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									oom            VERZEKERINGEN                                                                                       Terms of
                                                                                               Household Contents Insurance

                                                                                         belong	 to	 the	 private	 household	 of	 the	 insured	 person,	
 Article 1. Definitions                                                                  including	personal	jewellery	and	audiovisual	equipment.
                                                                                   1.9	 Personal	jewellery
 1.1	 Audiovisual	equipment                                                        	     Jewellery	 (including	 watches)	 intended	 to	 be	 worn	 on	 the	
 	    Audio,	 video,	 receiving	 and	 transmitting	 equipment,	 such	                    body	 and	 consisting	 entirely	 or	 partially	 of	 precious	 metals	
      as	 radios,	 record	 players,	 CD	 players,	 video	 disc	 players,	                or	other	metals,	minerals,	ivory,	coral	or	blood	coral	or	simi-
      televisions,	 video	 cameras,	 tape,	 cassette	 and	 video	 recor-                 lar	materials,	as	well	as	pearls.
      ders,	 as	 well	 as	 all	 types	 of	 computer	 equipment	 such	 as	          1.10	 Company
      personal	and	game	computers.	All	of	this	includes	the	usual	                 	     OOM	 Schadeverzekering	 N.V.	 This	 company	 is	 registered	
      peripheral	 equipment	 and	 other	 accessories	 such	 as	 discs	                   with	 the	 Financial	 Markets	 Authority	 (AFM)	 under	 number	
      or	video	discs,	compact	discs,	tapes,	cassettes,	floppy	discs,	                    12.000.624.
      speakers,	monitors,	writing	and	printing	units.                              1.11	 War	and	kindred	risks
 1.2	 Charges	incurred	to	minimise	loss                                            	     Armed	 conflict,	 civil	 war,	 uprising,	 internal	 unrest,	 riot,	
 	    Costs	of	measures	taken	during	the	valid	term	of	the	insu-                         mutiny.	 The	 definitions	 of	 these	 forms	 of	 war	 and	 kindred	
      rance	by	or	because	of	the	policyholder	or	an	insured	per-                         risks	are	part	of	the	text	filed	by	the	Union	of	Insurers	in	the	
      son	 and	 reasonably	 required	 to	 avert	 the	 imminent	 threat	                  Netherlands	on	2	November	1981	at	the	office	of	the	clerk	
      of	 damage	 for	 which,	 if	 occurred,	 the	 insurance	 provides	                  of	the	District	Court	in	The	Hague.
      coverage,	or	to	limit	such	damage.	In	this	context,	the	costs	               1.12	 New	value
      of	 measures	 also	 include	 damage	 to	 items	 used	 in	 taking	            	     The	amount	required	to	obtain	new	items	of	the	same	type	
      the	measures	indicated	herein.                                                     and	quality.
 1.3	 Lightning	strike                                                             1.13	 Explosion
 	    Direct	 strike	 by	 atmospheric	 discharge	 on	 objects	 in	 the	            	     Immediately	caused	by	a	severe	forced	expression	of	gases	or	
      building	at	the	risk	address.                                                      vapours	occurring	at	once,	taking	into	account	the	following:
 1.4	 Breakage                                                                     	     If	the	explosion	occurs:
 	    Unlawfully	 obtaining	 access	 by	 force,	 i.e.,	 with	 visible	                   a.	 within	a	container,	closed	or	otherwise,	then:
      damage	by	the	breaking	of	locks	or	closures.                                           1	 an	opening	must	be	created	in	the	wall	of	the	con-
 1.5	 Fire                                                                                       tainer	by	the	pressure	of	the	gases	or	vapours	therein	
 	    A	 fire	 caused	 by	 combustion	 and	 accompanied	 by	 flames	                             and;
      outside	a	hearth	and	able	to	spread	by	itself.	                                        2	 the	 opening	 must	 lead	 to	 the	 pressure	 inside	 and	
 	    Therefore	the	following,	among	other	things,	do	not	consti-                                outside	the	container	suddenly	becoming	equal.
      tute	fire:                                                                         b.	 outside	a	container,	the	expression	of	force	must	be	the	
      a.	 singeing,	scorching,	melting,	charring,	smouldering;                               immediate	result	of	a	chemical	reaction.
      b.	 burning	out	of	electric	appliances;                                      	     How	the	gases	or	vapours	are	created	or	whether	they	were	
      c.	 overheating,	 burning	 out,	 breakage	 of	 ovens	 and	 boi-                    present	before	the	explosion	is	not	relevant.
          lers.                                                                    	     Explosion	does	not	refer	to:	implosion.
