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Thank you for subscribing to my crocheting made easy ecourse! In this
ecourse you'll learn all about:

1.   Part   1   -   History Of Crochet
2.   Part   2   -   Language Of Crochet
3.   Part   3   -   Basic Techniques
4.   Part   4   -   Some Great Crocheting Tips!
5.   Part   5   -   Tools And Materials

Let's go ahead & get started today with "Part 2 - Language Of Crochet".

Part 2 - Language Of Crochet
Let's begin with the more common abbreviations used in crocheting:

ch st chain         stitch
dc                  double crochet
hdc                 half-double crochet
sc                  single crochet
sl st               slip stitch
trc                 triple crochet
yo                  yarn over
tr                  treble crochet
sp                  space
sk                  skip
pat st              pattern stitch

There are other abbreviations you will use, but as a beginner in crochet,
these are the most basic abbreviations you will need to memorize.

Before we go into the basic stitches, we'll mention the foundation chain,
a key term in crocheting. Just as a house needs a solid foundation,
crocheting needs a foundation as well. The foundation chain is defined
as a cross-stitched row that serves as the base of your crocheting. It
holds all your stitches and all the succeeding rows you will make.

Basic Stitches

Single Crochet - this is the first of the basic stitches. It is the
shortest stitch and results in a firm, flat product. To make a single
crochet, make sure the front side of the chain is facing you, then insert
the hook through a chain, yarn over, pull the loop through the chain,
yarn over again, and pull through both loops on the hook.

Double Crochet - as in single crochet, pass the hook from the front to
the back of the work through the upper loop of a stitch of the previous
row. The thread is caught on the hook and drawn through this loop.
Half-Double Crochet - a cross between a single crochet and a double
crochet stitch. Begin with a yarn over, insert the hook into a stitch,
yarn over and pull through the stitch; do another yarn over and pull
through the three loops on your hook.

Triple Crochet - the last of the basic stitches and also the tallest. To
make a triple crochet, yarn over the hook twice; insert the hook into the
stitch, yarn over again and pull through the first of two loops (the two
closest to the end point); yarn over again and pull through the next two
loops. Yarn over one last time and pull through the remaining two loops.

Next time we'll be discussing alittle about "Basic Techniques".

For more information about this part of Language Of Crochet, please refer
to my definitive guide to crocheting at <YOUR WEBSITE URL>

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