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					Tenant’s Contents Insurance +
If you’re not insured, you’re risking much more than your belongings

So you don’t think you have many belongings?
What about your TV, PC, iPod, digital camera, bikes, clothes, CDs, shoes… it soon starts to
add up. And when they get damaged, lost or stolen, can you afford to replace them?
It doesn’t have to be this way, with Tenant’s Contents Insurance+ cover from HomeLet!

We cover all of your personal belongings
Many houses aren’t as secure as they might be and
are therefore vulnerable to break-ins and walk-in
thefts. Under our Tenant’s Contents Insurance+
policy, you’re covered against theft by forcible
means, fire, lightning, earthquake or flooding and
water leaks, and may also opt to insure specific
items, such as pedal cycles, outside the home.

We’ll even cover you for accidental damage
So if you ruin a carpet with red wine, or you have
a kitchen accident, you won’t lose your deposit,
because we cover you for accidental damage for
your landlord’s property and fittings*.
Now, our comprehensive Tenant’s Contents
Insurance+ policy is available to students living
in shared accommodation, providing you with
an excellent degree of cover against theft and
accidental damage.

So if you think you can afford to go without contents insurance, think again. Don’t forget,
landlords prefer tenants with contents insurance.
For more information or to arrange immediate cover, speak to your letting agent or call
HomeLet on 0845 117 6000, or visit

* For full terms and conditions and details of cover, visit
                                                                                                                                      B117 05/10

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