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SPOUSE by wuyunyi



                  ERS 2008

               ith so many new programs out there for
               military spouses, it is hard to make sense
               of what is worth exploring and what isn’t.
               How do you know what companies re-
               ally want to hire military spouses? How
do you know you’ll be considered equitably and fairly?
How can you trust that they really want you? Well,
we’ve made that easy.
    When the Top 10 Military Spouse Friendly Em-
ployersSM was initiated, it was designed to answer those
very questions, and to make sense of who’s for real and
who’s just talking. The companies that made the cut
this year were met with some fierce competition. They
are a diverse group from insurance companies and banks
to home improvement and farm equipment companies.
But, what they all have in common is that they each
met the requirements in order to be considered for this
prestigious recognition.
     Over the years, it has been a controversial and whis-
pered secret that spouses feel corporate America prefers
not to hire them due to their transient lifestyle. It has
long been suspected that the career driven spouse suf-
fers with fewer and fewer professional options available.
The Top 10 Military Spouse Friendly EmployersSM, led
by the California-based Health Net Federal Services,
validates that spouses are a viable, dedicated and valu-
able part of the American workforce.
     “Health Net is honored to be recognized by Mili-
tary Spouse as it’s #1 Military Spouse Friendly Em-
ployerSM,” stated Steve Tough, president, Health Net
Government Services. “We believe that our ability to
succeed in serving veterans and service members and
their families starts with many of those that work at
Health Net Federal Services who have also served or
that have a family member who has served.” One thing
is for certain. Corporate America is beginning to take
notice of the military spouse labor pool and these ten
companies, each of them armed with a talented military
spouse workforce, are leading the way.

 40       A       E     E 2008
      MENT EFFORT AROUND THE WORLD.” - HEALTH NET, INC.                 “
               health net, inC.
  ONE          headquarterS: TWO                   ,C     .        PhOne: (818) 676-6000         tOll Free: (800) 291-6911              Fax: (818) 676-8591
               2007 revenue:   $14.1                    Year FOunded:   1990       Web Site:      .           .

    >> Health Net, Inc. is among the nation’s                     customers, shareholders, vendors and                     Health Net offers an incredibly generous
    largest publicly traded managed health                        community. Our commitment to diversity                   benefits package, competitive wages and
    care companies. Its mission is to                             will result in a company whose business                  a climate that allows our associates to be
    help people be healthy, secure and                            practices are shaped by a wide range of                  the best they can be.
    comfortable. The company’s health plans                       ideas and cultures. We recognize the
                                                                  immense contribution made by our military
    and                  contracts
THREE governmentbenefits to subsidiaries
    provide health
                             FOUR than
                                    more                          service people and veterans of our armed
                                                                                                                           What dOeS health net have tO SaY tO MSM
    6 million individuals across the country                      services, and we actively seek out their                 We recognize the immense contribution
    through group, individual, Medicare,                          talent as part of our talent management                  made by our military service people and
    Medicaid and TRICARE and Veterans                             effort around the world.                                 veterans of our armed services, and we
    Affairs programs. Health Net’s behavioral                         In particular, military spouses make                 actively seek out their talent as part of
    health subsidiary, MHN, provides mental                       great hires because they are already                     our talent management effort around the
    health benefits to approximately 7 million                    familiar with Health Net’s TRICARE                       world. •
    individuals in all 50 states.                                 Insurance products and services. Health
                                                                  Net is a spouse friendly employer because
                  Net and SIX family of
 FIVE Health are committed to an inclusive
    companies                                                     we understand the needs and services
    business environment that embraces                            of our active duty, retired and veterans’
    and values the differences, creativity                        communities through our TRICARE,
    and perspectives of all our associates,                       EAP and Veterans Affairs programs.
                                                                                                                                                                    COntinue >>

SEVEN                           EIGHT

hOW the tOP 10 WOrKS
                      10                   F        E                                                             :
      /G                        ,                                                                     A   F           .A
           /                                                  .
 NINE                               TEN
Criteria Weighting:
                                                                                                                                         A      E
                                                                                                                                                E             E.C
                                                                                                                                                              E.C      41
G                          : 35%       A       D                      : 25%    A               : 20%                                  : 10%                                 : 10%
 TWO         headquarterS:        A          ,           PhOne: (210) 498-2211         tOll Free: (800) 531-8000           Fax:   (210) 498-9940
             2007 revenue:   $13.4           (2006)      Year FOunded:   1922          Web Site:    .        .

