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									                                           PARTHA MANDAYAM


1005 Tall Grass Circle, Stow, OH 44224

E-mail : mcp111@gmail.com

Home: 330-752-4614

Cell : 503-807-3417


        Seasoned IT Professional with over 20 years experience in client-server and web development.
         Extensive experience in system design and development of large scale multi-billion dollar
         enterprise applications. Business expertise in diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, real-
         estate, retail, power utilities, materials handling, engineering, law, etc.

        3 years experience in VB.Net/C#/ASP.NET , 2 years in AJAX, 2 years in Sharepoint, 1 year in
         Web services, 1 year in Silverlight, 1 year in LINQ, 4 years in VBScript/Javascript,15 years in VB
         & SQL Server, 6 years in HTML/ASP/IIS, 2 years in XML/XSLT, 6 years in Crystal Reports and
         Crystal Enterprise, 4 years in Oracle, 6 years in MS Access, 2 years in Coldfusion, 2 years in
         ERWIN, 3 years in Unix/INGRES and. 5 years in Production Engineering.

        Certified VB, SQL Server and ASP Programmer.

        Developed cutting-edge AJAX-enabled websites for Summacare and Kaiser Permanente
         which improved application performance by over 200%..

        Created data warehouse for Vesta Inc which improved ASP web reporting efficiency by

        Dynamic Project Manager for GE(Corp) and Business Solutions Group Corp and Lead Developer
         for Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield.

        Official Microsoft beta tester for SQL Server 2008 , Visual Studio 2008, Windows Vista, Office
         2007 and Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

        Check out my official Microsoft ASP.Net blog at http://weblogs.asp.net/pmandayam and my
         profile on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/mcp111

        Member of Cleveland .Net Special Interest Group, Cleveland C#/VB.Net user group, Cleveland
         Sharepoint user group and INETA .

        Creative, highly motivated, team player and deadline-savvy with superior work habits, multi-
         tasking and system documentation skills

        I am a US Citizen


 Visual Studio        SQL Server 2008        VB.Net/C#/ASP.          HTML/ASP/IIS
2008                                         NET

                                        PARTHA MANDAYAM

AJAX                Javascript/           Web                 WPF/WCF/WF
                    VBScript             services/SOAP/

LINQ                Silverlight          Sharepoint           XML/XSLT

Crystal Reports     Crystal              QNXT                 SOA
2008                Enterprise

 Oracle 10g         Biztalk              Coldfusion            Data

HIPAA / EDI         RUP                   UML                 Cypress

 Starteam           Remedy               Windows Vista        Access

Dreamweaver         Flash                 Java/EJB            Informatica


Sr Prog Analyst, Kaiser Permanente, Jun 2007 to Feb 2009

      Kaiser Permanente is the largest HMO in USA with over 8 million members.
       Development/Maintenance of BETS ( Benefits Enhancement and Tracking System ) ,which keeps
       track of benefit details of Kaiser Permanente members, using Visual Studio 2005, Oracle 10g,
       C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET. Converted several ASP pages to ASP.NET which improved
       efficiency by 200%. Converted several VS2003 websites to VS2005 format which increased
       ease of development and reduced bugs.

      Used AJAX controls like UpdatePanel , ScriptManager , UpdateProgress and AJAX Control
       Toolkit to build dynamic web pages which loaded 200% faster and resulted in an enhanced user

      Developed ASP.NET web application in VS2008 to track change requests for the BETS system
       using most modern ASP.NET 3.5 controls like Gridview, Detailsview, Listview and Datapager.
       This replaced a manual spreadsheet application and increased user productivity by 200%. Used
       latest C# 3.0 features like LINQ, object initializers, anonymous types, lambda expressions,
       extension methods, etc. to deliver a highly enhanced and productive user experience.

      Used Borland Starteam for source control and Remedy for change management

ASP.NET Developer, Summacare, Dec 2006 to April 2007

      Summacare is the largest health plan in Ohio. Developed complex EDI Dashboard claims
       reporting web based system using Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, C#, VB.NET and
       ASP.NET. Converted the existing ASP application to ASP.NET with dramatic performance
       improvement upto 200%. The system shows details of various types of claims such as HCFA
       1500, UB92, etc. The web forms have the look and feel of the actual UB92 and HCFA paper
       forms. Users can search data based on various criteria like Claim number, member number,
       Provider ID, Date of service etc. Partial wildcard searches on any of these fields are also

                                         PARTHA MANDAYAM


      Used Microsoft Enterprise Library functions for faster data access and all code is securely stored
       on Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation server.

