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									                               Tuck Global Consultancy
                            Center for International Business
                          Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
                                  Hanover, NH 03755

                         CONSULTING AGREEMENT
                          AND (COMPANY NAME)
                               (DATE 2008)

This agreement outlines the goals, parameters, deliverables and logistics of the Tuck
Global Consultancy project for (COMPANY NAME) in October – December 2008.

I. Background

[(COMPANY NAME) to insert a brief paragraph describing the broad parameters of the

II. Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the project, which will become part of this agreement, will be
agreed between (COMPANY NAME) management and Tuck by (DATE).

The specific objectives of the project are…

III. The Approach

The approach will have these elements:

1. The team will gather as much data as possible between now and its departure from the
United States for (COUNTRY of ASSIGNMENT) on November 29th, 2008. Prior to
departure, the team will develop an action plan. This will be amended to fit
circumstances on the ground in the first week.
2. The team will visit (COUNTRY of ASSIGNMENT) over the course of a three-week
period from Monday, December 1st – Friday, December 19th, 2008. The team will
conduct an intensive project of in-country research and analysis, including conducting, as
needed, interviews with as many relevant and available individuals as possible during the
3. The team will work as closely as possible with (COMPANY NAME) management,
altering course or emphasis as mutually agreed. A Team Advisor will be on the ground
to guide the team and join in the interaction with (COMPANY NAME).
IV. Deliverables

A. Format and Timetable

1. The team will prepare and submit an executive summary of its conclusions to be
delivered to (COMPANY NAME) regional management in (COUNTRY of
ASSIGNMENT) on Friday, December 19th, 2008.
2. The team will make a formal presentation(s) to, and deliver a final written,
presentation-style report of its findings to (COMPANY NAME) management in the
United States, four to six weeks after returning to the United States.

V. The Tuck Team

The team will be comprised of (NUMBER) second-year MBA students selected by Tuck
Faculty. A Team Advisor will act as a ―senior partner‖ guiding and facilitating the work
of the team and interacting with (COMPANY NAME) as needed.

VI. Fee and Expenses

The project fee is $33,500. Fifty percent of the fee ($16,750) is due upon the signing of
this agreement. The remaining fifty percent is due upon the delivery of the final report
by the Tuck team to (COMPANY NAME) management in the United States.

Reimbursement of the travel and lodging expenses for the Tuck team will be billed, at
cost, upon the return of the team to the United States. These expenses will be kept to a
minimum consistent with safe and efficient execution of the assignment under the terms
of Tuck’s travel policies, a copy of which is attached to, and an integral part of, this
agreement. Reimbursement of any other direct expenses, such as video-conferencing,
copying, etc., will be due upon the delivery of the final report.

Agreed for                                   Agreed for
(COMPANY NAME)                               Tuck Global Consultancy

——————————————                               ———————————————
Date________________________                 ______________________________

                                             John B. Owens
                                             Director, Tuck Global Consultancy
                                             Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

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