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									                                                                                                   February 2008                              751 AERO MECHANIC                                        Page

                                                                                                                              VOL. 62 NO. 1                                                  FEBRUARY 2008

Gregoire Announces New
Apprenticeship Program
   Over a hundred Machinists Union           ing for apprentice programs, vocational
members were on hand when Governor           training, community colleges and high-
Chris Gregoire announced funding of $3       tech institutions to promote American
million to start a new apprenticeship        manufacturing and ensure good jobs for
program for aerospace and new technol-       tomorrow’s workers.
ogy for workers in Washington.                  While pointing out that the state must
   The announcement came as part of          remain frugal with the budget, Governor
the IAM’s nationwide “America’s Edge,        Gregoire stated, “This investment is
Our Skills, Our Kids” campaign. Rallies                                                  L to R standing: Business Reps Don Morris and Ron Bradley and Stewards
                                             about further improving the future of our
                                                                                         Wilson ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and Stosh Tomala were among the many cheering
across the country aimed to focus na-        state’s economy, and apprenticeship pro-
                                                                                         the new apprenticeship.
tional attention on the growing skills       grams are a critical component in pro-
shortage and the need for additional fund-   viding a skilled workforce. This is not     the time to slow up but rather to gear up                                  competitive place in the world as we vie
                                                                                         and go forward.”                                                           for these jobs in the global market.”
District Sec-
Treasurer                                                                                   The Machinists Union will continue                                         “Thanks also to 751 Political Direc-
Susan Palmer                                                                             working closely with the governor and                                      tor Larry Brown for ensuring the Ma-
(l) and 751                                                                              legislators on the specifics of the new                                    chinists Union has a role in creating
President                                                                                apprenticeship program – with the goal                                     these future jobs,” Wroblewski added.
Tom                                                                                      of ensuring there are more trained work-                                      The governor said the apprenticeship
Wroblewski                                                                               ers for jobs of the future.                                                program will respond to aerospace sup-
go over plans                                                                               District 751 President Tom                                              pliers throughout the state who reported
for a new                                                                                Wroblewski declared, “It is great to see                                   their greatest challenge was finding
aerospace                                                                                Governor Gregoire make investments in                                      skilled workers to expand their aero-
apprenticeship                                                                           aerospace workers and the industry. This                                   space businesses. This new apprentice-
with Gov.
                                                                                         will pay long-term dividends for our                                                          Continued on page 3

Members’ Ideas Resolve Issues
    Every day our
members demon-
strate their ingenuity
and assist Boeing in
building quality air-
planes. However, a
handful of members
in Renton are going                                                                                                     District 751 President Tom Wroblewski and
above and beyond the                                                                                                    Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer (who chairs the
call of duty after they                                                                                                 Benefits Committee) discuss proposals for the
formed the Renton                                                                                                       upcoming negotiations with Boeing.
Employee Aircraft
Corrective Team
(REACT) – a group
designed to address
                                                                                                                       Union Negotiators
issues in the produc-
tion process.            L to R: Phil Larvie, Steven Long, and Marc Honda (manager) show Business Rep
                                                                                                                       Named for Contract
    Spearheaded by Tommy Wilson the roller they designed to install galley mats in the 737. This                           The Union continues preparations for formal nego-
751-member Steven solved a bubbling issue that engineers had been unable to resolve. These members                     tiations with Boeing later this year with the announce-
Long, this unique are part of a brainstorming group established to help with similar issues using the                  ment of our 2008 Negotiating Committees. This team of
group offers an open skills and knowledge of our members.                                                              experienced and talented leaders, which will be led by
forum to troubleshoot                                                                                                  District President Tom Wroblewski, will ensure we
issues they encounter in final assembly of the 737. The   specifically asked us to work on it. I saw a chance for                         continue to secure the best wages and
first task the REACT team tackled dealt with mat          hourly workers to apply their knowledge and expertise                OUR TI M     benefits in aerospace. In addition to the
                                                                                                                            ’S          I O N T I ME
bubbling in the galleys of 737’s.                         while helping the Company. It was a win-win for


                                                                                                                             10              Corporate Committee, there are five

    The REACT team is comprised of Steve Long,            everyone,” Steve reported. “I recruited a cross section         9
                                                                                                                                             subcommittes (Benefits, Workforce,

Union Steward Phil Larvie, Lisa Kemp and Rob Mahan.       of some fantastic fellow mechanics from different jobs              8
                                                                                                                                       N TR

                                                                                                                                             Jobs, Joint Programs and Subcontract-
                                                                                                                                              ACT ’
                                                                                                                                                    0   8
                                                                                                                          TH            !
In addition, the group received assistance from many      who brainstormed ways to address the issue. The open                IS TI ME       ing) responsible for drafting contract
other organizations including QA, ME, Moonshine,          forum encouraged the free-flow of ideas and helped           See page 7 for proposals for their assigned areas. Ne-
Tooling, Union Stewards, Engineering, MRSA and            each person take ownership of the project. Together, we      Negotiating           gotiators on all committees must pos-
Support Cells. REACT came up with a viable solution       designed a tool that has been incorporated into the          Committees sess in-depth knowledge of specific
to the mat bubbling, and it is currently being used in    production process and will save Boeing millions of          problems facing bargaining unit members and the con-
production and has significantly reduced customer con-    dollars.”                                                    tract language necessary for members’ protection.
cerns about the issue, as well.                              “I appreciate the tremendous support we received              While the formal contract negotiations occur every
    “I heard about the galley mat issue, but no one                                      Continued on page 12          three years, the committees are active throughout the
                                                                                                                       contract dealing with issues as they arise.

Keeping the                                                Exploring Job                                         Upcoming Elections Inside Index
Dream Alive                                                Security                                               Nomination and election
                                                                                                                                                                                   President's Message ........ 2
                                                                                                                                                                                   Political Action ................. 3
Participants take part in                                  A look at various ways to                              information and schedule
                                                                                                                                                                                   Union Election Notice .... 4
community service                                          obtain job security in the                             for upcoming Union
                                                                                                                                                                                   Community Service ......... 8
projects to keep Dr.                                       coming negotiations                                    elections
                                                                                                                                                                                   Retirement ......................... 9
King’s dream alive          5                                                       6                                                                                 4            Want Ads .......................... 10
Page 2            751 AERO MECHANIC                          February 2008

                                         REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT
Machinists Get Apprenticeships, Next Comes the Tanker
by Tom Wroblewski,                                      funding package for a new aero-                           pany must share in that prosperity.           our strategic plan for contract negotia-
District President                                      space apprenticeship program.                                 The Company has just announced the        tions. We have been generating the
                                                        This will help grow the industry                          payout of the Employee Incentive Plan         monthly messages which are the center-
   As we count down to                                  and create family wage jobs. These                        (EIP). The 15 days of pay represents the      pieces of our shop floor meetings with
September 3rd – Contract                                new apprenticeship slots will help                        largest ever. The Union members who           the Business Representatives. Please at-
2008, remember “It’s Our                                us compete for these jobs in the                          actually build the airplanes should be        tend these shop floor meetings and speak
Time...This Time!”                                      global marketplace. We can only                           rewarded as well. It is absolutely uncon-     up. In late February, the next survey
   International President                              do this if we build the high skills                       scionable this company would exclude          focusing on pay issues and retirement
Tom Buffenbarger is                                     and maintain the high wages nec-                          their IAM employees from the EIP. This        will be out. Let us know what you want.
sponsoring a nationwide                                 essary for the aerospace industry.                        is a benefit I will be fighting for at the    That is the only way we can reflect your
America’s Edge tour highlighting the             And, of course, aerospace is a corner-                           bargaining table.                             desires in these negotiations.
need for workforce training. Labor               stone industry for our state’s economy.                              I continue to walk the shop floors           The KC-767 tanker letter writing cam-
economists predict a serious lack of             We are thankful to Governor Gregoire                             listening to and asking questions of our      paign has been very successful. The
skilled workers, which began in 2005,            and proud to contribute our energies to                          members. It is my job to ensure our           Washington Congressional delegation
will grow to 5.3 million in 2010 and 21          this effort.                                                     proposals in these contract negotiations      has received over 25,000 tanker letters
million in 2020. Our District is deter-             Last week I met with senior Company                           accurately reflect your wishes and your       from you. Your participation will have a
mined to do its part to remedy this skilled      leadership to discuss the schedule and                           needs. As I visit with our members at         great impact. Our delegation can use
workforce shortage. That is why your             tone for the 2008 negotiations. I ex-                            each location and on all three shifts, I am   these letters to advocate for our tanker
Union requested Governor Gregoire sup-           pressed to The Boeing Company that the                           constantly amazed by the insight and          when the Alabama delegation argues for
port a new aerospace worker apprentice-          2008 negotiations present a great oppor-                         honesty of our membership. Your sug-          the Airbus plane. Once again you have
ship program.                                    tunity for the Union and the Company to                          gestions have been good, and I will con-      made your voice heard. Thank you for
   At the America’s Edge tour at our             achieve our goals. At a time when the                            tinue to come to you, asking for your         your efforts.
Seattle hall on January 29th, Governor           Company is prospering our members                                help during these negotiations.
Chris Gregoire announced a $3 million            have made great sacrifices. The Com-                                 Our Union continues to implement                  District Lodge 751,
                                                                                                                                                                       International Assn. of
Union Persistence Resolves Overtime Pay                                                                                                                                   Machinists and
                                                                                                                                                                        Aerospace Workers
   Thanks to persis-                                                                                 Hall. When Business
tence from Union                                                                                     Rep Ron Bradley trans-
                                                                                                                                                                       Tom Wroblewski
                                                                                                                                                                          President, Directing
Steward       Deonna                                                                                 ferred to the Seattle as-                                          Business Representative
Gagliardi and Busi-                                                                                  signment, he inherited
ness Rep Ron Brad-                                                                                   the grievance and con-                                               Clifton Wyatt
ley, two members                                                                                     tinued to press forward                                                  Vice President
(Carl Rainey and                                                                                     with the facts until the
Kham Keopanya)                                                                                       members received the                                                Susan Palmer
were paid for week-                                                                                  proper pay.                                                          Secretary-Treasurer
end overtime after                                                                                      Bradley continues to
they were bypassed.                                                                                  monitor the situation to                                               James Coats
   Carl Rainey, who                                                                                  ensure members’ rights                                                 Sergeant-at-Arms
received pay for the                                                                                 are protected by the                                               Tommy Wilson
contract violation,                                                                                  Union contract.
noted, “Other mem-                                                                                      Member Carl Rainey
                                                                                                                                                                          Roy Moore
bers who were not on                                                                                 noted, “The Union                                                   Paul Knebel
the floor care crew                                                                                  stuck with it and didn’t                                          Mark B. Johnson
worked that weekend.                                                                                 stop until it was re-                                            Ray Baumgardner
I had been working on                                                                                solved. Management
the floor care crew all Member Carl Rainey (r) thanks Business Rep Ron Bradley (l) and               kept hoping if they
                                                                                                                                                                      Emerson Hamilton
that week so I think I Steward Deonna Gagliardi for their help in resolving an overtime              dragged their feet long                                             Stan Johnson
was unfairly over- grievance.                                                                        enough the problem                                                 Paul Milliken
looked. I was glad the                                                                               would go away.”                                                     Ron Bradley
Union was there to stand up for me.”     work the overtime.                           “With this win, it will change some
   Upon hearing of the situation, Deonna    When she approached her supervisor     things,” stated Deonna, “I was glad there
                                                                                                                                                                        Jimmy Darrah
methodically gathered statements and     on the issue, she was told if she filed a wasn’t a gag order because everyone                                                 Heather Barstow
documentation from all members who       grievance, ‘things will change and you    should know when we win something                                                      Jon Holden
worked the overtime, including what      won’t like it.’ Deonna then met with her  like this and realize they have a right to                                             Don Morris
their assignment had been in the previ-  General who insisted they could use       ask management to live by the contract
ous week. She showed Carl and Kham       whoever they wanted for the overtime.     the Company signed.”
                                                                                                                                                                       Richard Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                     Union Business Representatives
had indeed performed the work during        Rather than be intimidated, Deonna
the week and should have been asked to   elevated the matter to the Seattle Union                                                                                              Union Offices:
                                                                                                                                                                 • 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300
                                                                                                  Employees Can Participate in                                   • 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590
                                                                                                                                                                 • 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777
 Order New Contract T-shirt                                                                       Job Shadow Day - March 27th
                                                                                                                                                                 • 8729 Airport Rd, Everett;

