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									Investor Presentation
      April 2010
                                                                    Forward Looking Statements

Except for the historical information presented, the matters disclosed in this
presentation may include “forward-looking statements.” These statements represent
the company‟s current judgment on the future and are subject to risk factors and
uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. To the extent that
there are any statements that can be construed as forward looking, they should be
considered in the context of all of our previous releases and federal filings.

NOTE: This presentation shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security. There
shall be no sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such an offer, solicitation or sale would be
unlawful prior to qualification under securities laws of such state or jurisdiction.

                                            Stock Overview

Trading Symbol                     PMBS

Stock Price                        $0.67

Exchange                           OTC BB

Outstanding Shares                 13.3M

Approx. Float                      2.6M

Market Cap.                        $8.90M
Information as of April 07, 2010
                                                  Who is PuraMed BioScience ?

•   Engaged in the development and marketing of a line of revolutionary, new, non-
    prescription medicines targeting major consumer health needs including the treatment
    of migraine headaches, insomnia and tension-type headaches.

•   Unlike prescription drugs or medications, non-prescription healthcare remedies such
    as PuraMed products do not require FDA approval.

•   PuraMed BioScience, Inc. emphasizes science as the key to success. The Company has
    engaged leading researchers to begin conducting human trials as well as In-Vitro

•   On January 4, 2010, PuraMed announced that it had begun to generate revenue for the
    first time from launch of direct response commercial featuring LipiGesic™

                                                            Intellectual Property

Clinical Studies: Although not required, PuraMed is committed to conducting
    scientific studies to provide independent third party validation to its claims.

    •   PuraMed is currently in the process of implementing studies that include:
          In-Vitro – Test tube or Petri dish studies.

          In-Vivo – Human trials.

    •   Patent – An initial patent on the LipiGesic™ M product is pending.

    •   As a result of the In-Vitro clinical work, PuraMed expects to further bolster its
        intellectual property by creating a new proprietary ingredient.

                                                                   The Company

•   To build a substantial and profitable business rapidly, beginning with three products
    developed by its founders, with markets collectively worth well over $6 billion in
    the U.S.

•   To establish a leadership position in the highly fragmented non-prescription market by
    introducing a “new kind of product line.” Our product line will consist of „alternative‟
    remedies for common ailments, marketed to the masses.

    The Company intends to launch its first two retail products then leverage that
    success to ultimately become a leader in the non-prescription medicine

                                                    What is Sublingual Delivery?
                                                    More Than a Product – It’s a Platform

    Sublingual delivery is efficient and superior to most other delivery systems.
                   Sublingual Delivery means “under the tongue.”

•   Faster than pills. The capillaries under the tongue are very close to the surface enabling very
    fast absorption and action.

•   Avoids the “first pass” effect. Since the drug is absorbed under the tongue it does not get
    broken down by the stomach and liver as in the case of pills and liquids that are dosed orally.

                                  Reaches Effective Blood Levels Fast






      ORAL             DERMAL                    SUBLINGUAL

             Source: PDR- Physicians Desk Reference 18 Edition 1997, Page 676        8
                                                        PuraMed Market Strategy

Initiate a direct response television and print campaign

•   Direct Response Television Commercial. This is the first step in the execution of its
    initial go-to market strategy, which will utilize the power of a direct response television

•   Direct response is: A cost effective method to create consumer awareness; provides an
    early revenue stream; and helps to refine the consumer message.

•   PuraMed just launched its e-commerce set up on their website, allowing consumers to
    make purchases for LipiGesic™ M directly through PuraMed.

•   Launch first product into U.S. retail drug (approximately 18,000 stores).

                                             PuraMed Market Strategy (cont.)

Commence public relations campaign utilizing our first clinical study.

•   Clinical trials help to overcome consumer and retailer skepticism.

•   Positive clinical results provide third party validation of the products efficacy.

•   The value of the publicity surrounding the release of data can be substantial. Quigley
    Corporation, the manufacturer of Cold-Eeze®, estimates they received publicity equal
    to $30 million in free advertising in the year they released the trial results from the
    Cleveland Clinic.

•   Provide evidence to substantiate product claims to retailers and government agencies.

                                             Go To Market Timeline

Recent Accomplishments:
    • PuraMed recently secured funding through a private placement in the amount
      of $500,000. This funding enabled PuraMed BioScience to purchase air time
      for the Company‟s first direct response television commercial

    • On January 4, 2010, PuraMed announced that it had begun to generate
      revenue from launch of direct response commercial featuring LipiGesic™

    • PuraMed had secured Harp and Mountain Valley as its primary and
      secondary call centers respectively as well as engaged Great Lakes Fulfillment
      Center to handle logistics for product requests.

