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                                   County of Santa Cruz
                                               DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS
                                           701 OCEAN STREET, ROOM 410, SMTA CRUZ, CA 95060
                                           (831) 454-2160 FAX (831) 454-2385 TDD (831) 454-2123

                                                          AGENDA: DECEMBER 9,2003

                                                          November 25,2003

        701 Ocean Street
        Santa Cruz, California 95060


        Members of the Board:

                      On December 12,2000, your Board approved the selection of GeoSyntec
        Consultants, Inc., of Walnut Creek as the County’s solid waste consultant. In preparation for work
        programs scheduled for the current fiscal year, Public Work has negotiated a new service
        agreement for the 2003/2004 fiscal year. Attached you will find an agreement for 2003/2004 Solid
        Waste Consultant Engineering Services with GeoSyntec Consultants, Inc.

                       This agreement will provide engineering and technical services for the following
        solid waste related projects:

                       1.   Update and revise the Buena Vista Landfill Site Development Plan to comply
                            with the State of California requirements and to evaluate alternatives to
                            manage on-site soils and minimize loss of future landfill space.

                       2.   Develop final landfill cover repair design plans and specifications for winter
                            storm damage.

                       3,   Perform annual aerial survey and topographic mapping.

                       4.   Provide ongoing groundwater monitoring program reporting, statistical
                            analysis and monitoring well installation services to meet new Regional
                            Water Quality Control Board requirements for both County landfills.

                    A detailed discussion of each of these tasks is included in the attached Scope of
        Work. The total cost for these engineering services is a not-to-exceed amount of $393,060.

~- Page
                 All of these projects are required as a result of the County's obligation to maintain
  ongoing solid waste and recycling services, complete future landfill construction, and comply with
  federal and state mandates for management of solid waste facilities. Sufficient funds are available
  within the 2003/2004 CSA-9C Solid Waste Enterprise Fund for this purpose.

                It is therefore recommended that the Board of Supervisors take the following action:

                1.      Approve the attached independent contractor agreement with GeoSyntec
                        Consultants, Inc., for Solid Waste consultant engineering for a not-to-exceed
                        amount of $393,060.

                2.      Authorize the Director of Public Works to sign the agreement on behalf of
                        the County.

                                                   Yours truly,

                                                   THOMAS L. BOLICH
                                             Fw    Director of Public Works




  County AdrnGistrative Officer

  copy to:      Public Works
                GeoSyntec Consultants

                                    Contract No.

     THIS CONTRACT is entered into this 9TH day of DECEMBER, 2003, by and between
the COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ, hereinafter called COUNTY, and GEO SYNTEC
CONSULTANTS, INC., hereinafter called CONTRACTOR. The parties agree as follows:

      1.      DUTIES. CONTRACTOR agrees to exercise special skill to accomplish the
following result: Perform professional and technical solid waste consultant engineering
services for the Buena Vista Landfill and Ben Lomond Transfer Station as outlined in the
attached Scope of Work, Exhibit “A.”

      2.      COMPENSATION. In consideration for CONTRACTOR accomplishing said
result, COUNTY agrees to pay CONTRACTOR as follows: Contractor shall receive progress
payments in accordance with the tasks outlined in the attached Scope of Work, Exhibit “A.”
Payments for services performed shall not exceed $393,060. Charges shall be in accordance
with labor rates and outside service charge policy included under the attached scope of work.
Funds may be moved between tasks with Public Works’ approval. Expenses shall be charged
in accordance with the most current standard expense rates on file with Public works and the
County AuditorKontroller.

     3.      TERM. The term of this contract shall be: From Board approval to June 30,

      4.     EARLY TERMINATION. Either party hereto may terminate this contract at
any time by giving 30 days written notice to the other party.

CONTRACTOR shall exonerate, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless COUNTY (which for
    purpose of paragraphs 5 and 6 shall include, without limitation, its officers, agents,
the - -
employees andvolunteers) from and against:

              A.      Any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, defense costs, or liability
of any kind or nature which COUNTY may sustain or incur or which may be imposed upon it
for injury to or death of persons, or damage to property as a result of, arising out of, or in any
manner connected with the CONTRACTOR’S negligent performance under the terms of this
Agreement, excepting any liability arising out of the negligence of the COUNTY. Such
indemnification includes any damage to the person(s), or property(ies) of CONTRACTOR
and third persons.

             B.      Any and all Federal, State and Local taxes, charges, fees, or
contributions required to be paid with respect to CONTRACTOR and CONTRACTOR’S
officers, employees and agents engaged in the performance of this Agreement (including,
without limitation, unemployment insurance, social security and payroll tax withholding).

