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					Christian Birch Pedersen                                                       Curriculum Vitae

   ERP Analyst; experienced in consultancy, analysis and implementation of IT systems, focusing on project
   controls and design of large application architecture with an emphasis on J.D. Edwards(JDE), Kofax Ascent
   Capture and IceBreak Web Server systems. Experience gained in high growth, large scale Fortune 500
   businesses within many industries (finance, oil & gas, software, healthcare, transportation, shipping, con-
   sumer goods, government) and geographies (Europe, Africa and the Americas). Co-founder of several IT
   companies as reseller of document products including Kofax document capture software with proven refer-
   ences for successful sales and ERP project management in Europe and the Americas. Excel in a progres-
   sive, team-based organization that offers the opportunity for innovative thinking to deliver better results
   within sales and project management initiatives. Excellent client facing skills, analyzing complex business
   as well as technical issues, and distributing the message simply and precisely.

      15+ years experience of implementation of Oracle J.D Edwards.
      15+ years experience of development of IBM iSeries, DB/2 & SQL applications.
      10+ years experience of high-level use of Windows OS and Microsoft Office Suite.
      10+ years experience of sales engineering and training experience of IT projects and services.
      10+ years experience of project management and technical documentation.
      10+ years experience of Kofax Ascent Capture Document Management (ASC 7.5 Certified)
      8 years experience of implementing Internet applications using XML, HTML, XSD, XLS, SOAP, AJAX,
       JAVA-script, EDIFACT, IceBreak Web Server for IBM iSeries (IceBreak Certified).

Business Experience
Independent,                                  ERP Analyst & Architect
July 2006 – present

      Shell Global Cash Management in London: ERP architect, analyzing, implementing and supporting com-
       plex financial issues for Architect of central J.D.Edwards (Enterprise One and World) eBanking payment
       system, processing all supplier and Direct Debit payments between Shell and Partner Bank in Africa
       and Latin America. Architecting a current configuration of dozens of African & Latin American instances
       down to one common instance. Restoring technical design standards to ensure standards relative to
       J.D.Edwards is maintained. Providing written technical documentation.

      Adam Transport Company (Team Allied Group), Copenhagen: Design and development of complete
       web-based eBusiness system, based on XML documents and SOAP web services on the IBM iSeries

      Midtfactoring, Copenhagen: Architect, implementing large XML/EDI invoice interface, integrating 20+
       company clients with back-end factoring system.

System & Method Solutions,                    Chief Business Consultant & Co-founder
Horsholm, Denmark
January 2004 – June 2006

      Co-founder and General Manager of System & Method Solutions, developing advanced business me-
       thods in document processing supporting head sales-company System & Method's existing 500 cus-
       tomers. Drove sales of IT services and products worth $800,000+ in the first two fiscal years from
       company inception.
      Business consultant, advising large companies distributing and processing electronic documents.
      Project Manager, architect and developer of the world’s first large IceBreak web-application, converting
       a native iSeries-based banking system into a web-based application, eventually bringing System & Me-
       thod to the “IBM Server Proven”-program.
      Project manager and developer creating large web-based productions system using asp-technology
       IceBreak for IBM iSeries.
      Project leader, architect and developer, creating XML-interface for electronic distribution of supplier in-
       voices between private sector suppliers and government customers.

   Specific areas for responsibility:
     General Manager for System & Method Solutions, including daily administration & customer contracts,
     Chief Business Consultant, Project Manager.

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Christian Birch Pedersen                                                     Curriculum Vitae

Triologix,                                    JDE Business Consultant & Co-founder
Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2001 – December 2003

      Co-founder of Triologix and the first to implement the Kofax Ascent Capture Internet Server in Scandi-
       navia. Drove sales of IT services and products worth $586,000(2002) in the first 12 months from com-
       pany inception.
      Architect and Project leader of JDE workflow implementation in Shell Central-America and Caribbean.
      Installed Kofax ACIS system and Microsoft IIS Server at the Shell Finance Center, Guatemala. Imple-
       mented document capture clients at 20+ locations in Europe, Central-America and Caribbean;
      Designed interfaces between Kofax Internet server located in Central-America and JDE iSeries server
       box in Europe.
      Architect and project leader of Nordic eBanking system, integrating Shell and ABN AMRO Bank in one

   Specific areas of responsibility:
     Oversight of sales engineer activities of JDE services incl. Kofax products in countries worldwide,
     Architect of document capture systems, e.g. JDE/Kofax Scanning integration,
     Senior consulting: System architecture design of JDE Workflow, iSeries, MS Servers, JDE applications,
      Kofax systems, Microsoft SPS; with emphasis on JDE eBanking (EDI) system integration.

