expanded system.
0340.05    Signage & Wayfinding                                     Ace Design               Construction                   N/A                                                                                                          Sp '07          Fall '08
Carollee   • Phase III- under construction.      Project Notes: Construction is underway for Phase III signage & wayfinding. Additional vehicular directionals signs were installed in the summer of 2008. New directories, reflecting recently added buildings, will
                                                                be installed shortly.
           • UVC Building ID signs- complete.
                                                       Project Comprehensive signage and wayfinding program development and implementation. ADA issues handled separately but in cooperation with this project. Phase II included parking lot designations
                                                   Description: and additional automobile directionals. UVC buildings received ID signs and room identification signs.
 0340.08   HVAC/Penthouse Upgrades                                      TLCD                   In Design                    N/A                                                                                                         Sum '08          Fall '09
  Tom                                            Project Notes: The installation portion of the project is currently in design and the an RFP for the equipment portion is being circulated now. The RFP is due February 3, 2009.
                                                       Project This project will replace the rooftop structures and HVAC equipment, utilizing chilled water from the new Central Chiller Plant. The upgrades will take place on bldg. 900, 1100, 1300, 1400, 1500
                                                   Description: and 1600.

 0360.01   Ceramics Building (Bldg. 3500)                               TLCD                 Construction               Approved                                                                                                        Fall '08         Fall '09
  Tom      • Utility extension to South Campus   Project Notes: Stakeholder group meetings complete. On September 11, 2008, the Board of Trustees awarded this project to SW Allen Construction, from Sacramento. Construction is now underway.

                                                                New Ceramics Building to the north of Building 3700. New position leaves Bldg. 3900 and Bldg. 4100 as-is. Project also includes utility extensions to South Campus.
 XXXX      Fire Alarm Panel Conversion                                  OMM             Going to DSA Shortly                N/A                                                                                                         Fall '07        Ongoing
                                                 Project Notes: Design for permanent fix is underway. O'Mahony & Myer (OMM) and CPAC coordinating work. This project will go to bid once all new building plans have obtained DSA approval.
                                                       Project Using cable installed in EMS/Fire Alarm network project, only the existing digital systems will be connected to the new monitoring station and enunciator. New and modernized buildings will be
                                                   Description: added as they come on-line.

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1/13/2011

    0010.02 FPP & Project Development for Learning                                TLCD                                                                                                                   $70,000             Dec '03
                                                        Project Notes: FPP submitted July 1, 2004

                                                                        Professional Services Project to develop Final Plan Proposal for submission to the state for construction funding for a new Learning Resource Center (Library). FPP is the second phase of
                                                   Project Description: the application process. The District's capacity load ratio supports additional library space and, if awarded, state funds will be used to leverage bond funds. A new LRC is slated for
                                                                        construction and included in the Bond Implementation Plan regardless but an additional $10 million would allow additions to the project. FPP REVISED DUE DATE JULY 1, 2004.

    0070.03 Prototype Restrooms - 100 & 400 & 700                   LBDG                                 Complete              DSA Approved James Nolan Con.                        $277,000             Feb-04                             March '04          July '04
      Pat                                     Project Notes: 700 RR reno=DSA required ADA upgrade as part of modular installation. Construction mostly complete, Punch List items still to be addressed.
                                                                        Three sets of restrooms will be remodeled to ADA standards. The remodel will use modern materials and technology in the replacement of fixtures, flooring, partitions, wall treatment, and
                                                   Project Description: lighting. Water conservation and the use of recycled materials are high priorities, as is maintainability and longevity. Originally the project was limited to the 100 Bldg Quad RR's but was
                                                                        enlarged when the Dept. of the State Architect required ADA related upgrades in response to the new modular classrooms.
   0070.XX Financial Aid Expansion & ASB Move              Architerra                            design/prelim plans                                                    n/a multiple subs             $70,000 est                             July '04     Sept '04
   Carollee                                 Project Notes: ASB moved to temp home in Student Lounge. Construction and Fin Aid move complete.

                                                   Project Description: Remodel Rm. 100 and ASB area for Financial Aid expansion (2 newly hired staff and 2 soon to be hired staff). Appropriate Rm 100 for Fin Aid and move ASB to north end of building.

    0090.01 Remodel of Classified Lounge/BOT                                      LBDG                                                                   n/a
                                                        Project Notes: Stakeholders Meeting held. Design adjustments underway.

                                                                          Original Remodel was refined after further input from users (stakeholders). Lighting will be increased. The fireplace copper was shined. Additional painting took place over the Semester
                                                   Project Description:
                                                                          Break. The podium will be replaced with a new network/smart panel. One couch and one loveseat on order.