      6.      INSURANCE. CONTRACTOR, at its sole cost and expense, for the full term
of this Agreement (and any extensions thereof), shall obtain and maintain at a minimum
compliance with all of the following insurance coverage(s) and requirements. Such insurance
coverage shall be primary coverage as respects COUNTY and any insurance or self-insurance
maintained by County shall be excess of CONTRACTOR’S insurance coverage and shall not
contribute to it.

      If CONTRACTOR utilizes one or more subcontractors in the performance of this
Agree'ment, CONTRACTOR shall obtain and maintain Independent Contractor's Insurance as
to each subcontractor or otherwise provide evidence of insurance coverage for each
subcontractor equivalent to that required of CONTRACTOR in this Agreement, unless
CONTRACTOR and COUNTY both initial here                  I                         0596

             A.     Tmes of Insurance and Minimum Limits

                   (1)      Worker's Compensation in the minimum statutorily required
coverage amounts. This insurance coverage shall not be required if the CONTRACTOR has
no employees and certifies to this fact by initialing here

                       (2)   Automobile Liability Insurance for each of CONTRACTOR'S
vehicles used in the performance of this Agreement, including owned, non-owned (e.g.
owned by CONTRACTOR'S employees), leased or hired vehicles, in the minimum amount of
$500,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. This
insurance coverage shall not be required if vehicle use by CONTRACTOR is not a material
part of performance of this Agreement and CONTRACTOR and COUNTY both certify to
this fact by initialing here     I       .

                       (3)      Comprehensive or Commercial General Liability Insurance
coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit, including coverage
for: (a) bodily injury, (b) personal injury, (c) broad-form property damage, (d) contractual
liability, and (e) cross-liability.

                  (4)     Professional Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of
$1,000,000 combined single limit if, and only if, this Subparagraph is initialed by
CONTRACTOR and COUNTY                    b5.

             B.      Other Insurance Provisions

                      (1)    If any insurance coverage required in this Agreement is provided
on a "Claims Made" rather than "Occurrence" form, CONTRACTOR agrees to maintain the
required coverage for a period of three (3) years after the expiration of this Agreement
(hereinafter "post agreement coverage") and any extensions thereof. CONTRACTOR may
maintain the required post agreement coverage by renewal or purchase of prior acts or tail
coverage. This provision is contingent upon post agreement coverage being both available
and reasonably affordable in relation to the coverage provided during the term of this
Agreement. For purposes of interpreting this requirement, a cost not exceeding 100% of the
last annual policy premium during the term of this Agreement in order to purchase prior acts
or tail coverage for post agreement coverage shall be deemed to be reasonable.

                     (2)    All required Automobile and Comprehensive or Commercial
General Liability Insurance shall be endorsed to contain the following clause:

                     "The County of Santa Cruz, its officials, employees, agents and
                     volunteers are added as an additional insured as respects the operations
                     and activities of, or on behalf of, the named insured performed under
                     Agreement with the County of Santa Cruz."

                     (3)    All required insurance policies shall be endorsed to contain the
following clause:                                                                         0597

                     “This insurance shall not be canceled until after thirty (30) days prior
                     written notice has been given to:

                     R. PATRICK MATHEWS
                     COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ
                     DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS
                     701 OCEAN STREET, ROOM 410
                     SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060

                      (4)    CONTRACTOR agrees to provide its insurance broker(s) with a
full copy of these insurance provisions and provide COUNTY on or before the effective date
of this Agreement with Certificates of Insurance for all required coverages. All Certificates
of Insurance shall be delivered or sent to:


      7.    EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY. During and in relation to the
performance of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR agrees as follows:

              A.      The CONTRACTOR shall not discriminate against any employee or
applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, physical
or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related), marital status, pregnancy, sex, sexual
orientation, age (over 18), veteran status or any other non-merit factor unrelated to job duties.
Such action shall include, but not be limited to the following: recruitment; advertising; layoff
or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; and selection for training
(including apprenticeship), employment, upgrading, demotion, transfer. The
CONTRACTOR agrees to post in conspicuous places, available to employees and applicants
for employment, notice setting forth the provisions of this non-discrimination clause.

             B.    If this Agreement provides compensation in excess of $50,000 to
CONTRACTOR and if CONTRACTOR employs fifteen (1 5) or more employees, the
following requirements shall apply:

                      (1)    The CONTRACTOR shall, in all solicitations or advertisements
for employees placed by or on behalf of the CONTRACTOR, state that all qualified
applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion,
national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related),
marital status, pregnancy, sex, sexual orientation, age (over 18), veteran status, or any other
non-merit factor unrelated to job duties. In addition, the CONTRACTOR shall make a good
faith effort to consider Minority/Women/Disabled Owned Business Enterprises in
CONTRACTOR’S solicitation of goods and services. Definitions for
Minority/Women/Disabled Business Enterprises are available from the COUNTY General
Services Purchasing Division.