 1.6	 Current	value                                                                1.14	 Clearance	costs
 	    New	 value	 less	 an	 amount	 for	 technical	 and/or	 economic	              	     Costs	 of	 demolishing,	 clearing	 away,	 removing,	 dumping	
      obsolescence,	 taking	 in	 account	 the	 state	 of	 repair	 of	 the	               and	 destroying	 the	 insured	 items	 not	 already	 included	 in	
      insured	item.                                                                      the	 determination	 indicated	 in	 article	 7.1	 and	 which	 are	
 1.7	 Fraud                                                                              the	necessary	consequence	of	an	event	that	is	insured.	The	
 	    Making	 or	 attempting	 to	 make	 false	 statements	 in	 wri-                      terms	of	article	4.5	apply	notwithstanding.
      ting,	deception,	acts	prejudicial	to	creditors	or	beneficiaries	             1.15	 Overvoltage/induction
      and/or	 misappropriation	 by	 persons	 and/or	 organisations	                	     Lightning	 discharge	 other	 than	 is	 understood	 by	 the	 term	
      involved	in	the	creation	and/or	execution	of	the	insurance,	                       lightning	strike.
      with	the	purpose	of	obtaining	insurance	coverage	or	a	pay-                   1.16	 First-loss	insurance
      ment	or	service	on	false	pretences	to	which	there	is	no	enti-                	     Insurance	 in	 which	 the	 company	 compensates	 for	 the	
      tlement.                                                                           damage	to	a	maximum	of	the	insured	amount	without	clai-
 1.8	 Household	contents                                                                 ming	underinsurance,	even	if	the	value	of	the	insured	items	
 	    All	movable	goods	owned	by	the	insured	person	and	which	                           exceeds	the	insured	amount.

1.17	 Risk	address                                                                   3.5	 Insured	period
	     The	 building	or	 portion	of	 a	 building,	indicated	as	the	 risk	             	    The	 insured	 costs	 are	 eligible	 for	 the	 determination	 of	 the	
      address	on	the	policy	sheet,	exclusively	in	use	with	the	insu-                      payment	 provided	 they	 are	 incurred	 during	 the	 period	 in	
      red	 person	 as	 a	 private	 home.	 ‘Building’	 also	 refers	 to	 the	              which	the	insurance	is	in	effect.
      auxiliary	 buildings	 belonging	 to	 said	 building	 and	 private	             3.6	 Uncertain	event
      storage	spaces	in	flats.                                                       	    The	 insurance	 provides	 coverage	 only	 if	 and	 as	 long	 as	
1.18	 Storm                                                                               the	 requirement	 for	 uncertainty	 indicated	 in	 article	 7:925	
	     A	wind	speed	of	at	least	14	metres	per	second	(gale	force	7).                       of	 the	 Dutch	 Civil	 Code	 (BW)	 is	 fulfilled.	 This	 requirement	
1.19	 Insured	person                                                                      for	uncertainty	is	fulfilled	if	and	as	long	as	the	damage	for	
	     Every	person	indicated	as	such	in	the	policy.                                       which	compensation	is	claimed	is	the	result	of	an	event	for	
1.20	 Policyholder                                                                        which	it	was	uncertain	to	the	parties	at	the	time	of	entering	
	     The	person	having	entered	into	the	insurance	contract	with	                         into	 the	 insurance	 that	 damage	 was	 incurred	 therefrom	
      the	company	and	indicated	as	such	on	the	policy	sheet.                              for	 the	 policyholder/insured	 person	 or	 for	 a	 third	 party,	 or	
                                                                                          would	still	arise	in	the	normal	course	of	events.
                                                                                     3.7	 Terrorism
Article 2. Region of coverage                                                        	    The	consequences	of	an	event	related	(directly	or	indirectly)	
                                                                                          to	terrorism,	malicious	contamination	or	preventive	measu-
The	 insurance	 is	 in	 effect	 worldwide,	 but	 exclusively	 at	 the	 risk	              res	 are	 covered	 in	 accordance	 with	 the	 coverage	 and	 defi-
address	indicated	on	the	policy	sheet.                                                    nitions	 as	 set	 out	 in	 the	 ‘Terrorism	 Coverage	 Clause	 Sheet	
	                                                                                         of	the	Dutch	Terrorism	Damage	Reinsurance	Company	(NHT	
                                                                                          N.V.)’	 and	 the	 ‘Protocol	 for	 Claims	 Handling	 of	 the	 Dutch	
Article 3. Coverage descriptions                                                          Terrorism	Reinsurance	Company	(NHT	N.V.)’	and	notes	the-
                                                                                          reto.	The	text	of	said	Clause	Sheet	and	Protocol	and	notes	
3.1	 a.	 		 his	insurance	is	first-loss	insurance.	Insurance	is	provi-                    thereto	 can	 be	 consulted	 or	 downloaded	 from	 the	 NHT	
          ded	to	a	maximum	of	the	insured	amount	for	material	                            website	 at	 www.terrorismeverzekerd.nl	 or	 requested	 from	
          damage	 to	 or	 loss	 of	 the	 household	 contents	 of	 the	                    the	company.
          insured	person	present	at	the	risk	address	by	a	danger	                    3.8	 Foreign	currency
          as	 stated	 below,	 regardless	 of	 whether	 it	 is	 caused	 by	           	    Bills	in	foreign	currency	will	be	converted	to	euro	according	
          inherent	 vice,	 inherent	 defect	 or	 arises	 from	 the	 type	                 to	the	current	rate	on	the	date	of	the	event.
