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Integrated Consulting Services

   32 Kifisias Ave, Atrina Center

          15125 Marousi
                                            company’s total revenues are estimated
                                            to reach 12 million euro.

OTE Consulting, member of the                                   TOTAL REVENUES
                                                                  (million euro)
Hellenic Telecommunication Organisation
(OTE) Group of companies, was founded
in 1987 and focuses on the field of                12
integrated consulting and technological             8
services.                                           6
In 1997, by the forthcoming explosive               0
                                                         1998    1999       2000   2001*
growth at the telecommunications area                                                 *Forecast
and the market necessity for the
provision of quality consulting services,
the company underwent into radical
reorganisation and entered in new
business activities, constantly expanding   Today      the     company     employs
the portfolio of its customers and          approximately 60 persons, of which 90%
broadening the area of its services.        are university graduates and 50% hold a
                                            postgraduate degree.
OTE     Consulting,     has     valuable
technological and business maturity and
has   extensive    knowledge    of   the
telecommunications    and   information
technology industry.                                            Staff Profile

Today, it is a leader in Greece, for
telecommunications consulting services                            10%
                                                   21%                               Other
and    possesses    significant  stature
providing in telecom consulting services                                             B.A.
in the Balkan and Central European                                       40%
market.                                          29%                                 Ph.D.

                                            In the context of its expanding strategy
                                            OTE Consulting has undertaken a
                                            series of investments in Greek dynamic
                                            consulting companies and is further
                                            developing operations abroad.
                                            OTE Consulting has already established
                                            a subsidiary in Romania.
Basic Characteristics