I   _
                            (2)    In the event of the CONTRACTOR'S non-compliance with the
        non-discrimination clauses of this Agreement or with any of the said rules, regulations, or
        orders said CONTRACTOR may be declared ineligible for further agreements with the

                             (3)     The CONTRACTOR shall cause the foregoing provisions of this
        Subparagraph 7B. to be inserted in all subcontracts for any work covered under this
        Agreement by a subcontractor compensated more than $50,000 and employing more than
        fifteen (15 ) employees, provided that the foregoing provisions shall not apply to contracts or
        subcontracts for standard commercial supplies or raw materials.

        have reviewed and considered the principal test and secondary factors below and agree that
        CONTRACTOR is an independent contractor and not an employee of COUNTY.
        CONTRACTOR is responsible for all insurance (workers compensation, unemployment, etc.)
        and all payroll related taxes. CONTRACTOR is not entitled to any employee benefits.
        COUNTY agrees that CONTRACTOR shall have the right to control the manner and means
        of accomplishing the result contracted for herein.

                     PRINCIPAL TEST: The CONTRACTOR rather than COUNTY has the right to
        control the manner and means of accomplishing the result contracted for.

                      SECONDARY FACTORS: (a) The extent of control which, by agreement,
        COUNTY may exercise over the details of the work is slight rather than substantial; (b)
        CONTRACTOR is engaged in a distinct occupation or business; (c) In the locality, the work
        be done by CONTRACTOR is usually done by a specialist without supervision, rather than
        under the direction of an employer; (d) the skill required in the particular occupation is
        substantial rather than slight; (e) The CONTRACTOR rather than the COUNTY supplies the
        instrumentalities, tools and work place; (f, The length of time for which CONTRACTOR is
        engaged is of limited duration rather than indefinite; (8) The method of payment of
        CONTRACTOR is by the job rather than by the time; (h) The work is part of a special or
        permissive activity, program, or project, rather than part of the regular business of COUNTY;
        (i) CONTRACTOR and COUNTY believe they are creating an independent contractor
        relationship rather than an employer-employee relationship; and 6)The COUNTY conducts
        public business.

                     It is recognized that it is not necessary that all secondary factors support creation
        of an independent contractor relationship, but rather that overall there are significant
        secondary factors which indicate that CONTRACTOR is an independent contractor.

                      By their signatures to this Agreement, each of the undersigned certifies that it is
        his or her considered judgment that the CONTRACTOR engaged under this Agreement is in
        fact an independent contractor.

            9.      CONTRACTOR represents that its operations are in compliance with applicable
        County planning, environmental and other laws or regulations.

              10.    CONTRACTOR is responsible to pay prevailing wages and maintain records as
        required by Labor Code Section 1770 and following.

      11.     NONASSIGNMENT. CONTRACTOR shall not assign this agreement without
the prior written consent of the COUNTY.

retain records pertinent to this Agreement for a period of not less than five (5) years after
final payment under this Agreement or until a final audit report is accepted by COUNTY,
whichever occurs first. CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to be subject to the examination and
audit by the Santa Cruz County Auditor-Controller, the Auditor General of the State of
California, or the designee of either for a period of five (5) years after final payment under
this Agreement.

       13.    PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS. Presentation and processing of any or all
claims arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be made in accordance with the
provisions contained in Chapter 1.05 of the Santa Cruz County Code, which by this reference
is incorporated herein.

       14.     ACKNOWLEDGMENT. CONTRACTOR shall acknowledge in all reports and
literature that the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors has provided finding to the

     15.     ATTACHMENTS. This Agreement includes the following attachments: Scope
of Work

       16.     LIVING WAGE. This agreement is covered under Living Wage provisions if
this section is initialed by COUNTY

      This agreement is subject to the provisions of Santa Cruz County Code Chapter 2.122,
requiring payment of a living wage to covered employees, if item #16 above is initialed bv
the COUNTY. Non-compliance during the term of the contract will be considered a material
breach and may result in termination of the Agreement or pursuit of other legal or
administrative remedies.

       If a contract for Living Wage covered services in excess of $50,000 is terminated prior
to its expiration, any new contract with a subsequent contractor for the same services must
include this term:

      “CONTRACTOR shall make best efforts to offer employment to qualified employees
      of the prior contractor for the performance of this contract. Such efforts shall not be
      required in regard to employees who are (1) exempt under the Fair Labor Standards
      Act, (2) family members of the prior contractor, (3) employed by the prior contractor
      for less than six months, or (4) convicted of a job-related or workplace crime. Upon
      request by the COUNTY, the CONTRACTOR shall demonstrate to the COUNTY that
      good faith efforts have been made to comply with this provision.”

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their hands the day and year first
above written.

                                            CONTRACTOR                        0600
                                            GeoSyntec Consultants, Inc.

