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 Licensure Presentation
Committee Members
    Laura Neal, LCSW- Chair
    Terri Marty, LCSW - Secretary
    Jenise Comer, LCSW - Member
    Kathie Miller, LCSW - Member
    Hal Agler, LCSW - Member
    Jane Overton - Public Member
    1 vacancy - LCSW
    1 vacancy - LMSW
    1 vacancy - LBSW
    1 vacancy - LAMSW
Committee Staff

  Katie Johnson, Admin Office Assistant
  Elizabeth Willard, Licensure Tech II
  Tom Reichard, Executive Director
Division of Professional
     Division Director – Jane Rackers
  Who We Are ... The Division of Professional
   Registration is an agency within the Missouri
   Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions &
   Professional Registration. The division is
   comprised of 212 staff members that support 40
   professional licensing boards and commissions
   in licensing and regulating the activities of more
   than 400,000 professional Missourians.
Committee Creation
  From Advisory to Gubernatorial Committee, Missouri became the 47th
  state to pass a social work licensure law in 1989. This was the result of
  the efforts of many groups of social workers throughout the state over the
  course of twenty-one years. The Director of the Division of Professional
  Registration administered this law with assistance from a committee of
  social workers that he had chosen specifically (the Advisory Committee).
  This committee weathered the rule-making and grandfathering periods,
  and was crucial in regard to the general administration of the law.
  However, the Division Director had the statutory authority to enforce the
  licensure law and promulgate rules, with the assistance of that committee.
  The State Committee for Social Workers was established with the
  passage of Senate Bill 246 during the 1997 legislative session, replacing
  the Advisory Committee. The Governor, with Senate confirmation,
  appoints the current Committee members to serve a specific term of
  office. The Committee is authorized to administer the law and promulgate
  rules concerning the practice of social work and the licensure process.
Committee’s Mission

  The mission of the State Committee for
  Social Workers is to protect the citizens
  of the state by licensing social workers
  and assessing their competence to
  practice. It is also the Committee's duty
  to investigate all complaints against its
  licensees in a fair and equitable manner.
State Licensure Laws

 Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo),
  sections 337.600 – 337.689

 “Statutes” – laws passed by the legislature.
State Statute
   Section 337.600, “ Social worker, any individual that
    has received a baccalaureate or master’s degree
    from an accredited social work program approved by
    the council on social work education”

   Section 337.603, “No person shall use the title
    licensed clinical social worker, clinical social worker
    or provisional licensed clinical social worker, or
    engage in the practice of clinical social work in this
    state, unless the person is licensed as required by
    the provisions of sections 337.600 to 337.689. Only
    individuals who are licensed clinical social workers
    shall practice clinical social work.”
State Statute
  Section 337.643, “No person shall use the title of licensed master
   social worker and engage in the practice of master social work in
   this state unless the person is licensed as required by the
   provisions of this section and section 337.644”

  Section 337.646, “No person shall the title of licensed advanced
   macro social worker and engage in the practice of advanced
   macro social work in this state unless the person is licensed as
   required by the provisions of this section and section 337.645”

  Section 337.653, “No person shall use the title licensed
   baccalaureate social worker and engage in the practice of
   baccalaureate social work in this state unless the person is
   licensed as required by the provisions of sections 337.600 to
State Licensure Rules

 20 CSR 2263-1.010 – 20 CSR 2263-3.140

 “Rules” – legal requirements imposed by
   administrative bodies with statutory
Levels of Licensure

    LCSW-Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    LMSW-Licensed Master Social Worker
    LBSW-Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker
    LBSW-IP-Licensed Baccalaureate Social
     Worker-Independent Practice
  LAMSW-Licensed Advanced Macro Social
Scope of Practice LCSW

  “Clinical social work”, the application of social
   work theory, knowledge, values, methods,
   principles, and techniques of case work, group
   work, client-centered advocacy, community
   organization, administration, planning,
   evaluation, consultation, research,
   psychotherapy and counseling methods and
   techniques to persons, families and groups in
   assessment, diagnosis, treatment, prevention
   and amelioration of mental and emotional
Scope of Practice

   “The applications of social work theory,
    knowledge, methods, principles, values,
    and ethics; and the professional use of
    self to community and organizational
    systems, systemic and macrocosm
    issues, and other indirect nonclinical
Scope of Practice LAMSW

    specialized knowledge and advanced practice
     skills in case management, information and
     referral, nonclinical assessments, counseling,
     outcome evaluation, mediation, nonclinical
     supervision, nonclinical consultation, expert
     testimony, education, outcome evaluation,
     research, advocacy, social planning and policy
     development, community organization, and the
     development, implementation and
     administration of policies, programs, and
Scope of Practice LMSW

  “The application of social work theory,
   knowledge, methods, and ethics and the
   professional use of self to restore or
   enhance social, psychosocial, or
   biopsychosocial functioning of individuals,
   couples, families, groups, organizations,
   communities, institutions, government
   agencies, or corporations.
Scope of Practice LMSW

