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									                                                    Updated 11/23/2010
                CAL FIRE Handbooks – Administrative Information Coordinators
                                  (Handbook “Owner”)
 Handbook #                   Handbook Title                  Administrative
                                                                Information                  Designated Contact
                                                               Coordinators              (must be designated by Administrative
                                                                                               Information Coordinators)
                                                            (Handbook Owner)
 0500                Legislation                          Steve McLean
 0600                Information                          Janet Upton
 0900                Information Technology Services      Toni Frederickson
 1000                Personnel                            Windy Bouldin                 Trish Addison/Andrea Clayton
 1400                EEO                                  Tom Lutzenberger              Karen Cohen
 1500                Uniform and Identification           Ken Pimlott                   Tina Sevilla
 1700                *Safety                              Walt Holloway                 Dave Teter, Paul Mendoza,
                                                                                        Matt Silva
 1800                OSHPRO (coming soon)                 Jana Risley                   Gina Dokes
 1900                OSHPRO (coming soon)                 Jana Risley                   Linda Perkins
 2000                Administrative Information           Tom Lutzenberger
 2100                Paperwork Management                 Tom Lutzenberger
 2400                Secretarial                          Susan Morones                 **Jeanne Agpoon;
 2500                Contracts                            Tom Lutzenberger
 2600                Material Management                  Tom Lutzenberger
 3000                Technical Services                   Curt Karlin/Janet Barenston
 3500                Budgeting                            Tom Lutzenberger
 3600                Accounting                           Tom Lutzenberger
 3800                Incident Fiscal Management           Tom Lutzenberger              Melissa Davis/David Peak
 3900                Rates                                Tom Lutzenberger
 4000                *Training                            Kevin Olson
 4100                *SubJAC                              Kevin Olson
 4300                *Fire Protection Training            Kevin Olson
 4500                *EMS – Training (coming soon)        Kevin Olson
 5000                Resource Management                  Bill Snyder
 6200                *CAL FIRE – DJJ Camps Operations     Dan Sendek                    Walt Chacon
 6400                *CAL FIRE - CDCR Camps Operations    Dan Sendek                    Walt Chacon
 6700                *Mobile Equipment                    John Carrier
 7000                *Fire Operations                     Brenda Seabert
 7200                *EMS Operations (coming soon)        Kevin Olson
 7500                *Incident Logistics                  Brenda Seabert
 7700                *Emergency Incident                  Brenda Seabert
 8000                *Telecommunications                  Brenda Seabert                Glen Savage
 8100                *Command and Control                 Brenda Seabert
 8300                *Aviation                            Bill Payne
 8400                *Wildland Fire Chemicals             Brenda Seabert                John Winder
 8500                *Cooperative Fire Services           Dan Sendek
 8600                *Wildland Fire Detection             Brenda Seabert
 9000                Fire Prevention                      John Ellis
 9200                Under Major Revision                 John Ellis
 9400                Law Enforcement                      John Ellis                    Melodie Durham
                            Handbooks Undergoing Major Rewrite Prior to Automation
 7100                *Fire Protection Plan
 7800                *Fire Weather                        Brenda Seabert
               ALL FIRE PROTECTION Handbooks Must be approved by one of the following
                                                          Loren Snell
*Fire Protection/Approval Process/Approval Officials      Ken Pimlott
                                                          Andy McMurry
 **Secretarial Handbook (approval prior to submitting)    Susan Morones
HandbookOwners.doc                                                                                                   D. Kazman
                     Updated 11/23/2010

HandbookOwners.doc                        D. Kazman

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