   0140.05 Finishes in 1019 A & B                                                                                                                                                                                                          Summer '04
   Carollee                                             Project Notes:

                                                   Project Description: Carpet, window treatments and paint for CJ classrooms. New sample carpet for evaluation. Replacement furniture added May '04. NVC to act as own general.

    0150.02 Pool Deck Replacement (SM)                                            LBDG                                      Complete                Approved           Hess Construction                $475,172              Oct '03       12/1/2003 3/1/2004
      Bob                                               Project Notes: Punch list items continue, primarily the emergency exit gate installation.

                                                                          The project will replace existing concrete pool deck that is cracked and does not drain properly. New light poles, diving platforms, and seating are also included in the project. Drinking
                                                   Project Description:
                                                                          fountain installation error will be corrected by LBDG at their expense.

    0150.04 Replace Gym Hot Water System                                  Costa Engineering                                 final plans                  n/a                  awarded                    $96,800                              Jan-05           Mar-05
      Bob                                               Project Notes: Boilers up and running. Project essentially complete. Final walk and Punch List complete.

                                                   Project Description: Two phase project to replace failing piping and water heaters for gymnasium domestic hot water. The project also provides hot water during the boiler shutdown and replacement.

    0290.02 South Parking Lot & Landscaping                                        GSM                                      Complete                Approved           Hess Construction                $626,682             Mar '04          Dec '03      May '04
                                                        Project Notes: Semester Break project, Phase I, Parking lot is complete. Phase II has approx. 8 rain delay days. Phase II & III should be complete by May.

                                                                          The project will include upgraded parking for 70 staff & students. The Art building will be re-landscaped to create a courtyard where the wooden gallery structures now sit. Portions of these
                                                   Project Description:
                                                                          structures (affectionately know in Maintenance as Wood hinge) may be re-used for smoking shelters. ADA path of travel improvements are also included in the project specifications.

    0200.01 UVC - Kitchen & Library Expansions                       LBDG              Final Plans           Approved                                 $945 k                   $760 k                   awarded             $648,000          Nov '04      April '05
      Pat                                      Project Notes: Construction complete save fire damage repair.

                                                                          Two separate projects that have been combined into one bid for cost savings. Kitchen expansion will correct cramped scullery quarters and replace failing equipment (walk-ins). Library
                                                   Project Description:
                                                                          expansion will create a small book storage area to house 5,000 cookbook collection.

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1/13/2011

    0200.03 UVC - Awnings, Gutters & Downspouts                    LBDG                                              design/prelim plans                 n/a             Redwood Empire                   $18,881             June '04       Summer '04 Summer '04
      Pat                                    Project Notes: Construction underway.

                                                  Project Description: Failing awning material will be replaced and existing frames repainted. Failing gutters and downspouts will be replaced.

    0290.06 Ballfield Fence for traffic control                                                                                                                           Morgan Fence                     $9,000                               Jan '04      Feb '04
                                                       Project Notes: 4' high chain link fence

                                                  Project Description: The project will install a four foot (4') high chain link fence to prevent motor vehicle traffic from accessing the ballfield. A sidewalk for pedestrian access will also be added.

   0200.05    UVC - Site wall resurfacing                                          n/a                                          n/a                      n/a           Dominion Plastering                 $4,900                 n/a         Winter '04
                                                       Project Notes:

                                                  Project Description: Failing site wall surface was replaced.

    0200.04 UVC - Concrete Seal & Stain                                            n/a                                                                                      Summer '04                                                       Summer '04
      Pat                                              Project Notes: Initial project to restain entryway to main building ($8500) to completed Aug '04. Additional areas may be re-stained - decision pending.

                                                  Project Description: Failing concrete sealant has caused discoloration to existing stain and created a slip and fall hazard. Maintenance of the floor has also become problematic.

     XXXX     Replace Transformer @ Bldg. 500                            O'Mahoney & Myer                                                           Approved               Scott Electric                 $53,750              May '04          Aug '04      Sept '04
     Bob                                               Project Notes: Installation complete

                                                  Project Description: Failing transformer needed for South Campus electrical service.

    0290.04 Heritage Tree Cabling & Pruning                                                                                                                                                                                                   Spring '04
                                                       Project Notes: Campus Landscaping - to preserve Century Oaks

                                                                         This project will implement arborist recommendations to save heritage oak trees (trees of great age and presence) on campus. Trees will be cabled to add support and/or pruned to
                                                  Project Description:
                                                                         eliminate deadwood.

    0290.05 Mall Tree Maintenance                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dec' 03      Jan '04
                                                       Project Notes: Semester Break project

                                                  Project Description: This project implemented arborist recommendations to improve the health of the trees along the Mall. The trees were pruned and un-savable specimens were removed.