   The practice includes the applications of
    specialized knowledge and advanced practice
    skills in the areas of assessment, treatment
    planning, implementation and evaluation, case
    management, mediation, information and
    referral, counseling, client education,
    supervision, consultation, education, research,
    advocacy, community organization and
    development, planning, evaluation,
    implementation and administration of policies,
    programs, and activities.”
Scope of Practice LBSW

  “Practice of baccalaureate social work”,
   rendering, offering to render, or supervising
   those who render to individuals, families,
   groups, organizations, institutions,
   corporations, or the general public any service
   involving the application of methods, principles,
   and techniques of baccalaureate social work.
Educational Requirements

   A master’s or doctorate degree from a college
   or university program of social work accredited
   by the Council on Social Work Education

   A baccalaureate degree in social work from an
   accredited social work degree program
   approved by the CSWE
Procedure for getting
  Go to the Website for instructions

  There will be a menu on the left side. The
   first item is called ABC’s for getting
ABC’s for Getting Started-
  Have original transcript sent to the office
   of the State Committee of Social
  Contact L-1 Identity Solutions to have a
   background check completed and sent
   to the State Committee for Social
  Mail in the completed Application for
   Licensure form with the appropriate fee.
ABC’s Continued

 The Committee will notify the applicant to
  contact ASWB (Association of Social
  Work Boards) and take the appropriate

  Schedule exam no sooner than 30 days
   before graduation.
Testing Requirements

   Successfully pass the appropriate exam

   LBSW - bachelors exam
   LMSW - masters examination
   LAMSW - advanced generalist
   LCSW - clinical examination
The Exam

  Contact ASWB at or 888-
   579-3926 to register for the exam.
  Cost for exam – currently $175.00,
   $260.00 after January 1, 2010
  Full Practice exams are available for all
   levels for $75.00. Rationale for correct
   answers is given.
Exam    Continued

 The testing center will send the board
  your results. (you will not receive
  notification from the office since you have
  the results for your records.)

 You must wait 90 days to retake the
Requirements to register
   A license, either LMSW or LBSW

   Contract for supervision

   Registration of supervision form

   Employment verification

   $25 fee
3  party billing &

provisional licenses
  Only LCSW’s, PLCSW’s or a LMSW
   under registered supervision may obtain
   a provider number from Mo HealthNet.
Supervision Requirements
  3,000 hours of supervision in no less than twenty–four
   months and no more than forty–eight consecutive
   months. Fifty percent (50%) may be in group

  A minimum of two hours every two weeks of face-to-
   face supervision. May be consolidated for up to four
   weeks for a total of four hours of face-to-face
   supervision per four week period. Electronic
   supervision is acceptable if the ethical standards for
   confidentiality are maintained and communication is
   verbally and visually interactive between the supervisor
   and supervisee.
Requirements for
  5 years uninterrupted license

  16 hours of supervisor training*

  Appropriate degree in social work*
 * Will be required when rules become effective
Supervision continued
    Effective January 1, 2004, applicants for registration of supervision of
     clinical/baccalaureate social work shall submit a completed registration of
     supervision form to the committee as soon as supervision commences.
     The rules do not provide for a grace period, so in order to ensure that
     your supervision is registered “as soon as supervision commences” it will
     be necessary that the registration of supervision form be submitted
     within thirty days of beginning supervision along with the contract that
     is to be negotiated between the supervisee and supervisor (see 20 CSR
    Failure to submit the registration of supervision form and contract within
     thirty days of beginning supervision will result with unregistered period(s)
     of supervision not counting toward the supervised experience
     requirements. Supervised experience must meet all other requirements
     of law, including 20 CSR 2263-2.030,
      20 CSR 2263-2.031 and 20 CSR 2263-2.032.
Responsibilities                                (2263-2.032)

 It is the supervisee’s responsibility to submit the registration of supervision
      form and contract within thirty (30) days of supervision commencing.

 The supervisee is required to notify the Committee when there is a change in
    the supervisor or setting. The supervisee should complete and submit the
    change of status form.

 Once the 3,000 hours of supervision are completed and the supervisee has
   successfully taken and passed the ASWB examination, the supervisee
   may submit the application for licensure.

Responsibilities                               (2263-2.031)

 The practice of social work by the supervisee shall be performed
 under the supervisor’s control, oversight, guidance and full
 professional responsibility. This includes, but not limited to:
 * General orientation of the setting’s policies and procedures (even if
 supervisor is not employed at the same setting as the supervisee)
 * Providing strategies for professional social work practices
 * Preliminary screening of all potential clients of the supervisee to determine
 if the supervisee is capable of successful assessment, intervention and
 * Thorough knowledge of the supervisee’s entire
 * Thorough knowledge of each assignment or case,
 including assessment, diagnosis and interventions
 * Ongoing evaluation and modification of the
 supervisee’s workload if necessary
Responsibilities          Continued

  Progress reports to the committee on the
   24th and 48th month.