By:                                         By:            6.
                                                            S        h W
      Director of Public Works
                                            Address:   1500 Newel1 Avenue, Suite 800
                                                       Walnut Creek, CA 94596

                                            Telephone:(925) 943-3034
        n                                   FAX: (925) 943-2366



 DISTRIBUTION: Auditor-Controller
               Public Works


                                                                                               060 1
County of Santa Cruz
Solid Waste Engineering Consulting Services
Proposal for 2003/2004


The most recent site development plan for the Buena Vista Landfill was prepared by
CH2M HILL in 1999 and is included in the Joint Technical Document for the Buena
Vista Landfill (County of Santa Cmz, 1999). The existing site development plan
assumes that a soil management area will be available for the temporary stockpiling of
excavated soils. However, due to difficulties in permitting, the County has abandoned
the soil management area project.

In addition, during the design of Module 4A, an updated seismic analysis was performed.
The updated seismic analysis raised some potential issues regarding the stability of the
Buena Vista Landfill under final grading conditions.

The revised site development plan will address both the soil management and stability

1.1 Module 3 and 6 Interface Shear Testing

The purpose of this task is to address the relatively low interface strength values reported
in the Module 6 CQA report by CH2M HILL and to confirm that appropriate interface
shear strength results are being used for the stability analysis performed as part of the
revised site development planning. During the construction of Module 4A, GeoSyntec
will collect samples of the various materials used to construct the Modules 3 and 6 liner
systems. The samples will be held at the site until ready to be tested for interface
strength. The following interfaces will be tested:

          0         Module 6: clay to textured HDPE (base)
          0         Module 6: textured HDPE to nonwoven geotextile (base)
          0         Module 3: clay to GCL (base)
          0         Module 3: GCL to HDPE (base and slope)
          0         Module 3: HDPE to woven geotextile (slope)

GeoSyntec proposes a four-point interface strength test for each interface resulting in 20
points; other testing includes characterization tests for the soils (i.e., compaction,
Atterberg Limits, grain size). For Module 4A, the results of the interface tests completed
as part of CQA will be used.

1.2 Revise Final Grading Plan

Once the interface shear strength test results performed in Task 1.1 are completed, the
refuse fill grades for Module 6 and Module 4A will be evaluated. The design criteria will
be a static factor of safety of 1.5 and a seismic deformation of 6 inches based on criteria

C:\Documents and Settings\dpwl19\Local Settings\TemporaryInternet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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established by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the Central
Coast Region of the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

East-West cross sections involving Modules 3, 4A, and 6 will be analyzed because these
appear to be the ones that are critical to. the stability of the landfill under final grade
conditions. This assumption is based on the liner types (i.e., geosynthetics) and the
geometry of Modules 3, 4A, and 6 given the overall final grading plan. Some budget has
been allotted to generate the as-built base grades for Modules 3 and 6 because a contour
layer is not present in the construction drawings completed by CH2M HILL (i.e. the
Module 3 and 6 drawings are in a 2D AutoCAD format rather than 3D). Generating
these contours will expedite the development of stability cross sections by allowing a
computer-based system to generate the stability cross-sections rather than generating
them by hand.

A seismic hazard evaluation and dynamic response analysis was completed as part of the
Module 4A Design Report; however, some additional work has been budgeted to address
changes in the refuse fill grades resulting from the slope stability re-evaluation.

The first stability analysis that will be performed will use the interface shear strength
established for Modules 3 and 6 from Task 1.1 and the current landfill final grading plan.
If necessary, additional stability analyses will be performed to assess various potential
grading options to develop a final landfill grading plan that meets the regulatory
requirements for landfill stability. While it is difficult to estimate the number of
iterations required to develop a feasible final grading plan for the landfill, GeoSyntec has
estimated that 2 development iterations would be required. These iterations may include
incorporating benches or flattening of landfill final grades.

Once the final grades have been established based on the stability analyses, refuse
volumes will be determined. Preliminary surface water calculations to conceptually size
channels and ditches for the design storm for the site (100-year, 24-hour) will also be
performed. The location and size of sedimentatioddetention basins are assumed to be the
same as in the current site development plans and further calculations to size these
components will not be performed.

Conceptual storm water and final cover details will be prepared to be incorporated in the
site development plans. To the extent feasible, existing details will be used and modified
as necessary. It is estimated that the drawings prepared under this task will include one
grading plan and two sheets of sections and details.

1.3 Revise Module 4B and 5 Cell Development Plans

The remaining modules to be constructed at BVL include Modules 4B and 5. Module 4B
is currently planned to be constructed directly north of Module 4A and extend to the
northern property boundary. Module 5 is planned to be directly west of Module 4B and
north of Module 6. Both of these remaining modules will be developed within the
confines of the revised final grading plan developed in Task 1.2.