   >> Military spouses are a vital part of                   We have tremendous opportunities                    What dOeS uSaa have tO SaY tO MSM readerS?
   USAA, both as members of the associa-                 for military spouses with a good work ethic             Most importantly, thank you for the sac-
   tion and as employees.                                who want to succeed and excel. If you                   rifice you and your family make on a daily
       USAA understands the demands                      have an interest in financial services, USAA            basis on behalf of this country. At USAA,
   and stress of military spouses. All USAA              is the right company for you. That’s be-                we truly believe military spouses are our
                                                         cause our only mission is to serve military             “heroes on the home front.” Without
   employees                            child-
FOUR fitnesshave access to on-sitesports,
   care,         centers, intramural                     personnel and their families, we are finan-             your support and dedication, our nation
   an on-site pharmacy and wellness cen-                 cially strong, and our company’s culture                would not be as strong as it is today. •
   ter, and a tuition assistance program.                and values match those of the military. If
ONEBecause USAA valuesTWO   the contribution             you are stationed or live near one of our
   of its employees, it often awards a sig-              offices and want to work, this is the kind of
   nificant annual bonus to employees. Last              company you want to be a part of. And
   year, employees received a 14.9 percent               we want you here.
             Sunbelt rentalS, inC.
THREE        headquarterS: F FOUR
                                , .C. PhOne: (704) 348-2676                      tOll Free: (866) 786-2358
             2007 revenue:   $1.6               Year FOunded:   2000       Web Site:       .             .

    >> With over 450 locations in 36 states,             duty spouses who may need consider-                     goals of the employee. It is a win-win
    many Sunbelt Rentals are in close prox-              ation while their spouse is away. With                  situation for military spouses and for Sun-
EIGHT to military bases across the country.
    imity                                                so many locations, spouses have the op-                 belt Rentals. •
    This allows Sunbelt the ability to offer             portunity to transfer to other locations if
    employment opportunities to both the                 the military representative is relocated to
    spouse that is holding down the home-                another duty station.
FIVE while their activeSIX partner is
    front                      duty
    abroad, and the second income spouse                 What dOeS Sunbelt rentalS have tO SaY tO MSM
    who is looking for work near the stateside           readerS?
 TWOinstallation. As employees, military spous-          Sunbelt Rentals actively supports the mili-
    es are reliable, dedicated, possess a good           tary family unit by providing employment
    work ethic and are good team players.                and career opportunities that best suit
 TEN Additionally, Sunbelt Rentals is willing            the current circumstances and needs of
    to go the extra mile to work with active             the family unit and the long-term career
SEVEN                 EIGHT
             WeSt COrPOratiOn
FOUR         headquarterS:             ,     .      PhOne: (402) 963-1200        tOll Free: (800) 542-1000            Fax: (402) 963-1602
             2007 revenue:   $1.85           (2006)       Year FOunded: 2006           Web Site:    .    .

    >> Military spouses are well rounded                 schedules to allow employees to select                  What dOeS WeSt have tO SaY tO MSM readerS?
    and easily support and adapt to many                 their work schedules. Also, West offers                 Military spouses are known for their
    company initiatives such as: team building,          many benefits including advancement                     dedication, determination, commitment,
NINE                          TEN
    diversity and sensitivity, and affirmative           (promotion from within), referrals,                     and their ability to multitask. We look for
    action EEO (equal employment                         relocation, tuition reimbursement,                      employees who are dedicated to making
    opportunity) initiatives. In addition, West          Medical/Dental, and a 401K.                             the lives of others better. •
 SIXworks closely with the military (TAPS) to               West’s focus is on customer service.
    recruit, hire, and retain separating military        West is a company where you can make
    members as well as their dependents.                 an impact and a career out of customer
       West has more than 32 locations                   service. The majority of our business
    in the United States, several sites                  ventures are incoming: “customers call
    abroad, and opportunities to work from               us – we don’t call them” and once they
    home. West offers both full and part-                do we thank them and find out how we
    time opportunities as well as flexible               can be of assistance.
                                                                                                                                                    COntinue >>
        42       A       E          E 2008
              re/Max internatiOnal, inC.
 FIVE         headquarterS: D SIX .
                                ,C  PhOne: (303) 770-5531                              tOll Free: (800) 525-7452           Fax: (303) 796-3599
              Year FOunded:   1974            Web Site:       .        .

