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									                                     MOTOR VEHICLE LEASE
Lessor Name and Address:                                             Lessee Name and Address:

1.      DESCRIPTION OF LEASED PROPERTY. Lessee has leased from Lessor and received in
        satisfactory condition the following property, referred to in this lease as the vehicle:

        A New or Used:

2.      TERM OF LEASE. The term of this lease shall commence on                                             and
        shall be for a period of                             unless extended further by agreement of Lessor and

3.      INSURANCE. Lessee is responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle and Lessee agrees to provide
        insurance coverages for the term of this lease in the types and amounts satisfactory to Lessor.

4.      MAINTENANCE. Lessee is responsible for all maintenance, service, and repairs of the vehicle. Lessee
        will provide and pay for all gas, oil, anti-freeze, and replacement tires for the vehicle. Lessee will at Lessee=s
        expense maintain the vehicle in good working order and see that all maintenance, service, and repairs are
        performed when needed, but at least as often as set forth in the owner=s manual or as requested by the
        manufacturer in connection with any recall program. Lessee is not required to purchase a service contract.

5.      DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES. The only express warranty to which the vehicle is subject is the
        standard manufacturer=s warranty on the vehicle, Lessor is leasing the vehicle to Lessee AAS IS@ and Lessor
        OTHER IMPLIED WARRANTIES BY Lessor. Lessor shall have no responsibility to Lessee or to any other
        person with respect to any interruption of service, loss of business or anticipated profit or consequential
        damages. Any statement concerning the model year is for identification only.

6.      DEFAULT. Lessee will be in default of obligations under this lease if any of the following events or
        conditions occur:

        a.      Lessee fails to make any payment under this lease when it is due;

        b.      Lessee becomes the subject of a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding;

        c.      Lessee fails to maintain the required insurance coverages.

7.      TAXES. Lessee will pay when due all sales, use, rental, or other taxes, and all fees and charges of any
        nature (together with any interest or penalties not arising from the negligence of Lessor) imposed in
        connection with this lease by any federal, state, county, or local governmental authority (excepting however,
        any federal, state, county, or local tax or taxes based in whole or in part on the income of Lessor).

8.      TITLE. Legal title to the vehicle will be in the name of the Lessor. Lessee agrees to pay all title and
        registration costs.

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9.      VEHICLE USE. Lessee agrees to keep the vehicle free from all liens and encumbrances, except liens and
        encumbrances in Lessor=s favor. Lessee will not use the vehicle illegally, sell it, lease it, or otherwise transfer
        it without Lessor=s prior written consent. Unless Lessee has first received Lessor=s written consent, Lessee
        will not place any sign or mark on the vehicle. If Lessor consents to the placement of a sign or mark on the
        vehicle, Lessee will pay at the end of the lease the cost to remove the sign or mark and all needed repairs that
        are caused by the removal.

10.     INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. Lessee agrees to hold Lessor harmless and indemnify Lessor against any
        claim and/or liability, loss, or expense, regardless of its nature, including attorney fees and other expenses for
        the defense of such claim and/or liability, imposed by law or otherwise, arising out of the maintenance, use,
        condition, operation, or ownership of the vehicle during the period the vehicle is leased. This indemnity
        includes any claim made against Lessor because of a defect in the vehicle, whether t\brought under the theory
        of strict liability or otherwise.

11.     DAMAGE TO VEHICLE. Lessee agrees to be responsible for all damage to the vehicle and for its loss or
        destruction from any cause. Lessee will immediately notify Lessor and Lessee=s insurance company of any
        such event, or of any accident, and Lessee will cooperate with and assist Lessor and Lessee=s insurance
        company in any reasonable manner necessary as a consequence.

12.     ASSIGNMENT. Lessor can assign Lessor=s interest in this lease and to the vehicle without Lessee=s
        consent. Lessee agrees to make all payments thereafter to assignee. Lessee understand that Lessee has no
        right to assign any of the Lessee=s rights under the lease. Lessee also understands that Lessee has no right
        to sublease, assign, or transfer the vehicle.

13.     GOVERNING LAW. This lease shall in all respects be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

        Entered into this          day of                                     , 20     .

        Lessor                                                       Lessee

        By:                                                          By:

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