          and	nature	of	the	danger	object.
     b.	 Damage	 to	 the	 insured	 items	 by	 being	 affected	 by	 the	
         danger	 itself	 is	 equated	 to	 damage	 to	 said	 items	 and	              Article 4. Exclusions
         other	insured	items	that	results	therefrom.
     c.	 Damage	to	insured	items	is	also	insured	if	said	damage	                     Excluded	from	the	insurance	is	damage	to:
         is	caused	by	uninsured	items	being	affected	by	an	insu-                     4.1	 money,	 negotiable	 instruments	 including,	 for	 example,	
         red	danger		 and	the	damage	to	the	insured	items	is	the	                          phone	 cards,	 public	 transport	 tickets	 and	 passes,	 etc.,	
         result	of	the	proximity	of	the	uninsured	items.                                   unprocessed	precious	metals	and	unset	precious	stones;
3.2	 Personal	jewellery	is	insured	to	a	maximum	of	€	1,000	and	                      4.2	 stamp	and	coin	collections.	
     audiovisual	equipment	is	insured	to	a	maximum	of	€	2,500.	                      The	insurance	also	excludes	damage	caused	by	or	arising	from:
3.3	 Dangers/events	covered:                                                         4.3	 earthquake	 and	 volcanic	 eruption.	 For	 damages	 occurring	
     a.	 fire;                                                                             either	 during	 the	 time	 in	 which,	 or	 during	 the	 24	 hours	
     b.	 explosion;                                                                        after	the	consequences	of	the	earthquake	or	volcanic	erup-
     c.	 lightning	strike;                                                                 tion	became	evident	in	or	near	the	insured	items,	the	insu-
     d.	 induction/overvoltage	by	lightning	discharge;                                     red	person	must	prove	that	the	damage	is	not	attributable	
     e.	 storm;                                                                            to	said	phenomena;
     f.	 aircraft	and	spacecraft;                                                    4.4	 flooding	 as	 a	 result	 of	 the	 breaching	 or	 overflowing	 of	
     g.	 burglary,	theft	or	attempts	thereto,	in	which	the	offen-                          dikes,	 quays,	 locks,	 banks	 or	 other	 water	 barriers,	 regar-
         der	enters	the	building	where	insured	objects	were	loca-                          dless	 of	 whether	 it	 was	 caused	 by	 a	 storm.	 This	 exclusion	
         ted,	or	attempted	to	enter	them	by	means	of	breakage	                             does	not	apply	for	fire	or	explosion	caused	by	flooding;
         from	the	exterior	to	said	building	or	a	building	connec-                    4.5	 environmental	damage.	This	refers	to	the	costs	of	reversing	
         ted	thereto	internally;                                                           a	 contamination	 of	 the	 ground,	 surface	 water	 and/or	 any	
     h.	 violent	robbery	and	extortion;                                                    watercourses,	 underground	 or	 otherwise.	 Reversing	 refers	
     i.	 vandalism	 after	 the	 offender	 has	 entered	 the	 building	                     to	investigation,	cleaning,	removal,	transport,	storage,	des-
         after	 committing	 breakage.	 This	 coverage	 does	 not	                          truction	 and	 replacement	 of	 soil	 and/or	 water	 or	 ground	
         apply	 for	 buildings	 or	 portions	 thereof	 that	 are	 taken	                   water	and/or	isolation	of	a	contamination.
         out	of	use.                                                                 Inasmuch	as	is	not	explicitly	stated	otherwise	on	the	policy	sheet,	
3.4	 In	excess	of	the	insured	amount,	the	following	are	compen-                      there	is	also	no	claim	for	compensation	of	costs:
     sated:                                                                          4.6	 arising	from,	or	related	to,	nuclear	reactions	and	fission	pro-
     a.	 charges	 incurred	 to	 minimise	 loss,	 as	 necessary	 to	 a	                     ducts	thus	occurring,	regardless	of	how	the	reactions	occur,	
         maximum	of	100%	of	the	insured	amount;                                            other	than	in	medical	treatment	applied	to	the	insured	per-
     b.	 clearance	 costs	 to	 a	 maximum	 of	 10%	 of	 the	 insured	                      son;

4.7	 arising	from	war	and	kindred	risks;                                                  Fax	+31	(0)70	353	21	26
4.8	 if	a	claim	could	be	made,	in	the	absence	of	this	insurance,	                         E-mail	claims@oomverzekeringen.nl
      on	 compensation,	 payment	 and/or	 assistance	 based	 on	                     5.3	 Damage	information	obligation
      other	insurance,	legislation	or	provision,	whether	predating	                       a.	 The	 policyholder/insured	 person	 is	 required	 to	 provide	
      this	insurance	or	otherwise.	In	that	case,	this	insurance	will	                         the	 company,	 its	 medical	 adviser	 or	 those	 in	 charge	 of	
      then	 be	 valid	 only	 after	 all	 other	 insurance	 has	 been	 clai-                   verification	 with	 all	 information	 and	 documentation,	
      med.	 In	 that	 case,	 only	 that	 damage	 will	 be	 eligible	 for	                     within	a	reasonable	time,	that	is	important	to	the	com-
      compensation,	payment	and/or	assistance	that	exceeds	the	                               pany	to	evaluate	the	payment	obligation.