C:\Documents and Settings\dpwllB\hcal Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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Both Modules 4B and 5 are currently planned to be excavated to depths similar to those
in Modules 3, 4a, and 6. However, given the soil management issues at the site, options
will be evaluated to balance the onsite soils. The options being considered include
reducing the depth of excavation in the future cells and evaluating stockpile areas on the
landfill top deck. These options will be coupled with stability considerations to site
potential onsite soil stockpiles on the landfill top deck without adverse impacts and with
estimates of future onsite soil useage for daily, intermediate, and final cover and for the
construction of new modules (i.e. operations layer). A monofill final cover would also be
a use of the excess soil and will be evaluated as a potential option as part of the overall
soil balance; however, GeoSyntec has not budgeted a monofill demonstration program as
part of the work under this contract. It is also assumed that no field investigation and
laboratory testing will be required for this task.

While it is difficult to estimate the number of iterations required to produce a cell
development plan that balances soil usage onsite and stability considerations, we have
assumed for budgeting purposes that three iterations will be required. The development
plans prepared for the remaining modules will be presented in a similar format to those
included in the existing site development plans.

Refuse volumes will be calculated for each remaining module. Preliminary surface water
calculations to conceptually size channels and ditches for the design storm for the site
(100-year, 24-hour) will also be performed.

Conceptual liner, LCRS, and storm water details will be prepared to be incorporated in
the site development plans. To the extent feasible, existing details will be used and
modified, if necessary. It is estimated that the drawings prepared under this task will
include 3 sheets of sections (2 sections per sheet) and 4 sheets of details (4to 5 details per
sheet). We have not budgeted for construction quantity estimates, specifications, or other
construction-level project documents.

1.4 Prepare Summary Report

A draft summary report will be prepared describing the soil balance, slope stability, and
surface water analyses for the site development plans; however, we have not budgeted
any other tasks that may be necessary for updating the JTD (i.e., postclosure
maintenance, final cover design, etc.). Calculations performed supporting the revised site
development plan will also be included. One copy of the draft design report will be
submitted to the County for review and comment. Upon the County’s review of this report,
required modifications will be incorporated and the report will be finalized. Two copies of
the final report will be submitted to the County.

1.5 Meetings

We have assumed that the revised site development report will either be incorporated in a
revised JTD or separately submitted to the regulatory agencies by the County. Based on

C:Documents and SettingsWpwl19\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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previous experience with the Module 4A Design Report, we believe it is likely that the
Central Coast RWQCB will forward the stability portion of the report to the DWR and that
meetings with both the DWR and Central Coast RWQCB are likely. While it is difficult to
estimate the extent of regulatory comments, we have included a limited budget to attend two
meetings and approximately 60 hours to respond to questions.

2.0        Final Cover Module 1 Repair Design

The west facing slope of Module 1 has experienced periodic surficial slips of the
vegetative cover on the final landfill slopes. The Central Coast RWQCB has observed
some of these failures and has requested the County submit a report detailing the
potential causes of the vegetative cover movement and recommended remedial measures.

2.1 Initial Evaluation

The RWQCB issued a Notice of Violation to the County regarding the surficial
movements of the Buena Vista Landfill final cover and requested the County to evaluate
the area of distress and provide recommendations for repair. Given the limited time to
respond to the RWQCB request, an initial evaluation will be performed. The initial
evaluation will include the following activities:

                               Review background information
                               Conduct a site visit and collect bulk soil samples
                               Assess probable causes of slope distress
                               Perform initial laboratory testing
                               Perform preliminary engineering analyses

Based on this initial evaluation, recommendations will be made for further field
investigation, laboratory testing, and engineering analyses.

The initial evaluation will be summarized in a letter report and submitted to the County
and Central Coast RWQCB.

2.2 Detailed Evaluation

Based on the initial evaluation and the response from the Central Coast RWQCB,
GeoSyntec will further evaluate the possible causes for the slip observed in the Module 1
final cover. GeoSyntec will collect in situ samples, perform a more detailed field
reconnaissance, and complete laboratory testing (characterization, strength, etc.) for use
in the slope stability analyses. The stability analysis will assess whether the reasons for
the final cover movements are due to the inherent nature of the soils placed as vegetative
cover or if seepage forces contributed to the movements.

C:\Documents and Settings\dpwl19\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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                 ~   ~~~   ~             ~~                                                     ~

2.3 Develop Remedial Plans

Since most slope instability problems involve excess water, a drainage system will need
to be incorporated in the distressed region of the slope. GeoSyntec will design a drainage
system for the slope. The drain would collect the surface water that percolates through
the vegetative cover and will discharge the water at the toe of the slope. The drainage
system will consist of a subsurface gravel layer and pipes, if necessary. A drainage
geocomposite is not recommended because it may get clogged over time.