    0290.07 Sidewalk Repair - Trip & Fall                                                                                                                                                                                                     Spring '04
                                                       Project Notes: Report from Keenan identifies areas needing attention. Spring Break project.

                                                  Project Description: Various repairs to concrete and asphalt around campus to reduce trip & fall hazards identified by Keenan & Associates, the District's insurance administrator.

    0290.07 Smoking Pavilions                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fall '04
      Pat                                              Project Notes: Locations determined and installation/construction is complete.

                                                  Project Description: Solution for soggy smokers being sought. Art building art display panels will be re-used as shelters. Locations will be NW corner area of pool by the gym and the south end of the mall.

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1/13/2011

    0290.08 Winery Equipment Pad Cover                                          Architerra                                 Complete                    n/a           James Nolan Con.                   $34K               Apr-04         5/1/2004         July '04
      Bob                                               Project Notes: Construction complete except for punch list items.

                                                   Project Description: The project will include weather protection for donated glycol unit.

    0330.03 Swingspace/Modulars Phase II & III (Modular Village)
      Bob                                               Project Notes: Mods for Datatel, Piano/Vocal music, & 2 General CR's completed thus far. Health Center/Public Safety still pending.

                                                                          Fin Aid expansion displacing piano/voacal music. Classrooms needed for construciton swingspace. Datatel teaching facility. Health Center relocating for accessibility during
                                                   Project Description:
                                                                          construction/renovation of bldg. 700.

    0330.04 Swingspace - Title III, Rms 1034-1035                       n/a                                                               n/a                                                                                             Dec '03          Feb '04
      Bob                                       Project Notes: Semester Break project. NVC acts as own general. A/V Equipment will install the week of May 23rd.

                                                   Project Description: The project will remodel Rms 1034 & 1035 to create a teacher resource center/learning center that can accommodate 16 workstations. The program is funded by a Title III Grant.

    0340.01 Mansard Roofs (SM $ AWARDED)
                                                        Project Notes: Pending Exterior Color Selection. Scheduled Maintenance Grant will co-fund with bond funds. Additional $4500 SM project leftover will be moved to this project.

                                                   Project Description: The project will weatherize existing mansard roofs and the new surface will be in the new exterior colors selected for the campus.

    0350.07 Colors - Exterior Standard                                    LBDG & TLCD & Staff                        design/prelim plans
                                                        Project Notes: COLORS SELECTED! The Quad will be re-painted May 2004.

                                                   Project Description: Professional Services Project to develop a exterior colors standards for the main campus.

   0350.XX Feasibility Study for Imola Connection                                  N/A
                                                        Project Notes: Initial engineering estimates received Further investigation warranted.

                                                   Project Description: Professional Services contract for engineering estimates for Imola connection options (Gasser, Dr. So. Marketplace Dr.) and bridges over wetlands.

    0290.09 South Campus Parking & Landscaping Phase II            GSM                                design/prelim plans                          Approved             Helmer & Sons               $1.1 million          June '04        June '04          Oct '04
      Bob                                   Project Notes: Minor punch list items pending. Project essentially complete.

                                                   Project Description: Re-Align south end of Diemer Dr. Add paving, lighting & landscaping to South Gravel Lot. Add Winery walkways and landscaping.

    0350.08 Furniture Warehouse & Build. Materials Storage          Architerra                             bid specs/plans                             n/a                                        Est. $200,000         August '04 Summer '04              Fall '04
      Pat                                      Project Notes: Minor punch list items pending. Project essentially complete.

                                                   Project Description: Additional storage and staging space for furniture shipments and building materials.

    0350.05 ADA Transition Plan                                            Architerra ($27K)                                                                                                                                                             Nov '04
                                                        Project Notes: BOT adopted Transition Plan Nov 2004. Part 1 priorities to be implemented by Dec. 2005. See construction project above.
                                                                        Professional Services Project to develop an American's With Disabilities Act mandated Transition Plan for the District. The plan is an identified addendum to the Draft Facilities Master Plan.
                                                   Project Description: While the District developed and completed an Architectural Barriers Study and remediation program several years ago this new plan will address access to program issues and prioritize
                                                                        removal of physical barriers.

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1/13/2011

    0350.06 Handrail Upgrades for ADA                                       Architerra                                     design                                          Fall '04                                    Winter '04      Winter '04          Sp '05
                                                     Project Notes: Mockups fabricated and evaluated. Implementation of upgrades to be a part of ADA Site work project (see Construction section)

                                                Project Description: Professional Services Project to develop handrail program for campus that maximizes access for ADA. Installation of handrails is a part of ADA site work project, job no. 0350.05, above.

