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									               Embracing Change and Diversity

         Annual Diversity Review
                                      20   05
  World Wide Technology (WWT) believes that a critical component of
the strength of a community is the commitment that its resident
businesses show towards that community. This belief is the foundation
of our proactive involvement in our community. Nowhere is that
commitment better demonstrated than in our efforts to develop women,
minority and disabled veterans (MWDV/BE) business enterprises.

  To help train, refer and integrate qualified, certified and diverse
suppliers into the provisioning of products and services, not only
for our own internal needs but also for those of our customer.

      Number of Certified MWDVBE Suppliers: 291

      '04 Total Annual Spend: $12, 124, 675

      MBE Spend: $6, 442, 363          WBE Spend: $5, 682, 312

      % Change from Previous Year: +21%2

      1 WWT   has increased number of active certified
           Diverse Suppliers over 31% since 2002.

      2 WWT  has sustained increases in overall Diverse
           Supplier spend every year since 2002.
                                                                                          World Wide Technology

I am pleased to support the World Wide Technology Supplier Diversity Plan (SDP) as our corporate

commitment to help train, refer and integrate qualified, certified, and diverse suppliers into the provisioning

of products and services to our customers. Our company goal is to engage and assist minority-owned

businesses achieve their individual goals and to help them expand their opportunity for business

success. We utilize a "three level" mentoring approach to develop relationships that allow suppliers

participating in our Supplier Diversity Plan to engage in business opportunities in several ways -

    WWT's "Three Level" Mentoring Approach




 The first level of metoring focuses on Connecting direct referrals to our customer base for non-competitive

product and service offerings. The second level involves Coaching individual companies to help strengthen

and enable their business to grow and flourish under our leadership.

Finally the third level encourages Collaboration efforts with businesses that

compliment WWT's strategic business objectives.

  The entire team at World Wide Technology is committed to making our

Supplier Diversity Plan an integral part of our day to day business

operations. We understand that as we engage with creative, responsive

and qualified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) partners, we will

improve our own internal organization and also be better positioned to                David L. Steward
                                                                                World Wide Technology Holding
meet our end customers' needs in a "beyond all expectations" manner.

World Wide Technology

    LAWRENCE & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                                COLLABORATION

    In July of 2004, Dave Steward received a letter of sincere thanks for the nearly four years of assistance

    in mentoring and advising a minority-owned IT company, Lawrence & Associates, Inc. This mentoring

    ultimately helped prepare Lawrence for a spot with one of the country's largest telecom firms, Verizon

    Communications. Through Mr. Steward's relationships with executive managers at Verizon, he was able to

    coordinate a meeting for Thomas Lawrence. Lawrence is now engaged as a minority vendor with Verizon.

    THE INCREDIBLE WEB COMPANY                                                                 COACHING

                             In late 2004, Dave Steward came to the aid of a small minority-owned software

                             development firm, The Incredible Web Company. This seven person firm, co-owned

                             by Tariq Ahmed and Kevin Taylor was struggling with the development of a

                             marketing plan to jump start their business. Dave gathered two other local

                             St. Louis area business owners, Brandon Mann and Robert Coleman, to form

        Tariq Ahmed          a voluntary board of advisors to assist the young firm in developing an
       President & CEO
                             effective go-to-market strategy.

                                                                                       World Wide Technology

WWT SPIN-OFF - SDE BUSINESS PARTNERING                                                          COACHING

                               SDE, formally a subsidiary of World Wide Technology Holding, spun-off in

         BUSINESS PARTNERING   November 2004 as an independent company under the direction of Charles

Young, an African-American entrepreneur. On January 7, 2005, Young previously Vice President of

WWT-Automotive forwarded a formal thank-you letter to Dave Steward for the preparation received while

part of WWT’s organization. An excerpt from that letter:

                 “The business mentoring, IT infrastructure , financial

                 support and flexibility provided to us while part of World

                 Wide Technology has been instrumental in the successful

                 launch of our business.”         Charles Young, CEO, SDE Business Partnering
Success Stories

    DANARA TECHNICAL GROUP USA, INC.                                          COACHING        COLLABORATION

    WWT and Danara Technical Group USA, Inc. joined forces in a proposal to Aquila for consulting services

    to perform a physical/IT warehouse analysis. The basis for the proposal was to provide a value

    proposition to manage Aquila's entire warehousing operation in Minnesota.

       In addition, WWT and Danara have partnered on a proposal to perform an Information Technology

    Management Review for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. Danara is a private 8(a) certified

    company, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in November 1994, Danara specializes in

    Data Conversion and other client services.