The share capital of OTE Consulting is
3 millions euro. In the last three years
the company has achieved annual
growth rates of 100% and in 2001 the
    ACTIVITIES                                    In order to meet this need, ΟΤΕ
                                                  Consulting, based on its extensive
    ΟΤΕ Consulting’s activities aim at            experience, has developed a range of
    providing high quality business and           specialised consulting services aiming to
    technology services to its clients by         the planning and development of
    helping them define and achieve their         business solutions. Our services are
    goals for constant growth.                    tailored to the needs of each particular
                                                  client, always taking under consideration
    ΟΤΕ Consulting’s flexible structure and       the     dynamically    evolving   market
    its dynamics as well as the use of            environment     and    the technological
    competent        methodologies      and       trends.
    internationally applied practices enable
    the company to adjust to the market           OΤΕ Consulting provides services
    needs and, thus way ensure direct and         regarding    issues    of    business
    quality results.                              development      and      management
                                                  especially in the following fields of
    ΟΤΕ Consulting’s services cover all           activity:
    aspects of a project’ s life cycle: from
    the conception of the idea to the                Strategic and Business Planning
    planning, implementation, delivery and        -   Corporate Planning
    continuous        maintenance      using      -   Business and Operational Planning
    appropriate implementation and quality        -   Feasibility studies
    assurance methodologies.
                                                     Financial analysis and planning
    Today ΟΤΕ Consulting is primarily             -   Financial Evaluation Models
    active in the field of Business and           -   Company Valuations (M&A)
    Technology Consulting, with emphasis in       -   Privatisation
    Telecommunications and Information
    Technology.                                      Business Plan
                                                  -   Marketing and Sales Planning
    The company’s portfolio includes the          -   Planning, Development and
    following categories:                             Implementation of Sales Networks
           Management         Consulting     :   -   Market Analysis
    Integrated     consulting    services   for   -   Market Research
    Management and Business Development
           Technology        Consulting      :      Organisational and Operational
    Integrated     consulting    services   for       Development
    Telecommunications         projects    and    -   Organisational Planning and
    Networks                                          Development
           Integrated       products      and    -   Knowledge Management
    Telecommunication       and     Information   -   Restructuring and Implementation of
    technology services                               Operational Activities
           Participation   in    International
    Projects and European Programmes                 Human Resource Management
                                                  -   Strategies for Development and
    A. Management Consulting                          Utilisation of Human Resources
    Modern enterprises aiming at continuous       -   Systems for Human Resources
    growth, penetration of new markets and            Development
    exploration of new opportunities are          -   Executive recruiting
    under constant pressure to successfully
    cope with new challenges.                        Project Management
                                             -     Procedures Development for Project
B. Technology Consulting                     -     Monitoring    the    Technical and
                                                   Financial Progress of Projects and
Due to the rapid technological and
                                             -     Technical Support
regulatory changes which are taking
                                             -     Design of Project Management Tools
place in the area of Telecommunications
and     Information   Technology,   the
                                             IV.       Telecommunication
continuous         improvement       of
                                                       Regulatory studies
telecommunication               network
                                             -     Reformation          of        the
infrastructure and the utilisation of
                                                   Telecommunication       Regulatory
modern tools and applications in every
business and organization is of the
                                             -     Local Loop Unbundling
outmost importance.
                                             -     Universal Service
                                             -     Numbering/Addressing
Having extensive experience, gained
                                             -     Spectrum Management
from the implementation of various
                                             -     Licensing
international projects, OΤΕ Consulting
                                             -     Rights of Way
has     developed   important  technical
consulting services and is able to fully
                                             V. Development                        and
cover the most demanding customer
                                                Implementation        of      Training
needs in all the areas of its business
                                                Projects and Systems in the New
                                                Technology area.
                                             - Analysis /Definition of Training needs
In the telecommunications projects and
                                             - Training Projects and Systems Design
networks fields, ΟΤΕ Consulting offers
                                             - Organisation,         Implementation,
integrated consulting services in the
                                                Monitoring,    and    Evaluation     of
following categories:
                                                Training Programmes
                                             - Design       and     Installation     of
I.    Planning of Telecommunication
                                                Applications supporting Trainning
       Networks and Services
- Definition     of     basic    technical
    requirements and specifications
- Techno-economical Analysis
- Selection of Technical Solutions           C. Research Programs
- Transition and Migration Strategies
    towards new technologies                 OΤΕ-Consulting participates in projects
- Telecommunications              Network    financed by the European Union and
    Management                               other international organisations.
II.    Technical Studies
- Analytical Network and Services            These programs give the opportunity to
    Studies using modern technologies        form, expand and develop international
- Network Upgrade                            relations   between     businesses    and
- Network Interconnection                    organisations   on    a    national   and
- Introduction of new Services and           international level. Furthermore, OTE-
    Applications                             Consulting offers services for the
- Determination of Technological and         implementation of projects regarding the
    Operational Specifications               development      and     installation   of
- Evaluation of Technical Studies            Telecommunications       networks     and
                                             services outside Greece as well as
III.   Management of Technological           project management in the context of
       Studies                               European programs.
                                              II.    E-business Applications
                                              III.   Advanced Business Network
OΤΕ-Consulting's activities are:                     Solutions (VoIP, VPN)
                                              IV.    Solutions and Applications for
Ι. Implementation and Management of                  WAP-based m-commerce
Projects financed by the European Union       V.     Network, Data and Transaction
and other International Organizations                Security
(World Bank, EBRD, etc)                       VI.    Outsourcing/Managed Services
ΙΙ. Development of International
Partnerships                                  OTE Consulting, possessing high
ΙΙΙ. Provision of Technical Support in the    quality tools, methodologies and
context of International Projects in East     know how, is the most suitable and
European, Mediterranean and Middle            efficient partner for companies
East countries                                aiming to dynamically lead the way
IV. Development and Implementation of         towards the new business reality of
Research Projects in the area of new          the 21st century.
technologies and the transition to the
Information Society                           CONTACT US :
V. Monitoring and Evaluation of               For further information regarding what
European Union financed programmes            we can do for you contact us at
and projects.
                                              32 Kifisias Ave (Atrina Center)
                                              151 25 Marousi

                                              Τηλ. +301 687 9700
D. Integrated Telecommunication and           Fax: +301 684 8672
Information Technology products and

OΤΕ-Consulting’s goal is to provide
integrated services to its customers
through a range of products and
technological suggestions according to
the New Economy principles thus
ensuring substantial growth potential.
The modern        business environment
demands     radical      restructuring   of
investment schemes through procedures
imposing the use of new technologies
and    the   utilisation    of   integrated
networks. The endmost goal is to
integrate new technologies at the core of
every business communication.

In this context, and always focused
towards total support of each company,
OΤΕ-Consulting plans and develops
proposals regarding:

I.     Call Centres and Computer
       Telephony Integration

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