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									                                                                    Faculty Research Information

Faculty              Dept           Research                                                  Home Page URL

Adam, Rodney         Immunobio     Molecular biology of parasites                   
Ahmad, Nafees        Immunobio     Molecular mechanisms of HIV pathogenesis         
Allen, Ronald        Animal Sci    Skeletal muscle satellite cells                  
                                   Methodologies for investigations of cellular signal
Aspinwall, Craig     Chem                                                           
                                   Chemical and biophysical dynamics/laser
Atkinson, George     Chem                                                           
                                   Molecular biology to study pathogenesis of bacterial
Billington, Steven   Vet Sci-Micro                                                  
                                   Molecular, cellular, biochemical and bioinformatic
Boitano, Scott       Physiol                                                        
                                   techniques to study lung epithelial cell
Bosco, Giovanni      MCB           Tumor suppressor genes in cell cycle regulation  
                                   Molecular mechanisms of radiation and chemical
Bowden, G Tim        CBA                                                            
                                   carcinogenesis, chemoprevention of cancer
                                    Genetic and molecular analyses of mouse and human
Brillant, Murray     Pediatrics                                             
                                    mutations affecting pigmentation and development
                                    Effects of vasopressin (anti-diuretic hormone) in renal
Brooks, Heddwen      Physiol                                                        
                                    tissue, specifically on water channel regulation
                                    Development of the nervous system: Role of early
Burd, Gail           MCB                                                     
                                    development genes, sensory afferents, and hormones

                                    Molecular and cellular mechanisms mediating
Camenisch, Todd      Pharm-Tox                                                      
                                    mammalian cardiovascular development and disease
                                    Genetic mechanisms controlling tissue-specific and
Chandler, Vicki      Plant Sci                                                      
                                    developmental gene expression
                                    Cell and molecular mechanism of aging associated
Chen, Qin            Pharm                                                          
                                    cancer and heart failure
                                    Molecular mechanisms of cell adhesion and human
Cress, Anne          CBA                                                            
                                    tumor progression.
                                    Response of the mammalian cell DNA replication
Dixon, Kathleen      MCB                                                            
                                    complex to template damage
                                    Mammalian developmental and molecular genetics
Erickson, Robert     Pediatrics                                                     
                                    and medical genetics.
Fane, Bentley        Vet Sci-Micro Molecular functions of viral scaffolding proteins.
Fares, Johnny        MCB            Analysis of membrane trafficking                
                                    How the nervous system controls the muscles of
Fregosi, Ralph       Physio                                                         
                                                                 Faculty Research Information

Faculty              Dept         Research                                                  Home Page URL
                                  5-methylcytosine in human genome structure/function;
Futscher, Bernard    Pharm-Tox    emphasis on molecular mechanisms of        
                                  High throughput methods of functional
Galbraith, David     Plant Sci    genomics/proteo-mics; regulation of cell-type specific
                                  gene expression
                                  Cellular and molecular toxicology of medicinal and
Gandolfi, Jay        Pharm-Tox                                                    
                                  environmental chemicals
                     Micro &      Molecular mechanisms of bacterial caused disease/
Giron, Jorge                                                                      
                     Immuno       interaction with host epithelial cells/immune system.
                                  Biological redox reactions, organometals,
Glass, Richard       Chem                                                         
                                  superconductors, and photoconductors
                                  The viral and cellular mechanisms that control human
Goodrum, Felicia     Immunobio    cytomegalovirus (HCMV) latency and reactivation from
                                  latency in bone marrow cells
Gordon, Herman       CBA          Molecular basis of synaptogenesis.              
                                  Cytoskeletal protein interactions in heart and skeletal
Gregorio, Carol      CBA                                                          
                                  muscle development.
Guerriero, Victor    Animal Sci   Regulation of cellular stress response          
                     Chem Env     Bifunctional affinity ligands for biochemical and
Guzman, Roberto                                                                   
                     Engr         biomedical applications
                                  Immunology/Immunopharmacology. Alterations in the
Halonen, Marilyn     Pharm                                                        
                                  immune system in allergy and asthma
                                  Novel methods of human bone marrow transplantation
Harris, David        Immunobio                                                    
                                  and gene therapy to treat cancer.
                                  Design and develop novel antitumor agents that will
Hurley, Laurence     Pharm-Tox    extend the productive lives of patients who have
                                  Identifying, developing, and studying the mechanism of
Jacobson, Elaine     Pharm-Tox                                                 
                                  action of drugs to treat or prevent skin cancer.
                                  Molecular mechanisms by which cells respond to toxic
Jacobson, Myron      Pharm-Tox                                                 
                                  chemicals and radiation
                                  RNA silencing; chromatin-based control of gene
Jorgensen, Richard   Plant Sci                                                 
                                  regulation in plants
Katsanis, Emmanuel   Pediatrics   Generation of immune responses to cancer     
                                  Design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms for
Kececioglu, John     Comp Sci                                                  
                                  discrete problems in computational biology
                                                                   Faculty Research Information