Laboratory testing will be performed to assess if onsite granular soils can be used for the
gravel layer. The vegetative material above the drainage system would be lightly
compacted to so that vegetation can grow; a lower degree of compaction results in lower
strengths; therefore, the drain will need to be sized accordingly.

Construction plans, specifications, and a CQA program will be prepared for the remedial
repair with the assumption that County staff will perform the repairs. We anticipate that
one plan view and one to two sheets of sections and details will be required. The
specifications will be included on the drawings and address construction of the earthwork
and installation of any geosynthetics and piping. We have assumed that the County
already has a hydroseeding specification that may be used for the vegetative layer. For
the surface water ditches, we have assumed that erosion control matting can be used to
line the ditches.

A report summarizing the findings will be prepared for presentation to the RWQCB. The
report will summarize the field and laboratory investigation, stability and seepage
analyses, and will present the remedial plan.

2.4 CQA

As the repairs to be performed involve the landfill final cover, a CQA program will be
implemented to oversee the final cover repair work. The CQA program will consist of
periodic inspections to verify that the repair work was performed in accordance with the
plans and specifications and that the required thickness of the clay liner under the
vegetative cover is maintained.

Because the repairs are to be performed at approximately the same time as the Module
4A construction, we have assumed that the same CQA inspector may be used for both
projects. Following construction, a letter report summarizing the CQA activities will be


The County has requested that GeoSyntec perform aerial surveys of the Buena Vista
Landfill. The topographic information obtained from this survey will be used for site
design, regulatory compliance, and estimating in-place waste volumes.

C:\Documents and Settingskipwl19bcal Settings\Ternporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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3.1       Prepare Buena Vista Site Map

An aerial survey will be performed of the Buena Vista Landfill and the soil storage area
to the north of the site. An aerial topographic map will be generated at a 1:100 scale and
a 2-foot contour interval. We have assumed that the County will provide all required
survey control (up to 8 survey control points) for the aerial mapping.

The output from the aerial topographic mapping will include:
          0    3-D, topographic map of landfill and surrounding area within 1000 feet of
               facility boundaries
          0   Electronic map files
          0   4 copies of color aerial photo at 1:200 scale

3.2       Provide Volume Estimates at Buena Vista Landfill

Previous topographic maps will be compared to the updated site map to provide an
estimate of remaining on-site soils and disposal capacity at the Buena Vista Landfill.
Volumes will be calculated using AutoCad. Upon completion of the task, the results will
be summarized in a technical memorandum.


GeoSyntec will assist the County with the ongoing hydrogeologic assessment and
groundwater reporting requirements for the Buena Vista and Ben Lomond Landfills.

4.1                Groundwater Monitoring Program Requirements

This task will include the preparation and submittal of groundwater monitoring reports to
satisfy the Waste Discharge Requirements for the Buena Vista and Ben Lomond
Landfills for a one-year period. Because the reports are to be submitted semi-annually,
two reports will be prepared for each landfill.

The scope of work to complete the groundwater monitoring requirements for both landfill
sites will include: (1) compilation and interpretation of field measurements and analytical
results, (2) statistical evaluation of analytical data, and (3) preparation of semi-annual and
annual monitoring reports for submittal to the California Regional Water Quality Control
Board, Central Coast Region. This task does not include any of the costs for groundwater
sampling and laboratory analysis.

&Documents and Settings\dpwl19\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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4.2        Correspondence relating to Analytical Results

This task provides a contingency to cover correspondence with the County and regulatory
agencies, if needed, following the receipt of analytical results from the Buena Vista and
Ben Lomond Landfills. The correspondence included in this task could include
addressing site groundwater trends and responses to indication of releases. The amount
of effort required for this task is unknown, as it varies with each monitoring event, in
response to the data requirements. For costing purposes, we have assumed a level of
effort equivalent to 4 hours per month for an Assistant Project Engineer and 2
hours/month for an Associate Hydrogeologist.

4.3 Installation of New Monitoring Well and Gas Probes at Buena Vista

The RWQCB has requested the installation of an additional monitoring well for Module
4A at the Buena Vista Landfill. GeoSyntec will install the new monitoring well. The cost
estimate includes time for obtaining the appropriate permits, preparing a site-specific
health and safety plan, coordinating and scheduling a drilling subcontractor, and
completing the fieldwork. We have assumed a total well depth of approximately 140
feet, based on existing topography and historical water level elevations.

Two additional gas probes are also required at the Buena Vista Landfill. The gas probes
will have an approximate depth of 85-feet and will contain tri-level probes. The gas
probes will be constructed in a similar manner as other gas probes at the site.

A report that documents the gas probes and monitoring well installation and completion
will be prepared and submitted to the County and the RWQCB. The cost estimate does
not include surveying the location and elevation of the new probes and well.