      amount	that	can	be	claimed	elsewhere	or	could	be	claimed	                           b.	 This	 means,	 among	 other	 things,	 that	 all	 invoices	 must	
      elsewhere	if	this	insurance	did	not	exist.	Article	7.691	part	                          be	specified	so	that	the	company’s	required	compensa-
      1	BW	does	not	apply;                                                                    tion	 may	 be	 determined	 from	 it	 without	 further	 enqui-
4.9	 if	 the	 company	 is	 intentionally	 misled	 by	 the	 policyholder,	                     ries.
      insured	 person	 and/or	 beneficiary	 of	 payment	 by	 delibe-                 5.4	 Cooperation	obligation
      rately	 failing	 to	 disclose	 facts	 and	 circumstances	 that	 are	                a.	 The	 policyholder/insured	 person	 is	 obligated	 to	 coope-
      important	to	the	company	in	evaluating	the	claim	and/or	by	                             rate	 in	 full	 and	 refrain	 from	 all	 that	 may	 infringe	 the	
      making	 false	 statements,	 unless	 such	 misleading	 does	 not	                        interests	of	the	company.
      justify	this	exclusion;                                                             b.	 This	means,	among	other	things,	that	he	or	she	is	obli-
4.10	 of	damage	related	directly	or	indirectly	to	or	caused	by	the	                           gated	 to	 inform	 the	 company	 of	 all	 other	 known	 insu-
      insured	 person	 participating	 in	 or	 knowingly	 and	 wilfully	                       rance	 policies	 that	 provide	 coverage	 at	 the	 time	 of	 the	
      being	 present	 in	 a	 hijacking,	 strike,	 uprising	 and/or	 act	 of	                  event	for	damage	claimed	under	this	insurance.
      terrorism;                                                                          c.	 He	or	she	is	also	obligated	to	assist	the	company	in	see-
4.11	 of	 damage	 directly	 or	 indirectly	 related	 to	 or	 caused	 while	                   king	recovery	from	liable	third	parties.	
      the	 insured	 committed	 or	 aided	 in	 the	 committing	 of	 a	                     d.	 The	policyholder/insured	person	is	also	obligated	to	ref-
      crime;	                                                                                 rain	from	acknowledging	liability.
4.12	 if	the	damage	 is	 attributable	 to	 intent	 and/or	 conscious	or	             5.5	 Liability	for	non-fulfilment	of	obligations
      unconscious	recklessness	of	the	insured	person	or	someone	                          a.	 No	rights	may	be	derived	from	this	insurance	if	the	poli-
      with	an	interest	in	the	benefit;                                                        cyholder/insured	person	has	not	fulfilled	one	or	more	of	
4.13	 if	 an	 incorrect	 representation	 of	 matters	 is	 given	 by	 the	                     the	 above	 policy	 obligations	 and	 has	 thereby	 infringed	
      policyholder,	 insured	 person	 or	 beneficiary	 or	 if	 an	 untrue	                    the	company’s	interests.	
      statement	is	made	and	the	company’s	interests	are	thereby	                          b.	 There	 is	 no	 infringement	 of	 interests	 where	 liability	 is	
      infringed.	If	the	infringement	of	interests	is	not	such	that	it	                        rightly	 acknowledged	 or	 if	 mere	 facts	 are	 acknowled-
      justifies	exclusion,	the	company	will	deduct	the	damage	as	                             ged.
      a	result	of	the	incorrect	representation	of	matters	or	untrue	                      c.	 All	 rights	 to	 payment	 lapse	 if	 the	 policyholder/insured	
      statement	 by	 the	 policyholder,	 insured	 person	 or	 benefici-                       person	has	not	fulfilled	the	above	obligations,	with	the	
      ary	from	any	payment	or,	if	payment	has	already	occurred,	                              intent	 of	 misleading	 the	 company,	 unless	 such	 mislea-
      recover	 it	 from	 the	 person	 who	 gave	 the	 incorrect	 repre-                       ding	does	not	justify	the	lapsing	of	rights.
      sentation	 of	 matters	 or	 made	 the	 untrue	 statement.	 If	 the	            	
      incorrect	 representation	 of	 matters	 is	 given	 or	 an	 untrue	
      statement	 is	 made	 with	 the	 intent	 of	 misleading	 the	 com-              Article 6. Expert’s assessment
      pany,	there	will	be	no	claim	for	compensation	of	costs.
