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									      Only one of these comes with an owner’s manual

           That’s why we are publishing
            The Place You Call Home:
   A Guide to Caring for Your Land in New York
                  This new “owner’s manual” is a beautifully written and designed guide
            for owners of New York’s family forests, scheduled to be published in October 2008.
       It provides what every New York landowner needs to know to be a good steward of the land.

The Place You Call Home features:
    More than 30 articles on forestry, wildlife habitat, and conservation strategies, along
      with natural history information about dozens of New York species;
    An extensive resource guide with contact information for public and private natural
      resource professionals;
    Magazine format publication, 88 pages; minimum print run of 20,000 copies.

         With your help, we will make this publication available to
      thousands of forest owners through a large network of partners.
Join us in making a better future for New York’s forests.
Purchase copies in advance*
to be distributed to the forest landowners of your choice.

The 2006 version of The Place You Call Home published for Catskill landowners resulted in
46% of the readers demonstrating an increased interest in stewardship and improved
land use practices.
Place is published by Northern Woodlands, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose principal program is the award-winning Northern Woodlands
magazine. Sponsoring partners to date include New York Forest Owners Association, Cornell Cooperative Extension, NYS DEC, USDA
Forest Service, NY chapter of Society of American Foresters, ESFPA, and other organizations. Join us today.
Contact: Steve Long at Northern Woodlands. (802) 439-6292 steve@northernwoodlands.org         *Order Form on Back
The Place You Call Home:
A Guide to Caring for Your Land in New York
Order form
This “owner’s manual” is available in bulk to individuals and organizations that want to help spread
the message of good stewardship to the owners of New York forestland.

Price: $2.50 each
Minimum order of 100

Contact person___________________________________


Your address:

Phone _________________________________________


Shipping address (if different from your address):

Phone at Shipping address _________________

Quantity ordered             ________ x $2.50 each

Total enclosed             $________

If you order 400 or more copies, your company or organization will be listed in the
acknowledgements page on the inside back cover.

How should your organization’s name appear on the acknowledgements page?


Make checks payable to Northern Woodlands
Mail to: Northern Woodlands, POB 471, Corinth, VT 05039

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