      Used most modern AJAX techniques like XMLHTTPRequest for data access. Wrote
       complex Javascripts for form validation and web page rendering.

Software Engineer III, Unisys Corporation, Nov 2003 to Nov 2006

      Developed extremely complex Medicaid Management information system ( MMIS ) based on
       SOA with over 800 reports for the state of WV using Crystal Reports 10 and SQL Server 2005.
       The system that we developed is called HealthPAS and improves upon the QNXT Medical
       Claims Processing System from QCSI. These reports were earlier available on a legacy
       mainframe system in COBOL and were converted to Crystal Reports on the Windows
       platform resulting in ease of data access and enhanced performance upto 200%. The state
       of WV accesses these reports through a web portal developed using the API provided by a
       document management system called Cypress. The reports are scheduled in Crystal Enterprise
       which transfers them to the Cypress DocuVault and the end-users are then able to view these
       reports using a web interface. The HealthPAS system also has the capability of directly receiving
       medical claims in EDI format from various providers and the data is then parsed by EDI
       processing software and stored in a SQL Server database.

      Acted as SQL Server DBA doing extensive performance tuning of queries used in the reports.
       Was a member of the Unisys Sharepoint user group and attended regular meetings on
       Sharepoint technology and did extensive programming using Sharepoint web parts and asp.net

      Represented Unisys as Crystal Report expert on the Proposal team for the New Hampshire
       Medicaid Management system

      Mentored junior developers in SQL Server and Crystal Reports.

      Developed an automated data extract program using VB and SQL Server DTS to extract claims
       data into flat files which were then automatically placed on a network drive where the client could
       access them. This system was initially developed by another consultant and had lot of bugs. I not
       only fixed the bugs but provided several enhancements and an extremely intuitive user interface
       which resulted in dramatic improvements in user productivity upto 200%. The system was also
       ported to Vb.net and SQL Server 2005 for even greater performance benefits by utilizing the .Net

      Used IBM Rational Clearcase and Clearquest for source code and change management.

Project Manager for Business Solutions Group Corporation, Portland, OR, Apr 2003 to Nov 2003

      Development/maintenance of several Visual Basic applications seamlessly integrating with
       Quickbooks 2002, 2003 and 2003 Canadian edition Financial Accounting Software. Managed a
       team of developers and also did some complex development while delegating simpler
       development tasks to junior developers.

                                         PARTHA MANDAYAM

       Automated Production Management (APM ) is an ERP software which allows companies to
        maintain customer, items and material data and seamlessly transfer items from and to
        Quickbooks. It also does material costing and keeps track of inventory and reorder levels.

       Automated Food Production (AFP) system keeps track of ingredients and recipes for the food
        industry. You can also keep track of packaging costs for the various food items.

       Membership Management system (MMS) enables trade unions to maintain membership details of
        their employees and also keep track of dues owed by the members.

       Remote installations and troubleshooting using Webex internet conferencing tool.

       Extensively used Windows XP, VB6, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, Quickbooks SDK,
        Infragistics Ultrasuite.

For projects prior to 2003, please see http://partha.tripod.com/long_resume.doc


AJAX, WCF, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, VB.Net, XML Web Services, Interpersonal
Communication, Leadership Skills. IIS Security, Active Directory, OLAP, Visual C++, Informatica,


Member of Cleveland .Net Special Interest Group
(http://www.bennettadelson.com/technicalresources/sig.aspx) , Cleveland C#/VB.Net user group (
http://www.clevelanddotnet.info ), Cleveland Sharepoint user group
(http://www.sharepointcleveland.com/default.aspx ) , INETA ( www.ineta.org ), IEEE Computer society,
American Management Association , SQL Server Worldwide Users Group, MSDN, Oracle Technology
Network (http://www.oracle.com/technology/index.html ), XML Web Services Special Interest Group,
International Webmasters Association, Rational Developer Network, Sun One Inner Circle Program, Sun
Executive Boardroom, Microsoft Executive Business Circle, Oracle Development Tools User Group
(ODTUG) , Java Developer Connection, Intuit Developer Network, Nokia Developer Network, Motorola
Developer Program, International Who’s Who Historical Society for Technical Professionals, International
Association of Business Leaders, Toastmasters International and Certmag 500


B.S( Engineering ), College of Engineering, Pune, India (1987)

Advanced Certification in System Analysis, Symbiosis Institute, Pune, India (1988)


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