    1st Quarter 2010:
    • Ramp up media spend on the direct response commercial
    • Begin human trials on LipiGesic™ M
    • Begin retailer introduction to LipiGesic™ M

                                                   Go To Market Timeline

2nd Quarter 2010:
     • Continue to run the LipiGesic™ M direct response commercial
     • Begin retail introduction with individual retailer meetings and attend NACDS
       in June
     • Complete clinical trial transcript
     • Submit clinical trial results for publication
     • Complete product build of LipiGesic™ M for retailer roll-out

3rd Quarter 2010:
     • Publish clinical results in peer reviewed medical journal
     • Initiate PR effort to promote clinical trial results
     • Begin retail distribution nationally to U.S chain direct response drug stores
       and national drug wholesalers
     • Build initial LipiGesic™ PM inventory to make available for sale
     • Continue to run the LipiGesic™ M direct response commercial

                                             Go To Market Timeline

4th Quarter 2010:

    • Initiate Phase II retail roll-out to include U.S. food and mass merchandiser

    • Start the production of the LipiGesic™ PM direct response commercial

    • Initiate production run of LipiGesic™ PM inventory for direct response

                                Examples of Successful Launches of Naturally
                                      Non-Prescription Medications

Quigley Corporation (Nasdaq: QGLY): manufacturers of “Cold-Eeze®”
•  Annual factory sales rose to $70 million within 24 months of launch
•  Market capitalization achieved $300M

Matrixx Initiatives (Nasdaq: MTXX): manufacturers of “Zicam®”
• Formerly GumTech International, they simply reformatted the zinc-gluconate lozenge
  into a nasal application and achieved annual sales of over $50 million within 24
  months with current annual sales of $96 million
• Market capitalization achieved $200M

                     Product Pipeline: LipiGesic™ M, LipiGesic™ H and LipiGesic™ PM

•   Are all effective alternative to both non-prescription & prescription products
    currently available.

•   Have essentially no competition in the „alternative‟ category.

•   Will compete effectively against established „standard‟ (non prescription &
    prescription) products - we‟ll prove it.

•   Address predictably recurring ailments.
     • No seasonality.
     • The same consumers continue to suffer.
     • Each customer becomes potentially long-term, substantial, recurring revenue.

                                                                 LipiGesic™ M

•   Acute relief from migraine headaches.
•   Fast acting: sublingual.
•   Contains Pyrethrum Parthenium.
•   No known side effects.
•   50 million people in U.S. suffer from migraine.

•   Average migraine sufferer has 35 attacks per year making 980 million to 1.65 billion
    migraine attacks annually in U.S.

•   57% of migraine sufferers rely exclusively on non-prescription medications.

•   Americans spend more than $6 billion annually on drugs to stop migraine pain.
     • Approximately $3.2 billion on non-prescription pain remedies in 2008.
     • Current non-prescription medications are considered to be ineffective to
       marginally effective.

                                                                 LipiGesic™ PM

•   70 million Americans suffer from insomnia causing 5.04 billion nights of poor sleep
    each year (6 nights/month – indicates „poor sleeper‟).
•   Sufferers must choose between ineffective non-prescription products with significant
    side effects or expensive prescription products with potentially serious side effects.
•   Insomnia is still the second most common medical complaint after pain.

Most non-prescription sleep products utilize antihistamines as a means to promote
Drowsiness is a side-effect of antihistamines which are indicated for the treatment of
   allergy symptoms. Antihistamines were not designed to specifically treat sleep

Americans spend over $7 billion on prescription sleep aids in 2008.
   • Ambien CR $1.15B (annual 2008).
   • Lunesta          $900M (annual 2008).
   • Approximately $270 million on non-prescription sleep products (incl. Tylenol
                                                                           LipiGesic™ H

•   Acute relief from tension-type headache

•   Fast acting: sublingual

•   Contains ASA and St. John‟s Wort

•   Excellent Safety Profile

•   Tension-type headaches are the most common type of headache, affecting upwards of 75% of all
    headache sufferers

•   As many as 90% of adults have had tension-type headache

•   A recent study found that 60% of those reporting severe headaches used only non-prescription