    ROSE INTERNATIONAL                                                                        COLLABORATION

    WWT partnered with Rose International, a Women Business Enterprise on a proposal to the Missouri

    Department of Transportation. The proposal focused on providing Consulting Services for a core financial

    system replacement.

       Rose is a software development, hardware/software solutions and consulting services company. They

    provide IT solutions to large and medium sized organizations. In addition, Rose International is an 8(a)

    certified business and has been certified by state and local authorities, as a minority and women-owned

    business. Rose operates out of its principal office in Chesterfield, Missouri.
                                                                                        World Wide Technology

SDE BUSINESS PARTNERING                            CONNECTIONG            COACHING            COLLABORATION

                              In early 2002, World Wide Technology, assisted by executives and management

        BUSINESS PARTNERING   of Telcobuy, entered an agreement to establish a majority-owned subsidiary

called SDE Business Partnering. The endeavor began as result of a WWT customer's (EDS) need to help

establish minority business participation in the provision of IT products and services to General Motors.

  SDE, headed by Charles Young, an African-American, had as its primary mission to help locate and

integrate diversity suppliers (which SDE terms "Teaming Partners") into the stream

of IT distribution and consulting services business outsourced from General Motors.

Currently, the largest area of success for SDE with GM is to provide IT related

products and augmentation of GM's IT staff for consulting services. SDE sees this

model of locating qualified MBEs, mentoring them with necessary skills and placing

them into the mainstream business enterprises, as a highly templatable model.
                                                                                          Charles Young
                                                                                       Chief Executive Officer
  This endeavor with SDE is a prime example of how WWT and Telcobuy are

successfully implementing their "Three-Level" Approach to Mentoring. In this example, executive and

mid-level management employees from both WWT and Telcobuy assisted SDE in mentoring and

development (COACHING) of the prospective Teaming Partners. Once qualified, the Teaming Partners

were recommended to the customer (CONNECTING). Upon acceptance by the customer, SDE

completed the cycle by working with the customer and the SDE Teaming Partner sucess to oversee the

program to ensure accountability and the anticipated results and performance (COLLABORATION). Citing

just one example of an SDE Teaming Partner, Vision I.T., an African-American owned firm out of Detroit,

Michigan, nearly quadrupled its net size and revenue since its affiliation with GM, initiated through SDE.

World Wide Technology

    GLOBAL TECH SOLUTIONS                                                   COACHING           COLLABORATION

                      WWT has consulted with Global Technology Solutions since 2001 regarding developing

                      a successful business model in the Federal marketplace.

      Global Technology Solutions is a St. Louis based, 8(a), small disadvantaged, veteran-owned business

    that provides Enterprise Resource Planning, Networking & Data products, as well as telecommunications

    engineering and installation.

      WWT and Global Technology Solutions teamed to win several government contracting awards for IT

    products and services. With the financial backing of WWT, Global was able to meet and exceeded cus-

    tomer expectations.

      WWT continues to provide IT product acquisition support to Global Technology Solutions via WWT’s

    subscription to a major Federal business development database service.

    SBC IN SUPPLIER DIVERSITY SYMPOSIUM                                                               COACHING

    On October 26th, 2004, Telcobuy participated as a prime supplier of SBC at the Wisconsin Supplier

    Development Council's Supplier Diversity Symposium. Over 100 minority and women-owned businesses

    attended and had the opportunity to gain valuable advise and seek collaborative opportunities from one of

    the largest and most successful minority business in the U.S. - World Wide Technology and Telcobuy.com.

                                                                                              Success Stories

Telcobuy as Prime Contractor for Alcatel                                                   COLLABORATION

In mid-2002, Telcobuy was engaged by Alcatel as its primary "turn-key" subcontractor to manage

deployment for their Optical Networking Division (OND) services, including most facets of EF&I. In this

role as Prime Contractor, Telcobuy has the charge to establish relationships with EF&I companies to

create the optimal geographic and skill-set coverage model to serve Alcatel's end-customer needs. To

the extent that Minority, Woman and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (MWDV/BE) fit the above

requirements, Telcobuy has and will continue to actively seek employment of these companies in this

excellent opportunity to serve Alcatel and the Telecom Service Provider community.

Michael Dell Visits St. Louis
Business Opportunity Fair
                                          In May, 2004, Dave Steward was responsible for securing

                                          Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Computers, Inc., as

                                          the featured guest and speaker at the St. Louis Minority

                                          Business Council's Annual Business Opportunity Fair. Because

of World Wide's successful business relationship with Dell, Mr. Steward was able to convince Michael Dell

to take time out of his busy schedule to come and address the hundreds of minority business enterprises

which attended this event. Michael Dell provided some key insights as to how minority businesses can be

successful in this rapidly changing global environment. This visit by one of America's most successful

entrepreneurs was extremely beneficial to the St. Louis minority business community.
 One of the outstanding MWDV/BE businesses around which Telcobuy has built its supply chain is Karlee

 Manufacturing. Karlee, a woman-owned business, began as a one person garage-based machine shop

 in 1974, but has since developed into a one-stop supplier of manufacturing services. Today they provide

 customized integrated manufacturing services such as sheet metal fabrication,

 precision machining, cabling, electromechanical assembly and process coating.

