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					YF International Adds Bluetooth Networking and
Live Search to Personal Navigation Device

“Our entire series of personal navigation devices is based                                             Company: YF International Limited
on Windows Embedded CE 5.0, which makes it easy to                                                     Web Site:
                                                                                                       Country or Region: Shenzhen, China
develop differentiated devices quickly. With Windows CE                                                Industry: Manufacturing, Consumer
Platform Builder and proven application development                                                    Electronics
tools, Windows CE offers the complete environment we
                                                                                                       Company Profile
need to accelerate our development process.”                                                           YF International is a leading ODM
Helen Youjing Cui , Marketing Director, YF International Limited                                       providing quality consumer electronic
                                                                                                       products and services.
Support for hands-free Bluetooth devices has become a must-have
                                                                                                       Software and Services
feature of personal navigation devices. Windows Embedded                                                Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 5.0

NavReady is the easiest, fastest way to add Bluetooth capabilities,                                      Core

such as phone book access or dial-up networking, to a GPS                                              For more information about other
                                                                                                       Microsoft customer successes, please
navigation device. Because the NavReady software stack presents                                        visit:
itself to the applications in familiar Microsoft style APIs, YF
International developers were able to integrate this Bluetooth
functionality faster than ever before.

Situation                                              the internet wirelessly for location-based
YF International is a leading Original Design          services such as a search for points of
Manufacturer (ODM) of consumer electronics             interest. YF International was seeking a
products, including personal navigation                technology solution to:
devices (PNDs). The China-based company
recently expanded its PND product line with a           Quickly and easily incorporate a Bluetooth
next-generation model capable of                         dial-up networking (DUN) profile to support
communicating with Bluetooth hands-free                  wireless internet connectivity;
devices. This would allow the PND to use a              get to market quickly with a solution
Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to connect to               backed by tested, proven software; and,
   develop a platform capable of supporting                             Interoperability tests have been performed
    GPS navigation software from a wide range                             with multiple Bluetooth capable phones.
    of suppliers.                                                        The Bluetooth software stack presents
                                                                          itself to the applications in familiar
Solution                                                                  Microsoft style APIs to help developers
YF International selected Windows®                                        enable functionality integration faster.
Embedded NavReady and Windows®
Embedded CE 5.0 for its newest PND.                                     Keyword: Portable Navigation Device, GPS
Windows Embedded NavReady delivers
multiple Bluetooth® profiles, including dial-up
networking. These Bluetooth profiles are
based on proven Bluetooth software stacks
that have shipped on other Microsoft
products. Plus, they are thoroughly tested and
delivered on production-quality code.
NavReady also includes the Bluetooth
Connection Manager component, which helps
manage connections to the network to help
applications connect to online services and
the internet with a reduced effort by the
application developer.

Over the past four years, YF International has
successfully launched 21 PND designs and
assisted 55 customers in launching a total of
68 models in production, and developed more
than 20 private models for directly sale in the
global market – all based on Windows
Embedded CE. The latest design, the
YFPND72C, not only integrates Bluetooth DUN
and Live Search for local information and
navigation, it also supports a 4.3-inch color
TFT touch-screen, audio-video playback, photo
browsing, and optional FM transmitter and
Digital TV reception. Using Windows
Embedded NavReady for Bluetooth
connectivity delivered multiple technical

   CE 5.0’s Bluetooth DUN profile is developed
    based on industry standard protocols, but
    also supports interoperability with many
    Bluetooth capable phones that do not meet
    industry specifications.

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Document published August 2008

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