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									                                                                             19 Middleton Road, Cromer, NSW, 2099
                                                          Ph: (02) 9972 2058 Fax: (02) 9972 1690 Mob: 0414 512 642
                                                                     Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd ABN 68 003 668 166

If you wish to accept our Quotation, Payment Terms and Conditions of Contract, please
complete the following form along with the signed terms and conditions. Fax to 02 9972 1690 or
send it via post with your deposit cheque.

QUOTATION NUMBER ________________________________________________________
OUR ABN NO. 8 003 668 166                        YOUR ABN NO. _______________________________
COMMENTS _________________________________________________________________

SITE CONTACT ______________________________________________________________
SITE ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________

PAYMENT TERMS: 50% Deposit to secure materials, 25% progress payment upon site work,
25% payable upon completion


P:____________________ F:____________________E:______________________________
The Terms and Conditions Annexure have been read and clearly understood by both parties who acknowledge this by
signed authority to proceed.The Owner acknowledges that the price of steel is currently subject to such change the
Builder cannot rely or accurately properly estimate it. As such the Owner acknowledges that the steel cost is included
as a provisional sum item in this contract so any increase in the price of steel as and from the date of this
contract/quotation will be increased according to the provisional sum provisions of this contract.

                                ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT

Signature:                                                Signature:

_________________________________                         ______________________________________

Kirk Johnson                                              Name:
Beyond Balconies                                          Company / Private
Dated:                                                    Dated:

                                                                                 Contract Terms & Condition Agreement 1 / 4
                                                                                    19 Middleton Road, Cromer, NSW, 2099
                                                                 Ph: (02) 9972 2058 Fax: (02) 9972 1690 Mob: 0414 512 642
                                                                            Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd ABN 68 003 668 166

                                           Terms of Agreement Annexure
      1)    Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd agrees to carry out works as quoted for the Contract Price within the valid period

      2)    Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd requires a 50% deposit paid upon acceptance of this quotation within the validity
            period so as the purchase of materials may proceed. Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd agree to guarantee the value
            of the part payment until such time as materials to the value of the deposit are delivered to site and installed in
            accordance with the drawings and specifications.

      3)    Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd requires progress payments throughout the duration of the work.

      4)    When the original works scope of works is payable independent of any variation amounts

      5)    Variations to the original contract will require instructions to be in writing, with additional costs payable

      6)    Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd requires clear access to the work areas, all care will be taken on installation and
            materials handled by staff at Beyond Balconies Pty. Ltd. No responsibility will be taken for damage by others
            on said project.

      7)    Goods remain the property of Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd until full payment is made.

      8)    Any variations or changes are to be signed off by Beyond Balconies prior to any commencement of variations.

      9)    Unless otherwise agreed, all work will be carried out during normal daylight working hours Monday – Friday.

      10) Any waiting time to our crews caused by reasons beyond our control (excluding inclement weather and
          breakdowns) will be charged at our standard rate of $65.00 to include personnel and equipment.

      11) We have not allowed for the provision of traffic control for this work.

      12) This quotation has been based on our installation crews having free parking within close proximity to the work
          site ( 20m -40m)

      13) This quotation is based on all work being carried out as one job.

      14) This quotation is calculated using a rate per metre, if on site measurements vary to what is specified in this
          quotation variations may be applicable.

      15) The construction work or related goods & services in respect of which this Payment Claim is made & under
          the method of calculation of the total amount of the claim are set out in the Attachment(s) to this Payment

Beyond Balconies: We engage in work on private residences and also contract to local government and commercial
projects. The following important notes form part of the General Terms and Conditions of our contracts.

Unless specifically stated otherwise our price does not include for excavation in rock, concrete or other material
requiring removal. The additional costs of this extra work, if necessary, will be advised after consultation with the client
or nominated representative before commencement of the works where possible.

2.0        SERVICE LINES

Whilst all care is taken during core drilling, it is not the responsibility of Beyond Balconies to identify service lines e.g.
drainage, water, power, gas or phone lines. Unfortunately service lines are not always positioned at the correct depth
or alignment or where we expect them to be. For this reason we can take no responsibility for repair or relocation of
existing service lines. We do out of course try to locate these services prior to commencement and would appreciate
your assistance with this process. The customer is required to notify us of any underground services that they are
aware of or as identified in plans and survey reports relating to the property.