4.4 Installation of New Monitoring Well at Ben Lomond

Based on recent discussions with the RWQCB, the County and GeoSyntec are currently
evaluating the need for an additional groundwater monitoring well to serve as an
upgradient well for the Ben Lomond Landfill. If the evaluation indicates a new
upgradient well is required, GeoSyntec will obtain the appropriate permits, prepare a site-
specific health and safety plan, schedule a drilling subcontractor, and install the well. We
have assumed a total well depth of approximately 250 feet, based on existing topography
and historical water level elevations. A report that documents the well installation and
completion will be prepared and submitted to the County and the RWQCB. The cost
estimate does not include surveying the location and elevation of the new well.

4.5 Revise Buena Vista WDRs and Assist with Sampling Plan Updates

C:\Documents and Settings\dpwl19\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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      ~~                            ~                                                           ~

The primary objectives of this task are to assist the County with the process of updating
the Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) for the Buena Vista Landfill and to prepare
updated sampling plans for both the Buena Vista and Ben Lomond Landfills, including a
reevaluation of the monitoring parameters for each site. The WDRs for Buena Vista
Landfill were prepared in 1994, and should be revised to reflect current conditions and
regulatory requirements.

GeoSyntec will provide general solid waste consulting services on an as needed basis for
the County.

&Documents and Settings\dpwl19\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBE\Work Scope.doc
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ESTIMATED BUDGET                                                   ATTACHMENT A

Task 1         Revise Buena Vista Landfill Site Development Plan
         Sub-Tasks 2,3,4 Development Plan Preparation and Reporting      $ 135,000
         Sub-Tasks 1,5   Module 3 & 6 Shear Testing and Meetings         $   32,400
Task 2         Final Cover Repair Design                                 $   62,150
Task 3         Aerial Survey and Topographic Mapping                     $   14,750
Task 4         Groundwater Monitoring Program                            $ 123,760
Task 5         General Consulting Services                               $   25,000
                                                                   Total: $ 393,060
                                          Attachment B
                                                                                061 0
                                     GEOSYNTEC ONSULTANTS
                                      COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ
                                       2003 RATE SCHEDULE

Professional Services                                                       Raternour
Staff Engineer                                                              $       82.00
Senior Staff Engineer                                                       $       95.00
Assistant Project Engineer                                                  $      104.00
Project Engineer                                                            $      120.00
Senior Project Engineer                                                     $      138.00
Associate                                                                   $      152.00
Principal                                                                   $      168.00
CQlVField Services
Engineering Technician                                                      $        65.00
Administrative Services
CADD Designer                                                               $        82.00
Senior DraRedSenior CADD Operator                                           $        76.00
Drafter/CADD Operator/Artist                                                $        68.00
Technical Word Processor                                                    $        46.00
Administrative Assistant                                                    $        51.00
Clerical                                                                    $        46.00
Direct Expenses                                                        cost plus 12%
Subcontract Services                                                   Cost plus 15%
Communications Fee                                           3% of Professional Labor
Specialized Computer Applications (per hour)                              $     20.00
Vehicle Charge (per mile)                                                 $      0.39
Vehicle Rental (per day)                                                  $     60.00
Photocopies (per page)                                                    $      0.12
Per Diem (per day)                                                        $ 150.00
Nuclear Gauge (per week)                                                  $ 250.00


J:\RATES'Q002\Santa Cruz Rates.doc                                  Effective: I October 2002
                                                                                                                                                                      ~~   . ... . . . .

                                                                                                                             E MAY BE ISSUED OR
                                                                                           TERMS, CONDITIONSAND MCLUSIONS OF SUCH POLICIES.

                                                                POUCY NUMBER   POLICY EFFECTlVE         POUCY EXPIRATION                             LIMITS
                    TYPE OF tNSURANCE
                                                                                DATE (MM/oww)            DATE ("IDDIYY)


                                             QL4178618                         09N)l/03                04/01/04                GENERAL AQGREGRATE                             2,oOw
                                                                                                                               PRODUCTS-COMP/OPAGQ               I$           2,000,M
                                                                                                                               PERSONAL & A W INJURY              $           ~,ooO,o(
                    ERS &CONTRACTOR'S PROT                                                                                     EACH OCCURRENCE                    $          ,X
                                                                                                                               FIRE DAMAGE (Any          fire)    $                lOO,o(
                                                                                                                               MED EXP (Any me person)            $                 =,a
                                             CA5053937                                                 0 1 1 m4
                                                                                                                               COMBINED SINGLE LIMIT              $            .O, M
                                                                                                                                                                              1o 0C

              ALL OWNED AUTOS                                                                                                  BODILY INJURY
              SCHEDULEDALITOS                                                                                                  (Per person)                       s
              HIRED AUTOS                                                                                                      BODILY INJURY
              NON-OWNED AUTOS                                                                                                  (per acadent)                      5

                                                                                                                               PROPEATYDAMAGE ..                  $
                                                                                                                                                   . .