   Karlee has provided its services to Telcobuy since 2000 for their Contract

 Manufacturing operation in Plano, Texas. Located in Garland, Texas, Karlee has

 distinguished itself as an outstanding business enterprise with the following

 notable achievements to their credit:
                                                                                        Jo Ann Brumit
            2004 Ranked 7th largest woman-owned business in Dallas Ft.                 CEO & Chairman
                     Worth area by Dallas Business Journal
            2001 ISO/TL 9001:2000
            2000 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
            2000 Texas Business of the Year (Large Division)
            1999 Texas Quality Award
            1995 Well Managed Business Award by Baylor University
            1991 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by INC. Magazine, Ernst & Young

  Karlee has without a doubt provided Telcobuy with the highest levels of performance, quality, OTD and

 cost-effective pricing, which ultimately creates a greater competitive advantage for our customers.
                                                                                          World Wide Technology

Sunbelt Telecommunications, Inc. has been a value-added service provider of telecommunications

products to Telcobuy since 2000. A woman-owned and managed business, Sunbelt's stocking and

distribution services provide just-in-time material replenishment to Telcobuy's contract manufacturing

facility in Plano, Texas. Over the years, Sunbelt has been able to leverage strategic arrangements with

key OEMs such as Lucent and Tyco to deliver state of the art equipment at significantly reduced lead times and

competitive prices.

  The volatility of the telecommunications market over the past several years

can wreak havoc on a supply chain. Through a close working relationship and

industry insight, Sunbelt has consistently supported Telcobuy's customers and

their critical service level requirements. These customers include SBC, Verizon

and Alcatel.   Sunbelt's professional customer service and commitment to                  Paula Mann
                                                                                         CEO & President
customer satisfaction has been demonstrated over the years and continue to

play a key role in Telcobuy's supply chain.

Sunbelt has distinguished themselves in the supplier marketplace with recognition such as:

           2000 Texas Business of the Year (Large Division)
           2000 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
           2000 TL 9000 Registered
           1999 ISO/TL 9001:2000 certified WBE Certification from Women's
                  Business Enterprise national council award

 Telcobuy is certainly proud to have Sunbelt as a valued supplier.

World Wide Technology

    Diversity Business.com - November 2, 2004
    Diversity Business.com, the nation's' leading multicultural B2B online portal since 1999, names World Wide
    Technology the No. 1 African American Owned Business in the United States and No. 4 on their list of the
    top 500 diversity owned businesses. The Div100 is a classification that represents the top 100 diversity-
    owned (Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Indian and other minority groups) businesses in the
    U.S., in sectors such as technology, manufacturing, food service and professional services.

    2004 Microsoft® Vendor Program (MSVP) Excellence Award for Diversity - July, 2004
    Dell receives 2004 Microsoft® Vendor Program (MSVP) Excellence Award for Diversity.
    Dell demonstrated its commitment to helping Microsoft achieve its diversity goals by establishing a
    partnership with minority business organization, World Wide Technology Inc. Dell's flexibility and
    creativity resulted in a solution that best fit Microsoft's global hardware and services needs.

    Black Enterprise Magazine - June, 2004
    Black Enterprise Magazine ranked WWT No. 1 on its BE 100s Industrial/Service list. The BE 100s make
    up the largest black-owned businesses in the nation. In order to qualify for this significant honor a
    company must be 51% black-owned, financially sound, have proven growth potential and provide quality
    services to their clients.

    Diversity /Careers in Engineering & IT Magazine - April/May 2004
    Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology Magazine featured the diversity relationship
    between IKON Office Solutions and World Wide Technology in its article; "Synergy pays off for IKON &
    World Wide Technology."

    SBC 2004 Outstanding Supplier Award - Customer Service - April 29, 2004
    SBC Communications Inc. recognizes Telcobuy.com as an Outstanding Supplier in the category of
    Customer Service. Telcobuy was one of a select group of suppliers honored in May for their work in
    helping SBC deliver outstanding service to its customers during the prior year.

    NMSDC Long Term Achievement Award - May 14, 2003
    National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) honored David L. Steward for his significant
    long-term achievements in minority business development.