                                                                                         Contract Terms & Condition Agreement 2 / 4
                                                                               19 Middleton Road, Cromer, NSW, 2099
                                                            Ph: (02) 9972 2058 Fax: (02) 9972 1690 Mob: 0414 512 642
                                                                       Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd ABN 68 003 668 166


All care will be taken to minimize disturbance to surrounding surfaces, trees, gardens and lawns. The need to store
materials and carry out required works may, however, necessitate disturbance of these items. Our price does not
include for any restoration work unless specifically stated otherwise in this quotation.


These services are essential for the completion of our work with a minimum of delay and a maximum of efficiency.
Access to them is necessary when we are working on your site. Unless specifically stated in your quotation, this offer is
based upon the provision by the customer of the above services.


Often, during the course of a project, changes to the original plan are requested or become necessary for one reason or
another. In order to limit the costs of changes to the agreed plan, it is wise to ensure that as much of the project as
possible is detailed and priced prior to commencement. During the execution of the works, any changes or delays by
the client which do occur, will be noted and treated as a Variation to the work. A Variation notice including costs of
associated works should be obtained and agreed upon. Acceptance of Variations in writing should occur ( where
possible) before the works proceed. Variations completed outside of these terms are itemized, invoiced and payable by
the client

6.0     DRAINAGE

Unless specifically stated in the quotation, this offer does NOT include the provision of drainage work. All unsuitable
drainage and any underlying problems is the responsibility of the customer and or the owner of the property and should
be brought to our attention prior to commencement of works. Where clay is present, the client should advise us so that
we can take the appropriate action. Beyond Balconies cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs after our
installation, due to extreme weather conditions, poor site drainage, sub-base movement, or an act of God.


Beyond Balconies are not responsible for any surface preparation, all surfaces must be ready for our installation prior to
scheduling the date for installation


The Company holds current Workers Compensation Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. Certificates of Currency
are available upon request. All Work Cover occupational health and safety measures are practiced. Our price does not
include for Contract Works insurance unless required as a Contract condition.

9.0     PAYMENTS

Works are invoiced as per payment terms on each quote. Progress claims and submitted on a weekly basis, payable 7
days from the date of the invoice. Our price assumes any retentions (if applicable) and specifically noted in the
contract, are in the form of a Bank Guarantee and not cash. All goods remain the property of “Beyond Balconies” until
paid in full.


No responsibility is accepted for costs associated with theft, vandalism or accidental damage to our works by others.
Security requirements deemed necessary by the customer to protect the works shall remain the customers sole
responsibility. In cases where the customer is providing security patrolling of the works outside of working hours, such
services shall be present other than between 8:30 am and 3:00 p.m. Mondays to Friday.


The works shall be undertaken in a reasonable time or as noted in the documents as an agreed completion date plus
extensions for delay beyond our control e.g. weather, materials availability, access.

                                                                                   Contract Terms & Condition Agreement 3 / 4
                                                                              19 Middleton Road, Cromer, NSW, 2099
                                                           Ph: (02) 9972 2058 Fax: (02) 9972 1690 Mob: 0414 512 642
                                                                      Beyond Balconies Pty Ltd ABN 68 003 668 166


Our price remains valid 7-14 days from the date of our quotation unless otherwise stated. In order to schedule your
work, written confirmation of acceptance and a 50% deposit is required prior to commencement of works. Deposit must
be paid within the quotation’s valid period to secure materials

13.0    DISPUTES

We advise that in the unfortunate event of a dispute between our clients and ourselves or a complaint each (a rare
occurrence) it is a condition of contract that we receive notice of the dispute or complaint in writing at the earliest
possible time, so that it can be resolved expeditiously.


Please note that in order to be valid, the acceptance copy of the quotation must be signed by the nominated authorized
representative of the client and returned to us. No work will be carried out without this confirmation.

We trust these notes are helpful and are sufficient for your needs. Should you require greater detail or clarification
please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you. We look forward to a happy association with you.

Please sign below to indicate that you have read and understood our terms and conditions. Please fax back to us with
you acceptance

Signed ________________________                            Print Name ___________________________

Date _________________________                             Quote________________________________

                                                                                 Contract Terms & Condition Agreement 4 / 4

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