 Through Union Stewards                                                                              Job Shadow Day at Boeing will take place on Thurs-
                                                                                                                                                                 • 4226 E. Mission, Spokane
                                                                                                                                                                  (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305
                                                                                                                                                                     Toll-free to Seattle from:
     Union Stewards are taking                                                                    day, March 27th. Though the day focuses on mentoring                 Nationwide 1-800-763-1301
  orders for the new contract t-                                                                  high school-aged students involved in Junior Achieve-                    Tacoma 253-627-0822
                                                                                                                                                                        Hotline: 1-800-763-1310
  shirt. See examples right for t-                                 UR TIM                         ment, Boeing employees’ children currently in 9th to
  shirt design. T-shirts will re-                    ’S O                                         12th grade are also invited to take part.
                                                                                                                                                                         Web site: www.iam751.org


                                                                   I O N T I ME
  main just $5 and come in sizes                     10                               2
                                                                                                     Presentations and tours will take place at Fredrickson,
  small through 5X. The t-shirt                      9                                    3
                                                                                                  Auburn, Kent, Renton, Seattle, Bellevue and Everett.
  will also include a pocket on
                                                                        ACT ’
                                                                              0   8
                                                                                                     To participate in a Job Shadow Day event, the Boeing           751 AERO MECHANIC
  the front.                                                                                      employee’s child will need to complete an application
                                                  THIS TIME!                                                                                                         Connie Kelliher, Editor
     Members can place orders                                                                     form which requires a parent signature. Tentatively,                Member of The Newspaper Guild,
  through their Union Stewards,                                                                   events will run 8:30 a.m. to1 p.m.                                          CWA #37082
  who then place the orders                                                                          The day will give students a chance to hear about job       District 751 AERO MECHANIC ( ISSN 0894-7864,
                                                                                                                                                                 USPS 008-660) is published Monthly except Bi-
  online and can pick up the or-                                                                  opportunities available through The Boeing Company,            monthly in December/January by Aerospace In-
  ders at the March Local Lodge                                                                   as well as outlining what they need to learn in school to      dustrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S.,
                                              Contract logo is                                                                                                   SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes
  meetings.                                                                                       be eligible for employment at Boeing.
                                              prominently displayed                                                                                              toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Me-
     Show your solidarity, pur-               on back of the t-shirt. A                              Look for more information on Job Shadow Day and             chanic. $4 per year for non-members by District
  chase and wear a contract t-                                                                    access to the application in the third week in February on     Lodge 751, International Association of Machin-
                                              smaller contract logo                                                                                              ists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th
  shirt every Wednesday through               appears on the shirt                                the Boeing internal website.                                   Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Periodicals postage
  negotiations because: It’s Our              pocket on the front.                                                                                               paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send ad-
                                                                                                                                                                 dress changes to District 751 Aero Mechanic,
  Time This Time!                                                                                                                                                9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108
                                                                                                         February 2008                751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 3

                                                               POLITICAL ACTION
New Apprenticeship Could Help Keep ‘Our Edge’
Continued from page 1                                            tion of aerospace
ship program will help ensure there are trained people           workers will come
to fill those future jobs.                                       from,” said Brown.
    The aerospace industry is changing on a daily basis,         “Apprenticeships al-
further emphasizing the need for cutting edge technol-           low students to earn
ogy to train workers. The apprenticeship program, if             while they learn, and
passed by the Legislature, will help in building and             encourages thou-
maintaining a strong workforce for the state’s growing           sands of men and
aerospace industry and its suppliers.                            women to cultivate
    House Speaker Frank Chopp and Senate Majority                the needed skills that
Leader Lisa Brown expressed their support for the plan.          will put them on a
    “A thriving aerospace industry is vital to                   solid career path.”
Washington’s economic future,” said Chopp, “and ap-                 Also speaking at
prenticeships are vital to a thriving aerospace industry.        the Seattle event were
It’s a win-win.”                                                 local and national
    “Washington needs to know where the next genera-             IAM leaders, the
                                                                 president of the
Right: Kathleen                                                  American Federation
Kennedy Townsend                                                 of Teachers, former Members applaud the announcement of a new apprenticeship program to ensure
stressed a national                                              Iowa governor Tom the state has trained aerospace workers for the future.
skills initiative                                                Vilsack and former
should be part of a                                              Maryland Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.            “The chronic underinvestment in skills training is
broader effort to                                                Gregoire’s announcement as part of the America’s         threatening America’s last remaining edge in the global
revitalize America's                                             Edge rally is a prime example of how to move forward     economy,” said Buffenbarger. “We need to wake up to
critical                                                         on that idea to ensure jobs for the future.              this crisis before it
manufacturing                                                       “A national skills initiative should be part of a     becomes         any
                                                                 broader effort to revitalize America’s critical manufac- worse.”
                                                                 turing sector,” said IAM International President Tom        According to the
                                                                 Buffenbarger in a press release. “I hear from employers  Bureau of Labor
                                                                 every day that are looking for qualified machinists,     Statistics, the U.S.
                                                                 engineers and technicians with the skills to handle      will face a skilled
                                                                 today’s high-end manufacturing technologies. There       worker shortage of
                                                                 simply are not enough schools preparing people for the   eight million by
                                                                 opportunities that are out there.”                       2010 and as high as
                                      Left: IAM General              “The response to this campaign was amazing,” said    14 million by 2020.
                                      Vice President
                                                                 IAM International General Vice President Robert Roach.   The U.S. aerospace
                                      Robert Roach
                                      pushed for a               “All Americans want a good future for their kids and     sector is particu-
                                      national initiative        they want to keep good jobs in North America. This tour  larly vulnerable,
                                      for more training          brought together IAM members, students, teachers and     with retirements
                                      to keep the U.S. a         politicians from communities across America. We all      adding to the loom- Governor Gregoire (r) and
                                                                 want a national initiative for more training and to keep                       former Iowa Governor Tom
                                      leader in precision                                                                 ing shortage.
                                                                                                                                                Vilsack agree on the need for
                                      manufacturing.             the United States a leader in precision manufacturing.”
                                                                                                                                                more training.

Olympia Lobbying Intensifies as Session Heats Up
    During this short session everyone is                                                                                                   administer the services, address the im-
scrambling to get their issues heard and                                                                                                    pacts on the Unemployment Insurance
bills are flying.                                                                                                                           system and make suggestions for admin-
    Our Union has emphasized the need for                                                                                                   istrative efficiency. They did their job
a dual focus when preparing our youth for                                                                                                   with the exception of recommending who
life after high school. There must be high                                                                                                  funds the program in the long run; that
standards for kids who want to go on to                                                                                                     work is still ahead of us.
college; however, the highest growth in-                                                                                                        HB 2665 was introduced this session
dustries in our state are in desperate need of                                                                                              to make the task force recommendations
well-trained, high-skilled workers in the                                                                                                   law. While we like some aspects of the
trades. We need technical training and                                                                                                      bill better than others, we firmly believe
apprenticeships to prepare workers for these                                                                                                the FLI program, like other social insur-
high-skilled jobs. Governor Gregoire’s an-                                                                                                  ance programs, must be in the domain of
nouncement of a new $3 million appren-                                                                                                      the public sector not the private sector.
ticeship program is a good first step to                                                                                                        Passing HB 2665 will take us one step
addressing this need.                                                                                                                       closer to full implementation of our Fam-
    Governor Gregoire’s Climate Action           751 Legislative Committee members L to R: Scott Salo, Dave Henry, and                      ily Leave Insurance program with the
and Green Jobs bill would “build path-           Brett Coty discuss current bills in Olympia impacting workers.                             first benefits to be paid to eligible Wash-
ways to prepare people for good family                                                                                                      ington workers in October, 2009.
wage jobs in non-polluting employment            Rick Bender, President of the Washing-       keting purposes.                              Worker Privacy Act
as well as promoting sustainability of           ton State Labor Council. “The Working           The bill to create a Working Group to         Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court
our natural resources.” The Apollo Alli-         Families Credit will help families who       study health care proposals (HB 2536          agreed to review a lawsuit filed by the
ance has brought a diverse group of lead-        need it the most.”                           and SB 6333) took some interesting twists     California Chamber of Commerce. The
ers together to sponsor this legislation         Health Care                                  and turns but is now out of the House         lawsuit questioned the state’s right to
including labor, business, environmen-              The Insurance Rate Accountability         Health Committee. The working group           have jurisdiction over employee-union
tal and anti-poverty communities.                Act (SB 5261) addresses costs by insist-     would be tasked with examining 4 or 5         relationships as it pertained to state grant
Working Families Tax Credit                      ing that the huge, profiteering insurance    specific plans to determine the cost of       monies. There are some who believe this
   A much needed tax break, which                companies (supposedly nonprofits) in         each plan, the degree to which each plan      case could have implications on the
would benefit the 350,000 lowest paid            the individual market must justify any       would provide quality, comprehensive          Worker Privacy Act. To ensure all the
Washingtonians, has been introduced for          rate hikes to the State Insurance Com-       care and the impact of the plan on access     work that has gone into making this a
low-wage workers. Representative Tami            missioner. It is the right thing to do. We   to quality affordable care.                   successful piece of legislation is pre-
Green introduced HB 3234 and Senator             must stop the 20 to 30% yearly rate hikes    Family Leave Funding                          served, the labor community has de-
Craig Pridemore introduced SB 6809 to            we have seen. The bill passed the Senate        In the 2007 session, the Family Leave      cided to review the viability of our bill in
create a Working Families Credit equiva-         31-18 on January 30.                         Insurance (FLI) bill passed. So where         the context of the current court case.
lent to 10% of the Federal Earned In-               The Prescription Privacy Bill (HB         does FLI stand now? Last year a task          Depending on the outcome of the Su-
come Tax credit.                                 2664 and SB 6241) would stop pharma-         force was assigned to iron out the details.   preme Court ruling, the unions in the
   “Workers with lower wages face a              ceutical companies from purchasing the       They were to find solutions to funding        state of Washington, including the Ma-
daily challenge to make ends meet.” said         prescribing records of physicians for mar-   the program, decide which agency will         chinists, will decide how to proceed.
Page 4             751 AERO MECHANIC                   February 2008