                                                                                     6.1	 The	extent	of	the	damage	
                                                                                     	    will	be	determined:
Article 5. Obligations                                                                    a.	 by	the	company	and	the	insured	person	in	consultation,	
5.1	 Obligations	in	the	event	of	damage                                                   b.	 by	an	expert	to	be	appointed	jointly,	or;
	    The	insured	person	is	obligated:                                                     c.	 by	 two	 experts,	 of	 whom	 the	 insured	 person	 and	 the	
     a.	 to	 take	 measures	 immediately	 to	 prevent	 and	 limit	 any	                       company	each	appoint	one.	Before	beginning	the	work,	
         extension	of	the	damage;                                                             both	 experts	 will	 appoint	 a	 third.	 In	 the	 absence	 of	
     b.	 after	 arson,	 burglary,	 theft,	 robbery	 or	 vandalism,	 to	                       agreement,	the	third	expert,	after	having	heard	or	pro-
         report	such	immediately	to	the	local	police	and	to	send	                             perly	 convened	 both	 experts,	 will	 determine	 the	 extent	
         the	company	a	copy	of	the	confirmation	of	reporting	to	                              of	the	damage	in	accordance	with	the	policy	terms	wit-
         the	local	police.                                                                    hin	the	limits	of	both	appraisals.
5.2	 Damage	reporting	obligation                                                     	    Cooperation	 in	 the	 process	 described	 does	 not	 constitute	
	    As	 soon	 as	 the	 policyholder/insured	 person	 is	 aware	 or	                      an	acknowledgement	by	the	company	of	the	obligation	to	
     should	be	aware	of	an	event	that	may	result	in	a	payment	                            compensate.	
     obligation	for	the	company,	he	or	she	must	report	the	event	                    6.2	 Cooperation
     as	quickly	as	is	reasonably	possible	to:	                                       	    The	insured	person	and	the	company	are	obligated	to	pro-
     OOM Verzekeringen                                                                    vide	 the	 experts	 with	 all	 cooperation	 that	 the	 latter	 deem	
     c/o	P.O.	Box	50.000                                                                  necessary	 to	 perform	 their	 duties	 correctly,	 including	 pro-
     7900	RP	Hoogeveen                                                                    viding	 the	 policy	 for	 inspection	 and	 providing	 information	
     The	Netherlands                                                                      regarding	the	cause,	occurrence	and	extent	of	the	damage.	
     Tel.	+31	(0)70	353	21	25

6.3	 Fees	and	expenses                                                                     c.	 Subsequent	 premium	 includes:	 the	 premium	 owed	 by	
	    The	fees	and	expenses	of	experts	are	entirely	at	the	expense	                             the	policyholder	on	tacit	renewal	of	the	insurance.
     of	 the	 company	 to	 the	 extent	 that	 the	 damage	 is	 insured.	            9.4	   No	compensation	is	owed	for	expenses	whose	necessity	or	
     If,	 however,	 the	 total	 of	 claims	 by	 the	 expert	 or	 experts	                  the	expectation	of	incurring	them	became	apparent	in	the	
     appointed	 by	 the	 insured	 person	 and	 the	 expert(s)	 consul-                     time	that	the	insurance	is	or	was	suspended.
     ted	 by	 these	 exceeds	 the	 corresponding	 total	 on	 the	 part	             9.5	   The	policyholder	continues	to	be	obligated	to	pay	the	pre-
     of	 the	 company,	 the	 excess	 will	 be	 at	 the	 insured	 person’s	                 mium	as	well	as	collection	costs.
     expense.                                                                       9.6	   Coverage	 will	 take	 effect	 again	 for	 events	 occurring	 after	
                                                                                           the	 day	 that	 the	 amount	 owed	 by	 the	 policyholder,	 inclu-
                                                                                           ding	premium,	insurance	tax	and	costs	(including	collection	
Article 7. Determining the extent of the                                                   charges)	is	received	in	full	by	the	company.	In	the	event	of	
damage                                                                                     agreed	instalment	payments,	coverage	will	not	be	restored	
                                                                                           until	all	instalments	remaining	unpaid	have	been	paid.