 TWO RE/MAX is particularly sensitive to the
    >>                                                            from receptionist and office manager, to            What dOeS re/Max have tO SaY tO MSM readerS?
    situation faced by military families. Dave                    closing coordinators and licensed agents.           RE/MAX is committed to providing
    Liniger, Co-Founder and Chairman, is a                            Operation RE/MAX is an employ-                  employment opportunities to military
    Vietnam veteran, and many executives                          ment opportunity program specifically               spouses, retirees and other military per-
    and employees of RE/MAX International                         designed for military spouses and other             sonnel. Take charge of your career and
                                                                  military personnel. Participating RE/MAX            contact Operation RE/MAX for a re-
    have military backgrounds. We
SEVEN that military personnel possessrecog-
                             EIGHT many                           Brokers volunteer their time to provide             warding future in real estate. •
    useful skills and abilities that translate to                 mentoring to military spouses. They can
                                                                  also make available the extensive training
FOUR business world in general and the real
    estate industry specifically.                                 opportunities that are provided through
        RE/MAX has offices in all 50 states                       RE/MAX University, the most compre-
    and in over 65 foreign countries. Ad-                         hensive training resource in the real es-
 ONE                          TWO
    ditionally, there are numerous career op-                     tate industry.
    portunities available in a RE/MAX office,

 NINE                   TEN
              WaChOvia COrPOratiOn
  SIX         headquarterS:   C      , .C.                 PhOne: (704) 374-6565          tOll Free: (800) 922-4684          Fax: (704) 374-3425
              2007 revenue:   $56.66                       Year FOunded:    1908       Web Site:       .      .

    >>                     FOUR
            a company with a national and                             Wachovia does not treat military                Washington, D.C. The award recognized
    international presence, Wachovia can                          spouses differently from our regular hires.         Wachovia’s strong support for active duty
    allow employees the flexibility to con-                       The qualities we look for are high integ-           guardsmen and reservists, and the com-
    tinue working for us even when their                          rity, good communication skills, the ability        pany’s military leave benefits. Wachovia
    personal life requires them to move to                        to multi-task, etc.                                 currently provides full pay to employees
                                                                                                                      who have been called to active duty for
    another city. In addition, we have a
EIGHT work program, which includesflex-
    ible                                 the                      What dOeS WaChOvia have tO SaY tO                   the duration of their military leave. •
    benefit of telecommuting. Wachovia has                        MSM readerS?
    retail and commercial banking operations                      Wachovia is committed to supporting our
 FIVE 21 states with 3,400 SIX banking of-
    in                       retail                               men and women who are in the armed
    fices from Connecticut to Florida and                         services, whether they are a customer,
    west to Texas and California. We also                         an employee or a potential candidate. In
    have 768 Wachovia Securities retail bro-                      2005, Wachovia received the Secretary
    kerage offices in 48 states.                                  of Defense National Freedom Award in

              KellY ServiCeS, inC.
SEVEN         headquarterS: EIGHT
                              , .  PhOne: (248) 362-4444                              Fax: (248) 244-4360
              2007 revenue:   $5.66                       Year FOunded:    1946      Web Site:     .              .

    >> Kelly Services recognizes the value                        register for courses and continue learn-            We think you’ll find a comfortable em-
    military spouses bring to the workforce.                      ing. Whether you are on a current as-               ployer in Kelly because our opportunities
    They possess a wide variety of skills and                     signment or in between, Kelly supports              provide you what you need: employment,
    experience levels, are a committed and                        continued learning and career develop-              a variety of assignments to consider, op-
    dedicated group of individuals, and have                      ment. In addition,, an              portunities to learn and grow, and pro-
    proven that they have a strong work                           online community specifically for Kelly             grams that assist you with developing
    ethic.                  TEN                                   employees, offers work tips and informa-            new skills – all with a stable and ethical
        Due to Kelly’s many branches and                          tion, discounts, and entertainment that             company. •
    consistent, connected internal opera-                         can be used all over the United States.
    tions across the company, Kelly is an ideal
    choice for a portable career for a mobile                     What dOeS KellY ServiCeS have tO SaY tO
    spouse.                                                       MSM readerS?
        The online Kelly Learning Center pro-                     Frequent relocations don’t bother us,
    vides every employee an opportunity to                        because it fits the way we work at Kelly.

