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                                          Collection Description Form

 Submitting Institution Cuyahoga County Archives                          Number 1         of    1    Collection Description Forms

Please fill out one form for each item or group of related items submitted (although only one cover page is necessary).
Duplicate this form as needed. Ohio Memory project staff will contact you to obtain additional information.

 Collection or Item Name                                             Date(s)
 What is the title of the item or group of related materials?        What year(s) do materials cover?

 Atlas of Cuyahoga County, Ohio                                      Published 1874.
 (Aka, “1874 Titus Atlas”)

 Collection Number                                                   Size, Extent or Number of Items
 Acquisition, catalog, call or other identifying number              For ex.: 5’x7’, 2 c.f., 4 vols., 5 items, 10 pages
                                                                     1 Volume: 205 pages, including 54 individual maps (mostly 2-
 N/A                                                                 page), 47 pages of engravings, and a 7 page “Business
                                                                     Directory”. Full “plate” sizes vary: 16”x12½” to 22¼” x 26¼”
                                                                     to 16” x 29½”.

 Author or Creator                                                   Place of Origin
 Who wrote or created the collection or item?                        Where was it created (if known)?

 Author: Lake, D.J., C.E.                                            Philadelphia, PA
 Published by Titus, Simmons, Titus

 Who owned the collection or item in the past and how was it acquired?

 Acquired by the Cuyahoga County Archives from unknown contributor (c. 1978).

 Brief Description
 Please write a short paragraph describing the materials being submitted. Include any additional identifying information.

 This document is the first atlas published for Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Through its maps, illustrations and
 listings, it provides a comprehensive overview of government, business, land use, transportation and
 architecture for Cuyahoga County.

Ohio Memory                                                                                                                 February 2001
 Historical Significance
 Please write 1-2 paragraphs explaining the aspects of local or state history documented by this submission. Include significant
 people, places, or events that are associated with the collection or item.

 The 1874 Titus Atlas uniquely illustrates an era that is significantly different in comparison to day-to-day life in the early 21st

 The atlas portrays a county before it changed significantly during the last 125 years due to population growth, immigration, and
 urbanization. The atlas lists the 1870 population of Cuyahoga County as 133,105 (U.S. Census). In 2000, Cuyahoga County has
 1.4 million residents. In 1874, Cuyahoga County was primarily made up of rural townships, with few incorporated areas. Today,
 remnants of only 2 of those townships remain, with 57 incorporated areas.

 The detailed maps and engravings address a wide variety of historic issues, including Natural Features; Jurisdictional and Property
 Records; Transportation; Business, Industry and Institutions; Open Space; Architecture and Landscaping; and Fashion. See
 “Other Information and Notes” for details.

 The atlas continues in popular use today by historians, architectural historians, genealogists, archaeologists, and urban planners. It
 has been over 25 years (1975) since a black and white reproduction was published by Unigraphic through the Friends of the
 Cleveland Landmarks Commission. The reproduction reportedly has “sold out” and is now out of print. The original atlas is only
 occasionally sold intact on the used or rare book market.

 Subject Categories
 Which of these categories and subcategories does the collection or item relate to most closely? (Refer to appendix for descriptions
 of categories.) Please check all that apply:

         Ohio Citizenship                           Ohio’s People                          Ohio’s Culture
    Ohio Government                           Native American Ohioans                    Ohio Sports
    Presidents and Politics                   Ohio Women                                 Arts and Entertainment
    Military Ohio                             African American Ohioans                   Literary Ohio
    Civil Liberties                           Religion in Ohio                           Education
                                               Immigration and Ethnic Heritage            Ohio’s Environment
         Ohio’s Economy
                                               Daily Life                                 Plants and Animals
    Transportation
    Industry and Labor                                                                    Geology
    Ohio Business                                                                         Geography
    Agriculture                                                                           Climate and Weather
    Science and Technology

 Additional Information
 1. Has the collection been cataloged?  Yes  No (If yes, please attach a copy of the catalog record.)
 2. Is an archival finding aid available?  Yes No (If yes, please attach a copy.)
 3. Has the collection or item already been digitized?  Yes No (If yes, at what resolution and file type?)

 It is very important that a sample of the materials be included with this form. Please include a photocopy or photograph of a
 representative page or image. These cannot be returned. Are samples attached?  Yes

 Other Information or Notes (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)

 The breadth of information illustrated on the map pages includes:

Ohio Memory                                                                                                                  February 2001
 Natural Features: the courses of rivers, streams, and ponds with their names. Many of these streams have since been culverted or
 otherwise altered to accommodate urbanization.

 Governmental and Property: boundaries of political jurisdictions, ward boundaries in the city of Cleveland, and the names of
 political subdivisions and settlements. Property information includes the names of property sub dividers and boundaries of
 individual properties. Property owner names and property acreage are included for rural areas and larger urban properties. In urban
 areas or subdivided areas, property identification numbers are listed.

 Transportation: roads with their names, railroad lines and facilities with their names, and the Ohio & Erie Canal. Engravings
 include various types of horse drawn carriages, horse drawn streetcars, steam trains, sailing ships, and steamships. The volume also
 contains a color 24”x24” Railroad & Township Map of Ohio (no date).

 Business, Industry, and Institutions: larger commercial, industrial, religious, public, and institutional buildings are drawn and

 Open Space: park and cemeteries, including names, prominent features, and layout of walking paths.

 Architecture and Landscaping: engravings of homes of prominent citizens and commercial enterprises with their names and
 locations. The engravings include the setting for the building, illustrating the design of landscape features such as outbuildings,
 walkways, plantings, fountains, arbors, and fencing.

 Fashion: All of the engravings include people (men, women, and/or children) in contemporary dress.

 Business Directory: The directory covers the city of Cleveland, as well as the small town centers scattered throughout the villages
 and townships of Cuyahoga County. The listings include the name of the individual or business, trade, and address, and often a
 description of the goods or services provided.

 The digitization of the “Titus” atlas would be the first in what is hoped to be a series of historic atlases for the area to be recorded
 digitally. The “Cuyahoga Historic Atlas Project” is currently an informal cooperative effort between the Cuyahoga County
 Archives, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, the Cleveland Public Library, and the Cleveland State University Library.
 The goal of the project is to both preserve and increase accessibility to important historic atlases for Cuyahoga County. Increased
 accessibility includes not only digital access to the atlases (via the worldwide web), but a comprehensive electronic index to such
 documents, including “clickable maps” that would allow for geographic searches for available atlases.

Ohio Memory                                                                                                                  February 2001

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