   0350.XX Project Cost estimating                                     Saylor & Associates                     research & development                                                                $25,000             Feb '04         Mar '04       April '04
   Carollee                                          Project Notes: Master budget adopted by BOT in Nov 2004.

                                                Project Description: Professional Services Project to develop project cost data for master scheduling and cash flow.

              Water main valve replacement (2 valves @ Gym, 2 @ Cafeteria)                                                                                                                                                            Summer '04
                                                     Project Notes: Semester Break project.

                                                                       Semester Break project. Project entailed campus wide water shutdown for 3 or 4 days - Matt Christensen coordinating. 2 Valves at gym have been replaced. Remaining 2 valves will be
                                                Project Description:
                                                                       done in coordination with infrastructure upgrades.

              Fire Hydrant Repair
                                                     Project Notes: See valves above.

                                                Project Description: Matt Christensen coordinating.

    0371.01 Move 1600 A & B Modular buildings                           TLCD                                            preliminary                                                                                                   Summer '06 Summer '06
      Bob                                     Project Notes: Initial planning underway.
                                                                     Project will move existing modular buildings 1600 A & B to new locations. 1600 A will move near James Diemer Dr. in the South Parking Lot. 1600 B will move to the mod village near
                                                Project Description: building 700. These moves will make way for new building construction for Tech III-Visual & Graphic Voactional Center. Existing 1600 occupants will move with their buildings for the short
                                                                     term, pending completion of the Student Services consolidation.

    0150.03 Replace Pool Chlorinator                                             n/a                                                                 n/a                     n/a                  est $72,000                             Jan-05          Feb-05
     Matt                                            Project Notes: Equipment received and installaion is nearly complete.
                                                Project Description: Replacement of failing pool chlorinator. 50% funded thru State scheduled maintenance grant substitution.

   0350.XX Furniture Standards & Procurement                                    TBD                                        design                                                                                      March '05
                                                     Project Notes: Vendor selected. Faculty office standard complete. Chair standard complete. Other task furniture standards pending.
                                                                       Professional Services Project to develop a task furniture standard for faculty and staff in order to save costs through bulk purchasing and maintenance/life expectancy. Task furniture for
                                                Project Description:
                                                                       workstations will be addressed first.

    0230.01 Pool Boiler Plant                                                  TLCD                                     final plans                  N/A            Awarded 12/9/04                 $218,647            9-Dec-04        1/3/2005         4/4/2005
      Bob                                            Project Notes: Boilers up and running. Project essentially complete. Final walk and Punch List pending.

                                                                       It was determined that a stand alone high efficiency boiler plant would be the most cost effective and energy conserving method of heating the pool. Construction will not impact existing pool
                                                Project Description:
                                                                       heating system. Project must be completed prior to demolition of central boiler plant in April.

    0350.04 EIR - Package                                                 Mark Thomas                 n/a                complete                                          Nov '03               Est. $350,000           Nov '03         Dec '03          Feb '05
                                                     Project Notes: EIR was be certified and the Facilities Master Plan accepted at the Feb 24, 2005 meeting of the BOT.

                                                Project Description: A package of Professional Services Agreements to develop and file a Master Plan Environmental Impact Report and further refine construction plans.

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1/13/2011

   0140.06 Renovation 1000 B & HEOC Faculty Offices                                   final plans                                                m                                          e
                                                                                                                             multiple bids, Sp '05 ultiple bids, Sp '05 multiple bids, Sp '05 st $550,000 1-Jun-05                                           8-Aug-05
   Carollee                                 Project Notes: Project essentially complete except punch list items and minor backordered equipment.

                                                                         Offices will be emptied for new carpet, paint, window treatments. New furniture and casework also included. to follow as furniture procurement process is still under development. Staff
                                                  Project Description:
                                                                         restrooms in both areas will be renovated and made ADA compliant.

   0140.06 Criminal Justice Conf. Rm & Offices Reno/Furniture           n/a                         final plans                N/A                                                                                                           Dec '05          Feb '06
   Carollee                                    Project Notes: Construction complete

                                                  Project Description: Project will replace furniture and some finishes in the Criminal Justice conference room, workroom, offices and classrooms on the first floor of bldg. 1000B

    0230.02 Central Plant Phase I - Central Boiler Plant & Utility TunnelTLCD             approved                  N/A                               $5 m                                              awarded           $4.7 million       April '05     October '05
      Pat                                         Project Notes: Construction 99% complete. Punch list items complete.

                                                                         The project will include new heating facilities to serve the entire campus and new utility hookups for all existing and planned buildings on campus. A new boiler plant will be constructed in
                                                  Project Description:
                                                                         existing boiler room in bldg. 100. The second phase will include a new cooling plant to be constructed near the 700 building. Ice unit will be removed and parking added.