 Nomination and Election Schedule for Union Offices
    Nominations and elections for District        tired on pension and paying full dues,                                               Request for Absentee Ballot
Council Delegates & Alternates, District          whether or not they hold a retirement or an
Audit, Union Business Representatives,            exemption card.                                 In accordance with the Constitution of the IAM & AW, I hereby request an absentee ballot for the
Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &                    QUALIFICATIONS FOR DIS-                     election date of ______________. I qualify under the IAM Constitution for an absentee ballot for
                                                  TRICT AUDIT, DISTRICT COUNCIL                   the following reasons (must qualify under one of the below – check appropriate box):
Alternates, and certain Local Lodge Offic-
                                                                                                      ___ I reside more than 25 miles from the designated balloting place.
ers shall be made as described in table           DELEGATES & ALTERNATES: Can-
                                                                                                      ___ I am confined with a verified illness.
below (nominations in each first Local            didates must be a member of the respective          ___ I will be on vacation.
Lodge meeting in April, 2008 and elec-            Local at the time of nomination. Accord-            ___ I will be on IAM business approved by the Local, District or Grand Lodge.
tions in each first Local Lodge meeting in        ing to the IAM Constitution, candidates             ___ I am on approved employer travel assignment outside the area.
May, 2008), per the IAM Constitution.             must have one year continuous member-               ___ I will be on Reserve Military Leave
GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS:                           ship and shall be working at the trade as           ___ I will be on approved Family Medical Leave of absence
    Candidates for all Union positions must       defined in Sec. 4, Art. II, for six months          NAME: (printed)____________________________ Local Lodge:_____________
be in good standing and free from delin-          immediately prior to nomination and also
                                                                                                      NAME: (signature)__________________________ Union Book #:_____________
quencies of any nature to the Grand Lodge,        meets the requirements of the District
District or Local Lodge of the IAM.               Lodge bylaws.                                       Address:______________________________________________________
    In Local Lodges 751-E, 86, 1951, and              QUALIFICATIONS FOR BUSI-                        Social Security Number or BEMSID:______________________________________
1123, a nominee shall be required to have         NESS REPRESENTATIVES: A mem-                     All absentee ballot requests must be received no later than 10 days prior to the election. Requests must be made singly
attended at least 50% of the Local Lodge          ber must have been in continuous good            or personally delivered by the member requesting the absentee ballot. Send this form to the appropriate address
meetings during the 12-month period end-          standing for at least two years and must be      (Locals A, C, E & F, send requests to 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Locals 86, 1123 & 1951 send requests to
ing the date of the close of nominations          working at the trade one year immediately        4226 E. Mission, Spokane, WA 99202
(per requirements of the Local bylaws).           prior to their nomination. The qualifica-
    In Local Lodges 751-A, 751-C, and             tion “working at the trade” shall not apply    NOMINEES ACCEPTANCE:                                             dance with the IAM Constitution (can use
751-F, candidates are encouraged to have          to members who are salaried full-time             All nominations must be made from the                         form above). Any member entitled to re-
attended at least 50% of the Local Lodge          employees of the Union, a council, confer-     floor by a member in good standing. All                          ceive an absentee ballot (per reasons listed
meetings during the 12-month period end-          ence, or the AFL-CIO or CLC, nor shall it      nominees, who are nominated at the meet-                         on form) shall make a written request,
ing the date of the close of nominations.         apply to members who experience a layoff       ing, must sign an acceptance card or letter                      stating the reason. Such request must be
    QUALIFICATIONS FOR GRAND                      during the one-year period immediately         for the position nominated for, and it must                      mailed singly or personally delivered by
LODGE CONVENTION: Per the IAM                     prior to their nomination, or to members       be returned to the Recording Secretary of                        the member requesting the absentee ballot
Constitution, delegates to the Grand Lodge        who have been unable to obtain employ-         their Local before the close of that meet-                       no later than 10 days before the election.
Convention must be a member of the Local          ment at the trade because of a strike, lock-   ing. Members not present at nominating                               For Locals A, C, E & F: direct absen-
Lodge or of a Local Lodge affiliated with         out, discrimination, or temporary physical     meeting may have their names placed in                           tee ballot requests to: District Secretary-
District 751 for at least one year prior to the   disability. All Business Representatives       nomination only if a member nominates                            Treasurer, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA
time of nomination. This qualification shall      must qualify under Sec. 5, Art. I. No Busi-    them from the floor and the member nomi-                         98108 or personally deliver to one of the
not be required of a member working at the        ness Rep may hold any office in the gift of    nating them submits a letter from the can-                       following offices: Auburn - 201 A Street
trade transferred to a Local Lodge with the       any L.L. or D.L. excepting that of Presi-      didate, signifying the candidate’s accep-                        SW; Everett - 8729 Airport Road; Renton
approval of the International President or        dent of a D.L. or L.L, where no D.L. exists.   tance of the nomination to the office, to the                    - 233 Burnett N; Seattle - 9125 15th Pl. S.
Executive Council; free from delinquen-           A Business Rep may serve as a delegate to      Recording Secretary at the nominating                            Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. NOTE:
cies of any nature to the Union and at the        any affiliated body and to conventions.        meeting. The letter must set forth the                           Auburn, Everett & Renton halls are closed
time of nomination and for six months                 QUALIFICATIONS FOR LOCAL                   candidate’s name and card number with                            for lunch from noon to 1 p.m.
prior thereto, working at the trade.              LODGE 751-A & 751-C OFFICERS:                  candidate’s personal handwritten signa-                              For Local 86, 1123 and 1951: Mail or
    The qualification “working at the trade”      Candidates must be a member of the re-         ture. (NOTE: since it must be signed, e-                         personally deliver absentee ballot requests
shall not apply to members who are sala-          spective Local at the time of nomination       mail notification is not accepted).                              to: IAM & AW Ballot Request, 4226 E.
ried full-time employees of any L.L., D.L.,       and have been a member of the Local or of      ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE:                                             Mission, Spokane, WA 99202. Office
or G.L, a council, conference, the AFL-           a Local affiliated with District 751 for one      All members in good standing, whose                           hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed
CIO or the CLC nor shall it apply to              year at the time of nomination. Candidates     dues are paid through the month of March                         for lunch from 1 to 2 p.m.
members who experienced a layoff during           shall be working at the trade as defined in    2008, and retired Union members, are eli-                            Members can pick up a copy of their
the 6-month period prior thereto, or to           the IAM Constitution in Sec. 4, Art. II for    gible to vote in their respective Local Lodge                    Local Lodge bylaws or the IAM Constitu-
members who have been unable to obtain            six months prior to the nomination. In         election.                                                        tion at any of the Union offices. If you have
employment at the trade because of a strike,      addition, all L.L. officers and editors of     ABSENTEE BALLOTS:                                                questions regarding the election, call Sec-
lockout, discrimination or temporary physi-       L.L. publications must qualify under Sec.         Absentee ballots are issued in accor-                         retary-Treasurer Susan Palmer on 1-800-
cal disability, or to members who are re-         4, Art. I.                                                                                                      763-1301, ext. 3310.

              NOM                                                                                             ELECTION
  LOCAL       DATE           LOCATION                    POSITIONS TO BE NOMINATED                            DATE/TIME                    ELECTION LOCATION
  751-A       April 3        Stewards Meeting Hall       9 District Council Delegates; 3 District          May 1                           Auburn: 201 A St. SW      Seattle: 9135 15th Pl. S.
              6 p.m.         9135 15th Pl S, Seattle     Council Alternates; 1 District Audit,             5 a.m. to 8 p.m.                Everett: 8729 Airport Rd. Renton: 233 Burnett Ave. N.
                                                         14 Business Representatives - 1 from East. WA                                     Frederickson: Tacoma Sportsman Club - 16409 Canyon Rd
                                                         9 Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &
                                                         3 Grand Lodge Convention Alternates
                                                         3 year term: President, Vice President, Recording
                                                         Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Conductor-
                                                         Sentinel, 3 Trustees, 3 Local Audit Comm.
  751-C       April 10       Stewards Meeting Hall       9 District Council Delegates; 3 District          May 8                           Auburn: 201 A St. SW       Seattle: 9135 15th Pl. S.
              6 p.m.         9135 15th Pl S, Seattle     Council Alternates; 1 District Audit,             5 a.m. to 8 p.m.                Everett: 8729 Airport Rd. Renton: 233 Burnett Ave. N.
                                                         14 Business Representatives - 1 from East. WA                                     Frederickson: Tacoma Sportsman Club - 16409 Canyon Rd
                                                         9 Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &
                                                         3 Grand Lodge Convention Alternates
                                                         3 year term: President, Vice President, Recording
                                                         Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer, Conductor-
                                                         Sentinel, 3 Trustees, 3 Local Audit Comm.
  751-E       April 2        Stewards Meeting Hall       3 District Council Delegates; 1 District      May 7                               Seattle: 9135 15th Pl. S.
              5:30 p.m.      9135 15th Pl S, Seattle     Council Alternate; 1 District Audit,          6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
                                                         14 Business Representatives - 1 from East. WA
                                                         2 Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &
                                                         1 Grand Lodge Convention Alternate
  751-F       April 9        Stewards Meeting Hall       9 District Council Delegates; 3 District      May 14                              Auburn: 201 A St. SW      Seattle: 9135 15th Pl. S.
              6 p.m.         9135 15th Pl S, Seattle     Council Alternates; 1 District Audit,         5 a.m. to 8 p.m.                    Everett: 8729 Airport Rd. Renton: 233 Burnett Ave. N.
                                                         14 Business Representatives - 1 from East. WA                                     Frederickson: Tacoma Sportsman Club - 16409 Canyon Rd
                                                         9 Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &
                                                         3 Grand Lodge Convention Alternates
  86          April 10       4226 E. Mission             2 District Council Delegates; 1 District             May 8                        4226 E. Mission
              7 p.m.         Spokane, WA                 Council Alternate; 14 Business                       Noon to 7 p.m.               Spokane, WA
                                                         Representatives - 1 to be from East. WA
                                                         3 Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &
                                                         3 Grand Lodge Convention Alternates
  1123        April 3        Aluminum Trades Coun. 1 District Council Delegates; 1 District                   May 1              Aluminum Trades Council
              8 p.m.         180 Rock Island Rd.   Council Alternate; 14 Business                             8 p.m. until close 180 Rock Island Rd.
                             East Wenatchee, WA    Representatives - 1 to be from East. WA                    of meeting         East Wenatchee, WA
                                                   1 Grand Lodge Convention Delegate &
                                                   1 Grand Lodge Convention Alternate
  1951        April 1        1305 Knight St.             1 District Council Delegates; 1 District             May 6                        1305 Knight
              7:30 p.m.      Richland, WA                Council Alternate; 14 Business                       noon until close             Richland, WA
                                                         Representatives - 1 to be from East. WA              of meeting
                                                         2 Grand Lodge Convention Delegates &
                                                         2 Grand Lodge Convention Alternates
                                                                                                      February 2008                751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 5

Labor Honors Dr. King in Memphis
    The annual AFL-CIO event com-              trip to Mem-
memorating the life and legacy of Dr.          phis.
Martin Luther King, Jr. took place this            Besides
year in Memphis, Tennessee, where the          many speakers
Nobel Prize-winning civil rights leader        who        had
was slain while supporting striking sani-      worked with
tation workers in 1968. Tragically, King       Dr. King, the
never witnessed the success the Mem-           conference
phis sanitation workers achieved. The          also offered
64-day strike ended with a union con-          educational
tract for 1,300 members and is credited        workshops.                                                                                  Participants helped with community
with reviving a dormant union move-            IAM Execu-                                                                                  projects. Above: Dave Swan.
ment in Memphis and initiating a wave          tive Assistant
of public employee union organizing in         D i a n e                                                                                   Left: Louis Swan and Emerson
other parts of the South.                      Babineaux led                                                                               Hamilton.
    This year’s AFL-CIO observance             a workshop fo-
under the theme of ‘Keeping the Dream          cused on educating Union members on          his work,” said IAM Executive Assis-          ers during the five day event, including
and the Movement Alive’ drew more              issues and finding new ways to get mem-      tant Diane Babineaux. “As we heard            civil rights activist and former presiden-
than 2,000 delegates and guests. 751           bers involved in union activities like       from speaker after speaker, this holiday      tial candidate Rev. Al Sharpton, who spoke
was represented by Business Rep                upcoming elections, organizing, com-         was never meant to be just a day off, but     at the Mason Temple in Memphis, where
Emerson Hamilton and Dave Swan, who            munity service, and union rallies.           rather a day on. It was good to see our       Dr. King made his final public appear-
both serve on our Human Rights Com-                Following the speeches and work-         members out in the community, doing           ance.
mittee. Dave’s father, Louis Swan who          shops, Hamilton and Swan, along with         what Machinists do, making a positive             Swan also appreciated getting to meet
is a retired 751 member, also made the         other union members attending the cel-       difference.”                                  many of the sanitation workers who took
                                                                   ebration took part in       Among the speakers at this year’s          part in the strike 40 years ago – people
                                                                   a series of commu-       observance was Rainbow/PUSH Presi-            like Joe Warren, who was the first black
                                                                   nity service projects,   dent Jesse Jackson, Sr., a close advisor to   chief steward who helped head up the
                                                                   which included build-    Dr. King who was with him when he was         1968 strike. At the time, the mayor of
                                                                   ing      wheelchair      assassinated at the Lorraine Hotel, now       Memphis had asked his name because
                                                                   ramps, voter registra-   the site of the National Civil Rights Mu-     ‘you’re going to be the first one I fire.”
                                                                   tion efforts, park       seum. “We are challenged today to ad-         Despite the threats, Warren and his co-
                                                                   clean-up and painting    dress the unfinished business of civil        workers used their collective power and
                                                                   over gang graffiti.      rights - which is civil equality,” Jackson    called a strike. Seven of the sanitation
                                                                        “We came to         said. “Our goal was never just freedom.       workers received the “Eyes on the Prize”
                                                                   Memphis this year        Freedom was the necessary prerequisite        award for their courageous stand in 1968.
                                                                   not just to honor Dr.    to get to equality.”                              As a member of 751’s Labor History
                                                                   King, but to carry on       Jackson was among dozens of speak-         Committee, Swan was excited at the chance
                                                                                                                                          to see the MLK Memorial, tour the hotel
                                                                                                                                          where he was shot and the church where he
Above: IAM Western Territory Rep                                                                                                          last spoke, as well as the Civil Rights Mu-
Steve Cooper, Business Rep Emerson                                                                                                        seum. He spent hours pouring over the
Hamilton, Dave Swan and Louis                                                                                                             displays and talking to the folks who were
Swan (retired 751 member) proudly                                                                                                         there in 1968.
held the Machinist flag.                                                                                                                      “It was a very moving experience filled
                                                                                                                                          with great historical information,” de-
Photo right: At the banquet, seven                                                                                                        clared Dave Swan. “I will remember it for
of the sanitation workers from the                                                                                                        the rest of my life. I want to pass on the
1968 strike were presented the “Eyes                                                                                                      experience to my children and other mem-
on the Prize” award for their                                                                                                             bers for years to come.

