wireless credit card acceptance terminal by quantummike


accept payments anywere anytime this all in one unit is the latest in wireless card payment acceptance. Perfect for the business on the go.

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           V 670
wIrELEss hANdhELd For

poRtAblE pAYmENts
           Meet the world’s smallest all-in-one wireless payment device.
           Perfect for any merchant who needs a secure, feature-rich,
           portable device. The V X 670 features an easy-to-hold, tapered
           design and a surprisingly large, high-contrast, backlit display
           that allows use under any lighting condition. Lightning-fast
           processing and easy-to-change rechargeable batteries keep
                                                                             © 2008 VeriFone, Inc. All rights reserved.

           customers, employees and your business on the move. The
           V X 670. Yes, big things come in small packages.
FRiENdlY FEAtuREs                                                       smARt dEsigN                                                mAdE FoR smAll busiNEssEs
• Lightning-fast processor and WiFi or                                  • Vertical mag-stripe card reader with                      • Wireless portability provides
  GPRS connectivity speed transactions                                    contoured blade increases read rate                         customer convenience
• Ergonomically designed hand-held                                      • Optional holster fits easily onto                         • Long-life batteries will keep your
  device to make customer input and                                       employee’s belt to keep hands free                          staff productive
  staff handling easier                                                 • Proven V X Solutions and industry-                        • Optional base station features
• MAXui interface provides an easy-to-                                    leading ServPOS and SoftPay software                        spare battery charger, USB ports
  read, high-contrast, backlit display                                    provide a familiar environment, like an                     and dial capabilities
• Spill resistant, durable and break                                      ATM, to minimize training
  resistant when dropped on a hard floor                                • High-capacity lithium-ion battery can
  from up to three feet                                                   be quickly swapped using one hand
                                                                        • PCI PED approval ensures compliance
                                                                          with the most stringent security
                                                                          standards, including industry
                                                                          benchmark WPA WiFi security


                                                                                                                  V 670             x

                                                              Backlit display and
                                                              bold menu prompts
                                                              make use easy                       Tough, drop-resistant,
                                                                                                  spill-resistant case
                                                              Lightening fast
                                                              WiFi connectivity

                                                              ATM style PIN pad and
                                                              large tactile keypad
                                                              for ease of use

                                                              Latest security
                                                              standards mean
                                                              protection                          Spare battery charger,
                                                                                                  USB ports, dial capability
                                                                                                  and quick-changing,
                                                                                                  long-life batteries

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10/08 45672 Rev A 1000/FS

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