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					 Welcome To The Home Of       Specializing in Silver and Charcoal Labrador Retrievers

 “All WEATHER LABS”                       Box 5327 – Lacombe, Alberta Canada
          OF                       Phone: (403) 786-0108 Email:
                                             Web Site:
                                               Rick & Penny Yelland-Kewin

                                    Sales Contract

This is a binding Contract between Rick & Penny Yelland-Kewin of “All Weather Labs” Of
Silver Pawz and:

Phone Number
For the purchase of a Limited Registration CKC Registered Labrador Retriever:

Sex                       Color                           Mico Chip #
Date Of Birth             CKC Litter #                    Collar Color
Sire Name       THUNDER   CKC Registration #   1103071
Dam Name                  CKC Registration #

The buyer agrees to purchase the said Labrador Retriever above in the amount of
$1,000.00 Canadian. The buyer has / has not placed a deposit of $250.00 to reserve
their puppy.

Total Amount of Puppy                                $1,000.00

Less Deposit ($250.00)

AMOUNT DUE                                           $

Signature & Date of Breeder                          Signature & Date of Buyer
                   “All Weather Labs” Of Silver Pawz Guarantee

Rick & Penny Yelland-Kewin of “All Weather Labs” of Silver Paws and
(Buyer) agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1) The puppy described above is in good health and will be dewormed at 8 weeks of
     age. All our Moms are dewormed after they are bred so there is no need to
     deworm the puppies until they are ready to go their new homes.
  2) The puppy has had its first vaccinations at 8 weeks of age.
  3) The puppy has been micro chipped.
  4) The puppy will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club at the Breeders expense.
  5) We, the Breeder, guarantee against Hip Dysplasia and Genetic Eye Issues up to 2
     years of age. However, the guarantee does not cover trauma related to or
     environmental factors. We do not guarantee our puppies against non-genetic causes
     of hip dysplasia which include but are not limited to excessive jumping, poor nutrition
     or any other forms of abuse. It is the buyers promise and responsibility to provide
     a healthy and loving home for your new puppy.

     Should the said puppy become disabled by Hip Dysplasia or have Eye issues caused
     by a Genetic Defect before the age of 2 years, we will replace your puppy or refund
     the purchase price of the puppy. Puppy must have been checked by a Certified Vet
     and documentation for hips or eyes, must be provided to the Breeder in order for
     this guarantee to be valid. If no documentation is supplied this guarantee becomes
     invalid and no refund or replacement puppy will be honored.

  6) We, the Breeder, also guarantee that if the said puppy should die within the first
     year from a Genetic Disorders other than Hips or Eyes, we will refund the total
     purchase price of the puppy or provide a replacement puppy.

     If a death of the puppy occurs before the age of 1 year, an autopsy must be
     performed by a Certified Pathologist and documentation must be provided to the
     Breeder. The Autopsy Report must state the underling Genetic cause of death
     before this guarantee will be valid. If an Autopsy has not been performed by a
     Certified Pathologist and no documentation has been provided to the Breeder than
     this guarantee will be void. We, the Breeder, will not be responsible for any Bills
     associated with this guarantee.
               Your Guarantee To “All Weather Labs” Of Silver Pawz

                             , The Buyer of the said puppy above agrees to the following
terms below:

  1) The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72
     hours of pickup. Pet examination paperwork must be forwarded to “All Weather
     Labs” Of Silver Pawz.

     If the puppy is not found to be in good health, we, the Breeder will upon the return
     of the puppy and all related paperwork, agree to give a replacement puppy of equal
     value, or refund the purchase price of the puppy. The Breeder is not responsible
     for any other costs incurred. The Buyer may, however, have to wait till the next
     litter is born. If the Buyer chooses not to have the puppy examined then all
     Guarantees will be void.

  2) The Buyer agrees to have the said puppy spayed or neutered before 6 months of
     age. The Buyer will provide the Breeder with the Spay/Neuter Certificate. If this
     is not provided the Breeder reserves the right to retrieve the puppy from the
     Buyers. No refund will be given.
  3) The Buyer agrees to register the said puppy with a name which contains the prefix
  4) If, at any time, the Buyer is unable to take care of the said puppy, if the said
     puppy has been sold, given away or is remanded in a Kennel, the Breeder reserves
     the right to retrieve the puppy. No refund will be given to the Buyers of the said

                                    of “All Weather Labs” Of Silver Paws and

                                   ,the Buyer agrees to all the terms and conditions

  outlined above in Our Guarantee and Your Guarantee, dated this

  Day of                            in the County Of Lacombe, AB.

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