World Wide Technology is dedicated to supporting its community and non-profit organizations. Our
goal is to bring positive change through support of scholarship awards, youth development,
project support and other community activities. Providing leadership through employee involvement and
developing long-term relationships in the community is our primary focus.
 WWT's contribution decisions are based on the individual merits of the particular project or organization.
We are most attracted to projects that benefit and support the youth of our community. Our goal is to
support the work of quality, effective, goal-oriented organizations that address human needs and services.
  WWT is excited about organizations that bring together diverse groups with common concerns while
building new approaches and focus on key issues in the community. We want to improve the education
process by broadening opportunity and increasing the potential for all individuals. Our commitment
facilitates technology applications that open classrooms to the world and offers new ways to bring
knowledge to students in the learning process.
 Following is a brief list of ways in which WWT supports its community:
David Steward, United Way 2005 Campaign Chair
David L. Steward, long-time United Way volunteer was named chair of the 2005 United Way campaign,
succeeding Patricia L. Mercurio, president of Bank of America-Missouri. Dave is the first African American
to chair the annual fund-raising campaign. He has been an active volunteer for the United Way and for a
number of community and civic organizations. An active member of United Way's Executive Committee,
Dave is no stranger to United Way fund-raising.
 Dave and his wife, Thelma, served as chairs in 2000 and 2001 of the then United Way African-American
Leadership Giving Initiative, which recognizes individuals giving $1,000 or more to the annual campaign.
The initiative has since become the Charmaine Chapman Society, and the Stewards have remained active in it.
Other Organizations
       American Cancer Society                           National Multiple Sclerosis Society
       American Heart Association                        Ronald McDonald House Foundation
       Big Brothers / Big Sisters                        St. Louis Community College
       Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                        St. Louis County NAACP
       Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA               United Negro College Fund
       Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club                  United Way of Greater St. Louis
       March of Dimes                                    William L. Clay Scholarship Fund
       Mathews-Dickey Boys' Club                         YMCA
       National Children's Cancer Society                YWCA of Metropolitan St. Louis
January 23      NW Minority Business Council's Annual Gala in Seattle
February 26     St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative
May 4           St. Louis Minority Business Council - Opportunity Fair
                   (David Steward responsible for securing Michael Dell)
May 5           Wisconsin Northwest Supplier Development Council
May 18          NMSDC Business Leadership Awards - NY
June 21-22      Diversity SuperComm Summit - Chicago, IL
June 30         Arkansas Business Opportunity Fair - Speaker at Luncheon
October 17-19   NMSDC Annual Conference in New York
December 1      St. Louis Minority Business Council Salute to Excellence Awards Luncheon

February 17-18 Kansas Minority Business Development Council Speaking Engagement, Wichita
May 2-3         DFWMBC Access 2005 Conference and Opportunity Fair, Dallas, TX
May 19          KC Minority Development Council - Trade Show Exposition
                  (David Steward - Keynote Luncheon Speaker)
June 6          SuperComm 2005, TIA Supplier Diversity Summit, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
June 15         St. Louis Minority Business Council - Opportunity Fair, St. Louis, MO
Sept 22         Northern California Supplier Development Council Business Opportunity Fair
Oct 23-26       National Minority Supplier Development Council - Business Opportunity Fair, Dallas, TX
                                                                                         World Wide Technology

Provide revolutionary supply chain solutions for our customers.
Founded in 1990, World Wide Technology (WWT) is a leading Systems Integrator providing technology and
supply chain solutions to customers and suppliers around the world. World Wide Technology Holding Co.,
Inc., is comprised of two operating companies focused on specific markets: WWT, Inc. and Telcobuy.

By engaging WWT to manage their planning, procurement and deployment processes, our customers
benefit from our certified technology professionals, a nationwide physical infrastructure and a suite of
e-Commerce applications designed to greatly simplify the supply chain.

  • Embrace change and diversity of people   and thought
  • Passion and a strong work ethic
  • Attitude, be positive and open minded
  • Team player, proactively share ideas
  • Honesty and integrity

WWT, the largest African-American owned enterprise in the United States, is recognized as a Small
Business and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

David Steward - Chairman, World Wide Technology Holding Co. Inc.
Bob Olwig - VP Business Development
Ann Marr - VP Human Resources
Kurt Grimminger - VP Operations, Plano, TX
Bob Wells - Director Program Mgmt./Supplier Diversity Coordinator
Dicran Arnold - Account Executive Commercial Sales
Bridget Loza - Administrative Assistant, Plano, TX

For more information on the World Wide Technology Supplier Diversity Plan or to contact us,
please visit our web site at http://www.wwt.com/supplier_diversity.html.


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