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									      Medical Integration of
       Vulnerable Minority
     Groups with the Special
         Focus on Roma
       PHARE CONTRACT BG-01-03-0013
    Component 3: Health at Bulgaria Identification
       number: Europeaid/121330/D/SV/BG
                     Implemented by
    CEEN Economic Project and Policy Consulting GmbH
          Centre for Social Practices (CSP) and
        European Consultants Organisation (ECO)
CEEN, CSP & ECO                                      1
  Aims of the Conference

• Describe the project in general
• Review accomplishments by project’s
• Discuss individual issues and provide
• Outline future activities

CEEN, CSP & ECO                           2
   Racial and Ethnic Health
• Despite improvement in overall health, the
  burden of health disparities continues to
  disproportionately affect minority populations.
• Recent studies reveal that good health is
  connected with an individual’s socio-economic
  status, environmental factors, ethnicity, and
• The focus for disparity reduction is on infant
  mortality, diabetes, cardiovascular disease,
  cancer screening and management, HIV/AIDS,
  and child and adult immunizations.
CEEN, CSP & ECO                                     3
   Access to Health Care:
 Cultural Barriers to Access
• Barriers in access to health care are
  economic, geographic, social, and cultural;
• Data on health insurance coverage
  indicates that every major minority group
  has significantly less access to health care
  insurance than majority citizens do;
• Patients are less likely to comply with
  treatment if they do not understand it or
  have conflicting health beliefs.
CEEN, CSP & ECO                              4
              Project Aims
• Support improving the equal access to
  health care services;
• Strengthen the qualification of medical
  staff (MDs and nurses) to work in
  multicultural environment;
• Empower preventive health care services;
• Enhance health promotion and health
  education for vulnerable minorities groups.
CEEN, CSP & ECO                             5
A. Training of 50 Health Mediators;
B. Training at medical universities and
   nursing colleges;
C. Additional qualification of doctors and
D. Health promotion and health education:
E. Outreach preventive and diagnostic pilot
CEEN, CSP & ECO                           6
              Pilot Regions
•   Kyustendil
•   Vratza
•   Pazardjik
•   Yambol
•   Sofia

CEEN, CSP & ECO               7
         Health Mediators
• Specification of minimal requirements for a
  Health Mediator;
• the structure of interviews with previously
  trained HMs to reveal reasons for
  sustaining or leaving the job;
• Interviews and analysis of results

CEEN, CSP & ECO                             8
CEEN, CSP & ECO   10
                  Mobile Units
Examine as many as possible
vulnerable ethnic minorities
(especially Roma) patients in the
course of approximately 14 (12)

CEEN, CSP & ECO                     11
• Five mobile
  consulting and
  diagnostics rooms
• Two mobile
• The equipment will be
  managed by medical
  teams duly provided
  by the MoH.

CEEN, CSP & ECO               12
                  Mobile Units

CEEN, CSP & ECO                  13
                  Work Teams
• Teams:
   – Coordinator from the Project
   – Representative of the relevant Regional
     Inspectorate for Public Health Protection and
• Coordinator facilitates the access to the
• Representative facilitates contacts to
  health care and medical specialists
• Health Professionals
CEEN, CSP & ECO                                      14
CEEN, CSP & ECO   15
CEEN, CSP & ECO   16
• Ready to start!!!!!
• Several meetings and as a result of adequate
  steps of DEDI the fluorographs were licensed
  from the Agency for Nuclear Regulation.
• The fluorograph for Yambol and Pazardjik area
  was rented to DKC “Sveti Georgi” Plovdiv.
• For the regions – Sofia city, Vratsa and Kiustendil
  was rented to Medical Center for Specialized Pre-
  hospital treatment for Lung Diseases

CEEN, CSP & ECO                                    17
    General Practitioners
General objective of this component of the project
is to improve the awareness of General
Practitioners on specific issues related to
multicultural environment, where they provide their
services. Specific objectives are threefold:
I.     To increase awareness;
II.    To stimulate exchange of experiences;
III. To prepare capacities of future teachers.

CEEN, CSP & ECO                                   18
      Teachers in Pre and
    Postgraduate Education
• Meetings were held with representatives of different
  educational institutions.
• Meeting with the Dean of Public Health from the
  University in Pleven resulted in an agreement on
  common participation on educational activities of the
• Meetings with the directors of the Medical Colleges in
  Vratza and Plovdiv, the cooperation on further
  educational activities were discussed and the contents
  and structure of collaborative agreement was approved.
• The meetings were followed with a presentation on
  multicultural health and discussion.

CEEN, CSP & ECO                                        19
   Seminars for Teachers in
   Colleges and Universities
• provide an overview of facts, that are specific for
for minorities in Bulgaria with the aim to have all
participants the same level of knowledge of the
• how to implement the knowledge and skills
acquired (or already possessed) for developing a
sound education track (course).
• curricula developed.

CEEN, CSP & ECO                                         20
       Dissemination and
      valorization of results

• Local newspapers and TV were addressed
  to cover some activities of the project


CEEN, CSP & ECO                         21

CEEN, CSP & ECO      22

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