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         To:       Tom Adamson                               From:    Rob Olson

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      Re: $24.95 / month credit card terminal! Stop paying more and
      wasting your money

Dear Tom

Are you paying your credit card merchant provider $35-$45, or more to rent your credit card
equipment? Is your money being held 3-4 days?

Quantum Merchant Services is a pioneer in low cost credit card processing equipment for businesses.
We think it’s time you receive a fair deal. We offer a state of the art credit card processing terminal @
$24.95 per month. (or $595.00) to purchase outright. You also get our award winning In house
customer service and price guarantee

No catches! Our products and processing fees are guaranteed to be lower than what you are

            a. 24 hour deposits
            b. Lowest monthly charges on credit card fees
            c. No application fees or fees to switch processing services
            d We’ll give you $500 if we can’t save you money on your processing fees

Why wait any longer, call us today at 1-888-881-0675 xt 707 !

Rob Olson, President
Quantum Merchant Services

      If you received this fax in error, please call 1-888-881- 0657 xt 733 to be removed immediately. Thank you

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