                                                                                                                                                          COntinue >>
         44      A       E           E 2008
               ManPOWer inC.
EIGHT          headquarterS:             ,        .          PhOne: (414) 961-1000         Fax: (414) 906-7985
               2007 revenue:   $20.5                      Year FOunded:   1948        Web Site:     .               .
 FIVE                              SIX                          near virtually all military base locations.                     opportunities available throughout the
     >> Manpower has long recognized mili-
     tary spouses as talented, educated and                     Military spouses possess many of the                            country and to gain access to a wealth
 TWO individuals who are eager to put
     loyal                                                      attributes Manpower looks for in ideal                          of employment-related resources. Your
     their skills to work. Manpower also ben-                   candidates, including a great work ethic,                       local Manpower office can also assist you
     efits from the diversity in ethnicity, culture             flexibility, dedication and marketable                          with valuable labor market and career
     and language that military spouses bring                   skills. Military spouses also bring a wealth                    advice. •
  TEN our clients, along with a variety of ed-
     to                                                         of life experiences that translate well
     ucational and professional backgrounds.                    into the contemporary world of work.
SEVENManpower offers an EIGHT array of
     diverse opportunities that range across                    What dOeS ManPOWer have tO SaY tO MSM
     all industries and job categories.                         readerS?
 FOUR In addition to a full benefits package                    We invite military spouses to get in
     and highly flexible working arrangements,                  touch with us. Visit www.manpowerjobs.
     Manpower’s branch offices are located                      com to explore the many employment

               the hOMe dePOt, inC.
 NINE          headquarterS: A TEN .
                                 ,G  PhOne: (770) 433-8211                             tOll Free: (800) 430-3376                      Fax: (770) 384-2356
               2007 revenue:   $90.8                      Year FOunded:   1978        Web Site:    .                    .
    >> The Home Depot recognizes that mili-                     military benefits, The Home Depot of-                           What dOeS the hOMe dePOt have tO SaY tO
    tary spouses are excellent leaders with                     fers all associates competitive benefits                        MSM readerS?
    a dedication to serve others. Their life                    and pay, on-the-job training, and career                        The Home Depot recognizes the contri-
    experiences and commitment to serve                         growth opportunities in a fast paced and                        bution you and your spouse are making
    are beneficial for any company and The                      challenging environment.                                        for the country and thanks you for your
    Home Depot recognizes this fact.                                We look for the same qualities in all of                    continued service. •
        We offer job portability opportuni-                     our associates, regardless of background.
    ties, should your duty station change,                      Specifically, we look for individuals that
    extended leave of absence of up to five                     are customer-focused, comfortable in a
    years for associates called to active duty,                 fast-paced environment, team players,
    continuation of benefits for associates                     and leaders, and have an entrepreneurial
    called to active duty, and supplemental                     spirit. The Home Depot feels that mili-
    income for difference in pay for associ-                    tary spouses are a great source of candi-
    ates called to active duty. In addition to                  dates with these attributes.

               COMPuter SCienCeS COrPOratiOn
  TEN          headquarterS:    E            ,C       .       PhOne: (310) 615-0311         Fax: (310) 322-9768
               2007 revenue:   $14.85                     Year FOunded:   1959        Web Site:     .       .

        >> CSC values the diversity of our em-                  where you are, giving you the freedom to                        of the courageous men and women who
        ployees and the unique perspectives they                chart your own career path.                                     serve this Great Nation at war. Your sac-
        bring to CSC. With that, CSC recognizes                     CSC’s approach to benefits and com-                         rifices and patriotism do not go unrecog-
        military spouses as a talented, educated,               pensation is based on a simple truth:                           nized. We at CSC want to express our
        diverse labor pool that we can tap into                 We know we’re only as good as our                               gratitude to you – our hero on the home
        for top talent. Military spouses serve in               people. With that in mind, CSC offers                           front. Thank you. MSM
        key functional roles within the company,                comprehensive health and welfare plans,
        and know the customer we serve.                         retirement plans, employee assistance
            While most companies only consider                  programs, a CSC Credit Union, tuition
        experienced professionals, CSC offers                   reimbursement, dynamic, professional
        entry level positions in both business and              learning opportunities and much more.
        technical areas. As CSC serves the DoD
        around the world at various military in-                What dOeS CSC have tO SaY tO MSM readerS?
        stallations, we are geographically located              CSC wants to thank you for your support

     4646     A A     E E      E 2008
                               A 2008                                                                   C       A           C     A      F    A         DED B   .   E .C   .

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