   0140.xx Criminal Justice Restroom Reno                                                                                   pending
   Carollee                                            Project Notes:        Summer '06

                                                                         Originally planned as a project to renovate the exterior, first floor restrooms at building 1000 B to ADA and campus standards. Renovation was deemed impractical and alternative solutions
                                                  Project Description:
                                                                         are being sought. ADA compliance upgrades will reduce existing restrooms to 1 stall each which is too few for existing traffic.

    0290.10 Relocate Stone Bus Stop                                                                preliminary                 n/a                                                                                                            Sp '06         Sum '06
                                                       Project Notes: Preliminary environmental investigation underway. Negotiations with CalTrans continue.

                                                  Project Description: stone bus stop can stay with most recent magnolia drive plan. Stone bus stop on Hwy 221 wil be relocated or removed to allow for a new right turn lane onto Magnolia Drive.

    0260.01 Photovoltaic Array                                                PowerLight            final plans                N/A                                                                                                          June '05          May '06
      Bob                                              Project Notes: Project is approximately 99% complete. The solar panels are being mounted. Transformers' were installed via helicopter. Flood impacts were minimal.

                                                                         1.2 megawatt photovoltaic (Solar Power) array-- 3rd largest in CA, 5th largest in US, and 43rd largest in the world. Will provide at least $300,000 per year in utility cost savings. PG&E grant
                                                  Project Description:
                                                                         awarded for $3.5 million. Project is "turnkey" meaning one contract includes all design and building expenses.

   0140.06 Atrium Cover                                                                                                        N/A                                                                                                         Spring '06 Summer '06
   Carollee                                            Project Notes: Competitive quotes received and structural engineering complete. Installation of new cover complete. Paint and furniture pending.

                                                                         Addition of 15 year fabric cover over the 1000 B atrium to enhance the functionality of the space. The existing bat colony was relocated and the new awning will include mesh sides to
                                                  Project Description:
                                                                         prevent bats, bees, and birds from intruding on the space. Project will also include patio furniture and paint.

    0150.05 Gym Transformer Replacement                                  O'Mahony & Myer            final plans                                                                                                                             Sum '06        Summer '06
      Bob                                              Project Notes: 50/50 state match SM project. Application approved. Equipment was pre-ordered and expected in June. Bid awarded to Long Electric.

                                                  Project Description: Replacement of a electrical transformer at the south end of the gym that is nearing the end of its useful life expectancy (and showing it).

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1/13/2011

    0290.10 Magnolia Drive Conversion to 2-WAY                  Mark Thomas           preliminary               N/A                                                                                                      Sp '07         Fall '07
      Bob                                     Project Notes: Preliminary environmental & engineering underway. 1st CalTrans meeting took place in late Jan '06. Approval of conceptual design expected shortly. CEQA and permits pending.

                                                                           Project will convert Magnolia drive to a 2-Way road and eliminate the "hook ramp" entrance. Project engineering and environmental investigations will also include a re-alignment of Diemer
                          combined with north campus site development…
                                                                           Dr. and the possible future Imola connection.

    0070.06 Building 100 Roof Replacement                                          TLCD              final plans                 n/a                                                                                                      Sum '06       Summer '06
      Pat                                                Project Notes: 50/50 state match SM project. Application approved. Bid awarded to Statewide roofing. Construction to start in June and finish by July 13, 2006.

                                                    Project Description: As a part of the roof replacement schedule, and to address increasing leaks, the building 100 complex will be re-roofed this Spring/Summer.

    0270.01 Emergency Phones                                               O'Mahony & Myer           final plans                 n/a                                        Awarded                                                      Spring '06 Summer '06
      Bob                                                Project Notes: Stakeholder interviews and review complete. Phone equipment design complete. Phone equipment ordered. Bid for install & infrastructure awarded June 2006.

                                                                           Campuswide emergency phones to be installed at new and existing locations (3 at HEOC, 1 in the gym hallway, and 1 in gym locker room). New phone to feature a blue strobe and hotline
                                                    Project Description:
                                                                           buttons to emergency services. The installation of 5 exterior phones and future infrastructure for additional phones in parking areas will be bid.

    0210.01 New Tennis Courts                                                      TLCD              final plans            Approved                                                                                                      Sept '05         Aug '06
      Pat                                                Project Notes: Construction nearly complete.

                                                    Project Description: The project will include the construction of 8 new lighted tennis courts.