        Migraine                         Tension                     Insomnia
•   Over 50 million suffer.    •   Over 102 million suffer      •   70 million suffer.
•   1 billion + events/yr.         from chronic and             •   5 billion events/yr.
•   Majority rely on non           episodic tension-type        •   Majority rely on non-
    prescription.                  headache.                        prescription.
      • Marginally             •   1 billion events/year.             • Marginally
          effective.           •   Majority rely on non                   effective.
      • Significant side           prescription.                      • Significant side
          effects.                   • Marginally effective.              effects.
•   No „alternative‟                 • Significant side         •   No „alternative‟
    competition.                         effects.                   competition.
•   Bests „standard‟           •   No „alternative‟             •   Bests „standard‟
    products.                      competition.                     products.
•   Recurring, non-seasonal.   •   Bests „standard‟ products.   •   Recurring, non-seasonal.
•   Unique delivery            •   Recurring, non-seasonal.     •   Unique delivery
    platform.                  •   Unique delivery platform.        platform.
                                                      Research and Development

•   PuraMed Bioscience, Inc. emphasizes science as the key to success.

•   PuraMed utilizes Hillestad Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a fully licensed and FDA registered
    prescription and non-prescription drug contract manufacturing facility to produce all
    of its formulations.

•   PuraMed has currently targeted several key research organizations and leading
    researchers that it has previously worked with on prior projects.

                                                       Management Background

Russ Mitchell, Chairman and CEO

•   Formerly served as an Officer and/or Director of several publicly traded companies.

•   Pioneer in establishing the marketing value of clinical trials to demonstrate the
    effectiveness of OTC remedies.

•   27 years of sales and marketing experience, including 17 years of national level
    management, sales, marketing and new product development in the drug and
    nutritional supplement industry.

•   Experienced in the formulation and manufacturing of prescription drugs, OTC drugs
    and nutritional supplements in tablet, capsule, powder and liquid form.

•   Served over 48,000 retail locations nationwide.
                                                  Management Background (cont.)

Arthur Pirrone, Vice President of Sales

•   30 years experience in the sales and marketing of Health & Beauty Aid products.

•   Well known industry expert and respected in the mass market field.

•   Prior experience includes sales, marketing, training and managerial positions with three
    Fortune 500 companies, as well as top level management position with several
    entrepreneurial OTC/HBC organizations.

•   Extensive experience in launching new products, expanding distribution of currently
    stocked brands and maximizing the profitability of each product line. He has hired,
    trained and managed both direct and broker/rep national sales forces.

                                                 Management Background (cont.)

Jim Higgins, COO and CFO

•   Formerly served as an Officer and/or Director of several publicly traded companies.

•   Served as Executive VP of Mitchell Health Marketing Alliance, a sales and marketing
    firm with additional expertise in product development, manufacturing, retail
    distribution and logistics of OTC drugs and nutritional supplements.

•   Spent 15 years with the AC Nielsen Co., where he was responsible for managing
    accounts with some of the most prominent consumer product companies in America,
    including Kraft Foods and Unilever‟s – Good Humor Breyers Ice Cream.

                                               Summary Financial Projections from
                                               2009 Business Plan

                                 Annual           Annual           Annual
                                Year One         Year Two         Year Three

        Net Revenue             $1,545,041        $11,392,902      $20,617,775

       Gross Margin              $778,265         $7,077,022       $14,759,873

    Operating Expenses          $3,336,434        $6,816,239       $7,999,915

Net Income / Loss (after tax)   ($2,558,150)       $260,783        $5,114,983

                                                           Investment Summary

•   On January 4, 2010, PuraMed announced that it had begun to generate revenue from
    launch of direct response commercial featuring LipiGesic™

•   Americans spend more than $6 billion annually on drugs to stop migraine pain, with
    non-prescription pain remedies accounting for $3.2 billion in sales in 2008.

•   By using sublingual delivery (under the tongue), the medication is able to work much
    faster than taking pills and less dosage is needed.

•   Sublingual delivery also avoids the “first pass” effect, whereby the concentration of a
    drug is greatly reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation. Avoiding this “first
    pass effect” allows for lower dosages.

•   There are NO known side effects with LipiGesic‟s migraine, insomnia or tension
    headache products.

•   All current migraine, tension headache and insomnia medications are considered
    ineffective to marginally effective.                                                       25
Recent Chart

                                        Contact Info

     PuraMed BioScience, Inc.
 Russell Mitchell, Chairman and CEO

         Investor Relations:
       Investor Awareness, Inc.
Tony Schor or James Foy, 847-945-2222

  North Shore Public Relations, Inc.
   Renae Placinski, 847-945-4505


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