The	company’s	obligation	to	compensate	for	damage	consists	of:                      9.7	   If	the	policyholder	does	not	pay	the	premium	owed	in	time	
7.1	 the	difference	between	the	new	value	of	the	insured	items	                            on	the	first	premium	due	date,	or	refuses	to	pay,	and	if	the	
     immediately	 before	 and	 immediately	 after	 the	 event	 or,	 at	                    policyholder	does	not	pay	the	subsequent	premium	in	time	
     the	 company’s	 option,	 the	 repair	 costs	 immediately	 after	                      or	 refuses	 to	 pay,	 the	 insurance	 will	 end	 on	 written	 termi-
     the	 event	 for	 items	 that	 can	 be	 repaired	 in	 the	 opinion	 of	                nation	by	the	company.	In	the	event	of	no	timely	payment	
     the	expert(s).                                                                        of	the	subsequent	premium,	however,	only	if	the	company	
	    The	current	value	is	assumed	for	the	following	items:                                 has	demanded	payment	of	the	subsequent	premium	by	the	
     a.	 items	 whose	 current	 value	 before	 the	 damage	 is	 less	                      policyholder	 after	 the	 premium	 due	 date,	 to	 no	 avail.	 The	
         than	40%	of	the	new	value;                                                        insurance	will	end	on	the	date	stated	in	the	letter	of	notice,	
     b.	 items	not	used	for	their	intended	purpose;                                        albeit,	 except	 in	 the	 case	 of	 intent	 to	 mislead,	 no	 earlier	
     c.	 mopeds;                                                                           than	two	months	after	the	date	of	the	letter	of	notice.	Ter-
     d.	 items	with	antique	or	rarity	value;                                               mination	 does	 not	 affect	 the	 suspension	 of	 the	 insurance	
     e.	 aerials	and	sunshades.                                                            on	the	basis	of	the	above	provisions	to	the	date	on	which	
7.2	 the	amount	of	charges	incurred	to	minimise	loss.                                      the	insurance	ends.
7.3	 the	amount	of	clearance	costs.                                                 9.8	   Except	 in	 the	 case	 of	 termination	 due	 to	 intent	 to	 mislead	
                                                                                           the	company,	the	ongoing	premium	will	be	refunded	reaso-
                                                                                           nably	in	the	event	of	early	termination.
Article 8. Excess

8.1	 An	excess	of	€	250	applies	per	event	of	damage.                                Article 10. Insurance basis
8.2	 The	 excess	 is	 deducted	 from	 the	 damage	 amount	 deter-
     mined	in	accordance	with	the	policy	terms.                                     10.1	 The	 application	 form	 with	 statements	 made	 by	 the	 policy-
	                                                                                         holder	 or	 insured	 person,	 written	 in	 person	 or	 otherwise,	
                                                                                          and	any	written	information	provided	separately	by	the	poli-
Article 9. Premium payment, premium                                                       cyholder	or	insured	person,	form	the	basis	of	this	insurance	
refund and suspension                                                                     and	are	considered	to	constitute	a	whole	with	the	policy.
                                                                                    10.2	 a.	 If	the	policyholder	has	not	fulfilled	the	information	obli-
9.1	 The	policyholder	is	obligated	to	pay	the	premium	owed	on	                                gation	in	article	7:928	BW	and	has	acted	with	the	intent	
     the	premium	due	date,	in	advance,	including	expenses	and,	                               of	misleading	the	company	or	if	the	company	would	not	
     if	applicable,	insurance	tax.                                                            have	 provided	 insurance	 had	 it	 known	 the	 actual	 state	
9.2	 Starting	premium                                                                         of	 affairs,	 the	 company	 will	 be	 authorised	 to	 terminate	
     a.	 If	the	policyholder	does	not	pay	the	starting	premium	no	                            the	 insurance	 within	 two	 months	 from	 discovery	 at	 a	
         later	 than	 the	 thirtieth	 day	 from	 receipt	 of	 the	 request	                   time	to	be	determined	by	the	company,	without	a	notice	
         for	payment,	or	refuses	to	pay,	no	coverage	will	be	pro-                             period.
         vided,	 without	 notice	 of	 default	 required	 by	 the	 com-                    b.	 The	 policyholder	 may	 terminate	 the	 insurance	 with	
         pany,	 regarding	 any	 events	 occurring	 on	 or	 after	 the	                        immediate	effect	within	two	months	after	the	company	
         effective	date	or	amendment	date.                                                    has	invoked	non-fulfilment	of	the	information	obligation	
     b.	 Starting	 premium	 includes:	 the	 premium	 owed	 by	 the	                           on	 entering	 into	 the	 insurance	 contract,	 including	 the	
         policyholder	in	relation	to	an	interim	change	in	the	insu-                           situation	 in	 which	 the	 company	 invokes	 non-fulfilment	
         rance.                                                                               of	 the	 information	 obligation	 on	 materialisation	 of	 the	
9.3	 Subsequent	premium                                                                       risk.
     a.	 If	 the	 policyholder	 refuses	 to	 pay	 the	 subsequent	 pre-             10.3	 In	the	event	of	non-fulfilment	of	the	information	obligation	
         mium,	 no	 coverage	 will	 be	 provided	 regarding	 events	                      by	 the	 policyholder	 on	 entering	 into	 the	 insurance	 con-
         occurring	on	or	after	the	premium	due	date.	                                     tract,	 the	 company	 may	 propose	 to	 the	 policyholder	 that	
     b.	 If	the	policyholder	does	not	pay	the	subsequent	premium	                         the	insurance	contract	be	continued	under	amended	terms.	
         on	time,	no	coverage	will	be	provided	for	events	occur-                          The	right	to	payment	will	be	evaluated	in	accordance	with	
         ring	from	the	fifteenth	day	after	the	company	has	made	                          article	7:930	BW.
         a	written	demand	for	payment	to	the	policyholder	after	                    	
         the	premium	due	date	and	payment	has	not	been	made.

