Demand on Agriculture Technology by ujy16181


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									                                   On-demand Writing Task
High School Agriculture Science and Technology

Standards Supported—1.11, 2.36, 2.37

                                             WRITING TASK

 Situation: The local feed store has posted a job opening as a sales clerk. You have convinced your
 parents to help you buy a new car and you are currently looking for ways to earn extra money. You feel
 this job is “tailor-made” for you since you have just completed an Agri-Sales class at your high school.

 Task: Write a letter of application or prepare a speech for the manager of the feed store in order to
 convince him/her of your employability skills. Be sure to include traits/skills you possess that are
 specific to this agricultural career.

Note: The on-demand prompt above was developed and submitted by a Kentucky teacher during a
summer 2009 workshop. The prompt was designed to connect to a Kentucky standard or standards to
support learning in the classroom. The prompt should be used in the context of a standards-based unit
to support the teaching and learning of the standard(s).

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