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					Type           Title                        Purpose                                       Start Date     End Date
Consultation   Draft Crossrail (Devolution The draft Order will have the effect of     8/28/2009         11/5/2009
               of Functions) Order 2009 devolving to Transport for London the
                                           Secretary of State’s land acquisition and
                                           associated powers in relation to the
                                           Crossrail project. The powers are being
                                           devolved to make administration of the
                                           Crossrail land acquisition process more
                                           efficient, and to remove the need for the
                                           Department for Transport to continue
                                           procuring independent consultancy advice in
                                           relation to Crossrail land acquisition.

Consultation   Specification for the        This document provides a background to the 8/18/2009         11/29/2009
               Reinstatement of the         consultation process, explains why the Code
               Openings in Highways 3rd     of Practice was revised and what was
               Edition                      considered. There are then questions
                                            relating to the main changes.

Consultation   Designation Order for the A consultation paper on the proposed               10/19/2009   11/25/2009
               Port of Bristol Port Security Designation Order for the Port of Bristol Port
               Authority                     Security Authority

Consultation   Regulations to control the   Noise limits and tyre sidewall marking        10/29/2009     12/10/2009
               sale and installation of     already applied to new vehicle tyres is being
               replacement tyres on         extended to replacement tyres from
               motor vehicles               2010. Directive 92/23/EEC as amended is
                                            being transposed through the Road Vehicles
                                            (C and U) Regulations 1986 and Motor
                                            Vehicles (Designation of Approval Marks)
                                            Regulations 1979
Consultation   Proposals to increase       Consultation on proposals to increase         10/20/2009   12/21/2009
               maximum MOT test fees       maximum MOT test fees by approximately
                                           1.5% from 6 April 2010.
Consultation   Traffic Signs (Amendment)   Consultation document on the Traffic Signs    9/17/2009    12/24/2009
               Regulations and General     (Amendment) Regulations and General
               Directions 2010 and the     Directions 2010 and the Traffic Signs
               Traffic Signs (Temporary    (Temporary Obstruction) Regulations 2010.
               Obstruction) Regulations

Consultation   Local Authority special     This consultation concerns the distribution of 11/4/2009   12/30/2009
               grant funding in 2010/11    special grant funding to local authorities in
               for the national bus        2010/11 for the national bus concession in
               concession in England       England 2010

Consultation   National Rail Penalty       The 2009 consultation intends to seek         11/4/2009    1/27/2010
               Fares Rules Policy and      contributions toward making the rules and
               Charge Change               policy clearer through the use of plain
                                           English and by revising a number of issues
                                           which have sometimes caused confusion.
Review         Review of the impact of     To evaluate the impact of the repeal by       4/1/2009     End 2009
               Private Hire Vehicle        means of stakeholder questionnaires and
               contract exemption repeal   consider possible action e.g. revised
               (Road Safety Act 2006)      guidance.

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