Seattle Marches in Memory of Dr. King’s Dream
    The sun shone as brightly as Dr. Martin Luther                                                                                                           Photo left: Markia
King, Jr’s dream on the 26th annual MLK celebra-                                                                                                             Pernell poses while
tion in Seattle. While it is not a paid holiday at                                                                                                           proudly marching
Boeing, it is an important day worth remembering,                                                                                                            in the Seattle
which was evident by the nearly one hundred 751                                                                                                              celebration with her
members and their families who turned out to take                                                                                                            mother Margie and
                                                                                                                                                             other 751
part in the event. Gaining this as a Union-negotiated
holiday in the upcoming contract is something the
Union will continue to push for. The ideals Dr. King
fought for 40 years ago are principles the Union is
still fighting to obtain today.
    Seattle has one of the largest celebrations in the
country and this year was no exception. The theme
for the 2008 event was “Let Freedom Ring: End
Racism, Poverty & War!” Participants attended
workshops on poverty, racism, and other social
justice issues before gathering in the gym to hear
songs, speeches and inspirational poems. The cel-
ebration at Franklin High School featured a variety
of speakers, which included Congressman Jim
McDermott, Seattle
School Superintendent
Dr. Marie Goodloe-
Johnson,and a moving
poem from 9-year old
Isiah Barnett. Mem-
bers then marched to
Martin Luther King Jr
Memorial Park for a                                                                                                                       Above: Steward Ernest Fortson walks
second rally and more                                                                                                                     with daughter Grace Anne (7) and
inspiring speeches.                                                                                                                       UW freshman Danielle Sears.
    Thanks to all who
turned out to make the
                                                                                                                                          District Secretary-Treasurer Susan
event a success and re-                                                                                                                   Palmer and District 751 President
member this great                                                                                                                         Tom Wroblewski marched with 751
man.                                                                                                                                      members, their families and retirees.
Page 6             751 AERO MECHANIC                   February 2008

Our Continual Fight for Job Security
    What does Job security actu-                                    product and fall hostage to         they view as their rights of management to
                                                   UR TI M
                                            ’S O
ally mean? IAM members need                                           their supplier. The fact is if    manage the workforce. Boeing resists giv-
to understand the issue clearly                I O N T I ME
                                                                         more of the 787 work was       ing workers any say in the Company. We


to unite and make progress                                                in the hands of our expe-     have heard for years that they cannot guar-
                                        10                   2
in these negotiations.                                                     rienced Machinists who       antee levels of employment as the “busi-
    Job security does not              9                       3            did this work on previ-     ness dictates what those levels are.” What
mean the employer can never                                                 ous models, it would        they really mean is they will not give work-
                                         8                   4
eliminate a job. Everyone un-              CO                              have been done right         ers a say in the process to assist them in
                                              NTR         08
                                                   ACT ’
derstands aerospace is a cy-             TH                    !         and Boeing would not be        managing.
clical business. As orders rise
and fall, there are bound to be
                                              IS TI ME                 in their current situation.
                                                                         Keep in mind in 1990
                                                                                                            The fact is IAM members have helped
                                                                                                        other companies who choose a path of
changes in employment levels as well.                            Boeing delivered 285 airplanes         cooperation where all parties involved have
    But everyone also knows layoffs at            with over 43,000 IAM members. Last year,              a say in how the company does business.
Boeing often have nothing to do with or-          Boeing delivered 441 airplanes with less              News flash folks, the companies that did
ders. One need only look at the make/buy          than 25,000 IAM members. While new                    this are still very viable some 15 years later
chart on the various airplane models to see       technology and lean activities may have               (Harley Davidson).                               more highly skilled and valuable to the
how Boeing is systematically ensuring our         accounted for some efficiency improve-                    It is disheartening, but very real, that     Company. Although the Company has the
members are making less of each new               ments, a big part of why it took fewer                some of our own membership says job              right to make “assignments of work” or
plane. Recent issues with the 787 verify          members was increased subcontracting.                 security is not obtainable. They speak the       “create job titles”, they tend to have way
what the Union has been warning the Com-          This took away opportunities for young                Company line.                                    too many to manage properly and effi-
pany about for years: increased outsourcing       people in the community and has hurt the                  Job security comes in many forms.            ciently.
will cause Boeing to lose control of their        Company. In this round of negotiations,               Seniority provisions in the contract are             Other ways to attain job security in-
                                                  we have an opportunity to make gains in               just one form of job security. The more          clude:
                                                  job security, if we remain united and fo-             seniority you have, the better your chances          • Guaranteed Minimum Employment
                                                  cused.                                                of staying employed during a layoff. This        Levels - Some contracts set a “floor” below
                                                       Looking back, District 751 was one of            is true; however, there are many areas in        which employment levels may not legally
                                                  the first Districts in the country to get what        the seniority provisions of the contract we      fall – a concept similar to the minimum
                                                  was thought to be decent job security lan-            should improve on. The challenge is find-        wage.
                                                  guage in the 1999 contract. This estab-               ing a way to make it fair and equitable for          • Early Retirement Plans & Improved
                                                  lished our Work Transfer Committees, who              the more senior members who may get              Pension Benefits – Contracts that help more
                                                  have the opportunity to review potential              bumped into other jobs and ensuring that         senior workers retire in comfort also open up
                                                  offloads and propose viable alternatives to           their skill level fits.                          jobs and stabilize employment for junior
                                                  keep the work inhouse. Unfortunately, in                  Boeing has close to 450 different job        employees. Union contracts can require the
                                                  the 2002 negotiations, Boeing took advan-             numbers. We all know why they like hav-          employer to “backfill” or recall workers into
                                                  tage of the economic times and weakened               ing so many job numbers, but it doesn’t          open positions, as people retire.
                                                  our subcontracting/work transfer language,            make much sense when Airbus and other                • Retraining and Reassignment: Job
                                                  as well as imposing several other provi-              very large corporations operate with only a      security is enhanced by contract language
                                                  sions without regard to Union objections.             few dozen jobs. If you have less job num-        giving Union members the skills and op-
                                                         Despite Union efforts to obtain better         bers as a whole, seniority increases, the        portunities to move from one class of work
                                                  job security language, the reality is Boeing          FBI system is dramatically decreased and         to another inside the shop. Instead of being
                                                  has a very difficult time giving up what              the workforce as a whole becomes even                                 Continued on page 12

   Meetings Gather Feedback                                                                             LOU 37 Threatens Many Jobs
                                                                                                            In 2002, following the 9-11-01 terrorist
                                                                                                        attacks and drastic layoffs, Boeing forced
                                                                                                        several issues upon the membership, which
                                                                                                        the Union adamantly opposed. One of the
                                                                                                        main issues was Letter of Understanding
                                                                                                        #37 – Materials Delivery and Inventory
                                                                                                        Process. In 2005, the Union again pushed
                                                                                                        to eliminate this language (a position the
                                                                                                        Company strongly opposes). While we did
                                                                                                        not get it eliminated, we did get some
                                                                                                        improvements, which included:
                                                                                                            • Clarified that vendors will not install
                                                                                                        parts or components on the airplane.
                                                                                                            • Added language that our forklift driv-
   Business Reps have been holding shop floor meetings throughout Puget                                 ers will deliver parts within the factory.
   Sound. While the Union is highlighting a different issue each month, the                                 • Company will conduct quarterly re-
   real value is gaining feedback and input from the members. Take the time                             views to update the Union on activities and
   to participate in shop floor meetings and provide feedback. Above: Business                          discuss ways to improve the process.             More than just forklift drivers and
   Rep Jon Holden (r) holds a shop meeting in Everett.                                                      As Boeing has moved forward with their       stores employees are impacted by
                                                                                                                                                         Boeing’s Materials Delivery strategy.
                                                                                                        Material Delivery system, more and more
                                                                                                                                                         Others could eventually be impacted or
The Case for Additional Sick Leave                                                                      members are beginning to understand the
                                                                                                        far-reaching impacts of this language. New
                                                                                                                                                         laid-off because of the transfers that
                                                                                                                                                         could that result.
by Joe Hartnagel, Union Steward                                                                         Breed Logistics, which has the contract on
                                                    well so you stayed home the next day). For-         the 787, has certainly generated a lot of        with this Materials Delivery system – the
   Let me apologize in advance…For what,            tunately you missed only one day. Then you          discussion in Everett, as well as visibility     indirect effect it can have on other jobs.
you ask? Well, it’s that time of year again,        had a bout with the gout-and that could be a        to the potential impact it can have on bar-          While LOU #37 states you won’t be laid-
and some of us are destined to get hit – hit        pain in the foot – a debilitating pain to say the   gaining unit jobs.                               off as a direct result of subcontracting (direct
hard by the dreaded flu bug.                        least.                                                  Yet there is another level of concern        is the key word), the Company can subcon-
   Sure, we’ll fight it, and stare aimlessly           That’s five sick days and now you have                                                            tract your job out, and you could receive a
down the cold remedy aisle at the local             the ‘bug’. Your only recourse is to come to                                                          downgrade. Then someone else gets down-
market desperately searching for ‘the               work and ‘ride it out!’ Sure, you’ll eventu-                                                         graded because of the same reason and you
miracle cure.’ Whatever the remedy, there’s         ally get over it, but not before spreading it                                                        get laid-off from the downgraded job. You
a good chance that it will have its grip on us      to the co-workers and that could start a                                                             did not get laid-off as a direct result, but
for a couple of days. Most likely the best          vicious cycle.                                                                                       indirectly it caused your layoff or someone
prescription to rid ourselves of this bug is           So, if you should happen to become a                                                              else to get laid-off. Let’s get rid of the word
a couple of days of rest.                           victim of the bug, I hope you have enough                                                            games in our contract.
   Sounds simple enough. Well, not exactly.         sick leave so as not to infect the rest of the                                                           Members have even begun devising
Remember last spring when your allergies            crew. If not, you’ll make it to work with                                                            ways to improve visibility of the issue by
acted up and you had a sinus infection and          apologies already offered!                                                                           putting together slogans such as “86 LOU
had to take two sick days. Then you took               We all know that this doesn’t have to                                                             37.” Others have even had t-shirts printed.
another sick day due to that migraine that          happen. With more sick leave, I believe                                                                  Only membership solidarity can force
kept you in bed all day. You were feeling           that Boeing can prosper with a                                                                       Boeing to change this language and ensure
pretty good for awhile until that stomach           HEALTHIER WORKFORCE! Hopefully                                                                       our members continue to provide material
virus zapped you, (you made it to work one          they can take this into consideration AND           Members’ jobs in stores are threatened           delivery and inventory process for all
day, but weren’t very productive or feeling         DO THE RIGHT THING.                                 by LOU 37 Materials Delivery.                    Boeing airplane models.
                                                                                         February 2008             751 AERO MECHANIC                  Page 7

                                                                                                   BENEFITS COMMITTEE
District 751 President and Directing Business Representative Tom
                                                                               Assigned Issues include:
Wroblewski will be our voice and lead negotiator on the
                                                                               • Group Benefits, including medical and dental coverage, life insurance,
Corporate Committee or Main Table. Others at the Main Table
                                                                                 AD&D insurance, Weekly Disability Plan, Retiree Medical Plan
include: the Directing Business
                                                                               • Retirement Plan
Representatives from District 24 and District
                                                                               • Voluntary Investment Plan
70, as well as the Overall Boeing Aerospace

The Union’s Corporate Negotiating
Committee, or Main Table, has the overall
say on all proposals and all contract
language, including all Letters of
Understanding. Since the contract covers
                                                 Tom Wroblewski
literally hundreds of issues, the negotiating
subcommittees (Benefits, Jobs,
Subcontracting, Workforce and Joint Programs) assist the Corporate
Committee in the negotiation process by drafting substantive                   L to R: Health & Benefits Rep Joe Crockett, District Secretary-Treasurer
contract proposals for their assigned areas based on membership                Susan Palmer (Chair), Steward Coordinator Ed Lutgen and Political
input from recent contract surveys, shop floor meetings and Union              Director Larry Brown are 751’s representatives on the Benefits
Stewards. In addition to those committees, Business Reps Roy Moore
and Stan Johnson will be lending support on the topic of Future
Production Systems while Business Reps Jon Holden, Stan Johnson
and Jimmy Darrah will work on Pay Practice Issues. Subcommittee
proposals will be submitted to the Corporate Committee in May for                                 WORKFORCE COMMITTEE
inclusion in the Union proposal.
                                                                                    Assigned Issues include:
After the contract opener, the Corporate Committee and all                          • Shift Preference     • Promotions & Downgrades
subcommittees will meet on a regular basis with their Company                       • Seniority            • Transfers & Laterals
counterparts to exchange proposals. When a subcommittee reaches                     • Team Leader          • Employees with Industrial Injuries or Illnesses
resolution on a given issue, it is sent to the Corporate Committee for              • Leave of Absence
concurrence to be included in the final contract offer presented to
the membership.                                                                     Business Reps
                                                                                    Tommy Wilson
                                                                                    (l) and Mark
                                                                                    Johnson (chair)
                                                                                    will represent 751
                 JOINT PROGRAMS COMMITTEE                                           on the Workforce

