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					      St. Joan of Arc Parish - The Faithful Steward


Did you know a planned gift or tax-wise gift to our parish:
    May be deductible from your income tax.
    Can assist in minimizing estate taxes.
    Can generate a payment stream for life.
    Can provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will have an impact
      on our parish.
    And, most importantly, is a further demonstration of your faithful generosity and
      good stewardship.

Please consider our parish through:
    Your Will or Trust.
    Retirement Assets
    Life Insurance Policies.
    A Life Income Gift which will provide you with payments for life and ultimately will
      benefit our parish.

Will or Bequest Gifts
        A will is a legal document that allows you to control how your assets are
distributed after your lifetime. Without a will, the probate court will decide who gets your
assets upon your death. Typically, the court will split your assets between your surviving
spouse and children, or your blood relatives.
        A trust allows you to control how your assets are distributed both during and after
your lifetime. Establishing a trust requires that you transfer ownership or title of your
assets to the name of your trust. Since the trust owns the assets, there is nothing for the
courts to control when you die. This is beneficial since, unlike a will, you avoid all the
costs, delays and publicity of the probate process. However, depending on its
complexity, a trust can be more expensive to create than a will.

Leave a Legacy
Did you know there are four easy ways for you to remember your parish in your will?
   1. A Specific Bequest – You can designate a certain amount of cash or specific
      assets to the parish.
   2. A Residual Bequest – You can plan for the parish to receive all or a portion of
      your estate after other specific bequests have been distributed.
   3. A Percentage Bequest – You can designate a certain percentage of the estate
      to go to the parish.
   4. A Contingent Bequest – You can make the parish the recipient of a bequest if others
      named in your will are not living at the time of your death.

Gift of Stock
       Direct gifts of stocks, mutual funds and other assets are simple for parishioners
to make and can be very beneficial gifts for both the parish and the parishioner.
Parishioners can designate a stock donation as an immediate gift OR use the donation
to establish a life-benefit gift such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Remainder Trust.
       Donating appreciated securities to your parish can produce a tax-advantaged
charitable deduction for the parishioner. Most securities donated to parishes are either
common stocks or mutual funds.
      St. Joan of Arc Parish - The Faithful Steward

                     To include St. Joan of Parish in your estate plan,
                     please use the following language:

                “I give to the Catholic Bishop of
                Chicago, a corporation sole, (a specific
                amount or percentage of the residue of
                the estate) for the use and benefit of
                St. Joan of Arc Parish, Evanston.

For More Information on Planned Giving, contact your attorney or send for a copy
of the booklet “Planning Your Bequests” from the Archdiocese of Chicago by
completing the form below and mailing it to: Richard S. Goode, Director of
Planned Giving, Archdiocese of Chicago, 721 N. LaSalle Street, 4th Floor,
Chicago, IL 60610.

      ___   YES! Please send me your booklet “Planning Your Bequests” that
            describes the advantages of a thoughtful will and how I may best plan
            bequests that provide security and satisfaction

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