    0200.05 UVC - Recladding (Stucco)                                              TLCD              final plans                 n/a                                                                                                      Sp 2006       Summer 2006
      Pat                                                Project Notes: Final plans and bidding complete. Construction nearly complete.

                                                    Project Description: Resealing or replacement of failing exterior skin on both buildings.

    0340.04 ADA Site Work - Pt. 1, per Transition Plan               Architerra              Final                Adopted                                                                                                                  Dec '05         Sum '06
      Bob                                        Project Notes: Handrails are under construction and drinking fountains are complete. Stair nose grooves are painted. Ramp construction complete.                                                          for phase I

                                                                           ADA Transition Plan adopted by BOT in Nov. 2004. Part 1 projects, deemed highest priority in the ADA Transition Plan. Improvements include ADA compliant drinking fountains, ramps,
                                                    Project Description:
                                                                           paths of travel, signage, etc.

    0020.01 Technology Building                                                    TLCD            programming
      Pat                                                Project Notes: Programming underway with stakeholder groups.

                                                    Project Description: New technology building to house Visual and Graphic Arts as well as new classrooms.

    0200.04 UVC - Landscaping                                                      TLCD             Construction                 n/a                                                                                                     WInter '06       Winter '06
      Bob                                                Project Notes: Design and stakeholder input complete. St. Helena Planning Commission approved site signage. RFP circulating Sept/Oct 2006. Awarded October 2006 and work is underway.

                                                                           Small vineyard deemed inefficient for instructional purposes was removed. New landscaping will replace vines between UVC buildings and the roadways. New site sign will be constructed
                                                    Project Description:
                                                                           on the corner of Pope and College Ave.

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Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1/13/2011

   0140.XX Respiratory Therapy Distance Learning Lab                 TLCD             preliminary                 n/a                                                                                                                             May '07          June '07
     Bob                                      Project Notes: Preliminary design underway. Architect meeting with stakeholders.

                                                                            The project will renovate and upgrade the Respiratory Therapy Lab, to establish a distance education learning space for instructors to broadcast to students in Santa Rosa and other to be
                                                     Project Description:
                                                                            determined schools.

    0200.04 UVC - Site Sign Lighting                                             Ace Design           Construction                 n/a
      Bob                                                 Project Notes: UVC site sign installed on corner of College and Pope; lights will be added to enhance visibility of sign.

                                                                            Small vineyard deemed inefficient for instructional purposes was removed. New landscaping replaced vines between UVC buildings and the roadways. New site sign was constructed on the
                                                     Project Description:
                                                                            corner of Pope and College Ave. Lighitng will be added to site sign.

   0290.01 Pond & Riparian Corridor Restoration               Clearwater Hydro Construction                       N/A                                                                                                                             Sum '06           Dec '06
   Carollee                                   Project Notes: Project was broken into 2 phases for permitting and bidding. Pond dredge complete. Riparian corridor (creek) work underway.

                                                                            Project will dredge the previously harvested pond to allow for storm water and sediment management required for new theater, tennis court, and other construction. The pond will also be
                                                     Project Description:
                                                                            transformed into a landscape feature. Oct 2005 scope expanded to include the restoration of the riparian corridor north of the pond.

   0340.05 Signage & Wayfinding - Design and Implementation Ace Design               Construction               n/a                                                                                                                               Sum '06           Dec '06
   Carollee                                  Project Notes: "Identity" development and new logo complete. Project bid awarded in April. New room & building numbers to be implemented in November 2006.
                                                                          Comprehensive signage and wayfinding program development and implementation. ADA issues to be handled separately but in cooperation with this project (see ADA site work project).
                                                     Project Description: Project includes new logo, building signs, new building numbers, new directories, etc. PHASE I - BUILDING AND ROOM SIGNAGE WAS BID APRIL 2006. EXISTING BUILDINGS AND
                                                                          ROOMS WILL BE RENUMBERED NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 13, 2006.

    0160.xx Art Center Ventilation and Air Conditioning                            design development                n/a                                                                                                                         Spring 07         Sum 07
      Bob                                         Project Notes: System has been designed. Bell Products to start and complete installation before start of summer 2007 semester.
                                                                            The project proposes adding ventilation and air conditioning to the second floor of the Art Center (bldg. 3700), for the short term modernization until the scheduled renovation takes place in
                                                     Project Description:

    0210.03 Ballfield Parking Expansion & Path of Travel                           SANDIS             Construction                                                                                                                                 Fall '06         Sp '07
      Bob   • Phase II- Ball Field Parking Lot and Pathway Lighting
            • Ball Field Parking Lot Seal Coat
                                                          Project Notes: Design and engineering investigation complete. Work to start after Pond and Riparian Corridor. John Benward Company was the low bidder; construction of ball field parking lot and
                                                                         pathway is complete. Addition of lights is currently underway (separate contractor).
                                                     Project Description: Project will be bid in two phases. The first phase will expand the ballfield parking lot to provide additional parking and a vehicle maneuvering course for Criminal Justice. Project also includes
                                                                          improved paths to the main campus and an obstacle course. The second phase will install two emergency telephones near the pedestrian pathway and the parking lot and add site lighting
                                                                          to the pathway and the perimeter of the parking lot. Phase 2 is currently under construction.