          Assigned Issues
          •Health & Safety
          •Site Safety
          •Quality Through
          Training Program
                               Gayl Bailey (l) and Bill Stanley (chair) will
                               be 751’s voices on the Joint Progams                       SUBCONTRACTING COMMITTEE
                                                                                 Assigned Issues include:
                                                                                 •Article 21.7 Subcontracting
                        JOBS COMMITTEE                                           •Letter of Understanding #2- Facilities/Maintenance Subcontracting
                                                                                 •Letter of Understanding #37 - Materials Delivery & Inventory Process
    Assigned Issues include:
    • Labor Grades - Identification and Application of Rules Governing the
    Application of Job Descriptions
    • Establishment of Jobs to Cover New, Substantially Changed or
    Combined Work Functions

                                                                                 Serving as our voices on the Subcontracting Committee are L to R:
                                                                                 IAM Work Transfer Rep Don Fike, Business Rep Jimmy Darrah
                                                                                 (chair) and Business Rep Richard Jackson.
     L to R: Grievance Coordinator Stan Johnson (chair), Business Rep
     Emerson Hamilton and Business Rep Ray Baumgardner are
     assigned to the Jobs Committee.
Page 8          751 AERO MECHANIC             February 2008

                                                   COMMUNITY SERVICE
751 Volunteers Make a Difference in the Community
    751 members and their families con-
tinue volunteering to make life better for
others in our communities. In January,
members prepared and served meals on
several different weekends at both the
Tacoma Rescue Mission and the Everett
Gospel Mission.
    In addition, 751 volunteers took over
Northwest Harvest’s new warehouse in
Kent. They packaged 10,112 pounds of
frozen corn, which was enough to feed
3600 people or 940 families. The Ma-
chinists Volunteer Program is consider-
ing doing a volunteer
project at the warehouse
each quarter.
    751 members also made
life easier for an area fam-
ily who needed a wheel-                                                             Above: 751 volunteers packaged 10,112 pounds of frozen corn at the new
chair ramp to more easily                                                           Northwest Harvest warehouse in Kent.
get in and out of their home.
The older couple was very
appreciative, but noted it
felt funny to be on the re-
ceiving end of community
service when they had al- Brett Coty (l) and Kelly Coty (r) were just two
ways been volunteers, members who loaded the frozen food for shipping.
    The Salva-
tion Army’s
toy drive con-
tinues        to
brighten the
holidays for
                                                                                    751 volunteers sort frozen corn into family bags for distribution at food
thousands of
                                                                                    banks statewide.
children and                                                                       Photo left:
families. 751                                                                      Members
                                                                                   package frozen
again stepped
up to help with the
toy distribution at                                                 Photo left: Business Rep
Qwest Event Center.                                                 Heather Barstow (l) and
                                                                    Organizer Jackie Boschok
                                                                    help a resident gather
Below: Steward                                                      appropriate toys at the
Coordinator Ed                                                      Salvation Army Toy
Lutgen helps a                                                      Giveaway at Qwest Field
family select gifts                                                 just prior to Christmas.
at the Salvation
Army’s Toy Drive.                                                                                                                                    Above: Dave
                                                                                                                                                     Henry, Jason
                                                                                                                                                     Henry, Ray
                                                                                                                                                     Miller, Fred
                                                                                                                                                     McKenzie, Ed
                                                                                                                                                     Lutgen and
                                                                                                                                                     Logan Seybold
                                               Photo right: Ray                                                                                      built a ramp
                                               Miller puts                                                                                           for an area
                                               together the                                                                                          resident
                                               ramp frame for                                                                                        Left: Dave
                                               an area                                                                                               Henry cuts
                                               resident.                                                                                             the wood.

Wenatchee Members Help Others at the Holidays
  For the past three years Machinists     efits local families over the holidays.     more people get involved. The program
Union members at Alcoa in Wenatchee       The program began when Mike Bratton         currently involves all unions at Alcoa.
have spearheaded a fundraiser that ben-   (now retired) served as President of Lo-       Special thanks to the following who
                                          cal 1123. Throughout the year, Alcoa        were instru-
                                          employees collect meal tickets which        mental with
                                          can be used to buy a lunch or the tickets   the project:
                                          can be sold back at the end of the year.    Darrel Jeffries
                                                                                                                                                 Above: L to R:
                                              Throughout 2007, employees col-         (Chairman
                                                                                                                                                 Jim O’Brien,
                                          lected 700 meal tickets which were sold     Fund Raiser),                                              Novella Bratton
                                          back to help others in the community.       Elmer Wall,                                                and Fred
                                          The meal ticket buy back and cash con-      Fred McNeil,                                               McNeil deliver
                                          tributions amounted to over $5,700 by       Jim O’Brien,                                               Christmas gifts
                                          Union brothers and sisters working to-      N o v e l l a                                              to families.
                                          gether for their community.                 Bratton and                                                Left: Jim
                                              As a result, in 2007 the program was    T o n y a                                                  O’Brien, Elmer
                                          able to provide six families with Christ-   Bradford                                                   Wall and an
                                          mas dinners and gifts, 10 full Thanksgiv-   (Women’s Re-                                               Albertsons’
Local 1123 President Jim O’Brien          ing dinners, 15 large turkeys, 24 small     source Cen-                                                employee load
(r), Tonya Bradford (center) of the       turkeys and 15 hams. The program con-       ter).                                                      a truck with
Women’s Resource Center and a             tinues to grow each year as more and                                                                   supplies.
volunteer bring in holiday groceries.
                                                                                                            February 2008             751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 9

                                                             RETIREMENT NEWS
January 751 Retirement Club Business Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                                                                                 District 751
by Ruth Render,                                                                                                                                                  President Tom
Retired Club Secretary                                                                                                                                           Wroblewski
                                                                                                                                                                 administers the
   The meeting was called to order by
                                                                                                                                                                 oath of office to
President Al Menke. All Retirement Club                                                                                                                          retirement club
Officers were sworn in by District 751                                                                                                                           officers L to R:
President and Directing Business Repre-                                                                                                                          Cherie Menke,
sentative Tom Wroblewski:                                                                                                                                        Louise Burns, Ruth
   President: Al Wydick                                                                                                                                          Render, T.J. Seibert,
   Vice President: T.J. Seibert                                                                                                                                  Al Wydick, Leroy
   Recording Secretary: Ruth Render                                                                                                                              Miller, Betty Ness
   Treasurer: Betty Ness                                                                                                                                         and John Guevarra.
   Sergeant-at-Arms: Leroy Miller
   Trustees: Louise Burns
             Cherie Menke                      we head into negotiations. He noted the              We support the Medicare Part D              Al introduced Ron McGaha who
             John Guevarra                     Strike Sanction Vote will take place at          amendment - U.S. House Bill 3932 and         spoke about the Alliance for Retired
   President Al Menke introduced new           Key Arena this year, and we will have an         Senate Bill 2219. This will permit Medi-     Americans.
Retirement Club President Al Wydick.           area for retirees who would like to at-          care recipients to join a non-profit Medi-      Birthdays & Anniversaries: Janu-
   District President’s Report: DBR            tend.                                            care-administered drug plan. It will also    ary birthdays included Mel King who
Tom Wroblewski thanked Al Menke for                Robin Guevarra pointed out the re-           permit Medicare to negotiate lower drug      turned 90 on January 2nd. T.J. and May
his years of service as an officer of the      cent success District 751 had with back          prices and lower overhead costs.             Siebert celebrated their 44th anniver-
Retirement Club. Tom asked everyone            pay. Tom explained that even though it               We continue to support full-funding      sary.
to sign letters to our U.S. Senators and       was not a contractual issue, Boeing knew         of the Social Security Administration so        Communications: Recording Secre-
Representatives pushing for a Boeing           it was the right thing to do. We will use        that closed offices can re-open, services    tary Ruth Render gave the report.
tanker in the Air Force deal. Boeing           the same reasoning in pushing to im-             can be made available and the backlog of        1.) The Catholic Seamen’s Club re-
already has produced a tanker for other        prove benefits for existing retirees.            disability paperwork can be tended to.       quested a donation for their IAM Lun-
countries while Airbus hasn’t even built           Robin requested the Union push for a             We also seek quarterly adjustments       cheon. M/S/P to donate $25.00 for this
a factory yet. The tanker is funded by         replacement of the South Park Bridge. It         to the Social Security cost-of-living cal-   event.
American taxpayers and, therefore, the         would help the many members and retir-           culations so that rapid increases in the        2.) Tom O’Brien sent information on
work should be given to an American            ees who use that bridge. Tom replied that        cost of living do not adversely impact       the Highland Hospice Volunteer Pro-
Company and built by American work-            the replacement of that bridge is an im-         recipients.                                  gram. They are in need of volunteers and
ers – our members.                             portant issue because it will affect many            President’s Report: President Al         are recruiting for their 2008 Training
   Tom reported on preparations for ne-        of our members.                                  Wydick reported the sad news that            Classes. If anyone is interested, please
gotiations. He emphasized the need to              Gene Hoglund asked that the Union            George McIntire passed away on De-           contact Ruth Render for the details.
push for improvements, not only for past       also support the effort to maintain capac-       cember 20th. George was an asset to this        3.) A Holiday Greeting Card was re-
retirees, but also for our future retirees.    ity on the Alaskan Way Viaduct.                  Club, and he will be missed. He did an       ceived from District 751.
We need to get changes to federal laws             Tom said that is an important issue –        excellent job preparing meals and run-          4.) Helen Pompeo sent a thank you
so we can press Boeing to make im-             as well as the 520 bridge replacement.           ning the kitchen.                            card for the get well card she received.
provements for existing retirees. Cur-             Minutes: It was M/S/P to accept the              For the time being, Helen and Irene      She hopes to be back really soon.
rently, we can only bring it up as an issue    minutes as printed.                              have agreed to help with kitchen duties         5.) Salvation Army sent a request for
and ask Boeing to address it because it’s          Financial Report: Treasurer Betty            but we are going to need some extra help.    donations. This will be forwarded to Trea-
the right thing to do.                         Ness read the report. M/S/P to accept the        Anyone who is willing to volunteer for       surer Betty Ness.
   Tom reported our membership is con-         report as read.                                  this would be much appreciated.                 Business Representatives Report:
tinuing to grow despite further delays on          Legislative Report: Carl Schwartz                Al reported the 2007 Christmas Din-      Business Rep Paul Knebel reported 13
the 787. Boeing is relying on our mem-         encouraged input from all retirees on the        ner was good but there will be some          new apprentices just started in the pro-
bers to get these planes back on sched-        issues that impact our lives.                    changes made for next year’s event to        gram. The apprenticeship program had
ule. Our members, the ones who you                 We fully support the District in the         make it even better! Also, July isn’t far    completely stopped for years – it’s great
passed your knowledge down to, are the         upcoming Boeing negotiations, and we             away so we are going to need to start        to see it finally starting back up.
only ones with the skills to do just that.     are seeking the inclusion of a cost-of-          planning for the Retirement Club Picnic         Health & Welfare: Toni Morzenti
   Tom requested input from retirees as        living adjustment to our pensions.               in the next couple months.                                      Continued on page 11