Independent,                                  JDE Business Consultant
Copenhagen, Denmark
February 2000 – April 2001

   Developed and implemented JDE Workflow application for Shell in several
   countries in Europe. Provided ongoing support to Shell with branches worldwide. Establishing Kofax prod-
   ucts in the Nordic Shell countries.

   Specific areas of responsibility:
     Project leader responsible for implementation of JDE software and Kofax Document systems,
      System integration with Chemicals and Financials.

SYSteam Applications AB,                      JDE Business Consultant
Huskvarna, Sweden
October 1994 – January 2000

   Project leader responsible for sales, marketing and implementation of JDE software for multinational com-
   panies in the oil/gas industry, transportation sector, production and distribution companies. Increased SYS-
   team’s revenue in Denmark from 0 to $834,000 over a period of 5 years. Served as sales engineer, imple-
   mented financial and distribution systems, and planned upgrades of existing ERP systems. Based in Copen-
   hagen, the first employee outside Sweden.

   Specific areas of responsibility:
     Manager of JDE financial upgrade for Shell Oil Corp. in Scandinavia incl. Finland.
     Project leader for complete implementation of JDE Finance/Distribution for Bacardi-Martini Denmark.
      Application development in JDE environment.
      Training in JDE systems.
      Application development in Native OS/400 environment.

IFM SYSTEMER                                  JDE/AS400 Application Developer
Hoersholm, Denmark
September 1991 – September 1994

   System consultant responsible for JDE customer applications in the oil/gas industry, transportation sector
   and production/distribution companies.

   Specific areas of responsibility:
     Development of JDE and OS/400 applications. Configuration of AS/400.
     Migration from IBM S/36 to AS/400. Sale of consultant services.

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Christian Birch Pedersen                                                     Curriculum Vitae

   Customer list includes Dansk Shell A/S. Adam Transport A/S, Denmark. Scansped A/S, Sweden. Volvo Pen-
   ta, Sweden. Rockwool, Denmark. Smithkline-Beecham, Denmark. Johnson & Johnson, Denmark.

Sony Scandinavia                         IBM S/36 System Programmer
Taastrup, Denmark
August 1988 – August 1991

   Responsible for operation and development of internal administrative system based on IBM S/36. Main-
   tained inventory database and development of PCIS (Purchase Forecast) using RPG. Involved in implemen-
   tation of IBM System 370.

   Specific areas of responsibility:
     Development and maintenance of IBM S/36 finance, distribution and logistic applications,
     Maintenance of daily operations.

Other professions
Sound Track Studios                      Freelance Sound Engineer
Copenhagen, Denmark
1984 – 1988

   Sound Engineer recording multiple music genres e.g. contemporary acoustic jazz, modern ballets, fashion
   show sound design and even heavy metal band recordings.

   Specific areas of responsibility:
     Sound engineering and configuration of 48 channel Trident mixer Consol with additional effects, Otari
      48 track analog tape and Sony 32 track digital tape recorder,
     Misc. synthesizer programming including Fairlight II advanced synthesizer configuration.

   Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. I speak fluent English and the Scandinavian languages with a basic know-
   ledge of German. I enjoy creativities such as sail sports, workouts, product design, traveling and cultural

Education and Courses
   IceBreak Developer, Denmark 2007
   Kofax Ascent Capture 7.5 Certified, Denmark 2006
   Java Server Protocol (JSP), Denmark, 2003
   Java for Application Developers, Denmark 2003
   Kofax Ascent Capture Advanced Training, Denmark 2001
   J.D. Edwards(JDE) One World System Administration, California, USA, 1998
   JDE One World System Foundation, California, USA, 1998
   JDE World Software Inventory Management, Stokenchurch, England, 1998
   JDE One World Common Foundation, Colorado USA, 1997
   JDE One World Architecture & CNC, Colorado USA, 1997
   JDE One World Development Tools, Colorado USA, 1997
   JDE One World Enterprise Report Writing, Colorado USA, 1997
   JDE World Software Integrated Purchasing, Stokenchurch England, 1997
   JDE R.E.P. Methodology, Stokenchurch England, 1996
   JDE World Software Accounts Payable, Stokenchurch England, 1996
   JDE World Software Technical Foundation, Bourns End England, 1993
   JDE World Software Common Foundation, Bourns End, England, 1993
   IT Technician, Technical School, Copenhagen Denmark, 1986
   High School, Copenhagen Denmark, 1984

   Recommendations and references are available on request.

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