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                                                                             11044 63rd Avenue
             .                                                               Seminole, FL 33772
                                                                             Ph: (734) 934-3676
             .                                                               Email:

                     Dennis McCune ,consultant
     I am an independent Contract Programmer Analyst specialized in IT Centers that utilize
     IBM’s midrange systems, Unix based Oracle systems and others. I also have extensive
     experience with EDI on all platforms. I have provided this consulting service since 1986.
     I wish to provide such services to your organization.

     I bring to bear a broad and detailed set of knowledge and experience. I have acquired a
     significant amount of software and hardware experience in numerous business and IT
     support areas such as manufacturing, distribution and EDI as described in the
     accompanying resume.

     I have successfully served clients both on and offsite, including an arrangement where I
     was the offsite MIS manager for a company for five years. Having the work done offsite
     has many benefits: No travel, no interruptions, no workspace, and no benefits.

     My major assets are dedication, trust, dependability and a sense of urgency to
     meet your needs. I pride myself on my work ethics, efficiency and expertise in all
     aspects of the IBM midrange family

     I look forward to you contacting me to learn more about my services. Please note that
     I am interested in performing offsite (telecommuting) only. Please feel free to
     visit my website for more information:


     Dennis McCune

   JOB ONE !                             ............................
                             Dennis McCune
                       11044 63rd Avenue, Seminole, FL 33772
                                Ph: (734) 934-3676

Contract Programmer Analyst —Specialized in IT Centers That Utilize IBM’s Midrange
Computers AS/400, iSeries, Oracle & PeopleSoft systems. EDI specialist on all platforms.
A leader in proving the value and efficiency of offsite contract software development and offsite
facilities management. An example of an offsite assignment: Facilities manager of a nineteen
branch, 800-employee company in the midst of converting to an AS/400 computer system.
 Dedicated to a specific sector of the IT industry—and dedicated to the client.
 Always work with a sense of urgency in meeting client’s budget and time requirements.
 Quickly learn and appreciate the business needs of the client—and provide systems that meet
    those needs.
 Frequently called on to resolve urgent, critical problems.
 Possess the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve issues.
 Personal traits: Honesty, dependability and reliability.

Computers:              IBM AS/400, iSERIES, I5, Unix
                        IBM PC’s and compatibles
Languages:              Primary: RPG, SQL & JAVASCRIPT
                        AS/400: RPG400, RPG ILE, DDS, CL, SQL, SDA, PDM, QRY

Networks:               TCP/IP, SNA, LAN/WAN, Client Access, IPX, SDLC
Applications:           Distribution and Manufacturing Packages, EDI Packages,
                        MRP, G/L, A/R, Payroll, Inventory control, 1040 Tax Package,
                        Order Processing, Sales Analysis and Bill of Material Processing.

Specific software package experience:
                           Yrs                         Yrs                   Yrs
           Trusted Link 15      JDE Enterprise One         3 JDA              1
           Gentran        2     Neumenon, (AS400/Sys 36) 5 HFA                3
           Future 3       5     Mac-Pac                   3 SPEEDE bar cde 1
           CMS            5     PRMS                      1 TurnOver          2
           Island Pacific 1     Inovis Biz Connect/Mapper 5 Inovis Biz Link   5
           Aldon          1     Hawkeye                   1 Lawson            1
EDI Transaction set experience as of January 12, 2011

   204       Motor carrier load tender
   211       Motor carrier bill of lading
   212       Motor carrier delivery trailer manifest
   214       Ship status message
   215       Motor carrier pick up manifest
   216       Loading & route guide
   223       Freight Bill and Invoice
   224       Motor carrier summary freight bill
   270       Eligibility, coverage or benefit inquiry
   271        Eligibility, coverage or benefit information
   276        Health care claim status request
   277        Health care information status notification
   278        Health care services review information
   315       Status Details
   810       Invoice
   820       Remittance advice
   824       Application advice
   830       Planning schedule release
   831       Price/sales catalog
   832       Catalog
   834        Benefits enrollment
   835       Health care claim payment/advice
   837       Health care claim
   840       Request for quotation
   843       Response to request for quotation
   850       Purchase order
   852       Product activity data
   855       Purchase order acknowledgement
   856       Advance ship notice
   860       Purchase order change request
   861       Receiving advice
   862       Shipping schedule
   864       Text document
   865       Purchase order change acknowledgement
   940       Warehouse ship order
   943       Stock transfer ship advice
   944       Stock transfer receipt advice
   945       Warehouse ship advice
   946       Warehouse inventory adjustment advice
   997       Functional acknowledgement
                                     CONSULTING PRACTICE

Specific Experience: (I can provide a list of clients pertinent to the experience if desired)

Inovis Biz Connect, Link & Manager Feb 2005 – Present
Worked extensively with BizConnect, BizLink and BizManager, using the mapper client to design,
develop, test and implement many X12, XML and EDIFACT transaction sets for 15+ clients. Also
used javascript extensively in most of the maps. Mapping was integrated into Oracle, Oracle’s
E1 and PeopleSoft systems.

Inovis Trusted Link                           Jan 1995 - Present
I have used Trusted Link on the ISeries/AS400 for several clients, utilizing many different ERP
systems such as JD Edwards, Island Pacific, PRMS, Lawson and others. Have written complex
user written exit programs in maps. Have also modified the ERP systems with all versions of
RPG and SQL as needed for EDI integration.

Programming                                   Jan 1986 - Present
I have over 20 years of RPG programming experience on IBM Midrange systems. I have
maintained, modified and enhanced all of the software packages listed earlier. Specific modules
include; sales, order, purchasing, A/R, A/P, GL, inventory control and others.

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