Senior Politics                                               McIntire Mourned                                                  Union Retirees:
Big Drug Companies Say Fight                                      The 751 Retired Club lost a steadfast volunteer when
                                                              George McIntire passed away on December 20th. For
                                                                                                                                     Congratulations to the following members who
                                                                                                                                  retired from the Union:
Against Them Has "Died Down"                                  the past several years,
                                                                                                                                      James Baldwin          Charles Little
                                                              George has been the
                                                                                                                                      Patrick Buckley        Taylor Massengale
   Big drug companies remain cheerful about their             retiree who plans and
                                                                                                                                      Alvin Carlson          William Matteson
election-year fate. Recently, Schering-Plough CEO Fred        prepares the free
                                                                                                                                      Jimmy Cobb             Frederick Melby
Hassan claimed that more than 50 percent of Americans         lunches for retirees
                                                                                                                                      Michael Duncan         Thomas Murphy
have a favorable opinion of the pharmaceutical indus-         who attend the Mon-
                                                                                                                                      Gregory Ebert Jr       John Pete
try, and that efforts to let Medicare negotiate drug          day meetings. While
                                                                                                                                      Franklin Foster        Gary Phipps
prices have “died down” because seniors are so satis-         traveling abroad with
                                                                                                                                      Clifton Gottbreht      Michael Rappe
                                 fied with the Part D pre-    his family over the
                                                                                                                                      Richard Hartley        Margaret Shankland
                                 scription drug benefit.      holidays, George suf-
                                                                                                                                      Terrance Hopson        Michael Stark
                                     However, a Harris        fered a heart attack
                                                                                                                                      Curtis Houghton Jr     Steven Timmings
                                 Interactive poll con-        and passed away.
                                                                                                                                      Glenn Hussey           Conrad Wetrich
                                 ducted in October found          Besides his work
                                                                                                                                      Kyong Lee
                                 that oil and drug com-       with the Retirement
                                 panies tied at 53 percent    Club, George loved
                                 as the industries most       spending time with                                              Calendar
                                 needing additional regu-     his grandchildren For the past few years,
                                 lation.                      and always had a George McIntire prepared                       • 751 Retirement Club meets every Monday at 11 a.m.
                                     Only 11 percent of       story to tell. He will lunch for retirees on                    in the Seattle Hall (9135 15th Pl. S.). Second Monday of
                                                              be greatly missed.      Mondays.                                the month is the business meeting. A free lunch is served
                                 respondents believed
                                 the pharmaceutical in-                                                                       at noon every Monday following the meeting.
                                 dustry to be “generally                     RETIRED CLUB OFFICERS
honest and trustworthy.”                                        President           Al Wydick             253-735-8004        • Everett Retirees Group meets at the Everett 751 Union
   “These big companies think that they’ve got us beat          Vice President T.J. Seibert               206-329-0160        Hall (8729 Airport Rd), the fourth Tuesday (February
                                                                Secretary           Ruth Render           206-324-40555       26th) of every month at 11 a.m.
and we’re not fighting anymore, so let’s make 2008 the
                                                                Treasurer           Betty Ness            206-762-0725
year we prove them wrong," said Edward Coyle, Ex-               Srgnt-at-Arms Leroy Miller                206-878-0601
ecutive Director of the Alliance for Retired Ameri-                                                                            • Alliance for Retired Americans South Area Chapter
                                                                Trustees:           Louise Burns          206-242-5878
cans. “Fred Hassan raked in more than $25 million in                                                                           meets the second Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. at
                                                                                    Cherie Menke          425-235-9361
compensation in 2006. He’s not going to fight for                                   John Guevarra         206-762-3848         the Kent Senior Citizen Center (600 E. Smith St). For
negotiated drug prices.”                                        Union Office: (1-800-763-1301) or 206-763-1300                 more info, contact 206-762-3848.
Page 10             751 AERO MECHANIC                   February 2008

                                            WANT ADS         ATTENTION TO
                                                                                                     IOMEGA ZIP 100MB EXTERNAL PARAL-
                                                                                                     LEL SCSI DRIVE, has parallel cable, 120vac
                                                                                                                                                         3 BDRM/2 BATH, 1440 sq. ft. rambler in
                                                                                                                                                         nice Bonney Lake neighborhood. Security
                                                               AD RULES                              power adapter, 3.5” installation disk. For Mac      system, large entertainment deck w/built in
1978 HAYNE STOCK TRAILER, 15 1/2 ft,
                                                                                                     or WIN95/Win 3.1. Go to www.iomega.com              hot tub. Gas heat and fireplace, all appliances
blue, roof raised 1 ft. for horses, tandem axle.     Each single ad must be 25 words or              for more driver options. No zip disks included.     stay.      $294,500.         253-891-2093.
New electric brakes, good shape. $1,500.             less. More than 25 words will not be            Good cond. $25. 425-432-6134                        MLS#27052989
253-639-7774 or 206-347-1595                         printed. Use a separate piece of

BIRD CAGE for finch or parakeet. 31” tall,
                                                     paper or ad blank for each ad, as
                                                     they are pre-classified physically.
                                                                                                     CANON CANOSCAN N650U FLATBED
                                                                                                     SCANNER, no AC adapter required. Soft-
14” square. Very nicely equipped. Ready to           Ads are free only to members -                                                                      HOUSE PLANTS – special, unique, hard to
                                                     active, laid-off, or retired. For best          ware included ScanGear CS-UTwain driver,
use. $45. 253-852-6809                                                                                                                                   find, different sizes, beautiful plants. 5 ft.
                                                     response, include phone number                  ArcSoft Photostudio 2000, Photobase and
                                                     instead of addresses in ad copy.                OmniPage OCR software, includes required            dieffenbachia picta, $50; large spider plant,
                                                     Members' "cottage industries" will be           USB cord. Windows 98, Windows 2000 Pro-             $25; small snake plants, $5 ea; split-leaf
HEALERS. Had shots – 5 girls/2 boys, 8 wks
                                                     OK in ads, but no commercial ads.               fessional/Pentium processor or higher. Di-          philodendron, $20; African milk tree, $5 to
old, ready to find their own human. Some
                                                     When using own paper for ads,                   mensions: 10.1” x 14.7” x 1.3”; weight: 3.1         $15; Crown of Thorns, $5 to $10; rosary
with tails (2); (5) with short or no tail. Very      include information required on                 lbs. Good cond. $65. 425-432-6134                   plants, $7.50; Christmas cactus, $10 to $25;
playful, beautiful pups. 425-355-8377                regular ad blank.                                                                                   purple heart rooted starts, $2 ea; wondering
                                                      Deadline For Next Issue                        VIVITAR VIVICAM 3500 1.4 MP DIGITAL                 jew rooted starts, $1 ea. 253-852-6809
   AUTO PARTS &                                              Feb 15th                                CAMERA, in original box with camera, in-
   ACCESSORIES                                     PHOTOGRAPHER. VERY affordable digi-
                                                                                                     struction manual, CD Rom with Twain Driver
                                                                                                     and MGI Photosuite software for Win 95/95,
                                                                                                                                                         SANI-SERVE soft ice cream machine, $25
                                                                                                                                                         OBO. Mailbox, brown with wood around it.
SUPER SPORT HUB CAPS, 13’ for 3 of                 tal wedding photography. Save money. Also         AC adapter, a 8mb CF memory card and an             19”L x 16 1/2”W, good cond. $10. 6 ft metal
them, 1 smaller.1964 or 1965 from Chevy            available for family portraits, senior pictures   additional 128mb sandisk compactflash               posts (40), $2 ea. 253-852-6809
car, Nova or Chevelle. $15 each OBO. 253-          and special events. Call about Christmas and      memory card included. $110. 425-432-6134
852-6809                                           Spring weddings now. 206-240-9773                                                                     MARBLE COUNTERTOP, multi-color,
                                                                                                     ARGUS DIGITAL CAMERA CD1500, in-                    21”W x 41 1/2”L, 1/2” thick. $50. (4) marble
LINCOLN HUB CAPS, (4), 15”, good cond.             ADULT FAMILY HOME. We enjoy assist-               cludes ArcSoft Video and Photo software CD,         pieces, 15 1/2” x 21 1/2”, 21” x 12”. $10 ea.
$15 for all. 253-852-6809                          ing and caring for adults with daily living       USB cable and RS-232 cable. Perfect kid’s           253-852-6809
                                                   activities in Edmonds home 24/7. Dementia         camera. Takes 20 to 80 photo’s or record a
MOTORHOME HUB CAPS, (4), Chevy 454,                and mental health certified. 425-673-6428         video. Uses 2MB SDRAM internal memory,              MICROWAVE OVEN, Everyday Living,
17”, good cond. $25 for all. 253-852-6809                                                            doesn’t use a memory card. It does not have a       700 watts. 8 1/8”H x 11 13/16”W x 11 3/
                                                   BEST DRINKING WATER. Pure filtered                slot for a memory card, just a cord that you hook   16”D, white, clean, nice cond. $25. Crystal
FORD SHOP MANUALS. 3 / 1978 – all for              removes contaminates. Pure right from your        up to your computer to download pictures with.      punch bowl set, $35. 253-852-6809
$25. 253-852-6809                                  sink for only 8¢ a gallon. Call 206-208-0817      Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Good
                                                                                                                                                         OSCILLATING 3-SPD. FAN, Collins Cool
                                                                                                     cond. $45. 425-432-6134
BACK GLASS WINDOW from 1973 Datsun
pickup truck. Will fit any standard cab 1973
                                                     ELECTRONICS &                                   ROXIO EASY MEDIA CREATOR 10 SUITE,
                                                                                                                                                         Breeze. 12”, white, works. $10. Windmere
                                                                                                                                                         2 spd fan, white. $8. Large wood yard/lawn
– 1979 620 pickup. Good cond. $15. 425-              ENTERTAINMENT                                   includes Roxio MYDVD9, for WIN XP/Vista.            chair. $15. 253-852-6809
432-6134                                                                                             Use for photos, videos, music, I-Pods, convert
                                                   ACCORDIAN, very nice, medium size,                                                                    SLEEPING BAG, child size with hood and
                                                   black, 120 base w/2 switches. Left hand and       audio & video files to most any format. Opened
(4) STUDDED TIRES w/rims, 175/70SR13                                                                                                                     sleeves. Size 58” x 26”, new-in bag, never
                                                                                                     but in new cond., comes in box, user manual
steel radial for Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla,    three right hand w/case. $250. 206-242-1538                                                           used. $20. Cedar chests, (2) large. Nice
                                                                                                     and installation DVD. $70. 425-432-6134
$100. (2) studded tires w/rims, P225/75R15 M/                                                                                                            cond. $125 each. 253-852-6809
S, $75. All like new. 206-355-7056                 CANON E08 ACCESSORIES – Canon CA-
                                                   100 Battery Charge & AC power adapter $20;          FURNITURE AND                                     ELECTRICAL CORDS, black, heavy duty.
PARTS FOR 1986 TOYOTA standard
pickup – radiator, grill, truck bed. $300 for
                                                   3 camcorder rechargeable batteries: Canon
                                                   Battery Pack BP-E77K Slim 6V 1000 MAH, A
                                                                                                       APPLIANCES                                        220 – 110, 6guage, 75’ with male end. (1)
                                                                                                                                                         motorhome cord, 50’ with both ends. $72
all. 206-767-2468                                  Duracell DR12 Battery 0 to 6 hrs recorder time    BEAUTIFUL SCULPTURED BEDROOM                        and $65. Set of numbers & letters. $20 and
                                                   and a Millennium CM 1060 Slim Power Pack          CHEST OF DRAWERS, $80. White storm                  $10. 253-852-6809
2,000 LB. AXLE ASSEMBLY, slightly used.            Battery 6V 100 Nicad Battery, all in good         door, 36”, like new, $50. 425-432-1339
Includes: leaf springs, hubs, (3) galvanized       cond., $17 ea. 425-432-6134                                                                           THE CAKE MIX DOCTOR COOKBOOKS,
wheels and bearing buddies. Axle w/hubs is                                                           OAK ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, $150.                     (2) books – one for white and one for choco-
approx. 50” long. $125 OBO. 425-789-1708           SOLIDEX CAMCORDER BAG, soft black                 Book case, $30. Floor lamp, $30 OBO. 360-           late cake mixes. Both are new, never used.
                                                   leather with zip top & front zip pouch, inside    897-8672                                            The white cake book has 150 recipes, the
LOOKING FOR 1995 Chevy Silverado elec-             divider & inside net pouch on lid. Large bag,                                                         chocolate cake book has 175 recipes. $17 for
tric driver side bucket seat. Reasonable. If       measures 15”L x 9”H x9.5”D. Has handle &          COUCH w/love seat, end tables, coffee table.        both books. 425-432-6134
you have, please call 206-799-9271 or 360-         includes shoulder strap, good cond. $25.          In storage – must sell, been on L&I for 27
736-1225. Will take pair.                          425-432-6134                                      months. 253-229-9353                                (2) WOODEN CASSETTE HOLDERS. They
                                                                                                                                                         hang on wall and will hold tons of cassette
8”W x 39”L, 2 holes 9” from top, 1 3/4”
                                                   BROTHER MCF 210C all in one printer. Has
                                                   black & color copier, fax, photo printer, SD,
                                                                                                        HOUSING                                          tapes. (1) large measures 18.5”H x 24”W x
                                                                                                                                                         3”D; (1) small measures 15”H x 19.5”W x 3”D.
thick. $50. 253-852-6809                           XL & CF card slots. For use with or without       COPALIS BEACH 3 BDRM/2 BATH                         In good cond. $5 ea. 425-432-6134
                                                   computer. All works, except for yellow & blue     HOME, 1,400 sq. ft., built 1984, 2 blocks to
   BOATS                                           ink, good cond. $25. 425-432-6134                 ocean. Vaulted ceiling, wood stove, heat
                                                                                                     pump, all appliances. $189,900. 360-289-
                                                                                                                                                         WILTON CHARACTER CAKE PANS –
                                                                                                                                                         Bert & Ernie, Butterfly, Yosemite Sam, Mr.
16” FIBERGLASS BOAT. $400. 206-722-                TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1675CDS LAPTOP.                 3043 Also see Craigslist – search Capalis           Owl, Truck, Oscar the Grouch, Pink Panther,
6967                                               Windows 98 SE 550 MHz Intel Celeron pro-          Beach for pictures                                  Popeye, Cookie Monster, Strawberry
 COTTAGE                                           cessor with an integrated coprocessor; 64.0
                                                   MB SDRAM expandable to 192MB using PC             WANTED: Elderly lady to rent with me.
                                                                                                                                                         Shortcake, Hot Air Balloon and a Horseshoe.
                                                                                                                                                         $5 each. 425-432-6134
 INDUSTRIES                                        cards, has 2 PC card slots; 12.1” diagonal LCD
                                                   with 800x600 resolution screen; CD-R/CD-
                                                                                                     Has to be honest paying rent at Des Moines
                                                                                                     Park Apartments. Write to PO Box 3715,              OIL LAMPS, set of 2, clear teardrop shaped top
GOLD’S GYM – RENTON, 10728 NE CARR                 RW ready only & 3.5” floppy disk drive. In-       Kent WA 98089                                       w/gold & silver flake bottom. For in-home use,
RD, is now Family Owned and Operated by            cludes laptop, working battery, PS/2 mouse,                                                           measures 7 1/4”H, nice. $9. 425-432-6134
                                                   AC power adapter, original software and manu-     Older retired lady would like to share apart-
Boeing Employee Michael Cavaiani, a                                                                  ment with another lady somewhere between
                                                   als. Exc cond – plug in & ready to go! $200.                                                          (2) PIATTO BAKERY BOXES w/removable
STRONG UNION BROTHER! We invite all                                                                  Burien and Renton. Please call, if long dis-
Boeing Employees and family members to take        425-432-6134                                                                                          carry handles, folds flat for storage, hexagon
                                                                                                     tance call collect. 253-735-4360                    shape, dark red plastic. Measures 6”H x 11”W,
advantage of our special membership promo-
                                                                                                                                                         each hold 24 cupcakes or two 10” pies, new,
tion. One time processing fee of $49; single
monthly membership dues of $29, family add-                                                                                                              never used. $20 ea. 425-432-6134
ons $20. Personal Training rates available at
$49 per session (reg. rate $60). Simply present         Circle One:     ANIMALS       ELECTRONICS & ENTERTAINMENT                                 PROPERTY
your Boeing badge for discount. Gold’s Gym is                           BOATS         FURNITURE & APPLIANCES                                      RECREATIONAL MEMBERSHIP
the largest co-ed gym in the world, recognized                          TOOLS         RECREATIONAL VEHICLES                                       SPORTING GOODS
for our passion, unique heritage, and experi-                           HOUSING       MISCELLANEOUS                                               VEHICLES
ence as the authority in fitness. We inspire our                        AUTO PARTS & ACCESSORIES                                                  COTTAGE INDUSTRIES
members with unrivaled energy, and provide
the finest equipment & fitness knowledge avail-      Ad (25 word limit. Please
able to help our members achieve their indi-         print)._____________________________________________________________________________________
vidual potential. 425-793-5457
cious smoked prime rib, free range turkeys           ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(fresh & smoked), double smoked bone-in &
boneless ham, smoked salmon and other                ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
meats, salads, etc. Call 1-360-886-9293 to
place your order or visit us in Black Diamond        Phone (or Address)
at 32721 Railroad Ave.                               ______________________________________________________________________________________________