Article 11. Duration and end of                                                           stated	in	part	1,	the	insurance	will	be	continued	under	the	
insurance                                                                                 new	terms	and/or	for	the	new	premium.

11.1	 Long-term	insurance
      The	insurance	is	entered	into	for	an	undetermined	period.                     Article 13. Change of risk
11.2	 Short-term	insurance
      a.	 The	 insurance	 is	 entered	 into	 for	 a	 period	 as	 indicated	         13.1	 Any	change	in	the	composition	of	the	family	and	any	other	
          on	 the	 policy	 sheet.	 The	 maximum	 insurance	 term	 is	 2	                  change	affecting	the	rights	and	obligations	under	this	insu-
          years.                                                                          rance	 contract	 must	 be	 communicated	 to	 the	 company	 in	
      b.	 The	 insurance	 cannot	 be	 renewed,	 but	 new	 insurance	                      writing	as	quickly	as	possible,	within	1	month	from	the	time	
          can	be	applied	for.	An	application	form	must	be	submit-                         that	the	change	occurred.	If	the	policyholder	omits	to	act	as	
          ted	to	the	company	for	that	purpose.                                            above,	 the	 right	 to	 any	 restitution	 of	 premiums	 will	 lapse,	
      c.	 By	way	of	exception	to	the	terms	under	b,	the	insurance	                        as	 will	 the	 right	 to	 any	 damage	 payment,	 except	 in	 the	
          may	 be	 extended	 once	 for	 a	 maximum	 period	 of	 30	                       event	that	the	change	does	not	justify	it.
          days.	 The	 total	 insurance	 term,	 including	 the	 extended	            13.2	 The	 policyholder	 must	 inform	 the	 company	 in	 writing	 as	
          period,	may	never	exceed	the	maximum	insurance	term.                            soon	as	possible	of	any	change	of	address.	Notification	by	
11.3	 Termination	by	the	policyholder                                                     the	company	to	the	policyholder	will	legally	be	made	to	the	
	     The	 policyholder	 may	 terminate	 both	 the	 short-term	 and	                      last	address	known	to	the	company.
      long-term	insurance	at	any	time.	The	insurance	will	then	be	                  13.3	 The	 policyholder	 must	 give	 notice	 of	 an	 increase	 in	 family	
      terminated	 as	 of	 the	 date	 on	 which	 the	 company	 receives	                   size	 as	 soon	 as	 possible,	 within	 1	 month,	 indicating	 the	
      the	written	notice,	or	on	such	later	date	as	may	be	stipula-                        name(s)	and	date(s)	of	birth	of	the	person(s)	in	question.
      ted	by	the	policyholder.	The	insurance	will	not	be	retroacti-                 	
      vely	terminated	under	any	circumstances.
11.4	 Option	of	termination	by	the	company                                          Article 14. Personal information
      a.	 The	company	is	entitled	to	terminate	the	insurance	uni-
          laterally	 and	 with	 immediate	 effect	 if	 the	 policyholder	           14.1	 a.	 Personal	 information	 is	 requested	 when	 insurance	 is	
          and/or	 insured	 person	 commits	 or	 attempts	 to	 com-                            applied	 for.	 This	 information	 is	 processed	 by	 the	 com-
          mit	 fraud,	 deceit,	 intentionally	 make	 incorrect	 state-                        pany	to	enter	into	and	carry	out	agreements,	engage	in	
          ments	and/or	other	serious	offences	(such	as	duress	and	                            marketing	 operations,	 to	 assure	 the	 security	 and	 inte-
          threats).	In	such	cases,	the	insurance	will	be	terminated,	                         grity	of	the	financial	sector,	for	statistical	analysis	and	to	
          including	 any	 supplementary	 insurance,	 effective	 the	                          be	able	to	fulfil	legal	obligations.	
          day	that	the	event	in	question	occurred	or	on	any	other	                        b.	 The	processing	of	personal	data	is	subject	to	the	code	of	
          date	to	be	determined	by	the	company.                                               conduct	for	the	processing	of	personal	data	by	financial	
      b.	 The	 company	 is	 entitled	 to	 terminate	 the	 insurance	 in	                      institutions	 [‘Verwerking	 Persoonsgegevens	 Financiële	
          writing	 up	 to	 30	 days	 after	 the	 company	 has	 taken	 a	                      Instellingen’].
          final	position	regarding	damage.	The	insurance	will	end	                  14.2	 With	 regard	 to	 a	 sensible	 acceptance	 policy,	 the	 company	
          on	the	date	stated	in	the	letter	of	notice,	but	not	earlier	                    may	 consult	 the	 policyholder’s	 information	 and/or	 that	
          than	two	months	after	the	date	of	the	letter	of	notice,	                        of	 the	 insured	 person(s)	 at	 the	 CIS	 foundation	 in	 Zeist.	 In	
          except	 in	 the	 event	 that	 the	 termination	 is	 related	 to	                this	 regard,	 participants	 in	 the	 CIS	 foundation	 may	 also	
          the	 intent	 by	 an	 insured	 person	 or	 by	 the	 policyholder	                exchange	 information	 among	 each	 other.	 The	 goal	 is	 to	
          to	 mislead	 the	 company.	 The	 policyholder	 is	 entitled	 to	                manage	risk	and	prevent	fraud.	
