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									    Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! - A
User Friendly Guide To Make
Automated Money

      By Serious Workers (DP)

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           Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

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          Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)


    • Introduction .................................. Page 4
    • An Overview Of The Method ......... Page 5
    • List Of Needed Tools ..................... Page 6
    • Detailed Plan ................................ Page 7
     • Conclusion .................................. Page 9
    • Future Questions ......................... Page 10

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            Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)


Welcome To The Rich Class Of Peoples!!

Hello, and thanks for purchasing this e-book. This e-book is the e-book
which will change your life, that is my Guarantee. I am guy who is born is a
middle class family and have hardly ever thought about the rich world. I had
faced a lot of troubles in my life in early stages but then I decided to go ahead
and give my best to earn online. One I think I would like to tell you about
myself is I am very lazy guy, so I usually find methods which are automated.
And this guide is the same guide which suits my nature. It hardly requires a
half an hour of time in a day to monitor all the things. It is a perfect guide for
anyone who wants to make money online. So, let's get to the work and start
earning the real money. Just follow the mentioned steps in my guide and you
will be there where I am right now.

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           Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

    An Overview Of The Method

This method is a perfect blackhat method to earn hundreds of dollar online
from Associated Content in just a automated way.

Associated Content is a web site where you get paid for writing articles and
people reading it. They pay you on the number of people reads your article.
The ratio of there payment is $1/1000 reads.

You might be thinking that WTH you are talking about, how will I be able to
get that much people to read it? , etc....

Don't worry I am not here to take your money and give you a big shock, I am
here to make your life comfortable. Read ahead to know how to do that.

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              Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

              List Of Needed Tools

So, let's get started. Here is the list of tools which we need first to make
everything goes perfect.

1. Get The FireFox 3.0.5 - http://www.oldapps.com/firefox.php?old_firefox=1?download

Note: You need older version of firefox to make some of the add-on's work or else the method will
go useless.

2. Get this 2 Add-ons for your FireFox 3.0.5:

Be sure, to download them in the correct version of your FireFox.

3. Get fresh list of proxies (around 100) from the below mentioned sources:


Note: Please use proxies from this three only as they are updated daily. If you
use old proxies then your account will be banned.

4. Get Charon Proxy Checker Tool - http://www.project2025.com/Charon.zip

Note: Get your proxies checked by this tool to make sure that the proxies you
got are working in your range. Keep the working proxy in a notepad file and
remove those which are not working.

So, now you have got all the needed tools. So, let's go ahead.

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            Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

                      Detailed Plan

So, till now we have lot of things done and also have gathered the needed
tools. Now let's get started:

1. First thing you have to do is go to Associated Content. Register there, if
you know how to register using fake information of US and Canada users,
then it will be best. But, if you don't know then no problem at all.

2. After you are registered, submit a image of some Actor/Actress/Sports
Person, etc.. Please not submit a image only as they will be live instantly and
if you post an article it will take some time.

3. After you're done. Go to the photo post(s) you wrote, the page it is
displayed...if you have more than one post, open it in tabs in Firefox. Use the
Firefox add-on that refreshes the page, "reload every", and make the refresh
interval like 10 seconds (don't do something like 5 seconds because that will
look too suspicious). 10 seconds is believable as some people just scan
through pages in 10 seconds… so it LOOKS real. Actually the more you set
the interval, the better chance of you not getting caught.

4. Put the proxies from step 3 of Tools page in a notepad file and copy them
to the proxy switching Firefox Add-on I provided. Put an interval of 10-20
seconds for switching proxies.

5. Leave the page to refresh itself whole nights and whole day and see money
coming rolling on your way. You can get as much money as you want with
this method but be on the safe side and don't go for big amounts and risk
your money as well as account.

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           Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

Create upto 25 posts and open them in the browser at the same side, so if you
keep your computer whole day you will earn $100. And if you make more
posts you get more money per day. But, once again be on the safe side and
don't go for biggies.

Note: To be on the safe side, keep your proxy list latest to make user that
you do not get any banns. If you get ban then don't worry create a new
account and start again.

Don't use blacklisted proxies or you would be risking your accounts, just
you the ones which are provided by me or use any reputated ones.

And also this means the more computers you have the more money you

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           Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)


This was my first e-book and first method which is making me a load of
money and I wanted to help you guys earn from it. Hope you have enjoyed
whole guide and have implemented it, so you too can make money like me. I
does make a decent amount of money per month using this method as well as
money others. I will share all of them soon in near future.

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           Earn $100 - $200+ A Day! By Serious Workers (DP)

      Future Questions & Help

If you need any kind of help in future or have any questions after reading this
book, please do let me know. I will help you surely with anything you have
wether it is related to this e-book or not. You can PM me any time on DP or
you can mail me on my personal mail ID - moneyminds123@gmail.com

Once again, thanks a lot for the purchase of this e-book and may god gives
you all the good things.

Kind Regards,

Serious Workers

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