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					                                         Joint Base Lewis-McChord DFMWR
                                         Network\Email Account Setup Process

                                     Follow all steps to be successful
   (1)    Register for Army Knowledge Online account at :
          a. If the New Employee is a GS or NSPS employee, APF CPAC will input hiring data into DCPDS. Once verification of
              the user’s employment is seen in DCPDS, the “full” AKO account will be granted by AKO.
                    i. This process may take a few days or weeks. Contact APF CPAC for assistance.
          b. If the New Employee is a NAF employee, NAF CPAC inputs the New Employee’s information immediately into
              DCPDS. Once that is complete, a “Full” AKO account can be obtained.
                    i. This process usually take 2-3 business days
          c. If the new employee requires an AKO account immediately, his/her supervisor can “sponsor” him/her to a Guest
              account until he/she is granted a Full account.
                    i. This is not always advisable.
   (2)    Request that CPAC fax, email, or call the Installation Security Office to notify them that the New Employee’s NAC or NACi
          has been requested.
          a.   If this is not done, requests for new accounts will be denied, especially with NAF employees.
          b.   Effective 1 Feb 2009, NACi investigations will be done by the ISO.
   (3)    Obtain “Working” CAC/ID Card from ID Card Office
          a. This card MUST contain 3 electronic identification Certificates.
          b. User responsibility is to provide accurate AKO address to the ID Processor when asked for his\her email address.
          c.   User must know/remember their 6-8 digits PIN Number.
   (4)    Register for a Army Training & Certificate Tracking System Account (ATCTS)
          a.     Go to

   (5)    Register & Take the required Information Assurance Awareness trainings @
          a.     DoD Information Assurance Awareness Training.
                    i.    You should receive 2 certificates: 1 from taking the training & 1 from passing the exam.
                   ii. This IA training is an ANNUAL TRAINING.
          b.      Download and read the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and sign the accompanying Computer User Agreement
                    i. You may print, sign, scan the CUA.pdf OR
                   ii. You may digitally sign the CUA.pdf

   (6)    Take the Wide Security Focus Network Trainings @
          a.     WNSF - Removable Media Handling
          b.     WNSF - Anti-Phishing
          c.     WNSF - Safe Home Computing
          d.     WNSF - Personally Identifiable Information Handling

   (7)    Update Army Training & Certificate Tracking System Account
          a.     Add Certificate date under DoD IA Awareness Training
          b.     Upload signed CUA to (See “How to Upload signed CUA to ATCTS” pdf)

   (8)    Fill Out the below “Computer Account Request Form Cover Sheet” doc.
          a.       Send COMPLETED Cover Sheet through Distro Mail.

   (9)    Arrange appointment for employee with DFMWR IMO for work order submittal of Computer Account Requests.
          a.   Employee must bring his\her CAC card and knows the PIN#.
   (10)   When Computer Account has been built by NEC, IMO will receive notification, and schedule an appointment with user to
          setup local email profile on the user’s machine.

To make appt. or if you have any question or concerns please email


                            Computer Account Request Form Cover Sheet

Provide the Following:
User Last Name:______________________ User First Name: _______________________MI:_________

User AKO email address:____________________________ Register @

Users Location (Bldg\Rm#):_____________________ Users Duty Title\Position:____________________________

Users Telephone Number:______________________ Office Symbol: ___ IMNW-LEW-MW___________________
*No Computing\ Network\Email account will be provided unless a background investigation (CNACIs) has been initiated through the
ISO. Please be aware that it is the new employee’s chain of command that is responsible for insuring that a request for a
background investigation has been made.

Did you Complete all Steps from the “Computer Account Setup Process” documents?
        1. Did you register for a ATCTS account at Yes         No

          2. Did you complete the DoD Information Assurance Awareness Training and Exam?             Yes   No

          3. Did you download and read the AUP; Read and Sign the CUA?           Yes    No

          4. Did you take the 4 trainings from    Yes    No

          5. Did you update your ATCTS account to reflect your completed trainings & upload your signed CUA?         Yes    No

Computer Access
         Are you authorized by your Supervisor to have an Active Directory/Outlook Email account that requires a CaC Card Login?
                                                                                                                      Yes    No

                                                                       Supervisor Signature for Approval
         Novell account is needed for accessing RecTrac, or CYMS at the front desk
MIS Access
         Do you need a RecTrac, GolfTrac Account?       Yes    No (
         Do you need CYMS Account?         Yes    No “ Required CYMS Orientation” @
          More training on (Contact
        *RecTrac, GolfTrac, and CYMS will not be available until user can successfully login to a computer via Novell or CaC Card)


    Ft Lewis_DFMWR_IT

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