                                                                                                                               AUTO ONLY- EA ACCIDENT             $

                                                                                                                               OTHER THAN A m 0 m :y
                                                                                                                                             EACHACCIDENT         $
        ElmyAmo                                                                                                                                AGGREGATE          $
                                                                               09/01/03                09/01/04                EACH OCCURRENCE                    $          10,000.0
                                                                                                                               AGGREGATE                          $          10,000.0
A           WORKERS COMPENSATION AND             !869 73 34 (AOS)
A                                                !969 73 35   (CA)
    A         THE PROPRIETOR/                    969 73 36 (NJ)
    B       OTHER                                195-19-04
              R o t Liability 8                                                                                                Deduclble:$300,000 ea clalm
              Cmtr. Pctl. Liab.                                                                                                Incl. Prod & Completed Operations
        1     Clams Made Form
                                             1                                                     I                       I


                                                                                    DATE THEREOF, THE INSURER AFFORCXNGCOVEFWE                 WILL-ENDEAVOR TO MAIL 30 DAYS
                                                                                    WRITEN NOTICETO THE CERTIFICATEHOLDER NAMED HEREIN, B                W FAILURETD MAIL SU
    DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS                                                           NOTICE SHALL IMPOSENO OBLlQATlON OR LIABILITY OF ANY KIND UPON THE INSURER
    701 OCEAN STREET, ROOM 410                                                      AFFORDING COVERAQE, ITS AGENTS OR,REPRESENTATIVES, OR THE ISSUER OFTHIS
                                                                                                                                ,     .. .
    SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060                                                            CERTIFICATE.
    GeoS ntec Consultants, Inc.
    621 &   5 3 d Street
    Suite 650                         = O M Y
    Boca Raton, FL 33487

                                  I   CoMTY

    701 OCEAN STREET, ROOM 410
    SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060

I                         4       I MARSH
                                  I         USA INC.
                                      BY Juan Hernandez
                                                                                                                        061 3
                 *.                                         COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ

TO:                f
            Board o Supervisors
            Auditor c o n b o l l e r

AGREEMENT TYPE (Check One)                                            Erpenditure Agreement            Revenue Agreement 0

The Board of Supervisors is hereby requested to appmve the attached agreement and authorize the execution of same.

      and     1500 NEwEI;L AVENUE, SUITE 800, WALNUT CRETX, CA 94596
2.          agreement will p r ~ l d e SOLID W A S T E CONSULTING           AND ENGINEERING SERVICES

                                                JULY 1, 2003                                    JUNE 30, 2004/
3. Period of the agreemegt is frwn                                                     to
4, Antkipated Cost is $393,060-00                                                0 Fwed 0 Monthly Rate 0          Annual Rate

      Rem*;           CONTRACT $393,060.00; OVERHEAD (7%) $27,514.20; TOTAL $420,574.20
 5. Detail:        On Continuing Agreements tist for IT         -       .
                                                                        Page CC-   Contract NO:                       OR        1'Tiie Agreement J
       0     SectionII         No Board letter required, will be listed under Ie 8
                                                                               tm                                               Vdfi L,,.rGs
       0     Sectionm         .Board letter required
       0     SectionN          Revenue Agreement                       625110! 51322! 35451 $258,060                   3590
                                                                        625110! 51032! 6610! $135,000                  6610
 6. Appmpriations/Revenues are available and are budgeted in                                            (Indw)                            (Sub object)
                                NOTE: I F APPROPFUAllONS ARE INSUFFICIENT, AllACHED COMPLmD AUD74 OR AUD-60

                       a=\                      have been
 APwowb-~                       available and               encumbered.
                      are not                                                                                              Date: 11 I - 2 d d   5
                                                                                    Auditor-donttoller Deputy

 Proposal and accounting detail reviewed and approved. It is rmmended that the Board of Supervisors approve the agreement and authorize

      DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS                                      (DepWAgency Head) to execute on behalf of the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT


 Date: !\,/
                      3 6 33
              Board of S u p e M s ~ s White         State of California
              Auditor Controller Canary              Cwnty of Santa C ~ Q
              AuditorcOntroller Pink                 I                         st-ofiicio Ckrk ofthe Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Cruz,
              Dpr a- Gold
                ea ttm                               State of California, do hereby c riy that the f r g i g request for approval of agreement was ap-
                                                                                       et f         oe o n
                                                     proved by said Board of Supervisors as recommended by the County Administrative Office by an
                                                     order duty entered in the minutes of said Board on                                         20-
              ADM - 29 (8/01)
              Title I, Section 3 0 Rm Man
                                0                    By: Deputy Clerk


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