    0240.02 EMS/Fire Alarm Network                                                   OMM              Construction                 NA                                                                                                              Fall '06       Spring '07
      Bob                                                 Project Notes: Design complete. Construction is currently underway and almost complete.
                                                                            Project will provide a separate network for the Fire Alarm and Energy Management Systems as a part of infrastructure upgrades. Will also expand existing phone and data lines campus
                                                     Project Description:

    0240.03 MDF Room- Bldg. 1500                                                    TLCD              Construction                 n/a                                                                                                             Fall '06      Spring '06
      Bob                                                 Project Notes: Design complete. Bids solicited; construction is underway.

                                                                            Part of the larger infrastructure upgrade, this project will relocate the existing Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to a larger space that will allow for future lines to be added as new buildings are
                                                     Project Description:
                                                                            brought on line.

    0290.11 Renovate Imola Station                                                                          NA                     NA                       NA                                                                                                      Fall 07          Fall 07
      Pat                                                                            Project Notes: Upgrade existing stone bus shelter.

                                                                              Project Description: The existing stone bus shelter, located on Highway 221 at the Magnolia intersection, will be renewed with new paint and a new roof.

    0210.04 Ballfield Irrigation- Reclaimed Water                                                      Napa San                Awarded                                                                                                                             Sum '07PageFall '07
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               9 of 11
Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1/13/2011

                                                                     Project Notes: Project went out to bid and Napa Sanitation District has awarded the project. Construction to start in early August 2007.

                                                               Project Description: Joint project with Napa Sanitation District will bring reclaimed water to campus ballfields for irrigation.

    0330.06 Fine & Performing Arts Office Modular/Office Swingspace                       TLCD                 In Design                 Pending                                                                                                   Fall '07        Fall '07
                                                                     Project Notes: Project is currently under development. The Chiller Plant project will include the removal of the old ice bank. An office modular will be placed on the vacated island.
                                                                                      This office modular will serve as a suite of offices for members of the Fine & Performing Arts Division. One F&P Arts staff member is currently located in room 832D (in Bldg.
                                                               Project Description:
                                                                                      800), which is located next to the Writing Center, a program that needs additional space to adequately serve students. The Writing Center will absorb room 832D and the F&P
                                                                                      Arts staff member, along with two faculty members, will move into the office modular. Once the ICPA (Instructional Center for the Performing Arts) is built, all of the F&P Arts
                                                                                      division will move into the new building and the office modular will be available as swingspace for other division or faculty offices that need a temporary home as their buildings are
    XXXX Temporary Fire Alarm Panel                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fall '07         Fall '07
     Bob                                                             Project Notes: Temporary fix for failing fire alarm panel.

                                                                                      Existing fire alarm panel is very old and failing. Few technicians have expertise to fix the panel and parts are becoming scarce. A temporary analog panel will be installed and
                                                               Project Description:
                                                                                      should be usable for at least 5 years (or until new, permanent digital panel is installed).

    0140.10 Writing & Math Center Renovations- Bldg. 800                                TLCD               In Design               Pending                                                                                              Fall '07                 Winter '07
                                                                     Project Notes: Stakeholders groups from Math, the Writing Center and Media are meeting with the architects currently. Construction will take place over the Winter Break.

                                                                                      Both the Math Center and the Writing Center have out grown their current areas and need more space to adequately serve students. The F&P Arts Division secretary will move
                                                               Project Description:
                                                                                      out of room 832D and that office space will revert back to the Writing Center. The Math Center and Media Center will be rearranged to suit the needs of the programs.

    0210.02 Athletic Field Improvements                                                    TLCD                Complete                                                                                                                             Sp '07          Fall '07
      Bob                                                            Project Notes: First round of bids were received in November of 2006 and the lowest bid was 60% over construction estimate. New scoreboards were installed Fall 2006. Project was re-bid and
                                                                                    awarded to Ridgeview Builders at April 12, 2007 BOT meeting. Construction is underway.

                                                               Project Description: Includes reconstruction of dugouts and batting cages for Baseball and Softball.

    0210.05 Baseball/Softball Winter Practice Field                                        TLCD                Complete                                                                                                                            Fall '07        Fall '07
      Bob                                                            Project Notes: Project is essentially complete and the hardcourt is in use by baseball and softball teams.