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING                        The following information must be filled in for your ad to appear:
View Garden Club meets the third Thursday            Name __________________________________________________________ Clock Number _________________________________
of each month at the Golden Pine Apart-
ments, 2901 10th NE, Renton, WA. Every-              Address _______________________________________________________ Shop Number __________________________________
one is welcome. Contact 425-255-8195 or
425-255-0859 for more information                      Mail Coupon to AERO MECHANIC NEWSPAPER, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, 98108 Deadline is Feb 15th!
                                                                                                                     February 2008                  751 AERO MECHANIC                       Page 11
KING SIZE SHEET SET, white, 14.5” deep               NEW/USED BEE SUPPLIES – large assort-
corner pockets on bottom sheet, new. $35.            ment. Best offer. 425-432-0976                          REC VEHICLES                                     VEHICLES
425-432-6134                                                                                              2004 JAYCO ESCAPADE 31A CLASS “C”,
                                                        PROPERTY                                          8,500 miles, extended warranty, Ford 6.8L/
                                                                                                                                                           92 BUICK LESABRE. 64,000 miles, auto,
                                                                                                                                                           runs great, has dent. $1,595 obo. 206-854-1700
                                                                                                          V10, 4000W Onan generator, 21F awning,
Costco Kirkland Signature Brand, 500 ct. x2          FOR SALE: 5 acres – Fraley Mtn. Cedar
                                                                                                          too much to list. $37,000. 360-913-7149          1986 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO SS.
bottles. $5 ea. 425-432-6134                         trees and ferns. Private and serene. 8 miles

                                                     east of Arlington, under 30 miles from Boeing
                                                     Everett plant. $89,721. 360-435-2430                    SPORTING GOODS                                Maroon interior/exterior, Monte rims, re-
                                                                                                                                                           movable t-roof panels, one owner, 80K origi-
sette tapes, 24 tapes and instructional book.                                                             SKI BOOTS, size 12, like new. $20. 253-          nal miles. $10,000. 425-255-7314
Basic course Units 1 – 12. Good cond. $85.           3 CEMETARY PLOTS in Azalea Garden,                   631-6119
425-432-6134                                         Greenwood Memorial Park. $6,000 or trade                                                              VOLKSWAGON, blue, 55 model. In need of
                                                     or offer. 253-653-2935                               BOWFLEX POWER PRO w/leg extension,               fenders. Extra snow tires. $550. 206-722-6967
IVORY CANDLES, 36 votives and 6 tapers,                                                                   owner’s manual/fitness guide and DVD for
unused. $10 for all. 425-432-6134                    1 CEMETARY PLOT in Azalea Garden,                    upper/lower bowflex workout. Exc. cond.          1973 – 1974 VW SUPERBEETLES (4), need
                                                     Greenwood Memorial Park. $1,500. 360-                $300 includes leg extension. 360-661-1217        TLC. Best offers. Also have parts for same.
SIESTA AIR BED, queen size, has 5” high              802-2074                                                                                              206-767-2468
rise when blown up. Made of durable brown
PVC vinyl. Perfect for guest bed or children.        THREE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Floral                      TOOLS                                         1994 JEEP CHEROKEE Larado, good con-
Requires air pump, not included. New cond.           Hills, Rhododendron Garden, $2,000. Email            YUASA HORIZONTAL PRECISION RO-                   dition, blue, 6 cyl, 125,000 miles, CD player,
$35. 425-432-6134                                    Wayne at weeder35@comcast.net                        TARY TABLE, diameter 8”. 4.1” center             everything power, after market rims & wheels,
                                                                                                          slots, 4 worm holes, 3 MT, weight ratio 90 to    $4,000 obo. 206-367-0288
CANNING POT/TOCK POT with wire rack                  CENTRAL WHIDBEY ISLAND – PRI-                        1, 59 lbs. Was $1,210 in 2000, like new.
and lid. Black and white steel, can hold 7 qt.       VATE. 2.39 acres with 3 BDRM/2 BATH                  $400. 253-852-6809                               1998 3/4 TON DODGE RAM, one owner,
jars. Has some wearing on inside bottom,             home, 1865 sq. ft., plus 3 bay shop, huge                                                             35K miles, babied! Camper & tow pkg, V-10
otherwise in good cond. $15. 425-432-6134            fenced garden, decks for entertaining. Call          BLACK PLUNGER DIAL INDICATOR, .200               gas engine, reg. cab, 8’ bed. Wired for 5th wheel
                                                     360-683-3817 for more info                           range/dial type .001. Made by Central Tool       and cab over camper. Extra clean! $16,000 or
WINTER IS COMING, looking for some-                                                                       Company. Was $115.90 in 2000, with case.         trade for clean sports car. 360-249-4432
thing fun to do? Join the “Everett Boeing            2 BDRM/2 BATH DOUBLE-WIDE MO-                        $60. Universal Bevel Protractor, 7” x 12” with
Stratocruisers” Car Club. Contact us at              BILE HOME in Federal Way Klosshe Illahee             case and acute angle attachment. Was $323 in     1996 NISSAN MAXIMA, silver color,
www.stratocruiserscarclub.com or phone               Senior Park. Drive by and take a look through        2000. $161.50. Metric dial caliper, .02 – 6”,    leather interior, heated seats, sun roof, CD/
425-355-0127                                         windows if interested, 2500 S. 370th St #119.        Craftsman, in case. $40. 253-852-6809            stereo, power locks & windows, alloy wheels.
                                                     $16,000 OBO. Call Mike at 253-548-7314                                                                $3,000. 425-882-2818
1978 HAYNE STOCK TRAILER, 15 1/2 ft,                                                                      TOOL CABINET, Dorman heavy duty for
blue, roof raised 1 ft. for horses, tandem axle.     EATONVILLE – 9 acres, evergreen wooded               screws, nuts, springs, thermicals. 8 drawers     1986 SUBARU GL-10 TURBO, manual.
New electric brakes, good shape. $1,500.             area, semi-cleared for home, electric and power      w/dividers. 34’L x 13”W x 17”H. $50. Flat        $500 OBO. Call Ed at 206-723-0116
253-639-7774 or 206-347-1595                         to property. Perc passed w/good soil for septic.     4” Omega vise, heavy duty, new in box. $34.
                                                     Good well water reports for this area. New           Scythe, a tool with a long handle, 59” long w/
PEREGO DOUBLE BABY STROLLER,                         home and new gravel road to property. Price          single edged blade 25”. Used in cutting tall      Black History Month Event
$75. Hedstrom metal swing set w/3 swings,            reduced to $239,000. 253-848-1118                    grass or grain, old. $40. 253-852-6809               Seattle’s Magic Wheels M.C. will
teeter-totter, ladder – includes anchors, $20.
360-832-8212                                         MAJESTIC 14KYG garnet-ruby-pearls ring               ALUMINUM PLATE, 1/2” thick, 21” wide              hold the 1st Annual Soul Food run to
                                                     from Tagliamonte Vicenzo collection. Heavy,          and 35 1/2” long. $195. Meat saw blade, 21”       celebrate Black History Month on Sat-
MEADE LX-90 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain                    solid ring, size 7 1/2. New. $420. Contact           long. $20. Gas hose nozzle, big, aluminum.        urday, February 23rd from 11 a.m. to
Autostar Telescope, tripod, dewshield, case          mar_itinaru@yahoo.com                                $10. 253-852-6809                                 4 p.m. The motorcycles leave the SMW
of lenses. Used once. $900 CASH. Price a
new one – buy this one! 360-652-7962                    REC MEMBERSHIP                                    ECHO 550 20” CHAINSAW, good condi-
                                                                                                                                                            clubhouse (located in Georgetown at
                                                                                                                                                            Airport Way and Doris Street) to ride
                                                                                                          tion, $165. Honda 650 portable generator,
OAK QUEEN/KING BEDROOM SET.                          ELWACO – Eagles Nest Resort membership               good condition, $300. 206-767-2468                to Downtown Harley-Davidson
Headboard/foot, triple dresser/mirror, up-           for sale. Nationwide useable campground, large
                                                     RV spaces, cabins, hot showers, washer/dryer
                                                                                                                                                            (13001 48th Ave. S., Tukwila) for
right dresser, two bedside stands. $500 OBO.                                                              POST HOLE DIGGER. $8 OBO. 6’ Wood
                                                     facilities, restrooms, large lodge, game room,                                                         music, food and fun. Come and show
425-432-0976                                                                                              stepladder, $8 OBO. 16’ aluminum ladder or
                                                     indoor swimming pool, hot tub, fireplace.            or 8’ step ladder. $20 obo. Hand saw, 24” $5      your support. For more information,
                                                     $2,500. Call 360-874-8178 for more info              obo. 206-878-0601                                 contact Joe Washington or Clifton
                                                                                                                                                            Maxie at 206-856-3749.