Faculty                Dept         Research                                                  Home Page URL
                                    Molecular pharmacology of G-Protein coupled
Lai, Josephine         Pharm                                                        
                                    receptors and signal transduction
                                    Molecular mechanisms of stromal fibroblasts and their
Lance, Peter           Medicine                                                     
                                    role in colorectal carcinogenesis
                                    Genetic and biochemical regulation of plant seed
Larkins, Brian         Plant Sci                                                    
                                    development and protein nutritional quality.
                                    Coupling the metabolic activation of chemicals to their
Lau, Serrine           Pharm-Tox                                                    
                                    target organ toxicity
                                    Plant-insect signaling interactions, nuclear receptor-
Li, Xianchun           Entomology                                                   
                                    P450 relationships,
                                    Gene therapy for hereditary diseases and ischemic
Lien, Howard           Medicine                                                     
                                    Basic cellular mechanisms that link diabetes, obesity
Lynch, Ronald          Physio                                                       
                                    and hypertension
                                    biological responses to tumor suppressor in cells
Martinez, Jesse        CBA                                                      
                                    exposed to radiation; chemoprevention of colon cancer
Mash, Eugene           Chem         Synthesize molecules of fundamental importance  
                                    Ischemia-reperfusion injury, cardiovascular
McDonagh, Paul         Surgery      complications of diabetes, complications artificial heart

                                    Regulation of the tumor suppressor, PTEN, and the
Meuillet, Emmanuelle Nutr Sci                                                   
                                    survival pathway ; importance in cancer and diabetes.

                                    Chemistry of nitrogen oxides in biological conditions;
Miranda, Katrina       Chem                                                         
                                    identifying potential targets for treatment of disease
Nelson, Mark           Pathology    Molecular oncology; cell cycle                  
                                    Understanding signal transduction in the adult and
Nighorn, Alan          Neurobio                                                     
                                    developing olfactory system.
                                    Recognition of cell surface receptors with synthetic
Olenyuk, Bogdan        Chem                                                         
                                    Synthesis and evaluation of glycosidase and
Polt, Robin            Chem                                                         
                                    glycosyltransferase inhibitors.
                                    Novel cancer drug targets and translational studies of
Powis, Garth           Pathology                                                    
                                    molecular targeted cancer drugs.
                                    Effects of hormones on neuron size and gene
Rance, Naomi           Pathology                                                    
                                    expression in the human brain
                                    Molecular biology and signal transduction mechanisms
Regan, John            Pharm-Tox                                                    
                                    of the G-protein coupled receptor
Rensing, Christopher   SWES         Mechanisms of metal homeostasis in bacteria.    
                                                                     Faculty Research Information

Faculty                 Dept          Research                                                  Home Page URL
                                      Genetic and hormonal control of nervous system
Restifo, Linda          Neurobio                                                      
                                      Assemblies for molecular device technologies such as
Saavedra, Scott         Chem                                                     
                                      chemical sensing and energy storage/transduction
                                      Application of nonlinear dynamics to biology. The
Schaffer, William       EEB                                                           
                                      peroxidase-oxidase reaction
                                      Mass spectrometry and analysis of
Schram, Karl            Pharmac Sci                                                   
                                      biomedically/biochemically important molecules
Schroeder, Joyce        MCB           Molecular mechanisms of breast cancer progression
Schumaker, Karen        Plant Sci     Biochemical plant adaptation to abiotic stress  
                                      Metabolism of environmental chemicals and drugs by
Sipes, Glenn            Pharm                                                         
                                      human tissues
                                      Molecular approaches of Cryptosporidium infections in
Sterling, Chuck         Vet Sci       immunologically naive and immunocompromised,    
                                      including AIDS patients
                                      Functions of plant receptor kinases and their signaling
Tax, Frans              MCB                                                           
                                      MRI and NMR spectroscopy for investigation of
Toruard, Theodore       Biomed Eng                                                    
                                      neurologic disorders
                                      Regulation of serine/threonine protein kinase pathways
Vaillancourt, Richard   Pharm-Tox                                                  
                                      that function in stress-related signal transduction
                                      Mechanisms and pharmacology of acute and chronic
Vanderah, Todd          Pharm                                                         
                                      models of pain
                                      Molecular and genetic basis of plant pathogenesis and
VanEtten, Hans          Plant Path                                                
                                      commensalism by fungi; synthesis of plant antibiotics
Visscher, Koen          Physics       Molecular motors                                
Wing, Rod               Plant Sci     Plant genomics                                  
Winzerling, Joy         Nutr Sci      Iron metabolism in humans and in disease vectors,35,0,0,1,0
                                      Binding of drugs to receptors, molecular mechanism of
Wirth, Mary             Chem                                                          
                                      receptor action
                                      Molecular mechanisms controlling early development
Yadegari, Ramin         Plant Sci                                                     
                                      in plant
                                      Characterize DNA/protein target interactions of anti-
Yang, Danzhou           Pharm-Tox                                                     
                                      cancer agents, structure-based rational drug design
                                      Molecular mechanisms that mediate or regulate fast
Zinsmaier, Konrad       Neurobio                                                      
                                      neurotransmitter release at synapses

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