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									Amroune Fateh
Reguliersgracht 84
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 +31 (0) 6 21 70 82 39

                                   Project manager
                           Prince2 and Scrum master certified


9 years experience in IT, Telecom and GPS and Data content industry, including:
     5 years in a project management role
     2 years in a team management role
     2 years in an engineer position

I was responsible for large and multi-disciplinary projects. Proven leadership skills
involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. Strong
desire to work in different countries. Open minded, target oriented and autonomous.


2006 – Now: Project manager at TomTom – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
                Project MapShare: 20 people – software and backend – B2C
                Project PND Go 920: 10 people – software – R&D and B2C
                Project HTC: 5 people – software on PDA – B2B

2003 – 2006: Consultant professional services at Webraska - Paris, France
                Project Orange: 8 people – software and backend – B2B
                Project Acunia: 4 people – backend – B2B

2001 – 2004: Team leader at Webraska - Paris, France
                 6 people to manage
                 Technical interface external data provider (ex: Navteq, TeleAtlas,

1999 – 2001: Cartographic engineer at Webraska - Paris, France


As project manager of MapShare I succeed to:
    Manage on a daily basis cross-functional team including designers, software
       developers, IT engineers, and testers.
    Collect and aggregate the feedbacks, ideas, improvements and business features
       from various stakeholders (top management, marketing, designer, product
       management, internal customers, users feedbacks)
      Plan in short, mid and long terms the evolution of the MapShare service.
      Continuously improve the process and the working methodology by analyzing the
       latest results, achievement and crisis
      Successfully pass the audit of Navcert to be TUV certified

As project manager at Webraska, and provider for Orange of GPS navigation on mobile,
I‘ve learned to:
     Work with a highly demanding customer
     Manage engineers team under strong time constrains
     Deliver clear and regular reports to the top management
     Deliver products and service which fit the telecom quality standard (ex: SLA of
        99.8% for the backend platform of the product)


At TomTom, I run several projects, involving skills like creativity and pro-activity, including:
     New features for GPS devices
     Business and technical interface with HTC, a mobile manufacturer partner, for the
      pre-installation of the TomTom navigation software
     New technology and market analysis for market intelligence

At Webraska, I was able to:
    Develop interpersonal skills by working with Australians, Americans, Germans,
      Singaporeans and many other nationalities
    Grow and prove my value in a high potential start-up
    Develop an expertise in the navigation data by working with TeleAtlas, Navteq, and


Dec. 2007:             Certified Prince2 Foundation
Sep. 2007:             Certified SCRUM Master
Feb. 2007:             Agile and Iterative methodology training
Jun. 2005:             Training - Leadership and Management at Dale&Carnegie
1996 – 1999:           INSA Strasbourg, France - Engineering School – GIS specialization
1993 – 1996:           Preparatory class for engineering school at METZ (57)


Tools: MS Office, Visio, MS Project
Fluent in French and English
Expertise project area: Web services, GPS navigation, telecom, Symbian, windows
mobile, GIS, Web, Java, C++, Mysql DB, IT


Excellent references upon request

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