 Deadline Approaching for 2008                                                                            Honored for Safety
 IAM Scholarship Competition                                                                              District 751 Safety
                                                                                                          Coordinator Tommy
    The IAM Scholarship Competi-                   tinuously paid monthly dues uninter-                   Wilson (l) and
tion is open each year to members of               rupted by withdrawal cards) up to and                  District 751 President
the IAM and their children through-                including the closing date of Feburary                 Tom Wroblewski (r)
out the United States and Canada.                  22, 2008,                                              present Health &
    Awards to members are $2,000                       • Must be planning to graduate dur-                Benefits Rep Joe
per academic year. They are granted                ing the winter or by the end of the                    Crockett with a
for a specific period, from one to four            spring 2008 school year (i.e. normally                 recognition award for
years, leading to a Bachelor’s degree                                                                     over 8 years of service
                                                   a high school senior or completing the
                                                                                                          on the District Safety
or a two-year vocational/tech-                               last year of college prepara-                Committee.
nical certification.                                         tory work),
    Awards to Children of                                        • Must plan to take a regular
Members are: $1,000 per aca-                                 college or vocational/technical
demic year for college. All                                  program on a full-time basis,
awards are renewed each year,                                maintaining qualifying grades.
until a Bachelor’s degree is                                     For information on rules
obtained or for up to four years, which-           of eligibility or to obtain an application
ever occurs first. Vocational/technical            form, complete and return the form
School – $2,000 per year until certifi-            below. No application forms post-
cation is reached for a maximum of two             marked later than February 22, 2008
years, whichever occurs first.                     will be acknowledged or considered
    Child of a Member Applicant:                   for the 2008 scholarships. No excep-
    • Must have one living parent with             tions whatsoever will be permitted even
two years of continuous good-stand-                if a third party is responsible for the
ing membership (member has con-                                                                             Steward Otis Williams (center) was recently honored for over six years of
                                                                                                            service to the District Safety Committee. L to R: Jeff Rose, Tommy Wilson,
                                                                                                            Otis Williams, Jim Coats and John Lopez.
       Please send me an Application Packet for the 2008 IAM Scholarship Competition.
   If the proper packet is not received within 30 days, advise the Scholarship Department               751 Retired Club Minutes - January 2008
   immediately. I understand that this request is not an application, and that the
   Application Packet must be completed and postmarked no later than February 22,                       Continued from page 9                                 Tom O’Brien spoke about foreign ve-
   2008.                                                                                                gave the report. A moment of silence was           hicles and the need to buy American made
       REMINDER: Please check appropriate box listed below and the requested                            observed for the following deceased mem-           products. He noted every county and city
   application will be mailed to you. As an IAM member who will have 2 years’                                                                              is currently investing funds in foreign
                                                                                                        bers: Raymond M. Dowty, Henry R. Kesti,
   continuous membership in the IAM as of February 22, 2008, I am requesting an
   Application Form for:                                                                                Arthur L. McCarty, Howard J. Neufang,              “green” cars. They should be supporting
           IAM Member requesting a College or Vocational/Technical Scholarship
                                                                                                        George McIntire, Charley Simmons. Sym-             American workers and purchasing Ameri-
                                                                                                        pathy cards were sent to the next of kin.          can made vehicles with our tax dollars.
          Child of a Member requesting a College Scholarship                                            There was one ill member this month - Helen           Tom Finnegan spoke about the elec-
         Child of a Member requesting a Vocational/Technical Scholarship                                Pompeo.                                            tions coming up this year.
    Print your name and address clearly:                  Mail to: IAM Scholarship Program                  Good and Welfare: Gene Hoglund                    President Al Wydick announced that
                                                          9000 Machinists Place, Room 117               spoke about the Working Families for a             50 year pins will be awarded at the Febru-
                                                          Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687
                                                                                                        Reasonable Solution effort to address the          ary Meetings.
                                                          IMPORTANT: Complete this                      Alaskan Way Viaduct. Thanks to the Re-                Old/New Business: None.
                                                          coupon and attach a SELF-                     tirement Club for the support that has been           Adjournment: A motion was made to
                                                          ADDRESSED LABEL for reply.
                                                                                                        shown for this effort.                             adjourn at 12:03 PM. M/S/P
Page 12          751 AERO MECHANIC                 February 2008

Union Ensures Proper Pay Rate                                                                                             Fight for Job Security
                                                                                                                          Continued from page 6
   Thanks to representation from the Union, 751-mem-         Mitchell stated, “Assigning a member to provide               tossed to the streets, employees in “slow” areas can
ber Steve Whaley received back pay for the nine weeks    training to new hires was the right thing to do. It was a         promptly move to (and be productive in) areas where
he served as a Temporary Team Leader. Credit goes to     feather in management’s cap to recognize the need for             there is work.
Union Steward Mitchell Christian and Business Rep        this training, and I hope they will continue to do it in the          • Raise the Cost of Layoffs: Employers often elimi-
Heather Barstow for gathering the facts and persisting   future. The new hires did really well and got concen-             nate jobs as a quick way to boost profits. We can
until he received the proper compensation.               trated one-on-one support. The only issue was the Team            discourage this practice with contract language that
   The issue arose when Steve was assigned to train      Leader pay, which Steve certainly earned.”                        raises the cost of layoffs. Income Continuation Benefits
new employees. With only six months at Boeing, he            Steve appreciated the support from his Union and              pay laid-off work-
considered it a compliment and was excited to be able    noted, “The Union really stands behind its members at             ers a certain sum of
to help others coming into the wire shop. Steve would    Boeing. I went and talked to HR a few times myself, but           money per year of
meet with the new hires one-on-one to assess the new     I was met with resistance. It’s nice to know you have the         service for a speci-
hires’ skills and then assign the work packages based on Union to help resolve these issues and present your               fied period of time.
those skills.                                                                                    case.”                    Education, Training
He also pro-                                                                                        Business Rep           and Re-employ-
vided any                                                                                        Heather Barstow           ment Benefits pro-
assistance/                                                                                      noted, “Mitchell          vide money for tu-
counseling                                                                                       did a great job           ition, books and
they needed                                                                                      documenting the           other education and
to perform                                                                                       contract violation and    training costs as
the work. As                                                                                     getting witness           well as job search
employees’                                                                                       statements from           and placement ser-
skills im-                                                                                       several members.          vices. Benefit Con-
proved,                                                                                          I appreciate the          tinuation Plans pro-
Steve would                                                                                      thorough job he           vide extended, em-
assign them                                                                                      did in gathering all      ployer-paid health coverage to laid-off employees and
more diffi-                                                                                      the facts, which          their dependents. The IAM seeks improvements and
cult work.                                                                                       helped me to              expansions in all these areas.
   W h e n                                                                                       pursuade          the         Union contracts also promote Job Security by keep-
Steve men-                                                                                       Company to do the         ing work and technologies inside the Company by
tioned the 751-member Steve Whaley (center) thanks Union Steward Mitchell                        right thing in re-        bringing work back into the Company, and by creating
training and Christian (r) and Business Rep Heather Barstow for securing back pay                solving this for          new business. Examples include: Limits on Subcon-
extra re- for duties he performed.                                                               Steve.”                   tracting and Offloading or implementing a High Perfor-
sponsibility                                                                                        With the con-          mance Work Organization.
to Union                                                                                         tract coming up,              Job security is attainable so long as it is a priority of
Steward Mitchell Christian, Mitchell noted there should  Steve encouraged all new hires to talk to their Stewards          the majority of the membership. Every contract we
be extra pay for performing Team Leader duties. Mitchell and attend shop floor meetings. As a new hire, one of his         attempt to make strides with job security by strengthen-
began interviewing others and gathering facts to build   top issues is the starting wage. Because starting wages           ing existing language, restricting or eliminating lan-
a case for Team Leader pay. He presented the facts to    remain at 1992 levels, Steve continues to work his                guage such as LOU #37 and expanding language into
management, who took the position it was job sharing     previous job to make ends meet. Steve’s situation again           new areas to protect our members. However, so long as
even though Steve had been assigning jobs. Mitchell      highlights the need to have the entry wages substan-              the leadership of the Company wants to maintain lead-
continued to pursue the issue and enlisted help from     tially increased to a level fitting of a world class com-         ership control, no matter how good or bad that leader-
Business Rep Heather Barstow who was able to elevate     pany, which is something the Union has been continu-              ship is, it will always be a tough battle. Solidarity wins,
the matter and get it resolved.                          ally pushing to obtain.                                           if everyone is on board.

Members’ Ingenuity Solves 737 Issues
Continued from page 1
                                              out, “Before, the mats were adhered us-       included:
from management – particularly Marc           ing silicone. However, the installation           • Easy to use
Honda and Harold Pittman,” added Steve.       was similar to how people put toothpaste          • Accepted by shop per-
“They gave support, didn’t tell us how to     on their toothbrush – some use a little       sonnel
do it, and ensured we followed Boeing         and some use a lot. There was no consis-          • Ergonomic
guidelines and adhered to safety prac-        tency. Also the pressure to adhere the            • Could be produced “in-
tices. They gave us the opportunity and       mat varied depending on the weight of         house”
chance to find a solution. This manage-       the person doing the installation – a             • Would not hinder or
ment support was instrumental in our          person weighing 100 pounds didn’t ap-         delay the current installa-
success.”                                     ply the same pressure as a 250-pound          tion process.
   Engineering had been studying the          person. We needed to standardize the              The group also got buy-in
galley mat issue for some time and had        installation.”                                from those with a vested in-
collected data, and examined the best            Together, the group searched for a         terest in every step of the de-
                                              better installation practice. They devel-                                      Tiffany Oschip (l) and Ashleigh Donner try
tape, time and temperature to install the                                                   velopment process. As a re-
                                                                                                                             different cutters designed to avoid damaging
mats; however, they had no fix. Rather        oped a roller tool that would apply con-      sult, members have embraced wires when it is necessary to cut into the bundles
than analyzing the bubbling, REACT            sistent pressure no matter who was per-       the roller tool and concerns on the plane.
decided to observe numerous installa-         forming the installation. Once the roller     with the galley mats have
tions of the galley mats. They realized       tool was developed, the team began test-      flatlined, demonstrating the tools success.    the pride and quality we want to see
members did not have the proper tools.        ing using the various mat types currently         The ownership and pride was demon-         going into our airplanes.”
   Union Steward Phil Larvie pointed          used in production. Criteria for the tool     strated every step of the way. REACT              751 member Carrie Sacco is helping
                                                                                            members spent hours to perform MR&D            the REACT team explore different cut-
                                                                                            and traveled to Boeing surplus to find         ters which are less likely to damage
                                                                                            necessary parts. With the mat bubbling         wires when it is necessary to cut into the
                                                                                            issue resolved, the REACT team has turned      wire bundles once they are installed on
                                                                                            their focus to another problem – protecting    the plane. One idea was to use cutters
                                                                                            the airplane tires from picking up foreign     that have a dulled edge rather than a
                                                                                            object debris (FOD), such as fasteners,        sharp point – leaving the cutting edge
                                                                                            from the factory floor, which requires re-     sharp, but avoiding poking through the
                                                                                            placing the tires.                             wire insulation.
                                                                                                The crew is looking at a simple, but          Business Rep Tommy Wilson ap-
                                                                                            logical solution: Creating a tire protector    plauded their efforts, “The REACT team
                                                                                            which would wrap around the tire until         shows the incredible value our members
                                                                                            the completed plane is rolled out to the       are to the Company – beyond the scope
                                                                                            flight line.                                   of their job description. They are tal-
                                                                                                “The management chart on deliveries        ented and have great ideas but often
                                                                                            proves the galley mat problem is re-           don’t get an avenue to implement their
L to R: Rob Mahan, Business Rep Tommy Wilson, Supervisor Mark Honda                         solved since there are no reports of bub-      suggestions. The members enjoy the
and Lisa Kemp examine a suggested tire cover to keep landing gear safe from                 bling after we implemented the roller          REACT team and the chance to problem
FOD while moving through the factory. The idea came from a brainstorming                    tool,” Steve added. “We are taking own-        solve for Boeing. I hope other groups
session of the REACT team made up of 751 members.                                           ership of our airplane. REACT promotes         give our members similar opportunities.”

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