          terminate	according	to	paragraph	3	of	this	article.                       	     The	 privacy	 regulations	 of	 the	 CIS	 foundation	 apply.	 See	
                                                                                    14.3	 A	 consumer	 brochure	 of	 the	 Code	 of	 Conduct	 may	 be	
Article 12. Revision of the premium                                                       requested	 from	 the	 company.	 The	 full	 texts	 of	 the	 Code	
and/or terms                                                                              of	Conduct	may	be	consulted	on	the	website	of	the	Asso-
                                                                                          ciation	 of	 Insurers	 at	 www.verzekeraars.nl.	 The	 Code	
12.1	 The	 company	 is	 entitled	 to	 revise	 the	 terms	 of	 insurance	                  of	 Conduct	 can	 also	 be	 requested	 from	 the	 Associa-
      and	premiums	of	its	policies,	either	as	a	whole	or	in	groups.	                      tion	 of	 Insurers	 (Postbus	 93450,	 2509	 AL	 The	 Hague,	 tel.	   	
      Such	revision	will	occur	for	each	insurance	on	a	date	to	be	                        +31	(0)70	333	85	00).
      set	by	the	company.
12.2	 The	 company	 will	 inform	 the	 policyholder	 of	 the	 intended	
      revision.                                                                     Article 15. Fraud
12.3	 The	policyholder	is	entitled	not	to	agree	to	a	revision	resul-
      ting	 in	 reduced	 coverage	 or	 an	 increased	 premium.	 If	 the	            Fraud	(in	whole	or	in	part)	has	as	a	consequence	that:
      policyholder	 has	 informed	 the	 company	 of	 this	 within	 one	             15.1	 no	insurance	payment	will	occur	at	all;
      month	 from	 the	 date	 stated	 in	 part	 1,	 the	 insurance	 will	           15.2	 the	police	will	be	notified;
      end	as	of	the	date	indicated	in	part	1,	with	a	refund	of	the	                 15.3	 all	insurance	involving	the	person	committing	the	fraud	as	
      premium	for	the	period	not	elapsed	for	which	the	premium	                           a	policyholder	and/or	an	insured	person	will	be	terminated.	
      has	been	paid.                                                                      This	applies	to	insurance	taken	out	with	OOM	Schadeverze-
12.4	 If	the	company	has	not	received	any	notice	from	the	policy-                         kering	N.V.	as	well	as	OOM	Global	Care	N.V.	and	“O.O.M.”	
      holder	 within	 the	 stated	 period	 of	 1	 month	 after	 the	 date	                Onderlinge	Molestverzekering-Maatschappij	U.A.	If	there	is	

      early	termination,	the	ongoing	premium	will	not	be	refun-
      ded,	in	accordance	with	article	9.8;
15.4	 there	will	be	an	entry	in	the	reporting	system	used	among	
15.5	 any	damage	paid	and	cost	of	investigation	will	be	claimed	

Article 16. Complaints and disputes

16.1	 This	insurance	is	subject	to	Dutch	law.
16.2	 Complaints	and	disputes	relating	to	the	intermediation,	cre-
      ation	and	execution	of	this	insurance	contract	may	be	sub-
      mitted	in	writing	to	the	management	of	the	company.
16.3	 a.	 Individuals	who	are	not	satisfied	with	the	judgement	of	
          the	company	may	turn	to
          Financial Service Complaints Institute (Kifid)
          Postbus	93257
          2509	AG	The	Hague
          Tel.	+31	(0)70	333	89	99
      b.	 If	 they	 do	 not	 wish	 to	 use	 these	 complaint	 handling	
          options	 or	 are	 not	 satisfied	 with	 the	 handling	 or	 out-
          come,	 they	 may	 present	 the	 dispute	 to	 the	 competent	
          judge	 in	 The	 Hague,	 unless	 agreed	 or	 provided	 other-
16.4	 Entities	 other	 than	 individuals	 cannot	 turn	 to	 the	 Financial	
      Service	 Complaints	 Institute	 (Kifid).	 They	 may	 present	 the	
      dispute	to	the	competent	judge	in	The	Hague.
16.5	 The	 extended	 ‘OOM	 insurance	 complaints	 and	 dispu-
      tes	 regulations’	 can	 be	 consulted	 and	 downloaded	 at	         	
      www.oomverzekeringen.nl	or	requested	from	the	company.

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Telephone:	+31	(0)70	353	21	00                                                      “O.O.M.” Onderlinge Molestverzekering-Maatschappij U.A., all
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