                                                               Project Description: This project will pave over softball field #2, to create a hardcourt winter practice field for Baseball and Softball.

    0130.03 Little Theater (bldg. 1200) - Seat Replacement                                 hGA                  Installed                   N/A                                                                                                    Sum '07          Sp '08
      Bob                                                            Project Notes: Seats in Little Theater auditorium will be replaced and the new capacity will be approximately 207 seats. New ADA and companion seats will be added.
                                                               Project Description: This project will replace the existing theater seats. The seats have been ordered from American Seating and will be installed on August 13, 2007. The existing seats will be
                                                                                    removed on August 3, 2007.
    0130.04 Little Theater (bldg. 1200)- Restroom Renovation                               hGA                 Complete                 Approved                                                                                                   Sum '07          Fall '07
      Bob                                                            Project Notes: A low bid was accepted from Kenridge Builders on June 28 and construction is now complete.

                                                               Project Description: The project will renovate the restrooms. The public restrooms in the Little Theater are very inadequate; this phase of the project will renovate and upgrade the restrooms.

   0130.XX Little Theater (bldg. 1200) & bldg.1000 Atrium                                  hGA                                              N/A                                                                                                    Fall '07        Fall '07
     Bob   Storefront Replacement                                    Project Notes: New doors and related hardware have been installed at the front of the Little Theater lobby. A single door providing public entrance into the Faculty Office Atrium was also
                                                               Project Description: This project will replace the storefront doors that open into the lobby of the Little Theater (bldg. 1200) and will also add a door from the lobby of the Bldg. 1000 into the atrium.

    0230.03 Central Plant Phase II - Chiller Plant/Thermal                                 TLCD                Complete                 Approved                                                                                                   Fall '06       Winter '07
      Pat   Energy Storage                                           Project Notes: Construction documents complete. Design contract fees included Central Boiler Plant budget & expenses. Bid awarded in September 2006. Construction by Bell Products is
                                                                                    currently underway. As of January 2008, project is essentially complete.
                                                                                      The project will include new thermal storage (ice) units to be used in cooling the majority of campus. Chill water pipes were installed as a part of the Central Boiler Plant. Individual
                                                               Project Description:
                                                                                      buildings will be "hooked up" to chilled water in stages.
    0290.10 North Campus Site Development Package                                          hGA                  Punchlist               Approved                                                                                                         Page 10 of 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sp '07     Sp '08
Running List of Completed Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1/13/2011

                                                                   Project Notes: CEQA and agency permits have been approved. Project was awarded to OC Jones & Sons on May 31, 2007. Construction is essentially complete and the project is receiving
    Bob S.   • PG&E Gas Line relocation- complete.
                                                                                  sign off from Cal-Trans.
             • Napa San Reclaimed Water pipeline- on hold.
             • Cable TV- complete.                           Project Description: The project includes site prep & infrastructure installation in the east parking lot, north end of campus, and Magnolia Dr/Hwy 221 intersection. This work is to support the new
                                                                                  PAC, Auxiliary Gymnasium and LLRC. Work also includes the re-alignment of Diemer Drive, removal of the hook ramp, conversion of Magnolia exit road to 2-way traffic, and re-
             • New Transformers for ball fields- complete.                        routing electrical service to the Ballfields.

    0381.01 Wine Storage Building                                                       TLCD              Construction                   n/a                                                                                                  Sum '07        Spring '08
      Bob                                                          Project Notes: Bids were opened on April 10, 2007. McCrary Construction was the low bidder and the project was awarded at the April 12, 2007 BOT meeting. Construction is essentially complete.

                                                             Project Description: New building to support Viticulture & Enology program. Legislation recently passed to allow NVC to sell its own wine. Secure wine storage required to obtain license and bonding.

    0110.03 Renovate Bldg. 1800 - Physical Sciences                                     TLCD           Schematic Design                                                                                                                        Fall '09        Fall '10
      Jim                                                          Project Notes: Initial programming and design committee interviews complete. Programming for this project was included with programming for new science building. Programming is now
                                                                                  complete and schematic design is underway. Current project budget includes $3.4 million approved but unfunded from the state.

                                                                                    Building will be emptied for complete restoration/upgrade with fire & life safety, HVAC, and other infrastructure upgrades as priorities. Paint, flooring, window treatments, and
                                                             Project Description:
                                                                                    furniture will also be included. Restrooms were made ADA compliant in an earlier project.

                                                              Secondary Effects: During summer of 2008, the anatomy and microbiology rooms were remodeled for the engineering classroom and an GIS lab until project above is fully funded.

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