  3 hours of CE in supervision each
   renewal period
Responsibilities             Continued

  Supervisor is to complete and submit the
  attestation form to the Committee once the
  supervision hours have been met.

  Supervisors are to submit the supervision
  termination form within 14 days when
  supervision is terminated for reasons other
  than the supervisee having met the 3,000 hour
 Committee recommends that notes and documentation
 be kept of the supervision that occurs and the issues
 discussed. This should include the date, time of day,
 length of the session, agency name/location, supervisor
 and supervisee names, and content of the supervision
 session. The content should include coded client
 information, directives if any, and action plans for the
 clients. It would be a good idea to have these
 supervision documents signed by both the supervisor
 and the supervisee, with each keeping a copy of the
Following Completion of

 Complete and send in application for
  licensure with the appropriate fee

 You must remain under supervision until
  you receive your clinical or macro license.
Following Completion of
Supervision Continued
  The Committee will notify the applicant to
  contact ASWB and take the appropriate

  Licenses will issued automatically upon
  successful completion of the exam.
Complaint Process                                (2263-1.025)

    Complaints received in writing
    Respondent (licensee) given opportunity to respond to allegations
    Complaint and response reviewed at the next scheduled meeting
    Board can vote to dismiss or investigate
    If dismissed, both parties will be notified
    If investigated, individuals will be contacted by investigators to
     gather additional information in order for the committee to make a
    Investigative report and supporting documents will be reviewed at
     next scheduled meeting
    Board can vote to dismiss or refer to AGO for discipline
     Licensees may appeal decisions to the Administrative Hearing
     Commission (AHC)
Maintaining License
  Licenses expire biennially on September 30th
  30 hours of continuing education (including 3
   hours of ethics) are required to renew your
   license and excesses may not be carried over
  It is the licensee’s responsibility to retain
   completion certificates for auditing purposes
  New licenses issued for less than 2 years
   qualify for pro-rated continuing education
Maintaining License -
  Pay and file Missouri state income taxes. All persons
   and business entities renewing a license with the
   Division of Professional Registration are required to
   have paid all state income taxes, and also are required
   to have filed all necessary state income tax returns for
   the preceding three (3) years.

  Keep State Committee notified of current address---
   renewal forms are sent to the address we have on file
Lapsed or Expired
  1-60 days late - lapsed license.
   Late renewal fee ($58) in addition to
   renewal fee ($58).

  61+ days late - expired license.
  Proof of CE for each month past renewal
  Restoration fee ($117) in addition to
   renewal fee ($58).
Lapsed or Expired
  You may not practice without a license

  You may not supervise without a license

  You may not charge and seek reimbursement
   from Mo HealthNet without a license

  Violations are subject to discipline
Continuing Education              (2263-2.082)

  University or college courses
    one semester hour - 15 hours
  Self-study - 15 hours maximum
  Publications - from 3 to 10 hours
  Preparation and presentation - 5 hours
  Supervision - 3 hours
  Jurisprudence exam - on website
Accepted Sponsors
    ASWB
    NASW
    MO Society for Clinical Social Workers
    Social service agency/staff development unit (hospitals, nursing
     homes, etc.)
    Accredited college or university
    Professional associations in human services including but not
     limited to:
                •    American Counselors Assoc.
                •    American/MO Psychological Assoc.
                •    American/MO Association for Marriage and Family
                    American/MO Mental Health Counseling
Maintaining License -
    It is very important that the Committee
  is notified of name and address changes.
  A renewal form will be mailed to the
  address identified as a “contact at”
  address. The form will be sent two
  months prior to renewal.
Inactive Status             (2263-2.090)

 Request made in writing
 Renewed biennially
 Maintain continuing education

 Submit renewal form and fee
 Proof of continuing education or
 Pass exam
Record Keeping                             (2263-3.040)

  The presenting problem(s), assessment, plan of action and
 progress notes
  Fee arrangement
  Date and substance of each contact
  Notation and results of formal consults with other providers
  Copy of all evaluative reports prepared or received
  Copy of written communication identifying the date and reason for
 termination of professional service if LCSW is in private practice

 Records should be kept for at least 5 years after the date of service is
Public Information           (620.010.14(7)

 The following items pertaining to your
 license are considered public and can be
 viewed on our website:
      * Address
      * License Number
      * Issue & Expiration Date
      * Disciplinary Action
The following are closed record pursuant to section
       * Educational Transcripts
       * Test Scores
       * Complaints
       * Investigatory Reports
       * Information pertaining to any person who is an
          applicant or licensee

NOTE: Unless written consent is obtained from
licensee/applicant to disclose this information .
Contact Information

   State Committee for Social Workers
        3605 Missouri Boulevard
     Jefferson City, Missouri 65109
        Telephone: 573-751-0885
           Fax: 573-526-3489